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30th January 2007, 08:44
Marina Anissina (Cyrillic Марина Анисина) (born August 30, 1975 in Moscow, Russia) is a French figure skater and the 2002 Olympic champion in ice dancing.
Her last name is spelled with a double "s", as opposed to the literal translation "Anisina", to facilitate correct pronunciation outside Slavic language areas.
Marina Anissina's mother, Irina Cherniaeva, is a former pair skater who participated in the 1972 Winter Olympics and finished in sixth place with her partner Vasili Blagov. She is now a pairs figure skating coach. She followed her daughter to France and worked as a coach in Paris but moved later with her daughter to Lyon.

Marina Anissina's father is Wiatscheslaw Michailowitsch Anissin (born July 11 1951). He was World and European champion in ice hockey and works as an ice hockey coach in Moscow in Russia. He was also a member of the Soviet team that participated in the 1972 Summit Series against Canada.

Before her partnership with Gwendal Peizerat, Marina Anissina teamed up with other skating partners, first with Sergei Sakhnovski and later with Ilia Averbukh

Anissina's partnership with Sergei Sakhnovski did not last long. He left her to skate with Galit Chait for Israel.

The pair of Marina Anissina & Ilia Averbukh, representing Russia, became Junior World Champions in 1990 and 1992. Ilia Averbukh fell in love with Irina Lobacheva and left Marina Anissina to skate with Lobacheva.

Marina Anissina wrote several letters to find a new skating partner. She searched internationally. Finally, she teamed up with Gwendal Peizerat from France in 1993. Since then, her coach has been Murielle Boucher-Zazoui. They skated for the club Lyon TSC and also represented France at the Olympic Winter Games. Marina Anissina has taken French citizenship.

In 2002 Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat became France's first Olympic Champions in ice dancing. After winning the Olympic gold medal they finished their amateur skating career, turned pro and now appear in shows, such as Champions on Ice.

Their signature move is a "reverse lift", wherein Anissina lifts Peizerat off the ice, rather than vice versa. This set the two apart from other dance couples, as most lifts in ice dance involve the man lifting the woman

Gwendal Peizerat (born April 21, 1972 in Bron, France) is a French figure skater and 2002 Olympic champion in ice dancing.

Peizerat started skating at age four when he and his sister, then six, followed their parents to the skating club at the rink. He was introduced into ice dancing straight away, coached by Murielle Boucher-Zazoui, who to this day, remains his coach.

His first partner was the French figure skater Marina Morel. Together they finished 3rd at the 1990 World Junior Championships. At the 1991 World Junior Championships Morel and Peizerat claimed the silver medal.

Morel and Peizerat later split up and, in 1993, Peizerat teamed up with Russian figure skater Marina Anissina, whom he had competed against at previous championships.

The association of the two different cultures with different styles of skating was positive. The pair placed 3rd at 1998 Olympic Games and, in 2000, they won gold medals at the European and World Championships.

In 2002, Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peiserat became the first French Olympic Champions in ice dancing. They also won the gold medal at the European Championships that year.

After winning the Olympic gold medal they finished their amateur skating career, turned pro and appear in shows now.

Their signature move is a "reverse lift," in which he, still in her arms, takes both his blades off the ice while both of hers are still on it. The move gives the impression that she is carrying him.

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30th January 2007, 18:39
Ms mult!Ultima imi place la nebunie:)

30th January 2007, 21:19
Dansurile prin care au devenit campioni olimpici in 2002, pentru cine nu le are deja;)
OD-Flamenco Tango
Decernarea medaliilor
Multumesc mult pentru poze, Adelina!:)

30th January 2007, 22:06
/hello Multumim baboo!Le am dar e bine ca le-ai postat:)
Da si mie .Cand am vazut-o am zis ca trebuie sa o pun neaparat!:D

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ma bucur pt acest thread adelina!!!! marina si gwendal merita intr-adevar???

30th January 2007, 22:20
:ok: Da sa vad cate postari vor avea.Te astept cu poze pe aici :P

1st February 2007, 20:40
Am doua filmulete scurte din 95
Primul e de la Skate Canada-si ei mai faceau greseli, se enervau si plangeau
Iar urmatorul de la Trophee Lalique-tot ceva de culise, cred ca inainte de gala; Gwendal era tare haios:D

1st February 2007, 23:22
Mersi Corina cred ca pe astea nu le am!

2nd February 2007, 00:05
mersi corina!!!

11th February 2007, 20:50
ce bine ca este thread si ptr ei.au fost favoritii mei:D
(ce greu e sa tin pasul cu atatea post-uri :ras-plans:)
mi-au placut intotdeauna programele lor...

11th February 2007, 20:52
Da dar vad ca daca s-au retras nu prea mai se intereseaza fani asa mult de ei..am incercat sa gesesc ceva stiri si nu mai erau updatate din 2005 parca .

12th February 2007, 03:52
mie mi se par totusi destul de bagati in seama si ocupati. gwendal cu interviurile pt eurosport si marina cu coregrafia. si mai si patineaza in showuri. deci ceva activitate vad ca au.

12th February 2007, 11:26
gwendal si marina au fost si preferatii mei. ma bucur ca gwendal e reporter eurosport , e foarte carismatic si i se potriveste job-ul:D

12th February 2007, 23:22
Ei da dar nu stiu unde sa caut stiri despre ei...Am cauta siteuri si v-am zis..unul nu era updat din 2005 ..poate nu stiu eu unde sa caut...sigur asta e de fapt :P

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A fost ziua lui Gwendal...si nu am stiut..un pic cam tarziu dar "Happy Birthday"

5th May 2007, 22:40
cand a fost?? anyway:


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da, i-am neglijat. rusine mie!!!!!
happy birthday!!!!!

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Happy Birthday! from me too :P

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chiar ca am uitat complet.Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday from me too!!http://yelims.free.fr/IPB/Invision-Board-France-186.gif

6th May 2007, 16:43

p.s marti e ziua mea ;)):cheer: :P

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Bine ca ne ai anuntat :)

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La multi ani pt Gwendal si pt Anca!:cheer:

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o poza cu gwendal si michelle kwan:

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wow....:D ma uimesti de fiecare data :D
devii o adevarata specialista:D:D

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:cry: Thanks! :)

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http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/245/245948qj64cw5nw6.gif (http://www.glitter-graphics.com)

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wow!de`a dreptu` superba poza 8->:P

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must see

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sunt si preferatii mei.....de fapt, asa am inceput sa iubesc cu adevarat patinajul :)

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must see

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ioana, cum stii ca e the real myspace??? ca am vazut multe myspaceuri false.

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Interesant...daca e chiar al lui atunci e super misto :ok:

15th July 2007, 20:22
al lui e....i-am trimis o invitatie:P

s-ar putea sa-l fi gasit si pe brian, dar nu-s 100% sigura ca e el

15th July 2007, 20:23
sa fim indiscrete si sa te intrebam unde l-ai invitat ???? :P

15th July 2007, 21:07
Da zi cum? Eu il stiu pe al lui Stephane :P..de la Delia..daca o fi 100% al lui :thinkso:

16th July 2007, 19:50
o 'friend invitation'...inca nu mi-a raspuns, dar am sperante:P

16th July 2007, 22:07
sa nu fii egoista si sa ii zici si adresa noastra :P

16th July 2007, 22:56
da..numai ca n-am myspace..si sincer nici nu ma bate gandul sa-mi fac..hm..dar al lui Gwendal e superb

17th July 2007, 00:01
alex, dar tu ce inteles draga, nu adresa de myspace ca nici eu nu am din aia, adresa mea de acasa sa i-o dea, poate vrea sa vina la mare :P

18th July 2007, 00:11
:cry: Buna faza Irina!:)

22nd July 2007, 17:49
acu mi-e cam somn dar cand ma scol caut vidsurile cu marina si gwendal in multimea mea cduri!!!!!

