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31st January 2007, 21:47


Profile Name
John G. Weir
Johnny, JWe, Tinkerbelle, Simba, Nicky
July 2, 1984
Coatesville, PA
Newark, DE
Patti and John Weir
Brother, Brian
Chihuahuas, Bon-Bon & Vanya
Started Skating
Training Towns
Newark, DE
Training Facilities
The Pond Inc.
Home Club
The Skating Club of New York
Priscilla Hill
Choreographers (Competitive)
Marina Anissina, Tatiana Tarasova
Choreographers (Exhibition)
Carolanne Leone, Johnny Weir
Stephanie Handler, REST of Saint Petersburg
Pilates Coach
Carolanne Leone


At the age of twenty-two, three-time U.S. Champion Johnny Weir is one of the superstars of figure skating. Fans all over the world love his fluid, elegant style. Johnny is looking forward to many more years of competing and performing, and he hopes to rise to the very top of his sport.

Late Jump, Natural Talent

Johnny didn't start skating until age 12. He was an active youngster, trying soccer, baseball, skiing and riding before finally settling on figure skating and dedicating himself to the sport.

It was while Johnny was still riding and showing horses that he first became interested in figure skating after watching it on television. He loved watching the sport and decided to try out the jumps himself, on roller skates in his family's basement.

Johnny's first venture onto the ice occurred one harsh winter when the corn field behind his house froze over. Johnny was thrilled to receive a second-hand pair of skates for Christmas, and to his parents' amusement, he used them to skate in between the frozen corn stalks! That convinced them to let him take group lessons at the University of Delaware.

At the end of his first lesson, Johnny was supposed to practice stroking with his group, but he decided to try jumping instead. He had gotten pretty good in his family's basement, but the slippery ice was a different matter! Nevertheless, Johnny's quicker-than-average progress soon became evident, and after only three lessons, his instructor approached his mother to let her know that her son showed promise and might benefit from private instruction.

The decision to choose between horseback riding and private skating lessons was a difficult one for Johnny, who had experienced much success on the equestrian circuit, but ultimately, he chose skating.

Rapid Progress

In his first year of skating, Johnny tested up to the juvenile division and made the Junior Olympics in both freestyle and pairs (with Jodi Rudden). Johnny and Jodi moved up to intermediate pairs, qualifying a second year for the Junior Olympics, but the following season, Johnny gave up pairs and began concentrating on his singles skills.

Skipping intermediate freestyle, Johnny moved up to the novice division and experienced immediate success -- a bronze medal at the 1998 U.S. Championships in Philadelphia.

Moving up to the junior division in 1999, Johnny finished fourth at the U.S. Championships in Salt Lake City and went on to compete at two Junior Grand Prix events the following season, finishing second and seventh in his series debut.

At the 2000 U.S. Championships in Cleveland, Johnny placed first in the short program, but struggled in the freeskate to finish fifth overall.

The following summer, Johnny set his sights on the senior freestyle test and passed it. His senior-level debut at the 2001 U.S. Championships in Boston was a successful one in which he placed sixth overall.

Internationally, Johnny still competed as a junior in 2000-2001, placing 6th and 2nd in his two Junior Grand Prix events.

Junior Champion

On March 1, 2001, Johnny won the World Junior Championship, capping off a wonderful year of skating.

The following season, Johnny began competing both nationally and internationally at the senior level, placing 10th at the 2001 Goodwill Games, seventh at Skate Canada, and fourth at Trophée Lalique.

At the 2002 U.S. Championships in Los Angeles, Johnny improved his placement from the previous year, finishing fourth in the short program and fifth overall. He was named as an alternate to the World Championship and Olympic teams that year, and went on to compete at the Four Continents Championships, another senior international event. Johnny narrowly missed the podium at that event, finishing fourth.

Lessons Learned

The 2002-2003 season was a difficult one for Johnny. After having to withdraw from both of his Grand Prix events due to illness, he looked forward to the 2003 U.S. Championships in Dallas as a chance to prove himself. He seemed to be on his way to doing just that with a stunning 2nd place finish in the short program, but a knee injury during his free skate forced him to withdraw from the event. Despite this disappointment, Johnny remained optimistic about his skating. He knew what he needed to do to make things happen in his career.

Bouncing Back

Johnny answered his critics in the 2003-2004 season. On January 10, 2004, he won his first U.S. National Championship in Atlanta with two amazing performances. He went on to place an impressive 5th at his first World Championships in Dortmund, Germany.

The 2004-2005 Grand Prix season was a spectacular one for Johnny, with two golds and one silver to his name. He followed his fall achievements by successfully defending his U.S. National title at the 2005 U.S. Championships in Portland, Oregon. He had high hopes for the World Championships in Moscow, Russia, but an untimely foot injury hampered those plans, and he finished 4th. Still, he's proud of the fact that he was able to fight through the pain.

Olympic Debut

An injury suffered during the free skate at Skate Canada marred the start of the 2005-2006 season. Johnny recovered nicely for the Cup of Russia, though, and won the bronze medal behind World Champions Evgeny Plushenko and Stephane Lambiel. At the 2006 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in St. Louis, Missouri, Johnny defended his national title once again and became the three-time United States champion. With his win, he also earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

Johnny was thrilled to compete at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. He placed second in the short program, behind the eventual gold medalist Evgeny Plushenko, but finished in fifth place overall after a disappointing free skate. Johnny became a media darling during the Games, described by many journalists as "the best quote at the Olympics."

Back spasms impeded Johnny's performance at the 2006 World Championships in Calgary, Canada. He fought through the competition with determination, landing quad toe loops in both the qualifying round and the free skate. He finished in seventh place.

Bright Future

Only time will tell what the future holds for Johnny Weir. His long term goals include being an Olympic and World Champion, and someday being a coach. Johnny is a very intense and focused young man. He truly knows what he wants to do with his life, and he knows what he has to do to achieve those goals.

31st January 2007, 22:22
stii,chiar ma intrebam cand ii "coacem" si lui un thread :)

31st January 2007, 22:32
Wow, thank you Whisper!

31st January 2007, 22:33

31st January 2007, 22:34
prima poza pe care am gasit-o cu el:P...aia am pus-o *blush*

31st January 2007, 22:47
Marce, you are craaazy!

31st January 2007, 22:52
love ya too;)

31st January 2007, 23:20
aveti pozele din blackbook????

31st January 2007, 23:35

1st February 2007, 07:41
Gata s-a copt threadul :D
Your welcome,Elena!I hope you can write some news about him or post some picture too.

1st February 2007, 07:58
Alte poze:

1st February 2007, 12:03
thread dedicat lui johnny :cool: anult trecut l-am remarcat..si chiar mi-a placut destul de tare! Controversat personaj...dar interesant:P si foarte gratios pe gheata! si in afara ei din cate am observat:P a fost distractiv sa urmaresc filmulete cu johnny la cumparaturi , puse pe youtube...oricum, mi
s-a parut foarte enervant cum a fost atacat din toate directiile anul trecut , de tot felul de jurnalisti care se intrebau daca e gay...ar trebui sa intereseze mai putin lucrurile astea:P Anyway...desi e foarte posibil sa fie adevarat
( johnny spune ca prefera sa nu dea un raspuns) who cares, he's quite a great skater :D

1st February 2007, 12:18
pai si anul asta, se pare ca aruncatul cu noroi in johnny e in continuare un sport national in sua.
mie mi-a luat ceva sa-mi dau seama ca imi place de el, dar acum as putea sa ma uit la unele programe ale lui non stop.

1st February 2007, 13:21
Nici mie la inceput nu pream i-a placu. Prefer patinatorii mai "impunatori" si sariturile mai puternice si explozive ale rusilor... Dar, pe parcurs a inceput sa-mi placa delicatetea programelor lui.
Da, imi place... nu sunt un mare mare fan... dar ii urmaresc cu placere programele... pentru ca au ceva aparte. Si, trebuie sa recunoastem are un stil inconfundabil.
Bravo lui!

1st February 2007, 14:16
e un patiantor destul de unique si interesant :) au inceput sa-mi placa si mie programele lui :)

1st February 2007, 18:04
La mine,Johnny e favoritul meu.Stiu ca nu va castiga locul 1,dar sper sa fie pe podium anul asta.Cu cat privesc mai mult la programele lui,cu atat mai mult ma indragostesc de ele.
E unic! :ok:

1st February 2007, 18:45
intrebare intrebatoare: de ce i se zice lui Johnny--> Tinkerbell? :thinkso: :P

1st February 2007, 23:14
:happy Nu stiu da imi place nickul asta :D
La inceput Johnny era la categoria nesuferiti ..daca cititi primele pagini de pe threadul ala va dati seama ..dar apoi m-am invatat cu el:P

1st February 2007, 23:59
adelina, tu si cu mine.
tinkerbell, mi se pare de-a dreptul caraghios. dar parca seama asa cu el, mic si istericut.

2nd February 2007, 00:16
:happy ce sa facem asta e bine ca ne-am schimbat gandurile:P

3rd February 2007, 17:05
tocmai ce-am vazut pozele de la blackbook...m-au speriat :ras-plans:
in cateva din ele, el chiar are o fata de girly...
that was a weird experience:|

3rd February 2007, 17:22
weird experience
Weird este nickul dat de mine pt Johnny :D

3rd February 2007, 20:00
weird indeed:D :ras-plans: :happy: :happy:

3rd February 2007, 20:11
diferit e uneori bine venit!!!! e mai cu sare si piper!!!
mie imi place sa aud ce spune. e mereu funny!!!
iar anul asta la nationale chiar mi s-a rupt inima cand l-am vazut cum plangea in bratele antrenoarei.

3rd February 2007, 21:23
Bietul Johnny :(

3rd February 2007, 22:03
to me he's just so cute!!!!!:yes:

3rd February 2007, 22:05
intrebare: toti care urca pe podium papa din medalie?din cate stiu eu nu e edible:P

3rd February 2007, 22:17
se pare ca se poarta. poata ca succesul are gust bun!!!!!

3rd February 2007, 22:21
Cu siguranta, victoria e tare dulce:P

3rd February 2007, 22:21
btw...m-a intrebat o prietena:"da' medalia e din cioco de o musca(era vb de yags)?" :ras-plans: o fi din cioco.....cu staniol auriu:))
si probabil ca succesul are gust bun:D

8th February 2007, 02:01
un link pentru poze de la us nationals.
si la photos sunt si mai multe poze de la o gramada de evenimente.

ce mult imi place poza asta:
hmm si asta e super draguta!!!!
si cute, cute ,cute.....

iar tarasova cu johnny e criminala ( si nu are haina de blana )

ok, sa ma opreasca cineva......

8th February 2007, 08:32
Aia cu Tarasova e super.:ok:

8th February 2007, 10:45
toate sunt suuperbe:D:ok:

8th February 2007, 13:19
dupa cum observati cand ma pornesc , ma opresc cu greu.

8th February 2007, 13:30
Mersi irina, toate arata super bine :)
Dar sunt recente?Ca din cate stiam Johnny nu mai lucreaza cu Tarasova..hm..poate s-a intors la ea :P

8th February 2007, 13:35
nu, nu sunt recente. de altfel e si anul pe acolo pe undeva. dar era asa simpatica tarasova cu geaca si cu cizmele alea, asa ca un ursulet!!!!

8th February 2007, 13:40
O fi, dar cine s-a uitat?
Da..foarte rar o vezi fara celebra ei haina de blana :P
Mama o recunoaste imediat:ras-plans: ( cred ca e singura antrenoare pe care o stie.. datorita hainei de blana!)

10th February 2007, 08:26
http://www.kataniye.com/johnny_weir/Johnny%20and%20Amber%20CoR%202005.jpg :ras-plans:

11th February 2007, 20:14
Super tare...dar pare cam speriat saracul:rolleyes:

11th February 2007, 20:16
e cam speriat de fete,apparently *cough* :rolleyes: :ras-plans:

11th February 2007, 20:26
Stiu si eu..vazusem o poza simpatica cu el si Sasha.Dar nu mai stiu de unde s-o scot :headbang:

11th February 2007, 20:50
O gasesti..te asteptam cu ea...:D

12th February 2007, 03:55
si eu am vazut multe poze simpatice cu el si sasha si cu el si irina.

