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Thread: NBA Schedule 2003-2004

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    NBA Schedule 2003-2004

    Ieri a fost publicat orarul pt urmatorul sezon.

    Primul meci va fi marti, 28 octombrie intre Miami si Philadelphia.

    Lebron James va juca in Sacramento pe 29, meci care evident va fi difuzat in toata america plus alte tari care prind ESPN.

    San Antonio isi va incepe apararea titlului in Denver pe 29 iar campioana estului va vizita Toronto in aceeasi zi.

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    si iti iei bilete la vre'un meci ?
    One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces.

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    Top games to watch in 2003-04


    The 2003-04 season tips off Oct. 28, and it promises to be a changing of the guard. In comes LeBron James, Darko Milicic and Carmelo Anthony, highlighting one of the best draft classes in recent history, while out goes all-time greats like Michael Jordan, David Robinson and John Stockton.
    The Spurs will try to defend their title, the Nets will try to defend their Eastern crown, and several lawyers will try to defend Kobe Bryant. Here's the cream of the crop in what promises to be one of the NBA's most interesting seasons:

    Oct. 28: Phoenix at San Antonio
    The Spurs are defending champs for the second time in five years. And for the second time in five years, they get no respect. I mean, c'mon, Phoenix?!?! What happened to the epic opening night matchups the NBA usually schedules for the champs? Oh, that's right: The Lakers play the Mavs in the night's featured game. Last year's champs are a mere undercard.

    Nov. 5: Denver at Cleveland
    The schedule-makers pit LeBron James in his home debut against Carmelo Anthony on national TV. Somewhere, Darko Milicic is pissed.

    Nov. 26: Detroit at Philadelphia
    Things get weird when Larry Brown rips Allen Iverson for skipping the morning's practice, only to later realize he coaches Detroit now. That doesn't stop him from trying to trade Eric Snow and Greg Buckner midway through the third quarter.

    Nov. 28: Cleveland at Detroit
    This game will be billed as "LeBron vs. Darko", but of course it will really be more like "Darko vs. Chris Mihm" and "LeBron vs. Chucky Atkins," which doesn't sound nearly as exciting.

    Dec. 7: Minnesota at L.A. Clippers
    On Michael Olowokandi Night, Clippers fans pack the arena to pay tribute to a man whose dedication, grit and passion for the game turned him into an overachieving icon for one of the league's great franchises. Not.

    Dec. 23: Minnesota at New York
    Captain Sprewell will have been sailing his yacht in the Land O' Lakes for a few months before he makes his return to the Garden. The Knicks will show him a thing or two, though, as they prove that they can go 36-46 with or without him.

    Dec. 25: Houston at L.A. Lakers
    ABC's Christmas Day lineup should be a doozy. As if listening to Bill Walton openly root for the Lakers wasn't tiring enough, now we have his son on the court in purple and gold. I would almost rather hear Ahmad Rashad call the game.

    Jan 2: L.A. Lakers at Seattle
    Sonics fans never got a chance to say goodbye to Gary Payton last year, but they will on Jan. 2. Observant Sonics fans will bypass the usual java jacket for their lattes in favor of a Glove.

    Jan. 7: L.A. Lakers at Denver
    Kobe Bryant returns to the scene of the alleged crime, and the home crowd might be a little hostile. (If there is a home crowd. This is the Nuggets, after all.) Meanwhile, the Lakers will strictly enforce a team rule against ordering room service.

    Jan. 8: Houston at New York
    Jeff Van Gundy returns to New York to go up against successor Don Chaney. In a chivalrous move, Van Gundy announces he will even the playing field by undergoing a lobotomy before the game.

    Jan. 23: New Jersey at Miami
    Good Mourning Miami? It's an appropriate term for Heat fans, who will watch their team struggle through another year of stultifying 76-68 defeats while their former star makes a run for the Eastern Conference title.

    Jan. 24: L.A. Lakers at Utah
    Mail deliveries are suspended in the Beehive State as the Jazz, who may be working on an 11-71 season by this point, welcome back one of the two icons of their franchise. Malone celebrates his return by "accidentally" breaking Greg Ostertag's nose with an elbow.

    Jan. 31: Chicago at Portland
    In a game with underrated flammability potential, Scottie Pippen returns to the jovial, friendly Portland clubhouse to say hi to his old friends. Rasheed Wallace ignites warm memories by getting ejected during warm-ups.

    Feb. 15: All-Star Game in Los Angeles
    It may be a bad year for the Lakers to be hosting the All-Star Game, given that one of their players could be the first in All-Star history to be voted in as a starter but get a DNP-Rape Conviction.

    Mar. 19: Sacramento at Indiana
    By this time it will be self-evident to Indy fans that they kept the wrong Miller. Brad will happily remind them as stunned Pacer execs express bewilderment that Primoz Brezec never turned the corner.

    Mar. 31: Miami at Atlanta
    Why watch this game? Because now that LeBron's out of the way, the race for next year's lottery is already on. These are two of the favorites out of the clubhouse, especially if Miami can't find a use for it's free agent money.

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