22nd July 2007, 17:53
Merci mult Irina pentru bunavointa ! ;)

22nd July 2007, 18:29
2001 EC Ex Susanna http://www.savefile.com/files/645083
2002 Olympics FD-http://www.savefile.com/files/98482 Liberta
http://www.savefile.com/files/159223 2002 Olympics OD - Flamenco
2002 Olympics Dance Medal Ceremony
2002 Olympics EX - Suzanna, 27.4MB
http://www.divshare.com/download/567081-867 -

Nu sunt uplodate de mine,dar cred ca merg:)

22nd July 2007, 18:32
Merci mult de linkuri whisper ! :)

22nd July 2007, 18:37
cu placere:)

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gwendal mi-a dat 'accept' la invitatie pe myspace, so dc vreti sa-i transmiteti ceva.....i'm here for u:P

27th July 2007, 23:31
gwendal mi-a dat 'accept' la invitatie pe myspace, so dc vreti sa-i transmiteti ceva.....i'm here for u:P
Spune-i s-o ia pe Marina si sa-si programeze un spectacol si pe la noi, chiar daca avem un jaf de patinoar:rosu:

28th July 2007, 00:15
Asa e Alex! Vrem sa vina in Romanik:)

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1st August 2007, 22:25
Ohlala..ce de poze!multumim, Whisper!Frumoase toate;) :)

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super dragute, mai ales ultima:P

2nd August 2007, 22:18

2nd August 2007, 22:22
Mamma mia!Ce..bengoasa e prima poza!:D lllllove it!!cuz` it`s red!:P:)

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Marina arata foarte bine.Si Gwendal la fel :D

3rd August 2007, 22:07
ca intotdeauna:)

4th August 2007, 19:24

4th August 2007, 21:20
superbe poze!:)

7th August 2007, 11:17
sunt super frumosi:P

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daaa, sa vina in romania! ce frumos ar fi! transmite-i te rog :kiss:

13th November 2007, 05:50
mi-am petrecut seara privind programele lor si enervandu-ma pt mondialele din 98 si 99. eu sunt indragostita de cele 2 lp. da, sunt de acord ca au cam sfeclit sfarsitul la lp in 98 dar mie tot mi se pare superb.
asa ca m-am gandit sa pun linkurile de pe youtube :
98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdXXk6xtFuU
99 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWSleO2S3Os
00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a44axetw7c8
01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x5zzRD5XgQ
02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPmIs5cwW5o

14th November 2007, 01:12
:shock: La 5 erai treaza? Si urmarea M& G :) Nice!!!

14th November 2007, 08:28
si din pacate am fost treaza pana la 7 si ieri am fost ca lovita in cap toata ziua. asa ca aseara m-am culcat devreme si azi m-am trezit devreme.

8th December 2007, 13:02
Daca va intereseaza unde vor patina:
Si apoi in Franta, in show-ul "LES ETOILES DE LA GLACE" 26 februarie - 23 martie.

1st February 2008, 12:29
mi-am petrecut seara privind programele lor si enervandu-ma pt mondialele din 98 si 99. eu sunt indragostita de cele 2 lp. da, sunt de acord ca au cam sfeclit sfarsitul la lp in 98 dar mie tot mi se pare superb.
asa ca m-am gandit sa pun linkurile de pe youtube :
98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdXXk6xtFuU
99 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWSleO2S3Os
00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a44axetw7c8
01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x5zzRD5XgQ
02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPmIs5cwW5o

O doamne, irina, MULTUMESC. nu pot sa cred cat de frumos poate fi inca programul lor cu Romeo si Julieta. Aproape ca imi doresc sa se fi nascut 10 ani mai tarziu, sa am si eu posibilitatea sa ii vad "pe viu". Nu cred ca a existat pereche mai frumoasa si mai deosebita decat ei doi si revazandu-i acum dupa atatia ani, nici nu cred ca vor avea egal. Poate vor fi mai buni ca ei, mai tehnici, mai stiu eu cum, dar nu va fi nimeni care sa le egaleze farmecul.
Daca Torvil/Dean a avut Bolero-ul (care va fi greu de uitat), ei bine, ei doi au avut "Romeo si Julieta" si "The Iron Mask".
PS Eu chiar nu ii inteleg pe cei care considera patinajul plictisitor...

1st February 2008, 19:24
cu placere!!!! firesc nici eu nu inteleg cum poate fi considerat plictisitor. eu uneori uit sa ma culc uitandu-ma la patinaj :P

29th February 2008, 17:39
Tocmai am citit pe Figure Skating Universe ca Marina s-a casatorit... As fi pus linkul dar articolul e in rusa.
O sa pun totusi pozele. Eu inca mai sper sa ie o gluma pentru ca rochia Marinei nu-mi place deloc.:(
N-a fost niciodata patinatorarea mea preferata dar aveam niste pretentii de la ea...
Tipul se numeste Nikita si inca ceva si a fost partenerul ei intr-un show.

29th February 2008, 18:06
cum arata tipul:groggy:

29th February 2008, 20:00
Tocmai am citit pe Figure Skating Universe ca Marina s-a casatorit... As fi pus linkul dar articolul e in rusa.
O sa pun totusi pozele. Eu inca mai sper sa ie o gluma pentru ca rochia Marinei nu-mi place deloc.:(
N-a fost niciodata patinatorarea mea preferata dar aveam niste pretentii de la ea...
Tipul se numeste Nikita si inca ceva si a fost partenerul ei intr-un show.

Se pare ca nu-i o gluma. Se zvoneste prin diverse forumuri...
Marina Anissina Gets Married. Join Date: Feb 2008. Location: China. For him this is fourth marriage, for Marina first. ...He's an actor...He left wife no 3 for her.....etc.

Nu imi place rochia...Nu imi plac pozele. http://www.kp.ru/daily/24053/300032/
Dar ii doresc multa, multa fericire!

29th February 2008, 20:16
nu-i gluma. tipul e la a3a sau a4a nevasta. dubios.

29th February 2008, 20:32
SALUTARE!!Ce mai faceti?
Intr adevar rochia Marinei e cam extravaganta, hum..nu prea e genul meu.Imi place incaltamintea in schimb.Si ea arata f bine.
Sotzul ei arata cam..:groggy:.naspa,insa gusturile nu se discuta.

See ya !poop

29th February 2008, 23:23
:D Ciudata rochie..ciudat sot...ei sa fie fericiti..ce conteaza o rochie, ce conteaza cum arata el..ce daca e a4a nevasta-poate fi ultima, nu:D Si totusi...:)
Congrats and live happilly ever after:P

29th February 2008, 23:34
El s-a inspirat din costumul lui Shabalin de la FD :thinkso:

29th February 2008, 23:47
Intr-adevar cei doi s-au casatorit. Rochia mi se pare frumoasa desi culorile sunt un pic mai ciudate. Mirele este ucrainean, actor/cantaret, locuieste in Rusia, si se numeste Nikita Dzhigurda. A fost indragostita de mica de muzica/vocea lui. Urat sotul, ea frumoasa, dar gusturile nu se discuta, Casa de Piatra.:)

6th April 2008, 13:59
Ia uite ce poza faina am gasit!

6th April 2008, 18:22
Ce frumosi sunt in poza asta!:)

7th April 2008, 04:04
f frumosi!!! mi-e dor de ei!

7th April 2008, 05:15
mie nu-mi plac ciorapii ei. portocalii ?!?:groggy:

18th April 2008, 19:16
09 March 2008 @ 05:28 pm
Ice dancing: star show and a one’s fate
Olympic ice dance champion Marina Anissina left Russia at 17. She could not build a career at home - as Ilya Averbukh, with whom she won Junior Worlds twice, chose to skate with his girlfriend Irina Lobacheva. Having found a “free” French ice dancer Gwendal Peizerat, Marina left her homeland for good. In a few years, she surpassed Averbukh in everything – she became European, World, and Olympic champion, and left the sport undefeated. In 2007, Anissina came back to Russia to take part in a TV ice show. Even though she failed to make it to the final, the skater decided to stay awhile on her homeland. She says the roots just don’t let go.

In France, one’s nationality is verified by their attitude toward the Eiffel Tower. The French, especially the Parisians, are convinced it defaces their capital, whereas the foreigners treat it with much respect. Do you like the Eiffel Tower?

People respect it because it’s a symbol of Paris. In reality it is indeed pretty ugly, no? In 2000, it was lit up really nicely at night, but that’s about it.