12th February 2007, 04:13
ok, gasit ceva poze funny cu el si fetele.:P

12th February 2007, 04:14
si inca doua.:)

12th February 2007, 10:48
VAd ca se intelege tare bine cu rusoaicele :)

12th February 2007, 23:02
Ok, a pus irina poza cu Sasha :)

12th February 2007, 23:25
awww this johnny guy :D , adorable :))) am zis guy! :ras-plans:

13th February 2007, 00:10
ai zis guy,si nu gay..ops....ma bate careva daca am zis cuvantul cu sensul de happpy?(incerc sa ma scot,acum:ras-plans::happy:happy:happy

27th February 2007, 02:00
johnny weir a fost la petercerea post oscaruri a lui elton john. se pare ca saracul a fost invitat si anul trecut dar nu -a ajuns invitatia la timp.
niste poze.

costumul e dior. mie imi place lookul cu all black, dar parul cu supra gel ca sa stea lipit de cap nu ma da pe spate, fie ca e johnny fie ca e dicaprio.

27th February 2007, 07:53
Asa e Johnny cred ca a consumat vreo doua recipiente?!:D cu gel.:P

27th February 2007, 17:39
hmmm...sunt surprinsa...chiar daca e putin ciudat pt el, imi place cum ii sta:o: in general nu ma prea omor dupa el, but he looks surprisingly well :D

12th March 2007, 00:47
nu pot sa spun k johnny e printre favoritii mei, dar imi face placere sa-i urmaresc programele.:) :P :D
in schimb, mie johnny imi da un strop de speranta....:rolleyes: stiti k el s-a apucat de patinaj la 12 ani.....cred k un pic de speranta pt toti

12th March 2007, 23:57
he,he, s-o fi apucat el la 12 ani, dar din pacate nu cred ca daca ne apucam noi acum de patinaj o sa devenim un ansamblu de patinatoare cunoscute in 4 ani. cu toate ca ar fi fun!!! ar scrie ziarele : " totul a inceput cu ols....". ha,ha,ha!!!!

13th March 2007, 00:37
adevarat, adevarat.....:( dar eu fac patinaj artistic:yeah: !!!

13th March 2007, 00:45
daaa?????? de mult???? povesteste-mi pe friendship thread. in caz ca deja ai spus asta si eu nu am observat sau am uitat imi cer scuze.

13th March 2007, 01:05
nuuuu.... de anul trecut...:( tocmai de-aia am spus k johnny imi da putina speranta....:D anul trecut aveam chiar 12

13th March 2007, 03:35
atunci da, pt tine mai e speranta, pt mine sigur nu. dar asta nu inseamna ca nu pot sa ma dau cu fundul de gheata in fiecare iarna, just for fun!!!! :)

13th March 2007, 03:59

13th March 2007, 13:10
Poate ar fi dragut un thread in care cei "patinatorii" de pe forum sa ne spuna cum e in spatele acestui sport&arta
Si sa profitam de prezenta lor aici pentru a afla aceste detalii... Flying, te bagi?

13th March 2007, 19:31
Wow...cat de frumos trebuie sa fie sa stii sa patinezi. Multa bafta si sa ajungem sa te vedem la competitii.:ok: :)

13th March 2007, 21:17
numai in competitii nu ajung.....:( la cate ore fac eu p saptamana.....:(
suntem cam off-topic....:D

3rd April 2007, 00:28
cateva poze cu johnny de la banchetul de la mondiale ( sau cel putin asa am inteles eu ).
de asta ce parere aveti?

3rd April 2007, 16:11
dece am impresia tot timpul ca Johnny e dat cu rimel la ochi?:rolleyes:
foarte dragute pozele:P

3rd April 2007, 17:31
pt ca asa e. :)
nu stiu de ce am avut asa un chef sa pun un progr cu johnny si am incarcat spul de la mondiale.

3rd April 2007, 18:58
opsie...si eu care credeam ca e doar o coincidenta, sau ca e lumina de vina :rolleyes: :P, oricum e un patinator valoros ;)

3rd April 2007, 21:45
ati vazut Fluff-ul acela de la WC'06(cred ca l-am pus pe threadul lui Chiper:)) La sfarsit zice ceva de "one and only Johnny Weir:D" sau asa ceva:ras-plans:

3rd April 2007, 23:40
wow flying dreamz faci patinaj artistic? ce frumos... iti urez mult succes!:) atunci cred ca pot sa-ti pun o intrebare : ce trebuie sa fac sa-mi mentin lamele in stare buna pana la iarna? trebuie sa le dau cu ceva sau un loc ferit de umezeala e de-ajuns?

3rd April 2007, 23:55
eu fac patinaj de placere, mai invat si eu una alta......nu cred sa existe vreo chestie pentru lame, dar pentru a fi mai siguri o sa intreb si iti spun. ok?

4th April 2007, 04:07
adelina ce fluff cu the one and only johnny weir. eu stiu altul cu o introducere simpatica : he's here, he's weir.

24th May 2007, 23:43
am incarcat un montaj care nu mai stiu de unde l-am luat. dar e cu momentele din K&C ale lui johnny. e f dragut!!!
ok, am gresit , nu era aici faza cu imnul!!!

offf, mai caut iulia!!!! ;)

26th May 2007, 02:59
de data asta, sper ca am uploadat montajul corect si pare fza cu imnul!!! e tot un montaj de pe fsvids!!!

26th May 2007, 15:23
loooooolz:happy :happy :happy

26th May 2007, 17:37
ala din bratele negrului e johnny??? OMG!:happy

26th May 2007, 22:36
ioana: poti incerca sa le dai cu vasilina.eu asa faceam pt k asa mi sa zis k e bine pt lame. personal nu stiu dak a avut vreo importanta k leam dat. poti incerca oricum

26th May 2007, 22:57
mersi, kido_vc !voi lua in considerare sfatul tau! :)

27th May 2007, 00:28
heeeeere's johnny :P

27th May 2007, 00:36
more johnny




27th May 2007, 00:38
ce privire patrunzatoare are in a 2-a poza :P

21st June 2007, 00:11
@irina s-a confirmat :

Johnny si-a schimbat antrenoru' :http://www.figureskatersonline.com/johnnyweir/news.html

New Coach For Johnny Weir
Three-Time U.S. Men’s Champion to Train With Galina Zmievskaya

By Kathleen Bangs

As part of a long-term plan to be in podium contention for the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, reigning U.S. men’s bronze medalist Johnny Weir has left longtime coach Priscilla Hill, the woman credited with bringing him to three U.S. national championship victories.

Next month Weir will begin training with Ukrainian Galina Zmievskaya, at the Ice Vault rink in Wayne, N.J. Zmievskaya is best known for her coaching success with 1992 Olympic champion Victor Petrenko, now married to her daughter Nina, and 1994 Olympic ladies champion Oksana Baiul. Japanese champion Takeshi Honda is among Zmievskaya’s former high-profile students; an elite group that also included American Scott Davis.

Reached for comment from Japan where he’s performing with Champions on Ice, Weir said, “I’m excited for the new outlook and direction that I’ll get from skating with Galina Zmievskaya and her group. I have been thinking about this change for some time, and as much as it hurts to leave Priscilla (Hill), my mother figure for the last 10 years, it is something I had to do.”

Throughout a tough season that included losing his national crown to rival Evan Lysacek and an eighth-place finish at the 2007 World Championships, Weir, who spent previous summers getting additional training from Russia’s legendary coach Tatiana Tarasova, felt a major change was necessary to advance his results.

“Priscilla (Hill) understands my need for a change, because she did it herself in her own skating career when she moved to train with Carlo Fassi,” Weir said. “She’s given so much to my career, and I will miss seeing her everyday. The coaching switch was prompted because we grew too close. It’s hard to train under your ‘mother’ and we had learned to push each other’s buttons and work each other’s nerves. She is an amazing person and we parted mutually, on good terms. There was no drama, no huge falling out. It was just time for a change.”

After returning from Japan next week, Weir will attend a mandatory U.S. Figure Skating camp. In July he begins the process of moving from his home in Delaware, and will resume training on the ice for the first time in over a decade without Hill as his full-time coach. Weir still refers to Hill as the “best coach in America,” and said that he will always consider her a close friend to call in time of need. “I’m going to Galina Zmievskaya in hopes that she will light a fire under me, make me train better,” Weir said, “and help me be the best skater I can be.”


21st June 2007, 02:31
da iulia am vazut si eu zilele astea. mersi !!! pup!!!!

26th June 2007, 19:49
Fanii lui Johnny nu prea sunt incantati de schimbare..Vom vedea ce-o fi...

26th June 2007, 21:46
pai si mie mi se pare cam stranie mutarea. sunt curioasa intr-adevar. sper sa fie de bine pt ca nu cred ca saracutul de el o sa reziste la inca un sezon dezastros.

26th June 2007, 23:01
pai si mie mi se pare cam stranie mutarea. sunt curioasa intr-adevar. sper sa fie de bine pt ca nu cred ca saracutul de el o sa reziste la inca un sezon dezastros.
Si nici eu...:headbang:

3rd July 2007, 16:22
omg, nush daca a mai fost asta:http://www.gawker.com/assets/resources/2006/08/johnneyweir.jpg

3rd July 2007, 16:25
:o: poza nu e cumva din BlackBook? stiu ca vazusem cu ceva vreme inainte cateva poze mai aparte.

also, we all know that Johnny is a bit special ;)

3rd July 2007, 21:59
da, le-am pus eu mai demult. linkul de la tot shootingul. o sa-l caut , sa-l pun din nou. si da, sunt din blackbook. asta e o revista care face poze din astea asa mai special!!!
mie una mi se pare ca intr-un very twisted way e foarte atragator!!!!

5th July 2007, 00:02
Stiu ca ii un pic cam to late but still: BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES ,JOHNNY!!!Si Happy 4th of July!!

5th July 2007, 02:18
oooo, da, pe 2 iulie a fost ziua lui johnny!!!! cum nu eram pe aici am uitat complet!!!
happy birthday !!!

5th July 2007, 02:19
LA MULTI ANI :cheer: si de la mine :D

5th July 2007, 02:22
La multi ani si de la mine http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/bdayparty.gif

5th July 2007, 03:22
tocmai am vz ca joya team a facut un montaj pt ziua lui johnny si este super.
il gasiti aici
http://p203.ezboard.com/fjohnnyweirmessageboardfrm29.showMessage?topicID=3 95.topic

5th July 2007, 18:14
La multi ani Johnny! Pentru el imi doresc mai multa minte:P

9th July 2007, 14:35
cam tarziu....LA MULTI ANI!!!!!

15th July 2007, 18:35
am citit acum pe siteul lui johnny ca noua alegere pt noul sezon e " Yunova i Avos " pt sp. mie gala pe melodia asta mi se pare superba, gala de la COR chiar m-a facut sa plang dar fara versuri nu stiu cum o da fie. sunt f curioasa!!!!
si ca lpul e pe muzica de la Globus. habar nu am ce-o fi asta!!!! dar sper sa fie ceva foarte frumos !!!!

15th July 2007, 19:16
Si eu sper...abia astept sa reinceapa competitiile :rolleyes:

19th July 2007, 23:53
Interviu cu Johnny :)

July 6, 2007

Newark, DE, USA – Moscow, Russia
Johnny Weir – Alessia Danchouk

Privet, Johnny! You’ve just celebrated you birthday: how was it? What was the weirdest present that you received?

My birthday was fantastic! I spent it at home with my family and some friends. David and James, who are making my TV show, they came. We had a dinner, and Melissa and Denis came for the dinner, and some other friends of mine came. So, it was really relaxing and very low key: no big party, nothing crazy. It was just over-relaxing. And my gift, of course, my costume from weir.ru. It was beautiful, it was so unexpected and it makes me so happy! And REST, I didn’t hear anything about the costume until I saw it. REST didn’t tell me that they’re making a costume for me, nothing. It was a huge surprise! And it was definitely one of the biggest gifts I got for my birthday. HAHA ;-)

Oh, thank you! And what was the reaction of your parents and your friends for the costume?

