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Thread: CBA: ECHL strike

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    CBA: ECHL strike

    ECHL players go on strike
    Officials plan for league to open as expected Oct. 17 despite walkout

    ECHL players declared an off-season strike yesterday, citing a lack of progress in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

    The Professional Hockey Players' Association announced the action in a faxed statement.

    "The league's latest proposal is silent on issues the league understands must be part of a finalized agreement," said Larry Landon, the PHPA's executive director.

    The decision to strike was made after a conference call Wednesday between the players' association and player representatives.

    ECHL Commissioner Brian McKenna was informed of the strike after the call but expects that a deal will be struck, and the season will open on time Oct. 17.

    "It's one of the tools at their disposal," McKenna said. "They're just trying to turn up the heat to get a deal done.

    "They're on strike, but they're not due to show up for 60 days," McKenna said.

    Training camps open Oct. 3.

    Landon said it's premature to say the scheduled opening of the season is in jeopardy, but he is concerned by what he called a "business-as-usual" attitude by some in the ECHL, the largest hockey league in North America with teams in 17 states, including in Wheeling, W.Va., which is associated with the Penguins.

    "The resolve of the players is a lot more serious an issue than the weight it's been given," Landon said.

    The time issue is not just a matter of reaching an agreement, but the subsequent contract language once a tentative deal has been struck.

    "We look at it that the clock is ticking," Landon said.

    The PHPA is advising players in the 31-team developmental league not to negotiate or sign contracts or tryout agreements and to cease all relations with clubs.

    "If the league wishes, as they continuously maintain, to become the pre-eminent AA professional hockey league, it should step up and prove this to its players -- the guys on the ice that would make it the pre-eminent AA league -- by providing them with adequate benefits, including year-round health insurance," Landon said.

    McKenna said the ECHL delivered a proposal Aug. 14. Landon hopes to deliver a counterproposal by Monday.

    McKenna wasn't surprised a strike was called now but could only speculate why it was done so far in advance of the season.

    "I think it's probably to focus more attention. It doesn't change our position," McKenna said. "We've been committed to getting a deal done and plan to play hockey on schedule in October."

    The PHPA has told players not to report to team cities and advised them to delay immigration paperwork requested by the clubs and to not make any appearances on behalf of teams.

    "We feel this action ensures less confusion in the event we are able to come to an agreement with the league," Landon said. "Players currently being signed are moving forward based on false promises, as we are uncertain as to what a finalized ECHL standard playing contract or salary structure will encompass.

    "The reason we had to trigger it is that players have signed and clubs have contracts in the drawer. As a union we have to protect those players."

    This could be a precursor for events a year from now when the NHL's collective bargaining agreement will expire. There has been talk for quite some time the NHL might be headed toward a lengthy work stoppage if a new agreement isn't forged in time for the 2004-05 season.

    [source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

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