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Thread: Filme pe care le-am vazut in ultima vreme

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    Pusher 1996 7.5/10 - Quite a well made movie. Made in Denmark with the guy that played Hannibal, although he isn't the main dog here. It's about his friend Frank that plays a superb role. And it's more or less about what happens when you owe money you can't pay back in the lower and middle rankings of the drug distribution networks. The dialogue is not great but the action makes up for it! Shit just got real in this movie, after 15-20 minutes in, you can't even tell that it's a movie and not real! I recommend it, undoubtedly enjoyable.
    Pusher 2 2004 6/10 - This sequel is not all that well made, but I guess it's watchable.
    Pusher 3 2005 7/10 - Hmm... this one is about the middle raking operations boss from the 1st movie, he is in real shit himself for a change. The best scene of the movie is when he is forced to play fetch for a night to his supplier because he owned him, but his supplier to very much his surprise does not deal only in drugs but also in flesh trafficking which is a whole other ball game. And in this night he is without his knowledge attendant to the needs of some of his heroin suppliers henchmen that want to sell an under-aged scared shit-less girl. This scene(s) alone is worth to brand this movie as good, as he partially sees in that young to be flesh traded girl, his own daughter. As he is a little drug king pin in his own right, known to own the dope distribution in those parts, his suppliers henchmen never suspect he may still have a heart!
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    A Quiet Place - 6/10
    Din trailer ma asteptam la altceva, dar s-a dovedit a fi un SF horror.
    N-a fost rau, dar ma asteptam sa fie mai horror si mai mult in stilul care sa nu arate ce-i macelareste.
    Cu toate ca sunt fan horror, nota a scazut datorita faptului ca
      Spoiler: {option} 
    supravietuiesc prea multi si extrem de putinele scene de macel sunt cenzurate. Si fazele lacrimogene m-au terminat. Adica WTF! Am venit la horror sau la romance?
    Un horror bun are scene mai dure, mai multe si nu-i cu happy-ending.
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