They loved it! My mom had me try it on right away. She loves the red star on the back and she loves the words on the front. She is very happy with it. My dad
doesn't usually are about my costumes, but he thought it was cool my Russian fans sent one. My mom loves it. I sent a picture of it to Paris, and Paris loves it. So, everyone is happy!

Thanks so much ;-) Are you going to wear it for some shows or competitions?

Yes, I’ll wear it for my training at competition, because at home I usually don’t wear a costume. I just kind of wear a t-shirt, and that’s it. But when I go to competitions, I like to wear some kind of costume for the practices, and I need a new one for sure, so I am happy to have this one!

Thank you so much. Are you afraid of getting old in sport and life?

HAHA. Well, I feel… I don’t feel old, but my age years old. There are a lot of things that - being a sportsman - I can’t do because I’m in sport and I’m training for Olympics again, and there are just a lot of things that somebody at 23 can do, but I can’t do because I have other objectives.

Yes, if you feel old at 23, how would you feel when you’re in your 50s or 60s…

Well, I won’t be skating, so I hope things will be different!

You want to be a designer in the future. Are you good at painting?

I’m ok. In my head I have so many ideas. I draw and I can draw very well. Paint, I’m not so talented with this because it’s hard to make just a perfect color or a perfect shape. I practiced, I tried, but I’m not the best yet.

Have you ever created something for yourself?

I don’t know how to sew! HAHA! When I do become a designer I have to learn how to actually make things. But I have designed a lot of things, small things, for myself that my friends sewed for me or I had somebody make for me. Right now I’m obviously focused on skating.

Сan you tell us some words about your personal off-ice style? Is it glamorous?

Of course it’s glamorous. I like to be glamorous but I have a lot of clothes and I have a looooot of shoes. I’ll try to send you a picture of one of my closets one day ;-) I take a lot of care of my clothes just because I have to work very hard to get them. It’s the same as, you know, Plushenko has a lot of cars, and he had to work very hard for them and he takes care a lot of them. So, my clothes are like my babies, my version of the cars, because I like them, and I have to work hard for them. So, glamorous is definitely my style. But I like things to be well-made, because sometimes designers make things and they fall apart after you wear them three times or they get dirty very easily. I like things that are perfect all the time even after they are ten years old!

And your skating, you’ve just changed your long-time coach Priscilla Hill to Galina Zmievskaya. Was it your own choice?

Khm… It’s a long story. After Olympics I was on a long tour and Priscilla and I couldn’t see each other very much. Then, when I came home to begin training, it was right away that I have to be prepared for competition, there wasn’t time for training or for rest, for anything. So, I just kind of kept going. In the mean time Priscilla was also busy with a lot of her other students and doing some other things. When you’ve been with somebody for so long like I have been with Priscilla, and at that point you’re friends, and you’re close, because, of course, I saw Priscilla more than I saw my own mother or my father or even Paris, my best friend. So, Priscilla was really the one person that I knew is there every single day. She is my friend, if I have a problem, I can talk to her about that. When you want to work, and you want to be the best, you can’t have a friend. You need somebody to push you, somebody who can get you fired to skate. This past season Priscilla and I didn’t click like a coach and a student. We were friends. To work, it’s very difficult like that. So, I decided I need to make a change. I talked to several coaches. I talked to Nikolay Morozov, I spoke with Oleg Vassiliev, I spoke with Rafael Arutunian, and a lot of the other coaches. They just have other projects like Arutunian has Jeffry Buttle, Nikolay Morozov has a lot of other students. Oleg Vassiliev is only in the US for the summer and then he returns to Russia.

Of course, originally, I thought of possibly moving to Russia and if I did, I would work either with Tatiana Tarasova in Moscow or Alexei Mishin in St. Petersburg. I thought about it for a long time, where I’d like to work if I’m going to work. But my mother told me that I need to stay in America, and my Federation said I need to stay in America. I spoke with some of the Russian skaters and of course with my friends, with Marina Anissina who is one of the biggest ones. I talked to her about all this, and she said Galina would be a good choice. She could push me to work, and we wouldn’t be friends, and that’s something that I wanted. And of course having Victor there helps a lot because he’s a specialist for the ISU, and he can check all my levels and everything. In general, I’m going to work, and I need somebody that I can work with. Galina turned out to be a very good choice for me, because she’s not far from my home in Delaware, it’s just two hours, so I can come home when I want. Wayne in New Jersey is not far from New York City, and if I need to go there for a weekend, I can do it, to have fun. So, it worked that well. But Galina hasn’t had a top-skater for a long time. I’m hoping that she can still work, and what she gave for Oksana Bayul and Viktor Petrenko, she still has it. And Tatiana Tarasova even said that Galina is probably the best choice in the US for me.

Considering your choreography in Moscow was cancelled, who is your new choreographer in the US?

Of course I was very upset that I couldn’t come to Moscow, because of timing, and to go to Moscow from here, it’s a lot of different things that come up. And Tatiana is very busy. So, I decided to work with Faye Kitarieva. She worked a lot with Sasha Cohen in the past several years. I’ve known her very little but I felt good going to her.

I’m gonna give you my music also. I’ll tell you what my music will be. So, you’ll be the first who know it. So, Faye is going to do the short program, I actually leave tomorrow to work with her in Los Angeles for the short. And the music will be “Yunona i Avos”. A friend of Faye who plays the piano and works in a studio, she was able to make a new version of “Yunona i Avos”. It’s very fired, and it’s just a piano, really, and some sound effects. It’s very peaceful, and you can feel all the emotions Svetlana Pikous (she is a performer from Siberia - Olga) put into the music. And for the long program, I had trouble deciding on music. Denis Petukhov (who will help Johnny with the long program - Olga) found great music by Globus, which is a composer in California. The title for the long program music is “Love is war”. It’s kind of spiritual and very strong music. It’s going to be beautiful. Both programs are kind of big contrast to one another.

I suppose they’ll be great!

I hope so!

Is Paris going to leave with you for your new rink? Or will he stay in Delaware?

Well, Paris really doesn’t have a job in Delaware. He just lives in Delaware, he’s just looking for a job, and he doesn’t go to school any more. Paris is looking for a new direction for himself because his parents said that if you don’t have a job, you should move back to Georgia to live with us. And of course Paris is my best friend, and I didn’t want him to go to Georgia, and he didn’t want to go. So, to help me with paying the rent, and just to have a friend in New Jersey… I mean, I have a lot of friends, but I’m already good friends with him, so he’s going to move as well. So, I’ll have Paris there!

What can we expect from new season? New Johnny Weir? Back to basics?

Hehe, I think it’ll be back to basics. I’m hoping! Denis wants to keep my style for the free program and Faye wants to have my style, maybe with some new moves and some new ideas, but in general it will be me.

Do you watch videos from your past competitions? Do you see any changes between Johnny Weir in 2005 and Johnny Weir today?

I don’t watch my videos a lot. I’ve seen some of them. I’ve watched my long program from Olympics just one time and I didn’t watch either performances from the Worlds this year because I don’t think they were good. So, I watch the good performances or the ones I feel like I need to see. And the big difference I can see is that my fire on the ice was kind of gone, which I can understand because in the last season the tour was so long, and I didn’t have any kind of rest and I kept going, going, going. So, I was very tired of skating and didn’t want to skate up to 100 percent. And you can’t do well in competitions if you feel like you don’t want to be there. Of course, I wanted to go to Japan and I wanted to go to Russia and to Canada last year, just to go. But to skate, in general, I was tired of it. I never thought of quitting because I knew it will pass. Now of course I want to skate and I want to win, but before I was just: “Ah, it was so hard to compete”. That’s something I don’t want anymore. When I go to compete, I want to feel good and I want to feel like I can win. Even if I will have to beat Plushenko!

What competitions are you expecting to be the most difficult for you in the new season?

That’s hard. I think Cup of Russia will be very exciting, because it’s me, Stéphane Lambiel, Jeffrey Buttle and Evgeny Plushenko. I think it will be a really interesting competition and hopefully I’ll win. And of course I want to perform well for my crazy Russians. You know, I love to skate in Russia, so, it’s exciting for me. Also, my US Nationals will be very difficult because all the boys in America are good, and I have to win my title back because I don’t like it when Evan Lysacek is first and I’m third! And of course Worlds, because everyone is together, and I want to be a world champion!

Cup of Russia. Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov are going to be there. Are there any chances to see «Fallen angels» in Moscow?

Denis and I talked about it, and I told him that we have to do it. So, considering that we both get to exhibition, we’ll do it. This could change but I think yes, we’ll do it, for sure.

Great! You’ve already performed this program several times with COI. What was the most impressive? The first time?

I think the best performance that we had was the first city when we came back from Mexico. I went on vacation with Melissa and Denis and Marina to Mexico. And when we came back, we were all tired, and we wanted to be in Mexico but we were in the ice rink in California. We just didn’t want to be there, but we got on ice and everything was perfect. People were standing at the end and that’s something that excited me about the program because when we first skated it out, the announcement was “Johnny Weir, Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov”, and people didn’t understand what was going to happen or what they were going to see. So, they didn’t clap a lot, they didn’t know what to do. And then, by the end of the program, they are up standing, and clapping and screaming. Every time when it happened was amazing. It gave me chills.

You train a triple axel with Rudy Galindo. In my opinion, it’s dangerous for you and maybe even useless. Why do you need to do it?

Just because it’s fun! I know what I’m doing and I know how to jump and land jumps, and Rudy knows how to throw. So, there isn’t a big question of, you know, if I can hurt myself or not. Of course the first time, when we tried to approach triple axel, it was scary just because it was a new element. After that we just started to do it, because it’s fun! As skaters we like to do things that are fun, not always work, but to have fun on the ice, too. And, to do it… I mean, Rudy and I can do all that side by side jumps, we can do spins and we can do throws. Already we’re the best pair team in the United States. HAHA! We just have to do lifts. So, that’s cool to know that we can do something that American teams can do, and we can do better. HAHA!

HAHA! Continuing this topic, would you try to do elements that characters from «Blades of Glory» do? Have you seen the film?

Yes, I have seen the film. It would be interesting to see if we could do it but I think the public would not accept it, and judges wouldn’t accept it. Even if we were very good and even better than all the other teams, we couldn’t do it. Well, you know, Rudy isn’t young anymore, and I’m not so young anymore, so it’s hard to do training on something else. So, we didn’t think anything serious about it! We just do it because it’s fun!

What do you think of «Blades of Glory» in general? Did you like the film?

I thought that the character that was like me, I thought he was funny. But in general in skating we all know how the world works, and we know how the skating world works. So, everything that they did in the movie was made for those who basically don’t know anything about skating. It seemed, I don’t know, just not very good, the skating wasn’t very good. And I thought it wasn’t funny when they made Sasha Cohen smell the main character's underwear. It was so stupid and I felt so bad for Sasha. I mean, I wasn’t a huge fan. But it makes skating po****r for a little bit, and it’s good. It’s always good to have a fun movie or TV-show about your sport, and to make people interested in your world, but the movie was a little bit stupid for me.

Your po****rity is increasing with this movie, isn’t it? What do you think about this?

I think it’s interesting because I never think of myself as of someone who po****r, and somebody in China would know who I am. That’s crazy for me to think about. Or even that I’m doing an interview for my Russian website, I think it’s crazy, not in a bad way of course. It’s just I’ve never expected it. And, yes, sometimes it’s good when people know who you are. Sometimes it’s hard because they don’t know me, they just know about me. And they make a lot of opinions, and they feel that they know you. They tell you what they think and sometimes it’s mean or hurtful. That’s the only time I don’t like it. But in general I think it’s great that I can be po****r and I can talk about things that I want talk about, and I can skate in any country of the world and people will be excited to see me.

Johnny, are you similar on the ice and off the ice?