I guess you do think like a Frenchwoman! Or, are the differences between our peoples nor really that great?

I don’t think they’re great. It’s not for naught that many in Russia used to speak French. Both countries have a rich culture and history, and this unites us. There are, of course, differences, but it’s mainly in little things. For example, many French go to a café in the morning – to have breakfast and to read the paper. It’s not made up for the movies, it really is a lifestyle! Especially in Paris. If a Frenchman doesn’t go to a café in the morning, he’s sure to go buy fresh bread and a paper. They know how to enjoy life.

Was it hard to find a partner via correspondence?

It is, indeed, quite hard to find a partner with both the right look and the right skating level. Plus, it was mid-season. Actually, I was really hurt – Averbukh and I were deep in preparations, we had new programs, our costumes were ready, and suddenly they become a couple, she skates in my costume, and does my lifts… And I have to watch it every day!

Hair and make-up are an important part of the skater's image

It was a turning point in my life.

I did not expect it. At that time, my parents got divorced, and Ilya and I were two-time Junior World champions. Not only was figure skating a part of my life, I was already beginning to make money. When he left me for Irina Lobacheva, I was left with nothing.

My mom was terribly upset – not only is it difficult to find a new partner, it was rather unclear what to do at all.

Isn’t it a common practice for coaches to break up teams after they go from Juniors to Seniors?

Yes, it’s common. In fact, few skaters stay with one partner. However, our case was different! We had a good promising team; everybody talking about it, and predicted a bright future for us. Besides, I am still unsure as to who initiated the break-up of our team.


To begin with, I didn’t really investigate. Also, Ilya told me it was Linichuk’s decision, whereas Linichuk was sayting, “No-no-no! Ilya himself decided he wants to skate with his girlfriend Irina!”. I am not even sure I really want to know who the initiator really was. It’s all ancient history now. By the way, I’ve described this whole story in detail in my book “Dotting the i’s”, which has been on sale in Russia for a few months now.

It sounds like you were very honest in the book.

Why write a dishonest book? Of course, I tried to tell it all. I didn’t spend much time in Russia, and people knew little about me. I visit a lot more often now. I now have many projects tied specifically to this country; besides, this is where I was born! So, I decided to write this book to say it all, have some closure, and turn a page. I think everything that happened to happened for a reason. I believe in fate in general, but here it’s like I drew a lottery ticket.

The career of Anissina and Peizerat reached its peak in Salt Lake City

Have you really never considered abandoning figure skating?

Never! I am a very obstinate person. I was humiliated and hurt, but I also have much willpower. That whole situation just gave me an energy boost, prompting me for more decisive actions. I was thinking about how no one has a right to direct my life, and I am sure I was right. No matter how difficult it all was for me, I don’t hold any grudges. Life put everything in its place anyway – I won the Olympics, not he. Besides, it things went differently, I’d never know the country whose culture and language I now love so much.

Do you remember your first impression of Gwendal Peizerat?

Yes, he was a lot fun, and I thought too fickle. I came there to work and to get results, whereas Gwendal lived a very French life. He was a spoiled child whom everyone always paid attention to. It was a very easy life, and he enjoyed it. He did not have the problems of those who where like me. All athletes in our country had to fight for survival, even though I wasn’t exactly born into an average family, and my conditions were better than most.

Did your family help you a lot when you started skating?

Not quite. My parents didn’t want that life for me. My mom and dad are both athletes. My dad, Vyacheslav Anissin, is a hockey player, and has been a world champion. My mom, Irina Chernyaeva, is a sports master of international acclaim; she was the first student of Tatiana Anatolyevna Tarasova. I was born to an athletic “ice” family. Since my parents knew that the big sport does not help one’s health but rather hinders it, they did not want me to choose that route. They wanted me to go to school, learn different languages, and find a nice career; in a word, to have a normal life.

How, then, did you end up on that “slippery” path?

I really wanted it. I started skating early, because Granny got sick and couldn’t stay home with me. Mom was working at the rink then, and Dad was always away. Mom had to take me along. At first, I’d just sit in the changing room, until people started telling Mom, “Why do you keep the girl in the changing room? Let her skate – maybe she’ll like it”. That’s how it all began. I liked it right away, and later you couldn’t drag me from the ice.

Were you really not bothered by the long practices, you didn’t want to hang out and climb trees?

I liked it! I dreamt of becoming Olympic champion since I as little. I liked both skating and watching figure skating. I liked going through my parents’ medals and scrapbooks, and I wanted to achieve more that they did. I never dreamt of being the champion of Europe or World – I wanted that Olympic medal! I didn’t just want to climb trees. I was, though, always the first to lace up my skates before a lesson, waiting impatiently at the boards for the Zamboni to finish up to be the first one to get onto that ice! I guess I owe this attitude to Granny.

She always told me – “You can’t shame your parents!” Granny was tough with me.

Men are always willing to carry Anissina around

It was important for her that I be better than others. I spent a lot of time with Granny, even after I got serious about figure skating. Secretly from Mom, she started taking me to some extra skating classes. I was the coach’s daughter – god forbid I would be worse than others! When mom found out we were secretly going to some open-air rink, she was truly shocked!

What did the parents of Gwendal Peizerat think of you teaming up?

His parents always want him to skate! I don’t even know if anything would’ve panned out if it weren’t for them. He told me once that he would’ve dropped figure skating had he not gotten my letter.

What did he want to be?

He has a higher education in business and marketing; he always studied in parallel with the sport. He now has his own business, just as he planned. Of course, the sport took up much of his time, but teachers were always willing to meet him halfway.

Did you study as well?

Yes, I have a coaching diploma from the Physical Culture Institute. Also, when I just came to France, I attended language lectures at the University, but that was for a short time.

Did you learn it quickly?

No, it was a bit different… When I came to France, I moved in with Gwendal; he gave me a separate little room. We spoke French – Gwendal knew it expertly, and while I wasn’t as good, I could still speak it. So, I stupidly slowed down the process of learning the new language. If my mom were nearby, she’d have set me straight, but I was alone, and just wouldn’t budge. I could hardly understand Gwendal’s parents, who actually helped me a lot. I only saw the goal, I was always tired, and I really missed Russia, my friends and my parents. I could have learned the language much faster if I weren’t so stubborn. It was a tough time; after all I was only 17. I became wiser with time.

Has Gwendal learned Russian?

He understands it well. He can speak it a little, but he hardly ever gets to practice. But he already has a Russian girlfriend! Knowing this language comes in handy, as there are always many Russians on tours.

Backstage scandals
By the way, did Russian athletes start treating you differently when you started skating for France?

The friends I still keep in touch with did not change, and I did not notice any difference. Yet it was hard at first – I was a foreigner in France, yet I was also seen as an opponent in Russia. It’s a well known plot - Friend Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends. As long as I did not understand their language or their humor, I couldn’t be “theirs” a hundred percent. I was treated well, but the language barrier was taking its toll. Of course, there was also some competition, especially at the French Nationals.

How true are the horror stories about competitors – broken glass in skates, dulling the edges, etc.?

I have never encountered this, and never saw it! Perhaps it was true earlier, because there are many stories like that. Then again, I am not a confrontational person, and always kept to myself at competitions. I need to concentrate, and I can’t disperse myself, chat with everybody, and leave my skates wherever. I always tried to be near friends at championships, and not to upset anyone. Besides, I always worked hard, and was sure of myself and my strength. I never came to a competition unprepared. I can’t even get such “tactics” into my head.

Love for chocolate does not prevent the athlete from keeping her figure

Which championships were the most intense for you?

The Olympics and the World championships in Nice in 2000 when we won. Of course, any competition is intense. I am an athlete in nature – I like to compete, I enjoy the adrenaline and contest; I miss it all now. Nice championships were very stressful; after all, it took place in France. Home field tension was in. I, at least, wasn’t born there, but Gwendal worried a lot.

There was also considerable pressure at the Salt Lake City Olympics, but you handled it perfectly. Many especially remembered your original dance – the flamenco that you danced in an unusually long skirt.

