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    Romanian Nationals

    Here are a few of my impressions after seeing the WAG AA/TF competition. They may sound a bit pessimistic.
    Besides Ana and Sandra who look quite at ease on their favorite events, the status of the other girls is very confusing.
    None of them gave me an impression of confidence although I had a blast seeing Cerasela compete all 4 events since spring 2008!
    I'm quite mad at Raluca, it seems to me that she's blown her chances for Worlds although she had all the good cards in her hands. Even her DTY (which could be her last chance for Worlds considering the level of the team on vault) is very doubtful. She nailed her 1st one but when asked to compete it again she just landed the 2nd one to her knees.
    What worried me much is how Diana and Amelia are nowhere near their level at Euros. Diana was very stable on beam but where has her full gone? Her FX is very lackluster compared to April. Her UB is still not at the required level. Only her VT is still the same (1 and 2 has she seems to have upgraded it since Ghent)
    Amelia well her BB is worrying (only a double twist dismount), her new FX is very forgettable (tumbling and choreo) and she doesn't have her DTY - only a FTY. On UB though she did quite nicely.
    About Juniors :
    Very relieved to see Diana Bulimar after the contradictory reports on her health status but so bummed about Neagu being injured. Another one of my favorites gone.
    I'm very happy that Larisa seems to have come back to her former self, she has brought back almost all of her great difficulty on the 4 events! She really had a great competition.
    I loved Irina Paun especially FX and BB although her UB lines need so much cleaning and her VT not up to par. Is she a 98 girl? I'm so looking forwards to see her shine in the future!

    The rest of my impressions later...
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