On the ice I’m very quiet, and I’m very, kind of, free, and I’m living in my own world. Off the ice I’m quiet and I like everything to be just as it should be. So if my room is dirty, if there is something on the floor, I’m very organized and I’ll pick it up and put it exactly where it has to go. I hate when things aren’t in their place. In skating you can see that I change things, and I just throw an arm in one direction, and it’s not like that at all. But off the ice everything has to be in its place.

So, three adjectives, which characterized you on ice and off the ice?

On ice: subtle, elegant and… I think, powerful at the same time. Of the ice it’s opinionated, stubborn and romantic.

Romantic? Are you really romantic?

Well, not just in relationships or when you’re in love, not just that kind of romantic, but when you think everything is beautiful and everything is just great and you don’t always see the bad side of things. Like... My mom always says that I have, for example, for Russia. I always think about the art and music that comes from Russia, and sport and all the beauty of Russia, and she said I never think about Soviet Russia, Stalin and Lenin. I don’t think about those things, I only see the romantic side.

During this summer you took part in a lot of shows. Now the training for the new season is starting. What about having rest?

Well, this week I’m kind of taking a rest, because it was my birthday, and then it was the Fourth of July, which is a big holiday for us, it’s Independence Day. I took a little bit of rest, I slept from maybe midnight until noon every day. I slept for really long time, so it’s rest. When I return from California, I’ll have one week to train with Denis. And then, the following week, it’s when I move to New Jersey. So, I think, at the beginning of the week I’ll, of course, pack all my things and put them in a truck and take them to my new apartment. And the rest of the week I’ll relax and put everything where it should be and prepare for starting skating the next week. So, a real vacation, I don’t have it, but I’ve had a lot of small vacations, small breaks.

Can you tell us some words about Mexico, about the trip?

HEHE. It was a great trip. I was very ill for the whole trip. So, I would be sitting on a beach and it would get too hot, and then I couldn’t breathe in my nose, and I would be tired and sleep all day. And I never turned very brown. I didn’t like that, just because I wanted to have a good time, and go to have Margarita with Marina, Melissa and Denis and have fun and go swimming and go on the boats and go everywhere and see everything. But I was sick. So I stayed at my hotel room a lot. There was a private beach, it was beautiful, and I would go and sit with everybody for a little while and then I had to go back inside because I didn’t feel well. But, being on vacation I realized that it’s very difficult for me, personally, to make my mind be quiet. My mind is always thinking of other things and I can’t just relax. So, I was happy to go back on the tour and start working because that’s what my head and my body are used to. Taking a break – I’m not used to it. But it was beautiful, we had good time. Marina helped me overcome my fear of the ocean.


Mm, the Russian ocean, it’s not… Well, you just have the Black see, so you don’t have sharks or anything really scary like that. The only oceans I’ve ever been in have sharks, and have fish that can bite you and whales and all these things. And then, in Mexico, it’s tropical water, so there are even more sharks and things. I’m so afraid of sharks, and fish, and just the ocean in general. So, the first time I went in the water, Marina knew I was afraid, so she held my hand, an we walked in, and then we swam, to a part where I couldn’t touch the bottom of the ocean. But the water, you can see to the bottom of the water, because it’s so blue and so clear. It’s not dirty, it’s clean, and if there was shark, at least I would be able to see it. HAHA! But I was so nervous and so afraid. But Marina, whenever I went in the water, she would go with me, because she knew I was afraid.

It actually sounds a bit funny when you’re telling it now ;-)

I know! It seems so stupid that I’m afraid of the ocean, because I fly all the time, I drive like a crazy person in my car. I do everything that someone could be scared of. Some of the things in life I’m still afraid of are the things that are only scary when you’re a child. I’m afraid of sharks, I’m afraid of spiders, I’m afraid of the dark sometimes. Heights, being high up in the sky. It’s so funny.

Maybe it’s ok, I’m also afraid of spiders.

When I see a spider, I usually take a shoe or a book, and I chase it untilI can kill it because I’m so afraid and I don’t want it to get to my bed or in my shoes, I don’t want anything like that!

In our previous interview we played an associations game. Now we’ll be playing the game of choice. You have to choose one out of two options, the one you like more.

Christina Aguilera or Sergey Lazarev?
Christina Aguilera

Evan Lysacek or Brian Joubert?
Brian Joubert

Moscow or Tokyo?

Swan or Fallen angels?

Blondes or brunettes?

Yu-na Kim or Mao Asada?
Muaaaaahaha. Arina Martynova!

Modeling or designing?

Black or white?

Competitions or shows?

Quad salchow or quad toeloop?
That’s hard. Um. Salchow is more impressive when I do it. So, salchow.

What about the quad jumps in your new programs?

I hope to have them in both, probably the toeloop in the short and maybe salchow in the long. But I have taken a break from doing quads, because I didn’t practice them on the tour. One day I did one perfect and that was it, because I knew I could still do it. But I’ll start to train quads again when I start with Galina.

Ok. In your “hot things” in July you put Mike Mironenko’s music video as your favorite. This Russian singer looks like you! How did you know about him?

Yeah, I know! I didn’t know anything, and then Sasha Zaretsky called. She is in Israel right now, and she called from Israel to wish me happy birthday, and then she said “Johnny, now, there is a singer that looks exactly like you! I’m watching him on TV right now”. So, I went to see it, and I liked the video very much, so I wrote down Mike Mironenko as my favorite videoclip of the month.

Can you recognize if a person is your friend?

I … for a long time – yes. It’s a hard thing to decide, because there are a lot of people that want to be my friends because they like me. And there are a lot of people that try to get to know me and to be my friends because they like what I do or who I am. Generally, in skating, it’s hard to find real friends. But I think, when I can sit down, and it’s my birthday, for example, and on my cell phone I can find messages from people, the people that send me messages are my real friends, and they really care that I have a good birthday, and they want to wish me well for my birthday. I’m pretty good at seeing people for who they are and understanding if they want to know me or they want to know me just because of what I do.

Your MySpace, why do you need it? To be closer to your fans?

MySpace is a way for your fans to be more personable, so it’s real. The website is great, and you can write things, but the MySpace seems a good idea because you open yourself up to a lot more people, not just people that are interested in figure skating. There are a lot of people in the movie industry, and in music that know about me, and they want to know more. This way they can get special information. Also, it’s kind of fun. I don’t do it all by myself, because I’m really bad with computers. I make them die. It’s just two other people that help me with it. And I’ve just got Melissa and Denis to make pages and I help them a little bit. And it’s all for fun, it’s nothing serious!

About MySpace again. Does Denis Petukhov really call you “my wife”? HAHA!

HAHA!! Yes! Yes. It’s so funny. I remember when I get on the bus on the tour, usually I say “hello” to everybody and then I go to the Russians and I say: “Good morning, Boginia” to Marina because I call her Boginia. And I call Oleksy Polischuk, I call him Mishutka. And for Denis and for Evgeny, I call them “muzh” (husband in Russian), just because it’s so funny. And when Denis and I started to do the program with Melissa, he said like “Oh, I have two wives now!” ;-) You know, I’m not so much bigger than Melissa, we both have brown hair, and I look a little bit like a woman, so I was “zhena” (wife in Russian), and he - “muzh”.

You congratulated your Russian fans with the Olympic Games in Sochi? What do you think about it? Going to compete?

I think it would be amazing to compete in Sochi. I don’t know how, I don’t know if my body will live until 2014, I don’t know what country I’ll represent because I feel if I do make the Olympic team in Vancouver, the US will be finished with me because we have a lot of young guys. So I would have to represent a different country. But I love to skate in Russia, it’s always my dream to skate in Russia. And if Sochi Olympics were my last competition, it’d be so amazing. We’ll see. As long as my body is allowed, maybe I’ll try!

And finally - What is your motto what helps you in life to be the best?

Be yourself. At the end of the day you have to be able to look in the mirror and say “You did a good job. You’re good, you’re great, you were yourself, you did everything your own way”. And that’s how life should be, because why would I … I don’t live just to be a champion. I don’t live just to beat Evan Lysacek, I don’t live for those things. I live for me, I live for fun, and I live to do everything what I want before life is finished. Just be yourself and that’s the only way you can be.


20th July 2007, 20:21
Frate, dar imens mai e.....oricum..imi place cum gandeste ;) Luv ya Johnny!:yeah: Mersi Adelina!:)

20th July 2007, 21:01
Cu placere! Acum imi place Johnny si mai mult :P
Intr-adevar e un interviu lung..abia acum l-am cititi si eu :D

15th August 2007, 00:13

site-ul lui oficial. pentru cei care nu stiau de el ;)

15th August 2007, 00:14
eu stiam de el. e fain siteul. observ ca americanii au siteuri tari.

7th October 2007, 21:30
noul sp a lui johnny!!!! mie mi se pare ca are potential.

8th October 2007, 17:04
e ft nice, imi place;) thank you, Irina!:D

12th October 2007, 20:07
Foarte frumos:)
Johnny a revenit la stilul lui.Costumul imi aminteste de Swan lake al Sashei Cohen.....

25th October 2007, 22:39
Un clip cute cu Johnny si Alexei :) Nu stiu daca il stiti dar eu cu siguranta nu il stiam:)

11th November 2007, 19:38
November 10, 2007
Johnny placed 1st in today's Free Skate at Cup of China with a Technical Element score of 76.38, a Program Component Score of 75.60, and a Total Segment Score of 151.98, to take the gold medal. He had 231.78 points overall.

Ce super cute e in poza asta :P

15th November 2007, 21:32
Inca nu-mi vine sa cred ca Johnny a reusit o data in viata lui sa se adune si sa arate de ce e in stare:)

15th November 2007, 22:08
eu sper sa fie doar o prima demonstratie dintr-un sir de multe care sa dureze cel putin pana la ( inclusiv ) mondiale!!!

15th November 2007, 22:41
Nu ar fi rau:)

19th November 2007, 18:58
se aproprie cor. goooooo johnny!!!!!

19th November 2007, 19:20
:cheer: Johnny!(dar poate de data asta doar locul 2 :P)

19th November 2007, 19:29
de ce pe cine vrei pe 1 la cor?

20th November 2007, 16:27
mAI intrebi? p Steph:P:P.

20th November 2007, 16:29
aaaa, am uitat ca e si el la cor. silly me, chiar nu m-am prins. dar acum ca stiu. goooooooooo johnny twice!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

20th November 2007, 16:35
yea Go Johnny!!! :yeah::yeah:

20th November 2007, 23:39
de ce pe cine vrei pe 1 la cor?

:D Pe Stephane..dar sper sa nu mai dea cu fundul de gheata:P..daca da atunci :cheer: GO Johnny!

24th November 2007, 22:10
johnny a castigat!!!! wow!!! din pacate dupa ce incepuse si el sa sara toata jumping passurile, acum iar a sarit peste o saritura ca sa zic asa. dar sper sa fie totul bine la nationals si mai departe la worlds!!!!!

8th December 2007, 12:11
Sunt foarte fericita ca i sa facut si lui "casuta".Uite mie personal chiar imi place foarte mult patinatorul asta pentru ca e de o gratie iesita din comun(trecem peste faptul a e gay...desi sunt muuuuulti ca el in patinajul artsitic)...dar oricum are ceva aparte,un sarm si o fata dulce.este cateodata mult prea expresiv(uneori vezi si unde il doare daca te uiti atenta),Tehnicalui este insa destul de nesigura in sensul ca sunt zile in care toate ii ies perfect si sunt zile in care nici dublu nu-i iese...la el conteaza starea de spirit din momentul respectiv si din pacate nu poate trece peste durerile fizile(fiind mai putin rezistent).In rest ador acest patinator si-i tin pumnii!Is my favorite now!(si brian...normal)

8th December 2007, 12:35
Era un timp cand nu il prea agream, acum pot sa zic ca face parte dintre favoriti, dar dupa Brian, Steph, Tomas.:P

8th December 2007, 15:31
te-am stresat noi pana ai inceput sa-l agreezi johnny???? :P

e funny, si iulia a ineput sa-l agreeze pe brian!!!:P

mie imi pare rau ca johnny nu vrea sa foloseasca un psiholog sportiv, cred ca l-ar ajuta mult.

