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Albena Denkova (born December 3, 1974 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian ice dancer. Her skating partner and boyfriend is Maxim Staviski. They are the first Bulgarian figure skaters to medal at championship events, including the European and World Championships.

Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski at the 2004 World Championships in Dortmund
Albena Denkova with Maxim Staviski at the medal ceremony at the world championships 2004 in DortmundDenkova began her athletic career as a gymnast and changed to figure skating at the age of 8 or 9. Her first ice dance partner was Hristo Nikolov. In 1996 she teamed up with Maxim Staviski. In 2000 they moved from Sofia to Odintsovo, to have better training conditions.

Until 2005 the pair was coached by Alexei Gorshkov in Sofia and in Odintsovo near Moscow in Russia. After the 2005 World Championships, Denkova and Staviski moved to Delaware, U.S. to train with Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponossov. In October 2006, it was announced that Denkova had been elected President of the Bulgarian Skating Federation. Her current term will run for five years.

Denkova has a younger sister, Ina Demireva, who is also an ice dancer currently competing on the junior level.

Although she holds a degree in economics from Sofia University, Denkova is currently a full-time athlete.

Maxim Staviski (born November 16, 1977 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia) is a Bulgarian figure skater in ice dancing. His skating partner (and fiancée) is Albena Denkova. They are the first Bulgarian figure skaters to medal at championship events, including the European and World Championships.

Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski at the 2004 World Championships in Dortmund
Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski at the medal ceremony at the 2004 World ChampionshipsMaxim is Jewish and originally from Russia, but has received Bulgarian citizenship. In 1996 he teamed up with Albena Denkova. In 2000 Denkova/Staviski moved from Sofia to Odintsovo, to have better training conditions.

Until 2005 the pair was coached by Alexei Gorshkov in Sofia and in Odintsovo near Moscow in Russia. After the 2005 World Championships, Denkova and Staviski moved to Delaware, USA to train with Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponossov.


4th February 2007, 19:06
Beloved Bulgarians
Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski
April 10, 2005
Article and Photo © Barry Mittan http://www.skatetoday.com/articles0405/photos/DENKOVA-STAVISKI.jpg

Over the past few years, Bulgarian ice dancers Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski have become fan favorites. And the feeling is mutual. "It's a pleasure for us to skate anywhere," Staviski said. "It doesn't matter if it's a Grand Prix event or a small show. Of course, placement is important in our lives because we want to become champions, but it's more important than placements if the public loves us."

And they have won a lot of medals. The dancers have been Bulgarian champions every year since 1996 and are the first Bulgarian skaters to win a medal at an ISU World Championship. They finished third and second at Worlds in the last two seasons and second at Europeans the last two years. They have also won two bronze and one silver medal at the ISU Grand Prix Final in the last three years. This season, the skaters took gold medals at the Bofrost Cup, the NHK Trophy, and Skate Canada, and a silver at Trophee Eric Bompard Cachemire.

Another reason that people love the couple is their courageousness in overcoming severe injuries and illness. In the most devastating incident, Denkova was severely injured in practice at the 2000 World Figure Skating Championships in Nice, France when another competitor's blade slashed through her leg, severing two tendons and a muscle. She endured a lengthy operation to rebuild her shattered leg, then remained hospitalized for almost two months. It was over four months before she could skate again. Staviski also had a bad year in 2000, suffering from pneumonia for almost a month, and then both skaters fell ill from the flu during the European Championships in 2001, but managed to compete anyway.

Denkova and Staviski have earned the respect of fellow skaters by lobbying for fairness in judging. They were the first to challenge the judges at the 2002 World Championships in Japan when Margarita Drobiazko and Povilas Vanagas were denied a bronze medal under suspicious circumstances. That included circulating a petition requesting a review of the results that was signed by almost all the ice dancers and holding a news conference to discuss the judging. This was the first organized protest by skaters against unfair judging.

Now that the new judging system is being implemented, they are closing watching its implementation and making recommendations for changes. "I think it can help the skaters," Staviski said, "but I hope they will make some changes before the Olympics. The new system is very difficult because it's just elements." "I have seen good and bad points in every judging system," Denkova added. "But there needs to be some changes. Now it's just element, element, element with no time for dancing and showing a program. They need to reduce some of the required elements and have elements without levels. We need more freedom to interpret the dance. It should be the choreography first and then the elements. Ice dancing is supposed to be about dancing."

Denkova and Staviski are admired not only for their technical proficiency as dancers, but also for skating unusual programs with strange positions. "People accept strange ideas," Staviski said. "We like to do something different every year, to show different characters." "We improvise a lot in the off season," Denkova stated. "We try to make our lifts different each season, but it's hard with the new rules. It's the same with all the moves unfortunately. Everyone wants to do the hardest, most difficult lifts. The difference between us and the other couples is what we do between the elements. We don't just do the elements and run together hand in hand. We do lots of steps and body movements in our choreography in between elements and that is very difficult."

Their early years didn't forecast a future as skating trendsetters. Denkova actually started in athletics as an artistic gymnast when she was four. "Gymnastics was very po****r in Bulgaria and we had just won all three medals at the European Championships," she remembered. "So my parents wanted to send me to training. Then when I was eight or nine, a skating coach came to our training center and asked me if I wanted to try figure skating. It was not known very much in Bulgaria but was on television, so my parents decided to let me try it. I liked the combination of artistry and strength, but I could not jump. Then I saw the ice dancing and thought it was very beautiful and very artistic so when I was 12 I started in ice dance."

Staviski began skating when he was four. Because he was in poor health as a child, his parents thought that figure skating would help him to be healthier. "Skating was very po****r in Russia at the time and they thought some sport would be good for me," he stated. "I competed for many years by myself and was doing all the double jumps. But when I was 11 or 12, I broke my leg. Not terrible, but I was in a cast for six months and after that I could not jump as well. My coach recommended me to Dubova's group and I became an ice dancer."

Denkova first competed with Hristo Nikolov but it didn't work out. Staviski began dancing with Anastasia Belova, reaching Junior Worlds in 1996 as the third Russian couple. "My partner wanted to continue to compete in juniors, but I was too old, so we broke up," he stated. "I got proposals from as far away as Australia but I wanted to stay close to Russia." When Bulgarian officials began looking for a partner for Denkova in 1996, Elena Tchaikovskaia recommended Staviski. "That's how I found Maxim," Denkova said. "I had not skated for a year," Denkova said. "But we matched each other so Maxim moved to Sofia."

Alexei Gorshkov coaches the dancers, who split time between Sofia, Bulgaria and Odintsovo, Russia. They spend six to eight hours a day training, six days a week. About 4-6 hours is spent on the ice with another 2-3 hours off ice. "We train a lot every day," Denkova admitted. "Every day we have a class in modern ballet, go to the gym, and work on our choreography and compulsory dances on the floor as well as on the ice."

"We practice a lot on the compulsories," Denkova continued. "So we have very good compulsories. Unlike most of the couples, we like the compulsory dances. That is the place where you can show your technical level." "The hardest ones are the easiest ones for us," Staviski added. "We like the hard ones, not the easy ones like the quick step."