Yes, that dance is always well received. We made it into a show number, and often perform it on request. We were very serious about its creation, even going to Spain for it. It was the first time flamenco was introduced into figure skating; as it’s skated exclusively in a long skirt, many doubted it was possible to perform it on the ice. We decided to try, and I trained in a skirt through the summer. Some said it could hide some faults, but that’s not so. It was far more difficult to skate that way. The skirt was heavy, uncomfortable, and odd on the turns; it took time to get used to it.

Have you ever drawn costume sketches yourself?

I had to think of the free dance costume for our Olympic program myself, because I didn’t like anything we were offered.

It had to hurt you a lot when the whole scandal with Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov erupted; the “Taiwanese” purportedly bribed the judges to award the gold medals to you and Gwendal and to Yelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikhuralidze.

It was so hurtful and unfair! Some people needed a scandal, and I was the scapegoat. For some reason, everything was mixed together, the pair skating scandal and us. However, no one had any doubt about our medals. Conspiracy theories were based on the theory that the Russian judges put Gwendal and me in first to get the gold for Berezhnaya and Sikhuralidze. That’s not true, as the Russian judge never put us in first! You can’t effect the results of the Olympic Games when the whole planet is watching.

What about the pair skating scandal? Who should have been first – the Russians or the Canadians Jamie Sale and David Pelletier?

I think it was wrong to award two medals. The Russians skated the new program with a mistake, whereas the Canadians skated last year’s program faultlessly. I think some of the judges were marking the specific skate, whereas others were considered the skating level. Many arbiters have judges for many years, and know that the level of the Berezhnaya/ Sikhuralidze is above the Canadians’. In my opinion, the Russians were more deserving of the gold. On the other hand, I can also understand the Canadians. I remember the Worlds in Vancouver a year before the Olympics, when they were unfairly judged into the first place. We, meanwhile, lost to the Italians Barbara Fussar-Poli and Maurizio Margaglio. The Canadians would stop us on the street and say – “You were supposed to win!” I hurt even more – everyone has eyes, everyone sees everything, yet you’re judged lower than you deserve.

Who came up with your famous lift, when the woman is holding the man?

When we were working on our 1998 Olympic program “Romeo and Juliet”, our choreographer Shanti Rhuspaul suggested this lift. I know the Italians now perform it as well.

Would you like to see it a required element in ice dance?

That’s impossible, because it’s not available to all. If I skated with Zhenya Platov, I simply couldn’t lift him. It depends on the partner’s flexibility, height, and weight. I am no Hercules after all.

Love the Russian style
In your opinion, who should be the head of the dancing team – a man or a woman?

It’s important to have a team. Though, of course, the male partner is considered good when he can well present his lady, not when he is just showing off himself. That’s how he expresses his masculinity.

Is that how the relationships between men and women be in real life?

I don’t think perfect relationships exist. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own tensions, conflicts, and differences; it’s normal. Especially in a work environment, when you’re always undress stress, with fatigue and incredible load to boot.

Was it hard to spend all your time with one person?

Yes, it was. Gwendal and I were never romantically involved, but I lived in his parents’ home for a long time. It was like being married without the bed. If we were also a couple in life, I’d have gone insane.

Many skaters marry…

And many get divorced. Take Averbukh and Lobacheva. They had a common goal that united them. When that’s over, the relationship is over as well, that’s how I see it. Without common interests, nothing can really happen.

Yet you fell into that same trap with your “Dances on Ices. Velvet Season” partner actor Nikita Dzhigurda. So much was said about your affair, engagement, and wedding! Is there any truth to it?

Much was written about it, especially in the yellow press; it distorted the facts, rephrasing the truth, and adding what he never said. Has Russia ever had engagements? We don’t have that tradition, so you can think of it as you like. I actually never talked about my personal life – that’s not my style, and I don’t like doing it. Had the press not distorted the facts and making such a mess of things, I wouldn’t even answer that question. I won’t deny our relationship. He is an emotional and extraordinary person. After all, could I just fall in love?!

Are you now tying your whole life to Russia?

To both countries. I was born in Russia, and always missed it. It’s neat to be able to do something here. However, I don’t intend to leave France either – my mom, my home, and my show are there. I am the adopted child of that country.

French pastry
I heard you wanted to open a French patisserie in Russia?

I wanted to, but it didn’t work out. Everyone should do what they’re good at. I haven’t been to Russia in a while, and overestimated my abilities. Though good pastries will always be in demand!

Do you like pastries yourself?

Love it! I love sweets, but since I always had to restrain myself, I don’t eat much – it’s a habit by now. Even now, when I go to a restaurant, I prefer fish and salad. That’s because I know what the consequences can be. Diets are not as difficult as it seems. Some can just become a lifestyle; you don’t even have to limit yourself. For example, I learned to drink tea and coffee without milk or sugar. Now I don’t even like it, though I used to.

How often do you indulge yourself in sweets?

Rather rarely. It’s interesting – before, when I skated competitively and had exhausting daily practices, I always needed to lose weight. Even when my weight was stable and did not increase, I’d get paranoid and decrease my portions. However, I couldn’t live a day without a piece of chocolate! It was a part of my diet, my body simply demanded it.

Despite the failure of the pastry idea, you nonetheless returned to Russia to take part in the “Dances on Ice. Velvet Season”. What were your impressions?

Really cool! When I came there, I thought it would be a piece of cake – the ice is small, the practices aren’t daily… I was very surprised to learn it wasn’t like that. There is competition, there is a drive, and there is stress! It was all-consuming.

Were you upset to be “out”?

You can’t imagine! It wasn’t even deserved! I totally did not think it would be like that. My partner did not skate worse than others. Sure, he is rather temperamental, but the producers themselves were saying we had to put on a show. So, we put it on, everyone in their own way. How can you demand that those who’ve never skated adhere to all the criteria of the real competitions? It’s unrealistic.

I know that France had such a show as well?

It didn’t stick there. It was shown once, and the people started saying – “Oh, any idiot can skate!” But that’s not true. You have to give the celebrities their dues as they do train hard, but it bears no comparison to real sport. We have a big rink, versus the small one here. It’s just impossible to learn to skate at such a high level in a short time. We learn it from childhood.

By the way, what do you think of the current level of figure skating in Russia? Everyone talks of a crisis.

That’s true. It happened because many of the specialists went elsewhere to other countries, whereas the athletes didn’t get the support of the country or the federation. You can’t click your fingers to get things back on tracks, but it should eventually go back to normal. I think the Sochi Olympics should help a lot.

How do you find our ice dance teams?

In my opinion, Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin have a lot of potential; I like than better that the French Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, and I am rather objective. I am fond of Yana Khokhlova and Sergei Novitksi. I think they have a bright future ahead, though naturally this depends on the talent, the work, and the circumstances. Also, it’s important to stay healthy in the Olympic season. Though if an athlete is not in pain, it’s almost abnormal.

Are there more heights left for you to conquer?

It’s a tough question. Like any other woman, I am concerned about my personal life. I think about having my family and children. Professionally, it’s more complicated; is there anything cooler than an Olympic medal? Then again, you never know.

I can’t go into details yet, but I also have some interesting projects and ideas for theater and movies.

Original: http://www.expert.ru/printissues/russian_reporter/2008/07/interview_anisina/

6th May 2008, 15:52
cununia religioasa:)


7th May 2008, 11:25
Eeeeeeee, asta deja e altceva. Are rochie de mireasa si e muuuult mai bine decat cu rochia portocalie. Casa de piatra si multa fericire!

P.S.: No comment la costumul lui.:P

5th September 2008, 12:49
Am gasit doua filmulete de la o gala din Grenoble (Franta) de anul acesta si mi-a facut o deosebita placere sa ii revad pe cei doi patinand impreuna. Nu cunosc forumul foarte bine, deci nu stiu daca s-a discutat despre asta, dar m-am gandit ca aici ar fi locul potrivit pentru aceste doua programe superbe, dupa parerea mea.

Flamenco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61PXOX01tKA

Vizionare placuta:)

5th September 2008, 12:52
multumim frumos.