8th December 2007, 21:20
sunt de acord.Doamne, anul asta vreau o medalie pt Johnny la mondiale, o vreau!!

9th December 2007, 00:50
si eu vreau!!!!

9th December 2007, 01:13
:P Sa stii ca asa e. Daca nu citeam atata despre el, pentru a scrie pe forum, daca nu vedeam atatea clipuri,nu cred sa fi ajuns sa imi placa. Si oricum anul asta l-am observat mai bine, pana acum nu il stiam asa bine :P Asta e adevarul.

9th December 2007, 01:23
pai si pe iulia o seca rau de tot brian si acum il digera!!! doar eu si alex am ramas pe pozitii cu sentimentele fata de steph si nu cred sa-si fi schimbat nimeni sentimentele fata de plushy, adica cui ii placea ii place si acum si cui nu, nu.

9th December 2007, 15:29
pai si pe iulia o seca rau de tot brian si acum il digera!!! doar eu si alex am ramas pe pozitii cu sentimentele fata de steph si nu cred sa-si fi schimbat nimeni sentimentele fata de plushy, adica cui ii placea ii place si acum si cui nu, nu.
corect....si asa va fi pana la sfarsitul veacului, amin

9th December 2007, 15:37
alex, mi-a placut asta cu amin, very deep :P

10th December 2007, 16:40
In ce priveste psihologul pt johnny...cred ca l-ar innnebuni...este o fire extrem de dificila...si cred ca nu ar putea sa il ajute prea mult atat timp cat el nu vede nici o problema in privinta lui si nu vrea sa schimbe absolut nimic la el.....De fapt nici ai nostri "specialisti" nu fac mare lucru!

31st December 2007, 02:08
Johnny Weir is home for the holidays


By Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com
(12/21/2007) - Despite a setback at the Grand Prix Final, Johnny Weir says he will be fit, rested and ready to try to regain the U.S. title at the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Saint Paul in January.

For Johnny Weir, Christmas is a simple family affair with a single key activity: eating.

"I just snack all day long; it's the one day of the year I can eat what I want," the ultra-slim skater said.

"I lounge around the house in my pajamas, with my parents (Patti and John) and my brother (Brian). It's usually just the four of us there during the day, along with our five dogs (three Jack Russells and two Chihuahuas) and cat."

The 23-year-old skater, whose usual public image is anything but "fireplace and slippers," plans a down-home holiday at his parent's house in Pennsylvania.

"We have a tree, and we'll get up in the morning and open presents," he said. "I think we'll fix Christmas dinner on Sunday this year. My grandparents will be there, and my aunt and uncle. It's been a while since I've been home and a while since I've seen my dad, so I'm looking forward to it.

"My family's not huge; we're the black sheep in a family of black sheep, so we're very close."

The 23-year-old, known for his love of designer ware, didn't have much time for shopping this year.

"I spent one day in New York, shopping at Barney's and in Soho," he said. "I just bought things for a few people - my mom, my father, some folks at the rink, my friend Paris."

Weir's coach, Galina Zmievskaya, has allowed her pupil four days off for the holiday.

"Right now we change everything; his mentality, his skating, his life," Zmievskaya, who also coached Olympic champions Viktor Petrenko (her son-in-law) and Oksana Baiul, said.

"He is turning into a serious man. He is more serious, more focused. We have a plan; he is not here, there, everywhere. He trains everyday like it is the last day."

Weir, who won the U.S. title 2004-2006, amicably parted ways with long-time coach Priscilla Hill after placing third at the 2007 U.S. Championships, and a career-low eighth at the 2007 Worlds. He joined forces with Zmievskaya this summer, hoping her martinet ways would reenergize his career.

The skater's new attitude was reflected in his turndown of an offer to join the cast of an outdoor gala at Moscow's Red Square on Dec. 19th. Instead, he performed a favorite routine to Stevie Wonder's "All in Love is Fair" at the holiday show in his home rink, The Ice Vault in Wayne, New Jersey, staying afterwards to sign autographs and pose for photos with young local skaters.

"Galina was worried I would get sick (in Russia), so I had to decline," the self-proclaimed Russophile said. "Of course, I wish I could have gone. Maybe another year."

Under his new coach's whip, Weir is coming off his best Grand Prix season ever, with wins at Cup of China and Cup of Russia.

Although he placed fourth at the Grand Prix Final in Torino, behind Stephane Lambiel, Daisuke Takahashi, and main U.S. rival Evan Lysacek, he is not discouraged.

"The Final was a setback, but I got through it, which is a lot more than I did last year," he reasoned. (In 2006, Weir withdrew hours before the competition after a hard fall in practice injured his hip.)

"Even though I lost to Evan there, I beat him at Cup of China. So going into U.S. Nationals, in my opinion there is no clear favorite."

Weir said he was hampered in Torino by a recurring injury to his landing foot that also flared up at the 2005 Worlds in Moscow.

"I had a problem with inflammation in my foot; it just picked a bad week to flare up," he said. "It was also a grueling schedule, doing Cup of China and Cup of Russia, staying home for a week, and then leaving for Torino.

"Of course, the other guys had a tough schedule too; I just couldn't get up for the competition. But that time of the year, we're just working ourselves to death. At the Final, in my opinion, no one skated that amazing."

While Weir maintained silence on his efforts to add a quad toe loop to his free skate: "I've given the same answer for five years, which is I'll do it when I'm ready." His coach, Zmievskaya, had no such qualms, saying she hopes her pupil will show the jump at the 2008 U.S. Championships in Saint Paul in January.

"We practice his long program (to Yoav Goren's "Love is War") with the quad," she said. "We made sure the program was clean first, and now we add the jump. It is a step-by-step (process). It is more important to do each element clean and perfect and excellent, than to do a quad."

"I'm being very serious," Weir affirmed. "I'm on time to every practice, doing everything Galina says to do. I don't question her. We have a grown-up work relationship. I have confidence in her and if she tells me to do something a million times, I'll do it."

The skater added that Petrenko, who won his Olympic gold in 1992 and is now an ISU Technical Specialist, brings valuable insight to his training.

"Viktor is there for every session, helping every day, which is good because Galina is very emotional and Viktor is very steady," Weir explained. "They balance each other. I believe him when he tells me something because he's done it himself and he knows."

Weir doesn't mind comparisons with Lysacek, who dethroned him as U.S. Champion last season. His 22-year-old rival has included quads in both his short and long programs this season, bringing added focus to the jump.

"I think our rivalry adds some interest to the sport, which is sorely needed," Weir said. "I had the second-highest (point) total this fall (to Takahashi), so I think Evan and I are neck and neck. I do consider us the favorites in Saint Paul, but last year, I was a victim of that thinking and I wound up third (behind Lysacek and Ryan Bradley). So I know there are other guys who are capable of challenging us.

"But I think I'm better this year, mentally, emotionally and physically."


8th January 2008, 04:51
un articol.... hmmmm.... care se citeste cu interes. insa jurnalista are un interes clar pt barfa si scandal si nu pt patinaj. dar merita citit.

19th January 2008, 23:49
Un articol de Kathleen Bang:
Johnny Weir about Stephane:

"IFS: At the season’s next event, Cup of Russia, you again beat two-time World champion Stephane Lambiel. Then at the Grand Prix Final in Torino, you weren’t able to deliver quite as strong of performances, and Lambiel won the gold. Even with the jump mistakes, his choreography was mesmerizing. Let’s be candid: If you’re perfect and he’s perfect, would there be any way you could beat his free skate choreography and his presentation of it?

Weir: Personally I’ve always admired Lambiel’s performance quality. There are of course things in his skating I don’t like, and know I’m better at, but when performing for an audience he’s very extroverted and throws himself into his programs. When he was younger I felt it sometimes made him look sloppy, but not for a long time. At that time he wasn’t quite mature enough to position himself, but even then he could throw himself into these characters and perform the guts out of whatever he was trying to portray.

For the introverted skater like me, it’s good to see the audience have the performer’s heart beating in their hands, and that’s a special quality he has. At all of the press conferences this season reporters were nagging on him about the triple Axel. In my head, I was sympathetic dealing with the same grief I get about the quad jump. But seeing Lambiel at practice I couldn’t care less if he jumped at all because his program is so pleasing and beautiful to watch. Not in a traditional ballet way, but he can show what he’s feeling and I’m kind of envious he can do that."

26th January 2008, 13:59
Poze de la SP de la nationale

26th January 2008, 16:26
ce dragut e. ce zambet are pe fata!!!
go baby!!!

26th January 2008, 16:34
he's cute :D
mai ales cu tunsura aia ;):D

26th January 2008, 16:45
noua antrenoare l-a pus sa se tunda. a facut misto de fosta lui freza pana s-a tuns :P

28th January 2008, 11:57

28th January 2008, 12:19
Mama lui de frumusel...pacat ca-i gay.....si pacat ca a luat iar doar argintul...

28th January 2008, 15:05
ce nasol......ca e doar argint:(...iar a castigat enervantul de Evan:angry:

28th January 2008, 15:19
eu nu as zice ca a castigat evan. 244.77 de puncte au luat amandoi. asa ca egalitate de puncte inseamna egalitate de titlu in universul meu, nu-mi pasa ce kkturi de reguli au inventat astia ca sa-i departajeze.
intrati pe fsvids si uitati-va la fluff-urile cu evan si johnny sunt criminale.
si programele de la nats sunt aici daca vreti sa le luati. eu de abea astept sa se descarce.

deci in universul meu johnny si evan au amandoi aurul. sper sa nu vad vreodata la mondiale sau europene asa ceva ca ii spanzur de lustra. ce le secatuieste bugetul daca dau 2 medalii.

3rd February 2008, 02:05
Johnny Weir Withdraws from 2008 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships

(1/31/08) - Three-time U.S. champion Johnny Weir announced today his withdrawal from the 2008 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, taking place in Seoul, Korea, Feb. 11-17. Weir will be replaced by Jeremy Abbott, who finished fourth at last week's 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and won the bronze at the 2007 Four Continents Championships.

"My coach, Galina Zmievskaya, and I decided not to go to the 2008 Four Continents Championships a couple days after my return from Saint Paul and the 2008 U.S. Championships,” said Weir, who won the silver medal at the event. “The U.S. Championships were very exhausting physically and emotionally, and I want to be completely fresh for whatever competitions I enter.”

Weir is still on schedule to compete in the upcoming 2008 World Championships, taking place March 17-23 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“I am back on the ice already preparing for the World Championships in Sweden, but the trip to South Korea and competing again just a few weeks after the U.S. Championships seemed too tall an order,” Weir said. “I am completely focused on performing well and competing with the world's best in Sweden. I'll be rooting for all the U.S. skaters at Four Continents.”

The Four Continents Championships will take place at the Seongsa Ice Rink and will begin on Wednesday, Feb. 13 with the compulsory dance and the pairs and men's short programs.


3rd February 2008, 19:41
Am auzit ca (sper ca nu ma insel) Brian Joubert i-ar fi spus lui Johnny ca intr-o zi vor fi amandoi pe podium, ca are potential.

3rd February 2008, 20:18
da si eu am auzit asta daca nu ma insel era vb de cm de anul trecut

3rd February 2008, 22:29
faza a fost in urma intamplarilor de la olimpiada din 2006 unde brian si johnny au dezamagit ( in masura in care locul 5 si 6 la o olimpiada e o dezamagire ). si atat presa franceza cat si cea americana au fost ingrozitoare cu cei 2. am uitat cand i-a zis brian lucrul asta dar a fost ceva de genul " next time you and me on the podium " referindu-se la urmatoarea olimpiada.

6th March 2008, 16:26
Go Johnny, Go Baby!!!!