Sergei Petukhov choreographs the dancers' programs. This season, they are using "Bach to Africa" by Lambarena for their free dance. "We had chosen a classical free dance in the summer, because our fans had asked us to do a classical program. But then we found out that the other top couples were doing classical programs," Denkova said. "So we decided to try something new. So we started our second free dance in June, which is very unusual for us because we usually start much earlier."

"Some friends of ours from the ballet suggested the music to us," she continued. "The London Ballet has also used this music. It is very good music because of our style and the fact that we want to be different. It has a nice back rhythm with the African music. Lambarena is a group that was formed especially to po****rize African culture throughout the world. We really like this music." They may use the other free dance for next season or go in an entirely new direction. "We have some ideas for the Olympic year, then we find some new ones," Denkova noted.

For this year's rhythm combination original dance, the couple is using a Charleston by Big Beat Band and a slow foxtrot to "You've Got a Friend in Me." "The Charleston is more fun to do than the Quickstep," Denkova explained. "There's no freedom in the Quickstep, no place to be artistic. It's not our favorite dance. We prefer Latin or blues."

"It's important to have good music and good costumes," Denkova noted. "I think about costumes when I'm listening to the music. I have ideas in my mind and then take them to our designer. I'm always watching the fashion channel on TV because I love music and clothes." Since her family used to own a garment factory, she knows a lot about clothes. "She has great taste," Staviski said. Even though she has a university degree in economics, she is considering a career as a clothing designer. "I'm a huge fan of fashion and I'm thinking of going to New York or Paris to learn," she stated.

Denkova is interested in art as well as fashion and reads a lot of art books. One of the reasons that she uses a computer is to look at CDs showing famous paintings and other works of arts. "I love museums," she said. "My first time in Paris I spent four days running around to see all of the museums." But Staviski is the artist of the pair. "I'm always telling him he has to draw," Denkova said. "He's very good." Staviski is more modest, explaining that he went to an art school for a few months because he was always drawing fantasy figures and his parents told him that he must know how to draw as a professional. Now he's doing computer drawing with a software program.

Both of the skaters enjoy visiting other countries. "I like to go everywhere," Denkova said, "but I don't like big crowded cities. I prefer old towns with small streets and lots of sights to see like museums and castles. We loved walking around in Paris but we got so tired because we're used to skating, not walking." Staviski cited Australia as the most interesting place that he had traveled. "We would like to go to Brazil and see Carnival, and to Argentina to see their dancing," he added.

The skaters don't get too much of a break from skating. "There's no time in the winter to think about anything except skating," Staviski said. "When we aren't skating, we just rest or sometimes go to the cinema or bowling. In the summer, we like to go to the sea and forget about skating for a week." He likes to dive and spearfish, while she likes to sunbathe. "I hate snow and cold. I want to go to places where it's sunny and warm," she said. Although they don't collect anything, Denkova keeps all their gifts. "They're all over my room," she laughed.

After the 2006 Olympics, the dancers will decide how long to continue. "We'll do the 2006 Worlds for sure and we have a lot of fans in Japan, so we plan to do the Worlds in 2007, but after that we don't know," Denkova said. "We may do some shows if we're not competing or do something other than skating." Staviski has a degree from the sports institute, so he may go into coaching, especially now that figure skating is more po****r in Bulgaria. "Figure skating is very po****r in Bulgaria now," Denkova said. "It is the most famous winter sport in our country." Even her younger sister, Ina Demirova, is now competing internationally in ice dancing as a junior.

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cat sunt de frumosi!!!!!

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Asa zic si eu :)http://www.interq.or.jp/venus/toshiko/d3/maxim9.gif

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mersi mult adelina pt threadul asta!!!! si un multumesc general pt forumul de patinaj !!!!

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http://yelims1.free.fr/Amour/Amour35.gifCU placere!Dar nu mie trebuie sa imi multumesti(asta in cazul in care mie imi multumeai /sau in orice caz :P ) sau cel mai bine sa multumim fiecarui membru care a scris ceva pe sub-forumul de patinaj artistic .
Deci un mare MULTUMESC fs-oholicilor !http://yelims.free.fr/IPB/Invision-Board-France-611.gif

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intotdeauna e o placere sa scrii pe forum. cel putin eu de cand m-am aciuat, i got me new friends!!!:D
hai sa give you a big thank you: THANK YOU!!!:D:D

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Mersi Adelina :)
Programul meu favorit e Objection :)
De obicei mi se pare ca e waay to much drama in programele lor, o drama dusa la extrem, anul trecut "Adagio " mi-a dat dureri de cap, dar in general sunt ok:ok:
Programul de anul asta chiar incepe sa-mi placa.Si au mai avut ei niste costume verzi absolut superbe pentru dansul original din 2003.Anul 2003 a avut cel mai inspirat OD din cate am vazut.Foarte frumos,si bulgarii, si N&K si Isa&Oli au avut costume si programe foarte frumoase.

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pai nu au avut costume verzi si anul asta????
oricum eu nu am observat pana acum sa nu le stea bine in ceva.

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au avut si anul asta, dar alea erau mai frumoase.astea erau preaa....prea mult intelegi..

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just floating on ice!:D

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Mie mi-au placut mereu nu conteaza asa mult ce costume aveau...:D

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ooooh i love this thread:) ce poate fi mai frumos decat sa vad ca printre atatia fani alexei si bri mai e impartasita si pasiunea mea pt bulgari :D boy i do know i love this forum :D go albena...go maxim! sper sa reuseasca la mondiale sa isi recupereze titlul..apoi banuiesc ca se retrag si ei :(

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off, sincer sper sa nu se retraga!!!! cu toate ca inteleg ca albena s-a implicat in partea de manageriat a patinajului din bulgaria....

5th February 2007, 02:38
dap...si nu mai e tocmai in floarea varstei patinajului:P dar..poate il vedem p maxim la proba masculina :ras-plans:

5th February 2007, 19:23
poate il vedem p maxim la proba masculina :cheer: :ras-plans:
Nu cred ca ar face asta ,nici el nu e chiar tocmai la inceput :P
Da din ce am inteles este ultimul campionat pentru ei :( Asa rau imi pare :( De ce trebuie sa se retraga?Stiu nu imi raspundeti dar ,totusi :)
:cheer:Go Albena Go Maxim!:) /OLE/ :cheer:

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uff, dupa ce s-au retras gwendal si marina am fost distrusa. bulgarii m-au ajutat sa reusesc sa ma uit iar la proba de dans. acum iar o sa fiu trista, mai ales ca rusii astia nu ma inspira de loc.
de fapt am avut 2 suferinte grave : retragerea lui yags si apoi a marinei si gwendal. poate de aceea nu i-am putut inghiti pe plushy si pe navka/kostomarov.

