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Thread: Filme pe care le-am vazut in ultima vreme

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    Ready Player One 2018 7/10 - It's sort of Matrix meets Sword Art Online stuff, just overly forced. This movie is a great effort made by 4 or 5 movie companies conjoined in an titanic effort. I can't say it's no good after all that work. But it is pretty stupid, in the same time it has a lot of CGI and things worth watching. I recommend it for just one view, I think not many people would like to go on a ride on this more than once; as it is a good ride indeed, it's as much shallow(combining way too many show characters from movies and anime) and overthought at times(the way to get to the keys is cheesy and dumb) - trying too combine too fast many of the deepest human themes that can't be combined like that, fast and gamely. But all in all it's entertaining(even if lamo in enough regards to make an adult yawn), that's what kids want, right?

    What made me give it a good mark is the high probability for this movie to become reality in a short while.
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