5th September 2008, 22:16
Merci beaucoup, crisloregym!
Si bine ai venit pe la noi/hello

5th September 2008, 22:21
Avec plaisir:) Pai eu am mai fost pe la voi, intr-o scurta vizita, pe la Europenele de anul acesta:D. La Mondiale, insa, nu am mai reusit sa va urmaresc sau sa urmaresc macar competitia:(

5th September 2008, 22:26
>_< Eh...eu sunt mai uituca..deh batranetile:cry:
Mai te invitam pe aici :)

5th September 2008, 23:05

5th September 2008, 23:36
Am gasit doua filmulete de la o gala din Grenoble (Franta) de anul acesta si mi-a facut o deosebita placere sa ii revad pe cei doi patinand impreuna. Nu cunosc forumul foarte bine, deci nu stiu daca s-a discutat despre asta, dar m-am gandit ca aici ar fi locul potrivit pentru aceste doua programe superbe, dupa parerea mea.

Flamenco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61PXOX01tKA

Vizionare placuta:)

Multumim Cris, sunt dragute programele. N-am stiut ca Marina si Gwendal mai patineaza impreuna. Ce-o fi insemnand Gala CAM?

6th September 2008, 00:13
Multumim Cris, sunt dragute programele. N-am stiut ca Marina si Gwendal mai patineaza impreuna. Ce-o fi insemnand Gala CAM?

Nici eu nu imi dau seama ce poate sa insemne:( Dar, uitandu-ma la celalalt fisier, persoana care le-a pus pe youtube l-a denumit 2008 Gala Flamenco..deci CAM ori este un fel de prescurtare a denumirii programului, ori are legatura cu fapul ca gala a fost organizata la Grenoble pentru a serba implinirea a 40 de ani d ela organizarea JO de iarna de catre acest oras, al carui fost sat olimpic arata destul de bine, in timp ce patinoarul este superb:)

8th January 2009, 01:37
Daca tinerii se inteleg...daca fata-i fericita......


8th January 2009, 09:36
Well... pare fericita, deci...:)

8th January 2009, 18:23
Doamne da` mare pare el pe langa ea! :groggy: The beauty and the beast :P

8th January 2009, 23:58
Marina Anissina a nascut un baietel de Craciun (Craciunul ortodox rusesc).
eu am folosit google translations pentru traducere

9th January 2009, 00:02
Sa fie sanatos si el si parinti lui:ok:
Multumim Andreea:floricica:

11th January 2009, 22:14
Stiu ca a anuntat andreeas deja ca Marina Anissina a nascut un baietel dar sunt mai multe detalii:

Marina Anissina and Nikita Dzhigurda's first son was born on january 7.
The baby hasn't got a name yet, but the father (famous russian actor/singer who married Marina last year) said he wants to call him François, naming him after Marina's favourite poet François Villon. Dzhigurda said he wants to give the baby four names: the other three names have to be decided, but someone talks about Mick-Angel Christ, since the baby was born on 7 january, day of the Orthodox Christmas.

http://www.artonice.it/?q=it/node/6350 (ita)

Multa sanatate celor 3 si Felicitari parintilor!

11th January 2009, 23:30
Oh, sa-i traiasca, sa fie sanaosi cu totii.

12th January 2009, 01:33
sa-i traiasca !!!

12th January 2009, 10:39
Sa le traiasca!

Francois-Mick-Angel-Christ Nikitovici Dzhigurda:groggy:

12th January 2009, 16:50
asa il cheama pe copil?

12th January 2009, 17:12
Pai pusese Iulia un quote. Scria acolo ca nu s-au hotarat inca, dar tatal vrea sa-l cheme Francois ca pe poetul preferat al Marinei si ca probabil va avea inca 3 nume...
Deci inca nu-l cheama asa dar e posibil sa-l cheme.:D

Nikitovich ar fi patronimicul sau cum se numeste la ei.:thinkso:

24th February 2009, 20:45
cateva poze cu bebe.:)


24th February 2009, 20:52
Dragute pozele, adorabil bebe, Marina arata foarte bine, dar in ceea ce-l priveste pe Nikita ... ma abtin.

24th February 2009, 20:53
Tare dragalas cel mic. Dar ce mic e pe langa tatic!

24th February 2009, 21:32
ce sa zic...interesante pozele
dar cu se ocupa taticul? e rocker?

24th February 2009, 23:24
Taticul este ucrainean, actor/cantaret, si se numeste Nikita Dzhigurda.

1st November 2009, 01:15
ce mi-e dor de ei doi :(

cateva videos de vara asta: Marina-Mick-Gwendal :P....mai apar niste filmulete pe acolo si cu....Nikita...



1st November 2009, 01:37
Multumim, Simona!
Apropo tu esti inscrisa si pe forumul dedicat Marinei si lui Gwendal?
Am intrat de curand pe acolo si am vazut pe cineva cu acelasi nickname.
Plus ca am mai citit despre niste clipuri cam ciudate cu Marina. Si din ce am citit Marina a devenit si cantareata sau intelesei gresit :groggy:

1st November 2009, 02:08
da, Ade, eu sunt :P

deci....filmuletele alea...nici nu vreau sa-mi amintesc. Prefer sa ma gandesc la ea ca la femeia care era inainte sa se marite cu...aratarea asta (mi-e antipatic rau). Probabil ca si acum e aceeasi, da' mi se pare mie ca Nikita nu are o influenta prea buna asupra ei..........

2nd November 2009, 01:27
:cry: "aratarea"...cam ai dreptate!

Ma daca ei se iubesc si se inteleg ce mai conteaza! Vine si al doilea bebe - parca asa spuneau fetele de pe forum. :)

2nd November 2009, 09:55
Mda, asa am citit si eu pe FSU. Cam repejor ...
De Nikita nu mai zic nimic, ca am tot zis cand le-am vazut tinutele pentru cununia civila sau ce-o fi fost aia.

16th November 2009, 15:10


mai multe poze aici :)


16th November 2009, 17:03
Well. bebe e cute, got to give her that. Si ea arata foarte bine si pare fericita.:)

27th January 2010, 16:57
Marina a nascut sambata, 23 ianuarie, o fetita :P

"The full name is Eva-Vlada and according to Nikita,her weight is the same as Mick's when he was born,but she seems sooo little.And she's really beautiful
Marina and her second little angel will leave hospital in two or three days"


Dupa cum vedeti in articol, Marina si-a gasit o ocupatie, macar e in patinaj.....
Gwendal mai nou.....e cu politica :rolleyes:

27th January 2010, 17:14
Pai nah, ce sa zic, sa-i traiasca ingerasul si sa semene cu mamica.:)

27th January 2010, 17:25
Pai nah, ce sa zic, sa-i traiasca ingerasul si sa semene cu mamica.:)

Pai chiar mi-ar parea rau pentru bietul copil daca ar semana cu taticu :happy oops :D

28th January 2010, 19:57
Cine zicea ca "aratarea" aia are influenta proasta asupra Marinei? Read this:


29th January 2010, 02:28
Cine zicea ca "aratarea" aia are influenta proasta asupra Marinei? Read this:


Cred ca eu eram aia...am vazut si asta....
Ce sa mai zic...in scenele nud nu e ea...sunt secvente dintr-un film mai vechi de al lui Nikita...dar totusi ideea pe care au vrut sa o sugere e ca Marina apare in tot clipul.......
pe bune, nu inteleg cum unei femei delicate ca ea, frumoasa, vruta de nush care print, sa se mariti cu animalul asta. Ma depaseste....

oricum daca vreti sa o mai vedeti pe Marina aici sunt niste vids

TV-Show Subbotnik with Marina&Nikita

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

TV-Show "You & Me"
part1 - http://go.sharehub.com/shared/53f3bda5-dfe4-4d4d-8531-b1a6051a736b
part 2 - http://go.sharehub.com/shared/77a6d187-5af5-40ca-9c66-9bd0a877726c
part 3 - http://go.sharehub.com/shared/aaa1013c-3f62-4a55-920d-5cc9e83129e5

aici derulari ca sunt si faze cu Marina pe la inceput si sfarsit


iar contul facebook a lui Gwendal este free :D


29th January 2010, 10:22
Simona (am zis bine, nu?:)), nu stiu cat conteaza daca e sau nu e ea, de vreme ce asta au vrut sa se creada. Eu am o problema cu oamenii care vor cu orice pret sa socheze. Imi pare rau de ea, presupun ca iubirea e intr-adevar oarba.:(

29th January 2010, 17:45
Pacat de Marina eu aveam alta parere despre ea pacat ca se lasa condusa asa de barbat care vorba spaniolilor " no vale mucho la pena", ea totusi e o persoana publica si nu trebuie sa-si expuna intimitatile in fata tuturor.
Recunosc ca mi-ar fi placut ca ea sa casatoreasca cu Gwendal nu cu clovnul asta pt ca mie asa mi pare...