10th March 2008, 22:25
este sooper sweet.....si imi place mult stilul lui de a patina!:)
ma gandeam zilele astea la ceva.....dak are "Angels" in toata lumea de ce nu ar avea si in Romania?:D
deci cine e de acord sa imi spuna!:)
fac eu tot ce trebuie pt demararea proiectului.....doar sa imi ziceti care sunteti de acord!:)

11th March 2008, 14:52
si mie imi place mult de tot stilul lui de a patina.nu pot sa-mi explic,cum se face ca americanii il prefera pe Evan,dar nu degeaba ii consider cel mai prost popor:D

11th March 2008, 15:01
si mie imi place mult de tot stilul lui de a patina.nu pot sa-mi explic,cum se face ca americanii il prefera pe Evan,dar nu degeaba ii consider cel mai prost popor:D

Si eu il prefer pe Evan dintre cei doi, este mult mai talentat si apoi nici nu este gay.:)

11th March 2008, 15:04
da ce are a face faptul ca e gay cu asta?inteleg sa iti placa Evan din "n" alte motive,dar asta e .....:(

11th March 2008, 15:08
da ce are a face faptul ca e gay cu asta?inteleg sa iti placa Evan din "n" alte motive,dar asta e .....:(

Nu are nici o legatura cu faptul ca e gay, intotdeaua mi-a placut Evan Lysacek. Nu am avut niciodata antipatii gen Caro la unii, adica mi-am dorit intotdeauna sa castige cine merita, indiferent de preferintele mele.

11th March 2008, 15:10
pai asa spune,eu am inteles altceva din postul tau anterior.;)

12th March 2008, 15:16
mie mi se pare ca federatia americana i-a stricat mult imaginea lui evan. eu eram ok cu el pana sa insiste sa mi-l bage pe gat si pana la faza cu nationalele de anul asta.
si daca ar putea sa mai gaseasca si alta culoare in afara de negru ( asta de fapt nici nu e o culoare, nu??).


12th March 2008, 17:08
Evan nu stiu de ce mi se pare un figurant!:rolleyes:

12th March 2008, 20:06
Evan nu stiu de ce mi se pare un figurant!:rolleyes:

ooooo,da.ii lipseste originalitatea cu desavarsire

24th March 2008, 00:26







24th March 2008, 00:30
thnx for the pics.....ce sweet e Johnny!:no1

24th March 2008, 00:35
Felicitari/Congratulations, Johnny!:floricica:
:P Prima poza e :great: Mersi, Iulya!:kiss:

24th March 2008, 00:38
am prezis eu(in stele:happy) ca o sa ia o medalie!:D
ma bucur....felicitari si din partea mea!:kiss::kiss:

24th March 2008, 00:42
Bravo...ma bucur ca ai nimerit:ok:
Merita nu zic nu..a avut programe foarte bune.

24th March 2008, 00:44
da....oricum multi au avut programe bune,cel putin SP-ul!:D

24th March 2008, 17:36
I found something:)
---From Gary Mihoces in St. Paul-
Although neither skater likes to talk about a rivalry between them, Johnny Weir can't avoid addressing questions about Evan Lysacek.

An NBC interview set to air Sunday reports that Weir said he doesn't like Lysacek. "I respect Evan (Lysacek) as an athlete, but as a person I don't really like him. There's nothing special about him to me. We would never be friends and I wouldn't even know who he was if we weren't competing against each other."

Weir, the three-time U.S. champion, finished third last year at nationals when Lysacek dominated the competition for his first U.S. title.

Told about the NBC quote over the weekend, Weir reacted with surprise. "I said that?" he said.

"No, I don't even remember saying that. But I do respect Evan as an athlete. And as a person, he's an acquaintance. It's not like we're best friends and we do each other's hair and go for coffee and stuff like that. We're competitors."

Weir said further of the TV quote: "It's kind of malice. I don't like that quote."---

24th March 2008, 18:07
By Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com
American proves that he's tough enough

(03/22/2008) - Waiting in the mixed zone and watching Daisuke Takahashi and Stéphane Lambiel skate on the high-def monitor backstage was near torture for Johnny Weir.

The American, who skated second in the men's final warm-up group, was in first place when he came off the ice, but there were four more skaters to go. He was the last person that could prevent the U.S. from going home from the 2008 ISU World Figure Skating Championships without a medal (the U.S. had not been shut out at a world championships since 1994).

And that wasn't all. Also on the line were the number of berths for the U.S. men into the 2009 World Championships, which just happen to be taking place in Los Angeles. With U.S. teammate Stephen Carriere certain to place 10th, only a podium finish from Weir would make the grade and secure three places for American men (in order for a country to receive three spots at worlds, the final finish of their top-two skaters the previous year must add up to no more than 13).

"I don't know; its still wide open for these last boys, if they skate well," Weir said at the time.

"That wasn't the performance of my dreams. I left some points on the table. This new system, it just kills you with the points."

Weir was especially shocked that his opening quad toe attempt received just 1.57 points after being downgraded. In addition, his triple flip garnered the dreaded "e" from the technical panel, signifying a wrong-edge take-off and limiting its Grade of Execution to negative territory.

"It wasn't the best program; hopefully, next year I will skate better," he said. "But for right now, it was the best I had in me."

After Takahashi and Lambiel's marks came up, and the "1" still appeared next to his name, Weir heaved a sigh of relief. With just Brian Joubert and Jeffrey Buttle left to skate, he had done his job.

"I did it; I won a medal," he said.

Later, in the press conference, he cut loose with a few trademark Weir-isms.

"I could have peed myself, really," he said. "I was so nervous and scared and shaking, and I didn't want anything to go wrong.

"I was fighting for every element. ... My coaches told me, 'You do this every day. You can do this. Believe in yourself.' And I tried to do it, but even with [their words], it comes down to what you do by yourself in this arena [dressed] in rhinestones and velvet."

It's been a long, strange journey to the podium for the irrepressible skater, whose honesty and quips have delighted journalists across six continents.

At his worlds' debut in 2004, Weir placed fifth. The following year, he was fourth, but he backslid in 2006 to seventh.

After placing eighth last season, he left his coach of a decade, Priscilla Hill, and his parents' home in Coatesville, Penn., to train in New Jersey under Galina Zmievskaya and Viktor Petrenko.

"He did his best possible today; it was hard, under all this pressure," Petrenko, the 1992 Olympic champion, said. "Even if he was not comfortable with all of his jumps, he fought for everything, he didn't give up. This was [a] very important step for him."

Weir now calls Zmievskaya; her daughter Nina; and Zmievskaya's son-in-law, Petrenko, "my second family, because my real family is not [living] so close to me now. Any problem I have, I can go to them. They'll help me with any situation or difficulty. I couldn't ask for a better coaching team or better transition from last season to help me rebound."

Neither Weir nor gold medalist Jeffrey Buttle executed a quad during the competition, which troubled silver medalist Brian Joubert, who thinks the sport's best jumpers should be better rewarded.

Not surprisingly, Weir disagreed.

"This makes a very strong statement that my sport is not defined by one jump or one element," he said.

"It's the whole package you need to have to be a top-level skater. How many times have we seen skaters in the bottom [warm-up] group do great quads? The well-rounded skater who can perform all the elements well will be rewarded."

With a world medal finally under his belt, Weir hopes to do even better next season.

"I'm okay with this [finish] today; it's great," he said. "But if I'm still in the same position next year, standing there waiting to know if I'm on the podium, it will be a lot more challenging."

24th March 2008, 22:32
ma declar noua admiratoare a lui Johnny! de la SP de anul asta il adoooor, s-a maturizat enorm de mult, patineaza cu o dezinvoltura extraordinara, gratie , tehnic , ce mai - un patinator extrem de talentat :)

25th March 2008, 20:28
Si mie mi-au placut programele lui

26th March 2008, 02:34
nu am inteles ce au vrut sa zica aia cu articolul lor dar johnny a sarit cvadrupla la lp. a aterizat-o pe 2 picioare dar a sarit-o. in grupul de fete cu care eram la worlds doar mie imi placea johnny. si ne uitam pe desfasuratorul de elemente afisate inainte de competitia propriu zisa si ne gandeam dintre toti cei care au afisat ca o sa sara 4 cine chiar o sa o faca. eu am fost singura care am crezut ca johnny poate. wow , ce bucuroasa am fost!!
johnny e superb . cand citesc acum ce parere aveam despre el acum 2 ani mi-e cam rusine.
la sp si lp l-am privit cam crispata pt ca imi doream sa nu greseasca. dar gala am privt-o in intregime cu binoclul si ii vedeam orice miscare a fetei. e genial pe gheata. felul in care intra in sufletul melodiei pe care o interpreteaza si cum isi pastreaza expresia si cam 10 sec dupa ce mel se termina. si de abea apoi afiseaza un zambet teribil de dulce. mi-am dorit f mult toata competitia sa fac o poza cu el dar nu s-a putut. :(
dar sunt asa de bucuroasa pt medalia lui. aproape ca am avut podiumul viselor mele!!!!

26th March 2008, 23:28
eh,lasa....mai ai tu ocazia,ca din cate vad mergi la multe competitii!:)
sper si eu macar sa il vad intr-o zi!:(
si mie mi-a placut podiumul....mai putin campionul!:P

27th March 2008, 02:50
nu am nimic cu jeff dar as fi avut alti favoriti pt locul ala. oricum pt mine brian si johnny pe podium a fost ceva de vis.

27th March 2008, 21:14
O poza cu Yu-Na si Johnny:)

27th March 2008, 22:17
E de la banchet, nu?

27th March 2008, 22:30
De acolo e :)

27th March 2008, 22:32
ce dulce e.....mor dupa zambetu' ala!:cheer::cheer:

27th March 2008, 22:38
Nu imi place cum ii sta freaza in poza asta. Mai bine cu parul mai zburlit:P

27th March 2008, 22:41
si mie imi place cu parul zburlit!:P:D

28th March 2008, 00:41
sufar........... vreau si eu poza cu johnny :(

28th March 2008, 00:51

28th March 2008, 01:01
de unde ai gasit desenele astea. sunt f faine. mai ai si altele/

28th March 2008, 01:03
am cautat poza cu buttle in costumul verde pe google si am dat de ele :P

29th March 2008, 19:36
johnny si oglinzile - way to hot!!!

29th March 2008, 19:56
asta banuiesc,ca trebuia pusa la Jeff!:P

29th March 2008, 19:56
prea multi baieti buni , am inceput sa-i incurcam :P

29th March 2008, 20:01
:D Iti place Jeff, Irina? :P
Rocsana ai gresit..dar mut eu postul imediat:P

29th March 2008, 20:03
ooops...I R sorry :D
merci Ade ca il muti :)
ati postat voi mult :) nu mai fac fata atator comentarii :)))

1st April 2008, 05:42
tocmai ce am citit pe forumul lui johnny ca in seara dupa lp i-ar fi trimis lui tomas o felicitare care cand o deschideai canta " you're simply the best '. sunt curioasa daca e adevarat. daca e , johnny e absolut incredibil.

1st April 2008, 18:02
cateva secunde cu tinkerbell dormind cu patinele in picioare. adorabil!!

johnny si ruddy galindosi un 3 axel aruncat

si asa pt cine mai are chef sa mai vada o data lpul da la nats 2008
eu l-am vz deja de vreo 10 ori :P

1st April 2008, 23:14
ms de filmulete.....ce sweet e Johnny acolo unde doarme!:no1:kiss:

2nd April 2008, 08:28
Da, ai dreptate Irina...daca i-a trimis intr-adevar felicitarea lui Tomas...e mult prea scump :D

2nd April 2008, 13:02
sau are alte ganduri cu el :drak:
nu va suparati pe glumitza mea, i love johnny too :D

2nd April 2008, 13:12
rocs ai si tu dreptatea ta. dar l-as intelege pe johnny cu ganduri despre tomas :D

2nd April 2008, 13:20
mda, ii da motive bune tomas :)) daca noua ne da, d-apoi lui ca e si aproape de el :)) mie imi plac f mult tomas si kriss pt voiosia lor, park sunt fratiori :))

2nd April 2008, 14:47
o da si eu l-as trimite felicitari lui toma si kriss :P si nu numai lor ....

12th April 2008, 20:05
Un interviu de la WCh (SP conference):

Johnny be good: Weir in medal contention
Will outspoken skater be U.S. Figure Skating's savior in Gothenburg?

By Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com
(03/21/2008) - Johnny Weir arrived at the men's short program press conference today bright, smiling and all decked out in red, white and blue -- and for once, his comments were almost as conservative as his attire.