5th February 2007, 20:11
totdeauna ma enerva faptul ca nu castigau...aveau programe care imi placeau mai mult decat alor celorlalti, dar erau ba pe locul 3, ba pe 4...inainte aveam si eu o fixatie cu plushenko si navka/kostomarov, care ma iritau...dar am incercat sa-i privesc din alt p.d.v...nu stiu ce s-a intamplat, dar apoi programele lor imi placeau la nebunie...navka si kostomarov cel putin pe pantera roz sau pe carmen, erau absolut :shocked: dar tot bulgarii imi plac mai mult....

5th February 2007, 22:04
La Navka si Kostomarov,programul meu favorit e de departe Tosca.Yvonne ne-a inebunit cu "povestea pe gheata", dar avea dreptate.A fost ca un vis, o armonie totala intre muzica, miscari, costume....superb, ce mai...Tatiana, "in rolul Floriei Tosca" ,a fost perfecta.:P

5th February 2007, 22:43
de fapt am avut 2 suferinte grave : retragerea lui yags si apoi a marinei si gwendal. poate de aceea nu i-am putut inghiti pe plushy si pe navka/kostomarov
:) La fel si aici.Desi la mine a fost un pic mai usor pt ca imi placeau si Averbuch/Lobacheva si Albena/Maxim ,da cat decat si Navka/Kostumarov(nu au fost chiar preferatii mei,dar imi placeau:P )

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uff, dupa ce s-au retras gwendal si marina am fost distrusa. bulgarii m-au ajutat sa reusesc sa ma uit iar la proba de dans. acum iar o sa fiu trista, mai ales ca rusii astia nu ma inspira de loc.
de fapt am avut 2 suferinte grave : retragerea lui yags si apoi a marinei si gwendal. poate de aceea nu i-am putut inghiti pe plushy si pe navka/kostomarov.

Exact la fel si in cazul meu!! Desi nimeni nu-l intrece pe Yags, l-am avut totusi pe Brian la baieti. La perechi mi-a fost mai greu, Totmianina/Marinim nu mi-au placut prea mult niciodata, pentru ca tinusem cu Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze inainte. Dar la dans a fost cel mai dificil, pentru ca ramasesem pentru prima data fara favoriti; preferatii mei fusesera Grishuk/Platov iar cand s-au retras ei m-au cucerit Marina si Gwendal. In 2003, nici nu m-am putut uita la proba de dans. Noroc de bulgari care m-au mai trezit din amorteala ulterior:)

6th February 2007, 18:07
Eu n-am reusit sa-mi revin inca dupa Yagudin... Concursurile masculine nu mai sunt la fel ...

6th February 2007, 18:54
Eu n-am reusit sa-mi revin inca dupa Yagudin... Concursurile masculine nu mai sunt la fel ...
;)intr-adevar nu mai sunt la fel,dar oricum sunt si alti patinatori care au destul de mult potential incat sa ajunga departe...

6th February 2007, 20:35
Eu n-am reusit sa-mi revin inca dupa Yagudin
Cine a reusit ?Eu in 2003 si 2004 aproape ca nu m-am uitat la patinaj...:( asa rau imi parea... bine..ca i-am observat la timp pe Brian si pe Steph:D

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whisper ma regasesc profund in afirmatia ta:(( eu abia anul trecut am reusit sa incep sa ma uit din nou la patinaj dupa retragerea lui alexei, si asta tot datorita lui brian;)

7th February 2007, 08:36
Pai nu ii asa .Nu ma puteam gandi decat ca Yags nu e si Plushy o sa castige tot:P Dar in 2004 nu a fost asa :P

7th February 2007, 13:28
si tot datorita lui BRI:cheer:

7th February 2007, 14:00
Bri a facut furori :D :cheer:lately

7th February 2007, 15:33
uff, dupa ce s-au retras gwendal si marina am fost distrusa. bulgarii m-au ajutat sa reusesc sa ma uit iar la proba de dans. acum iar o sa fiu trista, mai ales ca rusii astia nu ma inspira de loc.
de fapt am avut 2 suferinte grave : retragerea lui yags si apoi a marinei si gwendal. poate de aceea nu i-am putut inghiti pe plushy si pe navka/kostomarov.

Exact asa a fost si la mine. Mi-au placut la nebunie marina & gwendal. Dupa ei singurii care au reusit sa se apropie asa de sufletul meu au fost albena & maxim...imi pare asa rau ca se retrag...ar fi meritat sa castige un titlu olimpic.
La baieti macar dupa retragerea lui yags a ramas brian sa ne mai incante :P

7th February 2007, 16:30
Si mie mi-a parut rau cand s-a retras Yagudin, dar nu a fost atat de greu de suportat pt ca facusem deja o mare pasiune pt Brian dinainte ca Alexei sa se retraga. In schimb, retragerea Marinei si a lui Gwendal a fost o adevarata drama pt mine :( M-am uitat plangand la proba de dans de la CM din 2002. Apoi, Albena si Maxim au devenit preferatii mei. Mie chiar dramatismul ala excesiv din programele lor imi place :) Chiar daca intre timp, tot francezii (Isabelle & Olivier) m-au cucerit, imi place si acum de Albena & Maxim si imi pare rau ca se retrag.

7th February 2007, 22:44
este f interesant si in acelasi timp placut sa vad ca majoritatea persoanelor de pe acest forum au aceleasi preferinte in ceea ce priveste proba masculina(brian), de dans(albena&maxim) si chiar feminina(am vazut ca multora le place kiira, printre aceia numarandu'ma si eu:P)...este mereu o placere sa realizezi ca si alte persoane iti impartasesc pasiunile, te face si mai increzatoare in sansele de reusita ale idolilor tai/hello
succes la mondiale, brian albena&maxim si kiira:D!

8th February 2007, 08:27
succes la mondiale, brian albena&maxim si kiira
:cheer: :cheer:

11th April 2007, 14:29
link (http://www.reuters.com/article/sportsNews/idUSL0238238320070402)

s-ar putea ca perechea bulgara sa nu se retraga inka... c frumos ar fi :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

11th April 2007, 20:49
:cheer: For that/OLE/
Ce bine ar fi...:rolleyes:

12th April 2007, 00:57
Ar fi minunat...eu sper sa ii vedem pana la olimpiada...stiu ca e ceva pana atunci dar eu sper.:) Pentru ca alt cuplu care sa imi placa atat de mult nu exista...deci nu as mai avea pe cine sa incurajez.

5th June 2007, 22:52

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Multumesc Ioana!
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http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/245/245218zi918g9mdk.gif (http://www.glitter-graphics.com)

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Ce frumos e Ioana!!!!

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adelina, eu nu pot sa vad ce ai pus in ultimul post!!!

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Acum merg :)

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cateva poze :)mai bn zis wall-uri :)

1st August 2007, 22:18
Oaaau!Ft frumoase, Whisper!;)
Imi place al doilea cel mai mult: simplu, dar frumos; si ultimul, desigur!:D

1st August 2007, 22:19
Ma bucur ,ma intreb cum or fi facute ?:)

1st August 2007, 22:24
me 2!chiar k nush...http://yelims.free.fr/IPB/Invision-Board-France-522.gif

1st August 2007, 23:57
frumosi mai sunt!!!!!