26th March 2010, 18:59
Zilele acestea se implinesc 10 ani de cand Marina si Gwendal au castigat titlul mondial la Nisa cu extraordinarul program "Carmina Burana" si eu zic ca merita sa ne amintim de acele momente magice si de cei care pt mine au fost si intotdeauna vor ramane "the god and goddess of ice dancing":
OD:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0kAaVBUgzg ( e de la Skate Canada nu l-am gasit pe cel de la Mondiale)
si superbul program de gala "Danse mon Esmeralda": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQO-od6NcYI
Enjoy it!

26th March 2010, 21:21
Zilele acestea se implinesc 10 ani de cand Marina si Gwendal au castigat titlul mondial la Nisa cu extraordinarul program "Carmina Burana" si eu zic ca merita sa ne amintim de acele momente magice si de cei care pt mine au fost si intotdeauna vor ramane "the god and goddess of ice dancing":
OD:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0kAaVBUgzg ( e de la Skate Canada nu l-am gasit pe cel de la Mondiale)
si superbul program de gala "Danse mon Esmeralda": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQO-od6NcYI
Enjoy it!

Merci , Oana :)
Ce secvente de pasi interesante erau inainte, cel putin ale lor :X:X:X. Ce vad la perechile actuale ma plictiseste rau, ridicarile sunt mai spectaculoase in rest .....

26th March 2010, 21:41
da, ei aveau niste secvente de pasi senzationale, intr-adevar perechile actuale nu stau prea bine la acest capitol, au in schimb ridicari destul de dificile si spectaculoase cu toate ca la tot mai multe cupluri am vazut "the reverse lift" care ar trebui sa se numeasca Anissina/Peizerat dupa cei care au executat-o prima oara.
Mie mi-e tare de Marina si Gwendal, as vrea sa revina in competitii ( din pacate un vis frumos dar imposibil de realizat), de cand s-au retras la nici un cuplu n-am mai regasit pasiunea si daruirea cu care ei patinau.

6th December 2010, 13:42
I'm in love cu bebica asta :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X



6th December 2010, 22:20
Si mie imi place bebica, dar uite cat de scumpa e si Eva! Si grasunica.:P

6th December 2010, 23:14
Si eu sunt in love cu bebita asta, Mick parca il cheama, e un asa de frumos incat iti vine sa-l mananci:):kiss: si din fericire nu seamana deloc cu el:D:P:lol:
Simona, daca tot ai "redeschis" threadu asta mai pun si eu niste linkuri cu programe de-ale Marinei si lui Gwendal:ok::)

7th December 2010, 02:04
Scumpi amandoi :P
eu cred ca si sotzul ar arata mai bine daca si-ar tunde pletele alea de omul junglei. Pur si simplu, sunt oameni care isi permit sa poarte parul lung, gen Gwendal, si care nu, gen husband here :D iar Gwendal trebuie sa spun ca imbatraneste foarte frumos :), si-mi place tare de el :P, si faptu ca m-a lasat sa-l strang in brate si era tot numai zambete cand i-am spus ca-l iubesc m-a facut sa-l indragesc si mai tare :P
Mai ramane sa-i declar dragostea Marinei si lui Stephane si dupa o sa traiesc impacata :happy

Merci pt vids, Oana (Nu? :D ) eu am o fixatie pe "Danse mon Esmeralda" saptamana asta :P

7th December 2010, 02:41
Simona:kiss: ma bucur ca ti-au placut videourile puse de mine si cand ai spus ca Gwendal imbatraneste frumos mi-ai luat-o inainte:D chiar voiam sa te intreb daca si in realitate e la fel de sexy si dragutz ca la tv:);).
Din pacate lista mea cu persoanele carora tb sa le declar dragostea e mult mai lunga decat a ta:happy pt include si gimnasti pe langa patinatori:D:P
Si da, eu sunt Oana:D

7th December 2010, 05:12
Este, este, Oana. In schimb toti patinatorii sunt mult mai scunzi si mai firavi decat la TV, si Gwendal nu face exceptie
:happy eu acum, serios, cand ma gandesc inapoi la momentul cand l-am vazut....nu stiu de unde am avut atat curaj :D. Mai era si accompaniat de o...tanti doamna care nu stiu ce legatura avea cu el, da pareau apropiati. Oricum mie mi-a pasat tare de ea...sigur :D
I-am iesit in fata, zambete zambete si pac: Can I give you a hug? :happy era culmea sa spuna nu ca-l luam cu forta :happy . Oricum ai spus ca ai citit pe forumul dedicat lor ce am scris. A fost un moment emotionant si funny in acelasi timp. Dupa seara aia i-am trimis un mesaj pe facebook lui Gwendal, asa profesional formulat :D, si i-am multumit. Nu mi-a raspuns (si nici nu adauga fani :( ), dar imediat dupa mesajul meu si-a schimbat 2 poze de profil cu el si Marina patinand :D. Mi-ar placea sa cred ca a fost din cauza a ceea ce i-am scris :P desi...:))) cine stie

7th December 2010, 12:10
eu am o fixatie pe "Danse mon Esmeralda" saptamana asta :P

Eu am o fixatie de cand l-am vazut prima data.:P Daca inima mea de fan nu ar fi apartinut deja altui cuplu de patinatori, programul asta m-ar fi convins sa le-o dau lor.:P

By the way, ma gandeam acuma ca husband here poate vrea sa concureze cu Gwendal la plete.:happy

7th December 2010, 13:20
Simona, eram sigura ca Gwendal arata la fel de bine si in realitate ca la tv, si sa stii ca te invidiez dar in acelasi timp ma bucur ca ai avut ocazia sa-l cunoasti personal si sa si vb cu el, oricum mi se pare such a special guy:):D:P ( oricum si prietena mea cea mai buna il adora pe Gwendal, de fapt el e marea ei iubire din liceu asa ca mi-a zis ca daca vreodata o sa-l intalnesc eu prima sa nu o uit:happy)
Si eu ador "Danse mon Esmeralda" as fi in stare sa vad programul asta o zi intreaga fara sa ma plictisesc.
Claudia, chiar daca nu vrei sa recunosti si tie iti place de Marina si Gwendal:P
Daca tot m-ati facut sa ma uit inca o data la program pun linkul si aici:
Si total off-topic, inima mea romantica de fana inca mai spera ca Marina si Gwendal sa fie impreuna:):ok:, stiu ca visez frumos dar vorba aceea "never says never":D

8th December 2010, 14:02
Oana, nu am zis ca nu-mi place de ei, ci doar ca nu sunt preferatii mei.:thinkso:

8th December 2010, 19:06
Oana, nu am zis ca nu-mi place de ei, ci doar ca nu sunt preferatii mei.:thinkso:
Claudia, atunci daca iti place fie si macar putin de ei tot e bine:ok::), mai rau era daca nu-ti placea deloc de ei:drak:, glumesc binenteles:happy;):P.
Oricum stiu ca gusturile nu se discuta si eu am patinatori care imi plac mai putin sau chiar deloc, ceea ce e normal pt ca nu se poate sa iti placa toti la fel.

12th December 2010, 00:50
Inca nu imi vine sa cred, dar am cunoscut-o si pe Marina in seara asta :X I'm in love, arata asa de bine in realitate, cea mai frumoasa roscata pe care am vazut-o vreodata :P (aici e si un mic raport, pe forumul lor, despre cum s-a intamplat tot :) http://passiononice.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=mggeneral&thread=1730&page=1 )

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs712.snc4/63266_1739564895977_1444303670_31802877_1142033_n. jpg

12th December 2010, 01:02
super simona !!!