This time around, he had saved his best performance for the ice.

"I feel very good; I've done everything I can to deliver a good program," he said. "I've put my personal life on hold. I've been eating properly, training hard. It's definitely paying off."

Weir had just completed his best short of the season, complete with crisp, softly-landed jumps; elegant footwork; and precise spins. His 80.79 points puts him second in a field crammed with high-achieving contenders. Only Jeff Buttle, another skater known more for his artistry than his quads, outscored him, and by just 1.31 points.

"I just felt so comfortable out there; it was a fantastic way to finish off [competing with] this short program," he said. "It's about time, too, because the sequins [on this costume] are about ready to fall off, and I almost forgot my gloves at the hotel. I think [this performance] is a good ending for it."

A good ending for Weir could also mean good things for U.S. Figure Skating, scrambling to gain as many entrants as it can for the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships in Los Angeles.

The U.S. ladies' team is already down to two spots, and officials are hoping Weir can come through with a podium finish to give the U.S. a fighting chance to have three male skaters. Since U.S. champion Evan Lysacek withdrew from worlds with a shoulder injury, Weir is the last best hope.

"No offense, but getting three men is not the most important thing for me," Weir said. "I don't really care how many men we get to bring to worlds or Olympics, as long as one of them is me. Of course, I support [U.S. teammates] Jeremy Abbott and Stephen Carriere, and I want them to skate well, but it's not my first priority. So of course, I don't feel any pressure."

(To qualify three entrants, the placements of the top-two competitors cannot equal more than 13. Carriere is currently in 11th place; Abbott sits 14th.)

The ebullient Weir didn't even react to a question about a prominent New York Times story, also published in the International Herald Tribune and widely circulated here in Gothenburg, positing him as an effete sequin wearer and his equally svelte rival, Lysacek, as a rough-and-tumble, hard-core athlete.

"At this point between me and Evan, the press will talk all it can...flip around things you've said and misquote you," Weir shrugged. "I don't get upset; I don't listen. The only time I ever got upset was once when someone wrote I wore a chinchilla boa to a press conference. I would never do that; it was a scarf. That made me angry."

Weir approached this event strategically, declining an invitation to the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in South Korea to focus on his training. He and coaches Galina Zmievskaya and Viktor Petrenko departed their home base in New Jersey early in favor of practicing in Russia.

"Coming to Europe is always difficult for Americans and Canadians, because you lose a half a day, not a whole day," he explained. "I'm glad I flew to Moscow first for a few days and got to feel my legs, sleep at the right times and wake up at the right times."

Since leaving long-time coach Priscilla Hill last spring to train under Zmievskaya, who also coached Olympic champions Petrenko and Oksana Baiul, Weir has worked harder and more seriously than ever before.

"Basically [my coaches] are very strict about regulating what I do, which days I do certain elements, which days I can lay back," he said. "They made me realize I'm not a car running. I go forward and then fall back to maximize what my body has to do. The lifespan in this sport is so short; I need to maximize everything I can."

According to Weir, that includes the quad toe loop, a move he has never cleanly landed in competition [he two-footed the landing at the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships].

"Yes, I will try to do the quad in the free skate tomorrow, I don't understand why I wouldn't," he said. "It's been dependable [in practice] this week, better in my programs than out. I hope I can go out there and show all I can do."

And so does U.S. Figure Skating.

13th April 2008, 00:35
No offense, but getting three men is not the most important thing for me," Weir said. "I don't really care how many men we get to bring to worlds or Olympics, as long as one of them is me. Of course, I support [U.S. teammates] Jeremy Abbott and Stephen Carriere, and I want them to skate well, but it's not my first priority. So of course, I don't feel any pressure

ce egoist si nediplomat suna, dar are dreptate

13th April 2008, 01:21
mie mi se pare super ca are curajul sa zica adevarul. m-am plictisit de sportivii ce zic chestii gen fotbalistii " sa fie bine pt echipa " :P

13th April 2008, 01:31
well, yes, a plus for him from my point of view too

13th April 2008, 17:53
Are dreptate sa zica asta...patinajul nu e un sport de echipa...eu un sport individual...la fotbalisti ar parea aiurea sa zica ce ma intereseaza ce face/joaca colegul meu de echipa, important e ce fac eu:D

13th April 2008, 18:40
ce vroiam eu sa zic ade , e ca imi plac oamenii care nu sufera de falsa modestie.
si fotbalistii prea au placa cu echipa.... :P

15th April 2008, 04:07
una din versiunile acestei minunate gale :

29th April 2008, 00:07
multi patinatori in kimonouri :D si johnny!!!

14th June 2008, 22:35
un articol nepostat dupa bronzul mondial, cu niste poze faine. sunt sigura ca Irina va fi cea mai fericita ;) http://www.ifsmagazine.com/archive/2008/AUGUST/INDEX.PHP

14th June 2008, 22:48
Asa e, super poze!:)

14th June 2008, 23:53
Il stiu..l-am vazut de dimineata pe AS.
Merci ca l-ai postat:)

15th June 2008, 02:23
metrsi mult. eu nu il mai vazusem. foarte interesat articolul. faine si pozele. dar ce e cu freza aia linsa ???? :P

15th June 2008, 11:34
Irina..se poarta la baieti freza asta intinsa cu placa, am observat. Si banuiesc ca a adoptat-o in material..doar :P oricum, frumoase pozele si materialul :)

16th June 2008, 14:53
aia emo isi intind parul cu placa...si poate gay`ii :cry:

24th June 2008, 14:35
Q and A with Johnny Weir
Johnny talks about new music, his TV show, and the paparazzi

By Linda Przygodski
(06/14/2008) - Icenetwork.com sat down with Johnny Weir about the 2008-09 season, Oksana Baiul sightings in Secaucus, N.J., and what music he has chosen for next season.

ICE: Have you gotten down to picking your costumes and music for next season yet? What is the time line with how you guys go through that process?

JW: We picked music for the short and the long. The short I can tell you. It is by Saint-Preux -- I won't tell you the name yet, because he has a lot of pieces. But, it is by Saint-Preux, and I started designing costumes. I don't think we are going to work with anyone else; I am going to design them. I am in the choreography stage, but for the free program, it's hard because we don't have the official rules yet. So, to cut music and make the program exactly how it is going to be, we can't do that because we don't have the rules yet.

ICE: When you saw that the ISU was going to add points for the quad, did that make you confident about putting it in this year's programs, or after Jeffrey Buttle won without it -- did that make you second guess putting it in at all?

JW: I think a lot of people actually go for the quad now because there are more points, but you have to land it to get the points. So, if it is good enough to put in, and I can land it -- which the majority of them I can, they have been good -- then I have no problem doing it. We jumped over a big hurdle last year, putting it in at worlds and nationals, so I am ready to do whatever.

ICE: You're designing your own costumes. What happens after they are designed? What's the next step?

JW: There is this woman named Stephanie Handler in the city [New York]. She has sewn my costumes since I was little. In the beginning she designed them, but then I started to design my own ... I design them, and I take the design, and I sit down with Galina [Zmievskaya] and Stephanie and we see how they can actually work on the human body, because sometimes I will draw one of those giant fruit hats coming off someone's shoulder, and you have to figure out how to put that on a body. So, that's how that process works, and then we go through just the body suit, and then adding the pieces to the top and the glitter and this and that. It's a long process getting into the costumes.

ICE: I happened to be at the Gucci outlet in Secaucus, and I ran into Oksana Baiul. Is this a secret shopping place for luxury goods for skaters?

JW: I actually have never been to those, but I do know that they are there. They have an Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci -- no I have never gone. I did have a paparazzi last week. I was in Jeffrey's; I needed bathing suits -- I got really cute bathing suits, I am going to the Cayman Islands on vacation with my brother -- anyway, I was getting bathing suits, and I came out, and there was this guy with a camera. It was very weird.

ICE: Are you sure it was paparazzi and not a stalker?

JW: No, not a stalker, because I had never seen this guy before. Usually my stalkers point themselves out to me. The few that I have had.

ICE: Tell me about your TV show Black Swan Rising.

JW: It's going to be a movie for sure; I have seen some rough cuts. It is going to be very simple and just sort of show the shell of my world that the TV show -- which will hopefully get put on after the documentary -- it will be really in-depth, like me going to Russia, me walking down my first red carpet. It will show more of what my real life is like. The documentary is more of an overview of who Johnny Weir really is outside of our little world.


24th June 2008, 20:53
Multam Iulya!
Vacanta frumoasa Johnny :ok: :P

25th June 2008, 13:31
stalkers???? americanii astia sunt tare ciudatei.
johnny e o diva oricat ar nega el, dar e una simpatica.
astept noile programe cu nerabdare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th July 2008, 16:05
johnny are o noua pagina in jurnal. f draguta si interesanta.

mie mi-a placut, poate va place si voua.

si are si un nou progr de gala. ma scuzati daca s-a postat deja. mie imi place tare mult si imi pare atat de rau ca sezonul urmator nu am cum sa-l vad live.

si o mica parte in care johnny si yu-na fac pereche. so sweet !!!!

6th July 2008, 16:54
Multam Irina!

On the third show in Prague I got to meet one of my favorite musicians Dima Bilan and have my photo taken with him. I never really meet famous people so I was completely nervous but so happy when he turned out to be a good guy. I am so happy his project with Zhenya and Edvin won Eurovision! I had a really tiring but amazing time performing in those shows and I hope to skate with Zhenya in the future.

:D Si lui ii place Dima :D
E un dragut, Johnny..nu ma omor eu dupa stilul lui de a patina, dar sper ca in noul sezon sa vina cu ceva mai antrenant :P

I have received so many letters of concern and support due to the announcement that Stephane Lambiel will come to train in the same group as me. I just want to make a more personal statement about this than what many of you already know. I've known Stephane since I was thirteen and he was twelve and we both competed in novice boys in a small city in Slovenia. We continued our rise up the ladder together competing in various junior grand prix events and junior world competitions and finally worlds, Olympics, and Grand Prixs. I have nothing but admiration for what Stephane has done with his career. I think he will be a very good training mate. I can't see myself training with many other elite male skaters, but Stephane and I go so far back, and we're now turning into the "veterans" of our competitions that I don't think anything bad will come out of this arrangement. I trust that my coaches will still work with me the same as they did before. I'm at the age, and maturity that I can understand that nothing Stephane does on a daily basis can change my ultimate goals or my drive. I will work hard and do my best regardless if one of my top rivals is there to see it or not. I know how well my coaching change worked for me last season and I'm glad that has been recognized by a top athlete no less, and I hope it will work for Stephane. He is a great person and a wonderful athlete and I think I can only take positives from training with him.

http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s275/whisper_steaua/emoticons/zmogzy.gifImi place ce a zis despre faptul ca il va avea coleg pe Steph :)

On the first day I decided that I was turning twenty four, I'm an old cow, if a shark wants to attack me, let them have at it.

6th July 2008, 17:02
Imi place rau progr de gala :D

6th July 2008, 17:26
Am editat un pic primul post al acestui thread:P
Adaugat poza cu Johnny si poza cu Tinkerbell;)

27th July 2008, 19:49
pozele astea facute de kathleen bangs nu cred ca au mai fost postate.
enjoy !!!

27th July 2008, 19:51
ohooooo...arata destul de bine in pozele astea :D
thanks irina !

27th July 2008, 19:55
maaaaama, ce bine arata :D
don't u just hate kathleen pentru pozele bestiale pe care le face ? :rolleyes:

27th July 2008, 20:48
clar ca o uram :D

28th July 2008, 00:16
Multam Irina..asta http://www.ka-bangs.com/ice/Details.aspx?AlbumID=131&Page=0 imi place mult :ok:

28th July 2008, 00:34
mie asta imi place cel mai mult

6th September 2008, 23:45
Johnny si-a updatat pagina......a raspuns la intrebarile fanilor......
sunt cateva chestii interesante printre ele, eram sigura ca isi doreste un reality show ;D

7th September 2008, 03:32
din cate stiu chiar a si filmat un dvd cu viata lui sau asa ceva. o sa ma uit si eu sa vad ce scrie nou :D

11th October 2008, 23:52
Weir visits St. Petersburg to skate in "Ice Stories"


16th October 2008, 21:39
Johnny Weir is on a mission. In a teleconference with U.S. media Wednesday afternoon Weir made it clear he is more focused and determined to rise to the top of World than ever before.