6th August 2007, 13:30
Maxim Staviski a omorat duminica un om in timp ce conducea beat masina. In clasicul stil balcanic probabil va scapa basma curata

6th August 2007, 19:21
:shocked: de unde ai aflat??

6th August 2007, 20:23
OMG!nu pot sa cred..!!:shocked:

6th August 2007, 20:58
Asta e articolul:

The World Figure skating champion Maxim Staviski has caused a severe car accident near Bulgarian Black sea resort of Primorsko. One person is dead and a girl is in coma in a critical condition, announced BGNES.

Maxim, who was driving a Hummer has entered the opposite roadway. The alcohol test that has been made, showed 1,2 permille in the blood. The blood tests are expected later.

Staviski was not injured and he did not need a medical help.

The other two cars in the accident are Audi and Honda Civic. The Honda driver, a 24-year old male and his female fellow-traveler were taken to the hospital, where later the man has died. The girl is in coma. The other two people, who were also in the Honda, are also in the hospital but without grave injuries.

6th August 2007, 22:03
Oh dear...:shocked:

7th August 2007, 18:43
Merita 20 de ani in puscarie. Acolo ii e locul

7th August 2007, 22:06
:(((((( Imi pare asa rau sa aud asta...:(((((

8th August 2007, 01:45
eu sunt f socata. am citit deja pe bjdg. nu am cuvinte si sunt convinsa ca va primi pedeapsa meritata.

8th August 2007, 21:15
Imi pare foarte rau pentru el..dar ar trebui ca legea sa fie respectata..indiferent despre cine e vorba:(....deci cred ca se vor retrage dupa asta sigur:(

9th August 2007, 23:49
OMG, nu-mi vine sa cred, am auzit ca vreo 10 ani ar fi pedeapsa daca e gasit vinovat. imi pare rau pentru familiile victimelor... si poor Albena

10th August 2007, 00:01
Imi pare foarte rau.:(. Nu mi-a venit sa cred cand am auzit. Ce inconstienta din partea lui.

3rd October 2007, 19:55
tocmai am vazut un montaj despre intamplarile cu maxim si albena. e pe fsvids. montajul lui vivika : something personal ". eu am plans.

4th October 2007, 20:42
Multumesc Irina!

10th October 2007, 21:44
Foarte emotionant montajul. Multumesc, Irina! OMG, cum eu n-am mai dat pe aici in ultima vreme nu aveam habar de ce s-a intamplat. Nu-mi vine sa cred:shocked: Stie cineva cum au evoluat lucrurile? S-a fixat data procesului?

11th October 2007, 00:29
procesul e in desfasurare acum. au fost ceva probleme, nu a fost bine facuta incadrarea legala a procesului si acum o iau de la capat sau asa ceva.

11th October 2007, 20:13
Se reia procesul?!? Doamne pai dupa ce ca trec prin ce trec acum ...o iau iar prin tribunale:(

5th November 2007, 22:09
A letter from Natalia Linichuk and Genady Karponosov in "24 Hours" from 30 oct.

"The Olympic Champions in special Letter;
We've know Maxim since 1996.
Since we've first met him at one international competition we have been nicely suppressed that in the world of figure skating where we have such
a cruel rivalry appeared a boy for whom the postulates of the big sport were mutual aid,goodness and willingness to help,honesty in the game.Those are not magniloquent words but standards of live behavior.

No matter what is the competition even when it was difficult for himself ,Maxim always tried to find the right words of support,encouragement and sometimes jokes for everybody.At the competitions he always has been a pitchfork of good mood for all other sportsmens. Of course,you cannot play this as a role "especially " if you don't have those abilities in the real life .Once we had the chance to know him closer we were convinced that he really is a human being with a capital letter.Real men although this meaning is old fashion.Honest,manly,stable and at the same time sensitive ,helpful,good and never remember the badness .
When we started to work with him we realized that he is a real professional at the highest level. He posses unique talent but he always remembered that only talent without hard work won't give high results.He was able to work for hours until full exhaustion to make programs perfect for the completions .There was a time when we would start the training at 6 in the morning or at midnight ,Maxim was always ready for a productive work from the very first minute. And if the coach asked to repeat again and again and again ...even when everybody was at the limit of their strength and nerves ,Maxim would do it without complaining. He together with his partner won highest sport tittles and became World Champions twice.
The last program of Albena and Maxim is the highest standard in ice dancing which i doubt it will be exceeded soon.Maybe only Albena and Maxim will be able /if they have a chance to come back /to bring gold medal from Olympic games."

An article from 7dni sport.An interview with Vasko Vasilev

The tittle is "Maxim deserves a second chance"
/We are equal before the law ,we just have different gifts and talents/

Vasko Vasilev

I had known Maxim for several years as a very good,responsible and dignified human being,with extremely strong believe in justice. In profesional aspect i was and am still impressed by his talent ,potential and his ideas not only as a sportsman but as a creator with complete conception about the development of figure skating as an art and form for entertainment.
About the road accident from this summer I,ll try to give my position only as a citizen.I myself am a driver and i know that nobody is insured and everyone could make mistakes.I have my own life story about losing a family member as a result of similar accident and sadly but i know very well this pain.

I know after some time that life continues but everyone has to take and carry their cross and to learn to live no matter what.

I believe Maxim is strong enough to accept the truth with dignity.
I am sure we will feel again his bravery that we all as Bulgarians used to admire
It is a fact that we are equal before the law but we are different as a person and human being ,granted with some gifts and talents.
The history and the life itself give us every day examples about how some people inspire and give a strength to other people
Maxim is a born leader and that is why i think he deserves to be punished not with effective sentence but with effective second chance, so he can become an example again not only on the ice but also in life as an ordinary person who did a mistake.

5th December 2007, 13:58
World ice dance champion Maxim Staviski said he was full of shame and ready to take any punishment after being involved in a car accident in August that killed one man and seriously injured a woman.

"I can't think about my career at the moment," said the Bulgarian at an emotional news conference on Thursday. "Many people said we should continue competing but I just can't see this happening.

"I'm ashamed to look people in the eye," he added on the brink of tears. "I'm ready to take any punishment."

Staviski has been charged over the death of 24-year-old Petar Petrov and could face up to 10 years in prison.

He and Albena Denkova claimed Bulgaria's first world title in Calgary in 2005 before successfully defending the crown in Tokyo last March.

"I don't feel like a champion," said Staviski. "I feel helpless."

The 29-year-old was over the legal alcohol limit when driving his Jeep as it crashed into two other vehicles near the Black Sea town of Primorsko.

"There was a negative reaction from many people but I can understand them," said Staviski. "I deserve such a reaction. I set a bad example for the whole of Bulgaria and I recognise I committed a crime."

"We can't recover from the shock," said Denkova. "For the moment we're living day by day, we can't think about our sporting career.

"It was so dramatic during the first days after the accident. We didn't go out of our room for more than two weeks. We even didn't go to the balcony. Life seemed to be over for us."