12th December 2010, 01:43
Simona, acum te invidiez de-a dreptul:happy dar ma si bucur pt tine:) ( eu le-as fi zis de ce nu au ramas impreuna:D:P, tare mult mi-as fi dorit acest lucru) oricum iarasi mi-am adus aminte de old times si am intrat in depresie:(:(

12th December 2010, 01:57
Simona, acum te invidiez de-a dreptul:happy dar ma si bucur pt tine:) ( eu le-as fi zis de ce nu au ramas impreuna:D:P, tare mult mi-as fi dorit acest lucru) oricum iarasi mi-am adus aminte de old times si am intrat in depresie:(:(

erau foarte grabiti, mi-ar fi placut sa vorbesc putin cu ei. Cat despre depresie...si eu :(. Sincer, vroiam sa-ti fac cadou de sarbatori un mesaj inregistrat de la ei, dar cu marina bolnava si faptul ca se grabeau :( s-a dus tot pe apa sambetei. Pare rau :(

12th December 2010, 02:32
erau foarte grabiti, mi-ar fi placut sa vorbesc putin cu ei. Cat despre depresie...si eu :(. Sincer, vroiam sa-ti fac cadou de sarbatori un mesaj inregistrat de la ei, dar cu marina bolnava si faptul ca se grabeau :( s-a dus tot pe apa sambetei. Pare rau :(
Oricum intentia conteaza:ok::) asa ca ms mult ca te-ai gandit la mine:kiss:

1st March 2011, 16:00
Pt ca duminica iarasi m-am uitat la "Omul cu masca de fier" mi s-a facut un dor nebun de programul asta:great:

Si de acest program:

Dar si de acesta, chiar daca nu e de la dans e tot "Man with the iron mask":D:ok:

12th March 2011, 19:04
multi patinatori posteaza mesaje de sustinere pentru japonezi,
iata si mesajul lui Gwendal

Here is my message for Japanese people and Japanese fans:

I am shocked by what I see of the consequences and the damages done by the earthquake and the tsunami. Japan is the place I've been visiting more often in my life.

It's like my second home country and some friends in Japan are like my family...my Japanese family.

Seeing all these places I've been to, destroyed and flooded just brake my heart and thinking of the suffering caused to Japanese by this catastrophe is unbearable.

I want to send all my positive energy to all Japanese people hoping you will face this hawfull situation the best way you can. I know you will face it with courage and the efficacity you show in everything you do.

Best of luck to all of you. Hope all your families and friends are safe and sound.

I really hope World championships will be held. Being there I will be able to help and it would mean that things are already getting better.

All my love.


7th May 2011, 20:26
Programele prezentate la gala de la Jaca ( Spania):

Poate din pct de vedere tehnic nu mai sunt la fel de buni ca atunci cand concurau dar nu si-au pierdut deloc din stralucirea de altadata si din pasiunea de a patina:great:!
Pt mine vor ramane pt totdeauna "simply the best":no1!!!

16th June 2013, 23:05
Oricum cat mi-ar placea si mi-as dori sa revina in patinaj obiectiv vorbind nu cred ca mai este posibil acest lucru:nope:. Ma gandesc ca totul este o strategie de marketing si are de gand sa revina ca antrenoare sau coregrafa: http://fskating.com/2013/06/marina-anissina-comes-back-to-big-sport.html

4th July 2013, 19:52
Pana la urma s-a confirmat sau nu zvonul?

13th November 2013, 01:17
Iarasi mi s-a facut dor de ei :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=VVqFyT5-FZk#t=0

13th November 2013, 10:31
Pana la urma mai revin sau nu in competitii?

13th November 2013, 13:49
Pana la urma mai revin sau nu in competitii?
Nu se stie nimic oficial dar cred ca totul a fost mai mult un zvon iar pana acum ar fi tb sa participe macar la o competitie de nivel B pt a realiza baremul tehnic dar nu s-a intamplat acest lucru...

31st December 2013, 17:06
Gwendal are inca o fetita pe nume Lilas ( s-a nascut pe 21 dec), sa-i traiasca si sa se bucure de ea:)!
In plus a fost antrenor pt o echipa la Ice Show care in final s-a clasat pe locul 2:ok:


Fetita cea mare seamana f tare cu el, sper ca pe langa frumusete sa-i mosteneasca si talentul si faca echipa cu fiul Marinei in proba de dans :ok:





10th April 2014, 23:05
In luna iunie Gwendal va candida la presedentia Federatiei Franceze de Patinaj , sper sa castige/hello pt ca Didier la fel ca si Cinquanta prea s-a eternizat in functie :rolleyes: si ar fi cazul sa se mai schimbe si pe acolo cate ceva:ok:

5th January 2015, 12:31
Unul dintre cele mai simpatice interviuri pe care le-am citit!

wendal Peizerat: "I still keep that letter from Anissina"

Q: Gwendal, the last time our paths have crossed was at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Tell us what did you do in Sochi, and what was your impression of the Olympic Games?
A: We worked with the Eurosport International channel in Sochi. In fact, it was an unusual experience - Sochi Olympics was the first tournament where Eurosport was not among right holders. This was due to some changes in the IOC rules. And because of that, I had to run quite a bit during the competitions - from the press corner, where I watched the competition, to the studio, where the live translation was... But, I must admit, everything was organized the best way possible for journalists in Sochi - we were checked only once a day, and due to the fact that all Olympic objects were within walking distance from each other, we could easily move from one of them to another. And when I saw how comfortable were the conditions created for athletes, I couldn't help but remember my own experience of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Those games were held just a few months after the September 11, 2001 tragedy. And the organization of the event, to put it mildly, left much to be desired. At least an hour and a half every day we spent at the security check. In Sochi it took only five minutes, that's all!

Q: Did you manage to see something besides figure skating?
A: Everything that was in our cluster. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to the mountains, because there wasn't enough time to be back until the translation began. This is, perhaps, the only thing I regret.

Q: What about figure skating events?
A: The level of competition was very high! I liked the idea of the team event, I enjoyed this part of the competition. The Russian team, of course, run the show. And it was great — it is always nice to see the athletes having a great performance in front of home crowd, it creates a special atmosphere. The only thing that caught my eye — sometimes the audience was not quite fair to the skaters from other countries ...

Q: That's because those were hardly the figure skating experts in the stands...
A: This is exactly what I wanted to say! The audience supported Russian athletes, they were cheering for Russia, but not for figure skating. However, that's not the only reason. I'm afraid that even for those who follow figure skating, it's now quite difficult to become an expert in it. Even if you're the most avid and loyal fan! What can I say — even we are lost sometimes in the wilds of the new system... Although I must admit that this system is very technical, complex, and close to the perfect way to evaluate what is essentially an art. But at the same time, in my opinion, it kills the contact between dancers and audience.

Q: Can you always determine the levels of difficulty from the first glance while watching performances?
A: Honestly - I don't even try. I'm not commentating events, so why should I? Especially if you are watching figure skating, thinking about numbers, levels of difficulty - you don't see anything. You don't pay attention to expressiveness, emotion, you only evaluate the technical component.

Q: Let's go back to Sochi Olymics. When you were in "Iceberg", had the thought that you could have been skating there crossed your mind?
A: I remember that story (laughs). Marina really wanted to skate in Sochi, she still reminds me, "We should have done that!" If there were anyone who could have really prepared for the Olympics, it would be Marina. We could try, but my refusal was a conscious decision, and here is the reason: if we had gone to Sochi, it would be not for the right reasons, but purely for publicity. And to be honest, I have too much respect the figure skaters's work to decide that we have the right to make a comeback all of a sudden after a 12-year break. They've done so much work, so many things have changed. The idea was very appealing, but it would not be too mature decision.

Q: But Olympic champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean returned after 10-year break? And they won bronze at the Olympics ...
A: Did you know that the first time Marina told me of her intention to skate again at the Olympics was before Turin? And the first thing I did back then, I called Christopher and Jayne for advice. You know what they told me?