Weir will kick off his Grand Prix of Figure Skating season with his debut appearance at Skate America in Everett, Wash. next week. The 2008 World bronze medalist said he is looking forward to the challenge.

“This is the first international event that I have ever contested in America,” he said. “I have never had to compete in an international field in my nation before. I think it is a good lead up to nationals.”

When asked why he had not competed at Skate America before, Weir said he preferred to have a longer preparation period prior to his Grand Prix events. “This year U.S. Figure Skating asked me if I would do this event and I said yes,” he said.

“My goal is to be on top of the podium at nationals and Worlds and Skate America is a stepping-stone to get to my goals later in the season.”

Weir addressed the significant changes that his life has undergone the last year. “It was definitely a huge decision for me to leave Priscilla (Hill) and go to work with Galina Zmievskaya but I can only see positive results from it,” Weir said.

“Last year my team (which includes Nina and Viktor Petrenko) helped me to believe in myself and the training I had done prior to my events,” Weir acknowledged. “They really got me prepared. Last season was one of the best I have ever had – I medaled at every event I competed in except the Grand Prix Final.” Weir placed fourth at that event in Torino.

Training with Zmievskaya and the Petrenkos has its challenges Weir admitted.

“I work every day in Russian which is a foreign language for me,” he said. “For Soviet and Russian sportsmen there was always a sense of determination and need that people felt through sport, so if you were not the best you would not achieve very much in life,” Weir said. “The Russian coaches, especially of those of Galina’s era, all teach in a very Soviet way and if you are not doing the maximum to achieve a result you may as well stop training.

“Of course, sometimes it is a little stressful training in the Russian system because they have a very different way of teaching and communicating than it was with my American coach. But, I am thriving under the system and I hope to continue to grow and keep getting better and better.

“In America people have the chance to be lazy because we have never had to sacrifice one aspect of our lives for another – we never need to choose,” Weir added. “But in the Russian system you have to choose. When you have the results you can do what you want. Through training with my team I feel every day can make or break you. There is no opportunity to fall back and no opportunity to relax, especially during the season.”

Weir said his team looks after his day-to-day needs so he can focus on the job that needs to be done. “I am completely taken care of from the time I wake up,” Weir said. “Nina makes me pomegranate juice so I have that energy to start my day and my skates are driven to the rink for me. I don’t have to think about anything except my next practice or my next competition.”

Weir said he has noticed changes in his body through his new training regime. “This year I saw some kind of shocking change when I could not get my jeans on because working on the crazy spins and jumps has made my legs bigger,” he said. “But I can see a huge creative difference ... and that is something I definitely needed to work on. It’s definitely difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.”

The 2008 U.S. silver medalist said he is planning on adding a quad to his free program this season, even though he is not a fan of the jump. “I don’t believe the quad is the be all and end all of figure skating and I am a firm disbeliever in that theory,” Weir said, “and I think it can take away from a beautiful program when people are trying and failing. I admire people who can do it as if it is no problem – but if I had my way I would not do it.”

Weir said he believes it is important to establish himself as one of the top skaters in the world this season. “For me it is all about skating clean and being the best I can be in every went without killing myself. Next season is the season to kill yourself,” he said.

Admitting that he has been introverted at competitions in the past, Weir said he now approaches competitions with a new confidence. “I am prepared to be there. I know anything is possible when I get there and having such a strong team and knowing there is always someone I can go to if there is an issue, has helped me when I go to events.”

When asked about the surprise retirement announcement of Jeffrey Buttle, Weir was philosophical. “I thought a lot about it but I think he went out on a high note. I was shocked because we came up through the junior ranks together,” Weir said.

Though he loves his new programs, Weir said he is not in love with the new judging system. “I am happy with my short program (“On the Wings of Time”) but there is precious little time to create a mood and do something beautiful ... running from element to element and throw in some flair,” he said. “But I am excited to reveal it at Skate America.

“I don’t believe this (new judging) system promotes anything except the technical elements. There is very little time to even breathe in a program,” he said. “There is really no chance to set a mood or to show something interesting. I think Jeff did a very good job with his program (last season) of balancing the artistic with the technical and Stéphane Lambiel is also very good at it.”

Weir described his new long program to “Notre Dame de Paris” as very interesting. “It is almost like I am a story teller with hints of the hunchback and Esmeralda,” he said.

When asked about the design of his costumes for the new season, Weir responded enthusiastically. “I got my new short program costume yesterday. This year I did the designs completely by myself and it was a really great experience,” he said. “I brought sketches to Galina and asked if they could be made.

“For the short I wanted it to be a fantasy. I wanted color and something strong, something a fantasy conductor would wear because it is a violin piece,” he added. “It has a little off the shoulder action, velvet and rhinestones – but that is me.”

For the free program, Weir said he drew a lot of inspiration from Notre Dame including the gargoyles and color scheme of the church. “You know, the old stone, old windows - I wanted something that was a little Esmeralda, a little Quasimodo,” he said. “It is starting to look Johnny Weirish.”


17th October 2008, 03:14
de abea astept sa vad programele. ce sa zic, cred ca e prima data cand johnny pare determinat sa castige. bring it on skate america !!

24th October 2008, 12:30
sunt asa de incantata de muzica din notre dame de paris. e superba !!!! sper sa fie si programul lui johnny frumos si curat executat. un program frumos pe muzica asta devine incatator !!!!!! cred ca iar o sa intru in faza aia in care o sa tot dau pe repeat toata opera.

24th October 2008, 23:10
Sper sa ii iasa bine programul si sa isi faca fanii very happy :ok:

26th October 2008, 13:58
Poze SA

12th December 2008, 00:09
super tari pozele cu preferatul meu din proba masculina....de abia astept sa il vad in noul sezon,pana atunci ma multumesc cu site-ul lui si cu faptul ca tine legatura constant cu fanii lui!/OLE/:no1

12th December 2008, 00:22
Madalina, suntem deja in noul sezon, maine Johnny participa la finala de Grand Prix 2008/2009.

12th December 2008, 01:08
da?....ms mult,ce in urma am ramas cu vestile de cand nu am mai intrat pe aici!
se da la tv finala sau doar pe net putem vedea?

12th December 2008, 01:26
se transmite ceva, vezi pe sectiunea discutii generale/transmisii tv

12th December 2008, 01:38
ok....ms mult!:D

15th December 2008, 22:07
Ia uite ce tinerel era Johnny :D

15th December 2008, 22:15
pai, cris, credeai ca s`a nascut direct mare, asa cum e acum ? :P

15th December 2008, 23:13
of, toti am fost tineri o data :P
dar e tare haios in pozele astea.

15th December 2008, 23:37
lasa irina, ca nu esti batrana :)

16th December 2008, 17:37
pai, cris, credeai ca s`a nascut direct mare, asa cum e acum ? :P

evidently not :D dar e funny :)

26th December 2008, 19:56
johhny isi petrece sarbatorile in kores se pare.
si participa la un show impreuna cu yu-na cu care are si un program impreuna. chiar acum incerc sa -l downloadez sunt tare curioasa sa-i vad pe cei 2 patinand impreuna.

si inca 2 interviuri ce par a fi cam dupa nhk.

29th December 2008, 23:25
johnny si yu-na si programul lor impreuna. nu stiu ce televiziune e asta care a facut filmarea dar tare proaste unghiuri de filmare au ales.

22nd January 2009, 22:33
ms mult de filmuletze!:D

23rd January 2009, 01:59
cu placere !!! anytime :D !!!

18th February 2009, 02:36
From http://www.johnnyweir.net


NEW YORK, NY – 2006 Olympian and three-time national champion figure skater Johnny Weir has been confirmed as the headliner at a New York Fashion Week party, “Ice Skating and Cocktails,” sponsored by VMan Magazine, published by Visionaire, and Ford Models. The event will take place at the Pier 61 Ice Rink at Chelsea Piers on Thursday, February 19, from 9:00pm to 12:00am.

Weir will perform an exhibition number to Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face” in front of an impressive celebrity crowd. Invited guests include Christina Aguilera, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Vera Wang, and Richie Rich of Heatherette, as well as numerous fashion journalists, publicists, and stylists. Weir, a veteran of New York Fashion Week, previously walked the runway for designer Heatherette.

“I am thrilled and honored to be asked to take part in New York’s premier Fashion Week event,” Weir said. “It is especially exciting for me as I am very interested in fashion, as many people know. It’s always a treat when skating and fashion are combined in one setting.”

18th February 2009, 15:47
ce tare! johnny o sa fie performerul si cristina aguilerra o sa fie in public. cred ca johnny e pe jos de emotii la gandul asta.

25th February 2009, 17:59
din cate am inteles cristina nu a fost acolo. dar johnny a fost si uite ce a iesit.

mie mi se pare f tare numarul. si ca sa-l compar un pic cu lambiel care a incercat si el the sexy side in numarul " freak like me " eu as zice ca johnny a castigat. as fi vrut sa vad numarul asta filmat mai profi.
toalele pe care le-a purat off the ice http://images.lifeskate.com/Johnny-Weir-slides/last.html sunt cam nu pe gustul meu. jacheta ii vine bine chiar daca eu nu as fi probat asa ceva niciodata ca sa nu mai vb de cumparat. dar blugii ii vin ciudat sau cel ptuin poza e ciudata, o sa vedeti voi care poza. si pantofii dupa blugii aia ii vin cam ca nuca in perete.

25th February 2009, 21:28
mi-e dor de Johnny!!!!!!!
programul...mi-a placut, desi muzica nu era de genul meu....dar ii place lui
iar hainele, nu erau chiar asa de oribile....ma gandesc ca acolo nu e mare senzatie sa vezi un tip cu geaca pink....oricum erau acolo si mai ciudati ca el
dar el e asa de dragut...fata lui inocenta, imi place f mult :P

25th February 2009, 23:55
pai hainele alea pink and stuff nu erau ale lui. a avut 2 costumatii si ambele date de aia de la gala modei. el a fost invitat acolo. si el a vrut intai sa danseze gala lui pe " feeling good " a lui buble si aia de la gala i-au zis ca vor ceva mai modern si i-au sugerat beyonce " single ladies " - nu stiu daca glumea, dar eu cred ca nu, ca chiar i-au sugerat aia mel.oricum el a zis ca le-a scris inapoi ca nu poate sa parineze pe mele aia si el le-a sugerat " poker face " in loc. cam asta am citit eu despre intamplare.

3rd March 2009, 15:26
la programul asta al lui am auzit si eu pt prima data "poker face"...si`am inteles ca ai mei colegi s`au si plictisit de ea :D

5th March 2009, 00:25
Mie imi place "Poker face" ...da nici eu nu o stiu de mult..cam de vreo 2 saptamani:p

6th March 2009, 22:59
gala modei?! cum putea Johnny lipsi de la asta? :D
eu stiu piesa de ceva mai mult timp :P si si eu m-am plictisit de ea:P

11th March 2009, 23:04
aici e o varianta mult mai bine filmata a galei " poker face " si e si un interviu cu johnny inainte.
acum chiar am vazut unele detalii ale unor elemente care m-au frapat. e asa de elegant johnny. ar miscarea lui trademark, aia in care se lasa pe spate in timp ce aluneca in genunchi pe gheata e si mai reusita in gala asta datorita miscarilor mainilor. superba gala. as vrea sa o mai repete.

12th March 2009, 16:11
si mie`mi place programul :)
dar hainele alea prea stranse pe corp :D

25th March 2009, 19:01
Prea tare Johnny!desi geaca roz nu e chiar pe gustul meu!:ras-plans:

25th March 2009, 22:40
nici eu nu as alege-o prima din dulap dar lui ii venea bine.

25th March 2009, 23:47
Mda lui ii sta bine....e exact pe stilul lui!:D