5th December 2007, 18:16
uff, ce nasol..:(
Am gasit montajul acesta cu Albena si Maxim, mi s-a parut dragut :)

5th December 2007, 19:17
:((((( imi pare asa rau pentru ce au patit :(

11th December 2007, 01:28
Am citit azi pe FS Universe ca procesul ar fi in ianuarie... Se mira lumea pe acolo de ce a declarat Albena intr-un interviu: ceea ce s-a intamplat nu ii afecteaza relatia cu Max si inca mai crede ca poate fi un sot si un tata bun.
Nu au fost cuplul meu preferat (am fost 100% cu Navka si Kostomarov) dar mi-au placut totusi si imi pare rau de ce li s-a intamplat....:(
Irina vreau si eu montajul ala, te rog. La mine nu merge link-ul....

11th December 2007, 01:31
care montaj??? pune quote de la mesaj meu ca sa stii ce anume sa incarc. no problem!!!

pai si eu cred ca omul poate sa fie ok ca tata si ca sot, dar doar dupa ce ispaseste pedeapsa si dupa ce o sa se poata ierta pe el pt ce a facut. asta e cel mai greu. sa te ierti tu!!

11th December 2007, 01:37
tocmai am vazut un montaj despre intamplarile cu maxim si albena. e pe fsvids. montajul lui vivika : something personal ". eu am plans.

Asta. Merci!
Da, ai dreptate asta e cel mai greu... Normal ca va trebui sa ispaseasca pedeapsa, dar eu o admir pe Albena ca e alaturi de el.

11th December 2007, 01:47
din pacate si oamenii buni fac lucruri ingrozitoare. albena stie cum e maxim si de asta il iubeste in continuare.

hai ca ii dau acum upload. daca merge greu il pun maine.

11th December 2007, 01:51
Nu stiu de ce nu merge link-ul ala. De fapt am probleme cu site-ul in ultima vreme. Cu fsvids adica. Nu mai gasesc thread-ul cu montaje... Poate nu m-am uitat bine...

11th December 2007, 02:02
a, nu. e din cauza ca l-au trecut la restricted area. daca vrei acces trebuie sa uploadezi 3 vids si sa pui mesaj pe thread ca ai incarcat vids.

11th December 2007, 02:04
Ma gandeam eu ca s-ar putea sa fie ceva de genul asta... O sa fac asta imediat ce descopar cum...:P

11th December 2007, 02:10

iaca, sper sa mearga.
ce nu stii sa faci??? sa incarci vids???

11th December 2007, 09:24
Mda, nu stiu. Dar nici nu am incercat...Imi trebuie cont sau ceva pe swoopshare sau savefile ca sa pot sa incarc vids?

11th December 2007, 14:24
nu-ti trebuie cont. doar deschizxi pagina si si o sa vezi butonul pe care scrie browse, il apesi, alegi vidul pe care vrei sa-l incarci si spoi dai upload si gata. si dupa aia astepti pana se incarca.
dar poti sa-ti faci si cont, pe savefile de ex si atunci o sa ai proiectele tale.
sa-mi zici daca merge montajul!!!

11th December 2007, 14:36
Da, merge. Multumesc mult! Si pentru montaj si pentru info.:)

11th December 2007, 18:52
Are dreptate Irina: si oameni buni si draguti pot sa faca o asemenea fapta...Maxim nu s-a gandit ce se poate intampla cand s-a urcat beat la volan...nu a fost din rautate. Eu ma bucur ca Albena e inca langa el, de ce nu ar fi...langa cei dragi trebuie sa fim alaturi si la bine si la rau:)

27th December 2007, 00:01
29.11.2007 Staviski's Coma Victim Wakes Up After Almost 4 months

fter 3 months and 22 days in coma, the 18 years-old Manuela Gorsova woke up.

The girl, crushed by the World Skate Champion Maxim Staviski, was moved from the reanimation of Military Hospital - Sofia to neurosurgery section, informed general Stoian Tonev, chief of the hospital last night.

Manuela is on her own breathing, but still not in complete consciousness. She is feeding alone.

Next step for the girl is long rehabilitation for recovery of movements' coordination. Experienced psychologist will also take part in Manuela's treatment.

All doctors believe that exist all necessary conditions for recovery. No one can say now how precisely has been injured the central nervous system of the girl.

We remind you that Manuela was victim ion the severed car accident on August 5.

26.11.2007 After the Accident I Became 'Drunk Russian' - Staviski

How do you spend one day now?

I get up at 9.00 o‘clock. I have this knee injury in the moment, broken knee-cap, which unmoves me in addition and I must follow a diet. My daily activeness is quite decreased now, compared to before the accident. I go out rarely, it's hard for me to relax, to forget, to be like before...nothing is the same anymore, I feel when people stare at me, I haven't heard direct bad comments or something, I don't feel malice, but I can't stop wondering what the people think of me.

Do you believe that one day you will receive forgiveness?

It depends from who I ask for forgiveness. I don't expect it from the victims' relatives and close people.

Have you imagine, just for a second that you are going to prison?

Like every normal person, I don't want to think about that.

The famous Bulgarians always get away with it on the road. Is this means that the responsibility after that should be double?

I don't feel like I'll get away with it. I think that the responsibility shouldn't be double, but infinitely bigger.

Do you consider the media present your case objectively?

I realize that such an incident is a sensation. The lack of complete and detailed information unchains the media imagination and I can't accuse it. Almost all journalists called to us, asking for information, but we observed the prosecutor's demand for the investigation secret and refused to comment; in contrast to the prosecutor himself.

Do you feel more Russian or Bulgarian now?

I am Russian, but I have always being proud with my Bulgarian citizenship. I felt bad - when I win for Bulgaria I am Bulgarian Champion, after the incident, I turned into ‘drunk Russian'.

18.10.2007 I Feel Ashamed to Look in People's Eyes - Maxim Staviski

Exactly two months after the tragic incident, in which the World Skate Champion Maxim Staviski caused severe car accident that ended with the death of 23 years-old Peter Petrov, Maxim gave a press conference in front of media.

Staviski confessed that in the tragic night he indeed had drink alcohol. He also added that always have been fan of extreme senses and high speeds, but always tried to control himself.

He insists that this fact has nothing in common with the accident.

I feel ashamed to look in people's eyes. I want to ask this strategy not to be politically speculated. I'll take the responsibility. I don't know if I will continue to compete, my friendsare telling me not to give up, said Staviski. I really had a drink, but it was just two-three gulps.

Probably the high score of permille was caused after the serious diet I was on before that, but I am positive that I was not drunk. I was in total awareness and I was thinking normally, revealed Staviski, cited by topsport.bg.


13.12.2007 Ice Skate Champions Albena and Maxim Dance on Moscow's Red Square

Two times figure skating champions Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski are invited to take part in the unique program ‘Ice show on two capitals'.

The event will take place in the Russian capital on December 19.

The project presents common show of Moscow and Sank Petersburg. The program will be performed on special ice skating ring with an area of 3,000 sq m. on the Red Square.

World's best figure skaters are invited to participate. Russian Figure Skating Federation is among the main organizers.

The cheapest ticket for the show costs 30 EUR.

27th December 2007, 00:40
Multumesc Iulya pentru interviuri.
Tocmai am revazut gala de la Tokyo..ce veseli erau, bucurosi ca luasera titlul pt a doua oara..si apoi sa pateasca asta:( Of de ce nu a fost si el atent:(..dar degeaba mai vorbesc acum, s-a intamplat si e drept sa plateasca.

I am Russian, but I have always being proud with my Bulgarian citizenship. I felt bad - when I win for Bulgaria I am Bulgarian Champion, after the incident, I turned into ‘drunk Russian'
Are si el dreptatea lui...

Probably the high score of permille was caused after the serious diet I was on before that, but I am positive that I was not drunk.
Si daca nu era beat...ce mai conteaza, beat sau nu..accidentul a avut loc...

29th December 2007, 17:19
ei au patinat la golden skate, gala din italia din 2007, nu? gala asta nu a fost dupa accident? europsortul nostru a dat-o pe 1 decembrie park .si in plus, pe ce melodie au aptinat a 2 a oara? nu mai tin minte, dar stiu k imi placuse. cumva carmina burana?

29th December 2007, 20:55
Nu, ei, nu au fost...GSA a fost dupa accident:(

30th December 2007, 02:21
Acum am descoperit acest thread si nu-mi vine sa cred ce s-a intamplat :( Eu credeam ca s-au retras ca asa au hotarat nu ca au avut parte de un asemenea incident, s-au ma bine zis Maxim a avut, dar a afectat-o implicit si pe Albena:(

30th December 2007, 03:31
da mikeey si noi sunt f triste !!!!

21st January 2008, 11:22
Ati vazut ca participa sora ei la Europene? M-am uitat acum la participanti pe site-ul oficial (Ina Demireva/Juri Kurakin).

31st January 2008, 16:19
World ice dancing champion Staviski sentenced to jail

Bulgaria's Burgas District Court Wednesday gave the country's ice-dancing world champion Maxim Staviski a 2.5 years prison sentence, suspended for a five-year period.

The sentence was made over causing a heavy car crash, which killed one and injured three in last August.

According to local press, the court also banned Staviski from driving for four years, minus the time when his license was confiscated after the accident.

The deadly crash occurred on August 5 last year after Staviski veered into the opposite lane on a bridge near the city of Burgas and bumped headlong into another car with four people riding in it.

The civil claim, filed on behalf of a girl named Manuela Gorsova who was left comatose after the fatal hit, set at 2 million leva (about 1.5 million U.S. dollars), was rejected for the second time. Manuela Gorsova, represented by her father, will get 80,000 leva compensation.

The civil actions, brought to court by the parents of Peter Petrov, the man who died in the crash, were also cut, and Staviiski will pay only 180,000 leva, instead of 500,000 leva as the relatives demanded.

The punishment imposed could be appealed in a 15-day period.

31st January 2008, 16:44
sad news :(

31st January 2008, 17:30
Da, am citit si eu azi... Bine ca s-a terminat intr-un fel. Macar n-o sa mearga la inchisoare...

31st January 2008, 20:06
Pe 9 februarie Staviski si Denkova fac parte din distributia spectacolului pe gheata Ice Age in Kazan (Tatarstan). Habar n-am unde vine asta, o regiune de tatari presupun, dar asa apare in programul showului Ice Age. Daca vor participa, Staviski va mai avea de trecut un hop: prima intalnire cu publicul. Sper ca totul sa fie bine.

1st February 2008, 00:32
:( Imi pare rau :(
Si eu sper..dar nu cred ca ar avea de ce sa fie suparati pe el ...

1st February 2008, 20:50
A, nu ma refeream la public ca ar fi suparat. Cred ca el are temeri.

1st February 2008, 22:29
sincer mie mi se pare o decizie nasoala. omori pe cineva in timp ce conduci beat ar trebui sa faci inchisoare. iar carnetul suspendat doar 4 ani??? adica scuze, dar cam ce ar trebui sa faci ca sa ti-l ia de tot.
eu cred ca oameni buni pot face lucruri rele dar cred ca trebuie sa plateasca pt ele oricat de rau le-ar parea si oricat de rau ne-ar parea si noua.

2nd February 2008, 13:59
Dupa cate stiu, el si apararea au sustinut ca nu era baut, analizele i-au iesit proaste din cauza dietei.... Nu stiu exact, nu am urmarit. Cred ca decizia tribunalului a fost corecta, inchisoarea nu l-ar fi ajutat cu nimic, i-ar fi facut mai mult rau. Nu ar mai fi fost nici patinator, nici om la iesirea din inchisoare. Din doua rele se alegea pe cea mai putin rea. Oricum va fi supravegheat cinci ani si nu va putea conduce masina patru ani.
Eu sunt o mare admiratoare a cuplului Denkova/Stavinski, dupa cate stiu eu au fost prezenti in Gala de la Davos din Elvetia, mi-ar fi placut sa-i vad.
Am observat ca tot mai multe tari investesc in patinaj, organizeaza gale, numai la noi nu se intampla nimic... Trist.

2nd February 2008, 17:11
faptul k plushenko vine a 2 a oara consecutiv la noi in tara, ma face sa fiu optimista si sa cred k vor mai ajunge si altii cat de curand, cine stie, poate si albena si maxim

2nd February 2008, 18:37
Da, dar ar trebui un patinoar numai pentru antrenamentele de patinaj artistic. Din pacate pentru patinatorii nostri primeaza hocheiul, iar ei se antreneaza cand pot si cum pot.

3rd February 2008, 14:36

10th March 2008, 23:09
una dintre perechile care intr-adevar merita iubite si sustinute.....tot respectul pt ei k au ridicat atata valoarea Bulgariei!:)

5th April 2008, 08:00
Dupa cate stiu, el si apararea au sustinut ca nu era baut, analizele i-au iesit proaste din cauza dietei.... Nu stiu exact, nu am urmarit. Cred ca decizia tribunalului a fost corecta, inchisoarea nu l-ar fi ajutat cu nimic, i-ar fi facut mai mult rau. Nu ar mai fi fost nici patinator, nici om la iesirea din inchisoare. Din doua rele se alegea pe cea mai putin rea. Oricum va fi supravegheat cinci ani si nu va putea conduce masina patru ani.
Eu sunt o mare admiratoare a cuplului Denkova/Stavinski, dupa cate stiu eu au fost prezenti in Gala de la Davos din Elvetia, mi-ar fi placut sa-i vad.
Am observat ca tot mai multe tari investesc in patinaj, organizeaza gale, numai la noi nu se intampla nimic... Trist.

Si cu ce il ajuta pe un om care nu e celebru inchisoarea ? Il face mai bun ? Inchisoarea, desi pe fata exista pentru a indrepta oamenii, exista in esenta sa pentru a speria oamenii in a nu ajunge acolo, pentru ca acolo se intampla lucruri rele. Deci frica de inchisoare ar trebui sa impiedice lumea sa faca rau. Daca totusi fac, trebuie sa plateasca. Nu sint de acord cu decizia. Staviski ar fi trebuit sa intre la inchisoare si pentru mai mult de 2 ani si jumatate. Iar amenda ar fi trebuit sa fie mult mai mare. Inca un caz in care celebritatile sint judecate cu alta masura. Traim intr-o lume corupta. Ce porcarie. Dupa asa ceva, iti vine sa nu mai crezi in nimeni si nimic.

6th April 2008, 03:04
nu cred ca ar trebui sa intre la inchisoare, a fost un accident
oricum un om la inchisoare nu invata nimic bun, este de preferat sa se evite daca se poate (cel in cauza nu a facut un lucru grav premeditat...)
normal celebritatile sunt judecate cu alta masura, numai comunismul propunea altfel, dar acolo unde s-a implementat a esuat execrabil
dreptate exista numai la Dumnezeu

6th April 2008, 09:13
Doamne fereste, ce prostii spui. Te auzi ce vorbesti ?

6th April 2008, 15:23
pai comunismul tocmai asta a adus rau:isi judecau "celebritatile"cu alta masura.dupa parerea mea merita sa mearga la inchisoare

6th April 2008, 16:03
Doamne fereste, ce prostii spui. Te auzi ce vorbesti ?

da, ma aud si oricum glumeam
de fapt daca stau sa ma gandesc poate si Ingo Steuer are pacate la fel de mari, prin faptul ca a colaborat cu STASI dar nu cred ca este cazul sa discutam... nu poti sti cat de mult i-a afectat pe altii...
daca merita sa ajunga la inchisoare probabil ca ajungea asemeni lui OJ Simpson
poate se va scrie o carte despre Maxim Stavinski, lumii i se va deschide valul de pe ochi si va ajunge la inchisoare
oricum degeaba discutam, nici macar nu stim care este pedeapsa maxim in caz de accident in Bulgaria si nici nu reprezentam justitia bulgara, nu stim doveziile aduse impotriva partii acuzate etc....

daca e sa fac o comparatie si eu am fost sigura ca Michael Jackson va ajunge la inchisoare si fi condamnat pentru pe...., dar justitia a decis altfel
asta nu inseamna ca nu exista dreptate, s-a demonstrat ca a fost nevinovat...
oricum daca merita sau nu sa ajunga la inchisoare mie imi este indiferent asa ca consider subiectul inchis.

6th April 2008, 18:26
Oricum, daca e adevarat ce s-a scris in presa bulgara, cum ca toti banii sunt pe numele Albenei, se pare ca e mai bine pentru Manuela (parca asa o cheama pe fata care e in coma) ca Maxim nu e la inchisoare si poate castiga banii pe care trebuie sa-i plateasca, despagubiri... Subiectul asta a fost discutat si rasdiscutat si pe alte forumuri, de persoane mai mult sau mai putin inversunate impotriva lui Maxim...

6th April 2008, 18:35
Sunt de acord cu tine lady-k. In momentele acestea este mai importanta viata Manuelei... Sa nu uitam ca totusi Maxim Stavinski a facut multe pentru patinajul artistic nu numai din Bulgaria, ci si pentru cel mondial. Aici este vorba de patinatorul Maxim Stavinki, nu de omul Maxim Stavinski. Eu cred ca decizia judecatorilor este justa, sa-i lasam pe ei sa decida, ei stiu mai bine.

21st April 2008, 19:14
oricum ar fi, Albena e alaturi de el....(17 Aprilie 2008)

21st April 2008, 20:17
mi se pare normal sa fie alaturi de el.nu renunti la persoana iubita doar pentru ca trece printr-o perioada mai grea.sper ca cei doi sa aiba mai mult noroc in viitor.:D

1st June 2008, 20:35
Daca vreti sa stiti ultimele stiri despre Albena and Maxim.

7th June 2008, 00:42
Povesteam de un tango dansat in Stars on ice de Albena si Maxim; Aici sunt cateva poze (la spect. din SUA)care arata trairea si interpretarea superba pe care o au. Ce-mi place a 5-a poza....


8th June 2008, 15:35
toate sunt superbe.multumim tracoromana!

16th June 2008, 15:26
si mie imi plac :D:D:D numai ca eu n`am intrat deloc p`aici :D:D
ce frumoase`s pozele :rolleyes:

8th December 2008, 13:42
World Champion Maksim Staviski donates €10 000 to Manuela Gorsova

author: Diana Stoykova

Font size: a a a
Bulgaria's ice skating world champion Maxim Staviski transferred 20 000 leva (€10 000) to Manuela Gorosova's bank account.

We remind you that Manuela was severely injured in August 2007 in a car accident, caused by the ice skating champion.

At the moment, she is in a specialized clinic in Israel, where an active rehabilitation is being held.

The amount, transferred by Staviski, is a donation to the girl, and will be enough for a two-week conduct of her rehabilitation.

Manuela is in Israel since May, and should remain there till March so that her treatment is successful.

We remind you, that Staviski paid 80 000 leva (€40 000) which is part of his verdict.

The sum, being paid now, is an act of charity, expected by many people from Staviski.

We remind you, that on December 1, the Burgas Court of Appeal will reconsider the case against Staviski, brought back by the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Manuela' relatives appeal the suspended verdict and plead for an effective one.

Staviski's lawyer Yavor Notev announced that Maksim is regularly summoned and will be present at the Burgas courtroom.


Ice skating champion Albena Denkova returns to Sofia

The two time ice skating world champion Albena Denkova came back from Moscow yesterday.

She tore a meniscus during the trainings for the po****r Russian TV show "Ice Age".

"I came home, to receive a proper treatment. They told me that the most important thing to understand if an operation will be needed", Denkova says for "Deltanews.

Albena also denied all the rumors for the suspected affair of her partner Maksim Staviski with the actress Tatyana Arngolz, who is his dancing parner in the "Ice Age" show.


5th January 2009, 20:57
Thanks to Titi from BJDG :

Figure skating-Staviski jailed over drunk-driving death
SOFIA, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Bulgarian former world ice dance
champion Maxim Staviski was sentenced to 2-1/2 years in prison
after a drunk-driving crash that killed a man and left a young
woman in coma, an appeals court decided on Monday.
A year ago, Staviski, 31, was given a suspended 2-1/2 year
jail sentence but prosecutors appealed saying there were no
mitigating circumstances.
Russian-born Staviski was charged in 2007 over the death of
the 24-year-old amateur boxer Petar Petrov. He was over the
alcohol limit when his Jeep collided with two other vehicles
near the Black Sea town of Primorsko.
Staviski, one of the most po****r athletes in Bulgaria, and
his partner Albena Denkova claimed the Balkan country's first
world title in Calgary in 2006 before successfully defending the
crown the following year.
National radio quoted Staviski's lawyer as saying the
court's verdict was "unfair" and his client would appeal.

Cred ca e corect sa fie dus la inchisoare. Imi pare rau ca a trebuit sa ajunga aici. Oare nu stia ce se poate intampla daca se urca beat la volan..sau se gandea ca lui nu i se va intampla?

5th January 2009, 21:00
oooo doamne :shocked:

5th January 2009, 21:10
Asta e Ade-chan..ce a cautat a gasit :(

5th January 2009, 21:49
si eu zic ca e just sa mearga la inchisoare. asta nu inseamna ca nu ii admir in continuare pt talentul lor, dar cele 2 trebuir sunt complet separate.

5th January 2009, 21:57
Si mie imi plac mult...si imi pare foarte rau de ce li s-a intamplat.

6th January 2009, 17:08
Patinatorul bulgar Maxim Staviski va face īnchisoare pentru urmãtorii doi ani si jumãtate dupã ce judecãtoria din Burgas i-a schimbat, azi, sentinta cu suspendare, deoarece a condus sub influenta bãuturilor alcoolice, omorānd o persoanã si lãsānd alta īn comã, informeazã site-ul novinite.com.
Curtea de Apel din Burgas a decis aceastã pedeapsã pentru patinatorul bulgar pentru un accident de masinã provocat de acesta la 5 august 2007 īn care l-a omorāt pe tānãrul de 24 de ani, Peter Petrov, si a lãsat-o īn comã pe Manuela Gorsova, 18 ani.
Apelul la sentinta de doi ani si jumãtate datã cu suspendare īmpotriva lui Staviski a fost fãcut de pãrintii celor douã victime ale accidentului.
Curtea de Apel a decis sã schimbe si sumele care vor fi plãtite de Staviski pãrintilor celor douã victime. Astfel, familia lui Peter va primi 120.000 de leva, de la 90.000, iar rudele Manuelei vor primi 150.000 de leva, de la 80.000.
Presedintele completului de judecatã, Georgi Koshicharov, va oferi explicatii privind sentinta acordatã luni dupã-amiazã.
Avocatul lui Staviski a anuntat cã este dezamãgit de noua sentinta si va face apel.
Maxim Staviski, originar din Rusia dar care a primit cetãtenie bulgarã, si partenera lui, Albena Denkova, au devenit campioni mondiali la patinaj artistic īn 2006 si 2007

6th January 2009, 18:13
Multumim Rob pentru articol.

24th January 2009, 11:13
Eu am o problema...sunt foarte de acord cu faptul ca trebuie sa raspunda pentru ceea ce-a facut, fiecare e egal in fata legii, fie el si campion mondial. Trebuia sa fie mai atent, insa: Sentinta asta mi se pare un pic data, nu stiu, parca din rautate...oki, face puscarie...deci suporta niste consecinte, dar banii ? Sau pentru ca e campion las ca are de unde ? Nu stiu dar am impresia ca toti banii din lume pe cei morti nu-i va aduce inapoi, si atunci, de ce si puscarie si bani mai multi pe care trebuie sa-i dea ? :confused: Mi se pare un pic exagerat, parerea mea ! Nu cunosc legile bulgaresti, doar ca am impresia ca ne cam aseamana. Iar noi suntem maestrii in a ne distruge valorile.

24th January 2009, 12:35
Banii sunt pentru recuperearea fetei care a supravietuit accidentului.

24th January 2009, 14:02
la 5 august 2007 īn care l-a omorāt pe tānãrul de 24 de ani, Peter Petrov,
Astfel, familia lui Peter va primi 120.000 de leva, de la 90.000,

Am inteles pentru Manuela, dar eu ma refeream la 120.000 leva pentru familia lui Petrov.

8th February 2009, 16:50
un site mai putin reusit dar va puteti uita la programele lor la sectiunea video si au si poze

18th March 2009, 01:44
Un articol de la inceputul lui martie:
Staviski Crash Victim Arrives Back in Bulgaria from Israel

18th March 2009, 02:02
Deci nu mai e in coma, nu? Ca eu asa inteleg ...

18th March 2009, 02:29
nu mai este in coma de anul trecut.
eu asa parca citisem pe undeva.
oricum este inca intr-o stare foarte grava, daca nu ar fi avut Maxim bani sa o trateze probabil ca ar fi fost si mai rau.

18th March 2009, 09:39
Am inteles pentru Manuela, dar eu ma refeream la 120.000 leva pentru familia lui Petrov.

poate el intretinea familia prin munca lui, poate judecatorii au hotarat asta ca un fel de compensare a daunelor emotionale produse familiei in urma accidentului

17th April 2009, 03:02
World champion Maxim Staviski must not go to jail, prosecutor says

15th May 2009, 21:15
Court hands world ice-dancing champion suspended sentence

16th May 2009, 01:08
Ce ameteala e si la bulgari, ba se duce la inchisoare, ba nu se duce...

16th May 2009, 02:12
asa ar fi si la noi...

16th May 2009, 17:50
That was my point.;)

26th September 2010, 18:27
Albena si Maxim vor avea un copil:cheer:!! Ma bucur tare mult pt ei, chiar era timpul sa aiba si ei un copil:yes::ok:!http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?t=75155
Si sora Albenei, Ina Lutay ( sotia lui Andrei Lutay) a nascut zilele trecute o fetita pe nume Silvia:)

30th September 2010, 23:10
Ufff telenovelele astea ! :D
Ma bucur pentru ei....pentru toti !

30th September 2010, 23:42
Ce frumos! ma bucur pentru ei!
Sa fie sanatoasa fetita!

2nd October 2010, 19:08

26th October 2010, 20:06

24th November 2010, 19:46

26th November 2010, 14:46

31st January 2011, 17:58
Uite ce zice wiki:

"Denkova has a younger sister, Ina Demireva, who is also an ice dancer.

Although she holds a degree in economics from Sofia University, Denkova continues to skate full-time in shows and on Russian television.

Denkova and Staviski are engaged to marry. Their son Daniel was born in January 30, 2011.[3]":D:D:D

31st January 2011, 18:28
OOOOO! Ce frumos! a bucur pentru ei! Se pare ca au reusit sa treaca peste toate problemele! :)
Sa le traiasca bebelusul :)

31st January 2011, 22:33
Deci eu sunt dusa rau cu capul....Azi sustineam sus si tare ca n-am stiut ca or sa aiba copil Albena si Maxim...si cand colo ce-am descoperit aici....ca la acest post:

Albena si Maxim vor avea un copil:cheer:!! Ma bucur tare mult pt ei, chiar era timpul sa aiba si ei un copil:yes::ok:!http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?t=75155
Si sora Albenei, Ina Lutay ( sotia lui Andrei Lutay) a nascut zilele trecute o fetita pe nume Silvia:)

...am raspuns cu acest post:

Ufff telenovelele astea ! :D
Ma bucur pentru ei....pentru toti !

Prin urmare....IMBATRANESC !! :headbang: :plans::plans::no: :))

BTW: Sa le traiasca micutul ! Si sa devina campion !

31st January 2011, 22:43
Felicitari Albenei si lui Maxim:cheer:,sa le traiasca micutul:floricica:, ma bucur ca au reusit sa treaca peste toate pb si sa aiba o familie fericita:):ok:

Daria, stai linistita pt k nu esti singura care imbatraneste:D:(:P:plans::))

21st March 2011, 22:47
Poze cu micutul Daniel:):ok:

19th April 2011, 22:47

24th May 2011, 12:34

4th February 2014, 20:39