Q: Do not do this?
A: Exactly! They said that if they could go back in time, they would never have done it. Christopher and Jayne told me that their decision to come back was not their good will, it was the federation that wanted them to do it, because that would have brought them money, fame, po****rity. But they didn't have this overwhelming desire to compete anymore. And it should be the main driving force behind the athlete's decision to go back to their professional activities. And I was glad to hear it from them. By the way, my reaction to their comeback was negative - yes, they did come back, but they didn't win, thus killing their own legacy, which took them so many years to create. And it is the main risk. The farther you are moving away from what you have achieved, the more valuable is your achievement. It's like a jewelry made in the 18th century — now it will be an antique, luxury! But if you melt it to make a new one, you will have some new golden little thing, but it won't have the old spirit. So it was too dangerous. And quite difficult at the same time!

Q: How many times have Marina asked you to try to come back?
A: A hundred! Maybe more. In fact, it seemed to me that Marina's mind was saying "yes", while her heart said firm "no." Deep down in her heart, she knew that this idea was doomed. And, knowing me, she might have asked, secretly hoping that I would refuse (laughs). So much work, so much pain, so much nerves...

Q: So you didn't hesitate even for a moment whether or not to get involved in such an adventure?
A: No, I thought about it. Firstly, I did it for Marina. Secondly, as I said, ideas like that excite the mind. Thirdly, we still skate, and our shape is not so bad. In general, it was not impossible. We could always adapt to the new rules, although many said the opposite. But we have gone through various changes and modifications in the ice dance rules, so I know for sure that with certain diligence it would have been possible to adjust to the new regulations. So, back to the question of me contemplating the comeback, once again I should have done that at least out of respect to Marina. Put me in her place — one day I may also ask her of something, and it would be fair if she at least considered my offer.

Q; If your return was possible in theory, then say theoretically, in which place could you finish in Sochi?
A: Oh... Who knows... you need to consider so many factors — the preparation to competitions, staying injury-free, gaining top shape ... Wait, are you talking a hypothetical situation where everything is perfect?

A: Hmm ... (smiles).

Q: Do you think you could have won those Games?
A: Ah, the thing is that I would have to compare us to skaters I had never competed with in my life. In addition, anyway, everything is decided by judges. If you asked me about it before Salt Lake City, I would say: how do I know? Ask the judges! And here it is the same — you would have to go to the judges and ask them: if Anissina and Peizerat came back, in which place could they have finished in Sochi?

Q: Some coaches, including, for example, Rostislav Sinitsyn, thought that you could finish in the top 10.
A: Maybe... In fact, I probably would have hoped and would be happy to be in the top 10. In general, I will say this — we stiil have the figure skating component called "skating skills", which is now evaluated separately, and it's still good enough. After all, we, let's say, the old school skaters, still have what had been lost with the introduction of the new system. The speed, the deep and clear edges. We skated when there were still compulsory dances as part of the ice dance event. So we are very fluent in all the nuances that are now valued in the short dance. But I cannot tell you if I would have been able to do a twizzle holding my left heel with one hand, and my right ear with another. Because I never tried it! In theory, we can do everything on ice - because in our time, Marina and I invented things that no one had ever done before and no one could. Perhaps we would have even created some additional problems for the judges - we could have performed an element, and they would have thought, hmm, I'd never seen it, I wonder what is it? Is it level four? Or level three? It would be a game, because I had always played within the certain rules. But in this case, it would have been too risky.

Q: Gwendal, we always wanted to know how things went when your teamed up with Marina. Do you remember the time when you first met?
A: Wow, the first meeting... If I am not mistaken, it was in France at a workshop. In the summer, we invited Natalia Linichuk to work with French skaters, and she brought her pupils with her. I think Marina also was there, and that was the first time we met. But I'm not 100% sure. But I remember very well World Junior Championships where we competed against each other. At first, in 1990 in Colorado, Marina and Ilya Averbukh won the gold, and my partner and I were fourth, and the next year ,we came second and they were fourth. So it was a very serious fight. And then I received a letter from Marina written in French... No! Linichuk handed me her letter at competition in France. Marina wrote that Ilya decided to skate with another partner, she said that she liked my technique and invited to skate with her.

Q: The letter was written in French? There were probably a lot of mistakes?
A: Yes! There were many-many mistakes, which made it very amusing and cute (laughs). I kept it and I still have it. But at the moment, I had been skating with my former partner for 12 years already, and it's not a partnerships that you can easily break up. We started skating together when we were eight years old!

Q: Your first partner was also called Marina?
A: Exactly. And after just a couple of months after I received a letter, my first Marina (Morel) has decided to quit! Then I called Marina Anissina and said that I was ready to try.

Q: So your teaming up was a result of an accidental coincidence?
A: Absolutely. My former partner had had a lot of injuries, she was constantly in pain, and one day she just said — I quit.

Q: But if she continued, you would not have teamed up with Anissina?
A: No. I always told myself: if I stop skating with Marina, it wiil be the end of my career. I promised myself that. But the thing is, my second partner is also named Marina, so I kept my promise (laughs).

Q: To be honest, we are a little scared to even ask how your partnership with Anisina had started...
A: Oh, yes, it was hard. But she changed my life! I am totally serious — she changed my life and my attitude to the sport. There is a huge difference between Russian and French skaters. We skated, and our parents paid for our skating - the higher your level, the more money you have to pay for preparation and training. And if you do not enjoy the process, you just quit. After all, if you have to pay for something you don't enjoy doing, there is no point to continue. We were driven by pleasure — in training, in competition, in everything. Each movement should be a p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e. Marina grew up in the Soviet system, moreover, she was the daughter of champions. From a very young age, she was accustomed to the fact that if you work hard, you get to the top, and then the system starts to work for you. But as soon as you wind down, the system throws you out. For me, it was fun, game, for her it was a job. You don't enjoy hard work at practice? Who cares? The main thing is to win! In my case, it was different. And indeed sometimes winning is even harder — usually the winners are not exactly adored. But if you finish second, everyone loves you and sympathizes with you — poor thing, try again, you will definitely win the next time!
So when Marina came and we started skating together, she once asked me: "What are you smiling at at practices?!" I replied, "Leave me alone, I like it!" But in her opinion — if you can still smile, if you are not hurting enough, then it was not enough for you and you didn't do your best. At our first competition we skated very well and finished second. On the podium, I was smiling again from ear to ear, and I heard from Marina: "Why are you smiling again?!" I said: "What do you mean, we finished second at our fist competition! It's awesome!" "Being second sucks! You either win or it's nothing." That's Marina for you. Although, I think, many people in Russia have the same attitude to sport. And for Marina is was even harder because she always had to defend his name, or rather, her father's name, and she has always strived to achieve even more than he did.

Q: You said that Anissina changed your perception of the sport. And how did she change your life?
A: I am by nature a man who thinks a lot about how to act in a given situation before actually doing something. And if it does not work, I think again, reflect on my actions, and only then proceed to do something else. And so on, to infinity. Marina, in turn, cast away the part where I used to think, and acted on intuition, and she worked, and worked, and worked... One of us thought, another felt — and this combination made us a strong team. And, despite the fact that each of us firmly stood his ground, at the same time we both changed. Marina learned how to use her head at the right time, not only to act on feelings. In general, to summarize, our strength was in the difference in our mentality that led to a nuclear explosion when put together. And sometimes, the explosion leads to destruction, but in our case, this energy pushed us forward.

Q: Evgeny Platov, two-time Olympic champion in ice dance, once told me that at the first practice session with Oksana Grischuk...
A: They had a fight? (laughs)

Q: Yes. To be precise - she told him to go to hell.
A: The thing is that it is never easy in ice dance. We are very close to each other almost all the time, and we work very hard, and the stress is sometimes tremendous. Take Marina and me, we both have always strived for excellence, each of us is strong-minded, and we both were eager to win. As a result, those who trained with us, thought that each day could be our last. They often said: that's it, they are not coming back tomorrow, and then - oh, here they are again. But at the same time we never missed a single practice! We could fight like crazy, but at a practice, we forgot about everything and continued to work.

Q: But had any of you ever tried to leave?
- Of course. About once a week. Throughout all 20 years. And I'm absolutely serious. Imagine that after 15 days of working together, I decided that that was it — I've had enough. After the first 15 days!

Q: Who usually made the first move?

A: Our coach Muriel (Boucher-Zazoui) helped a lot.You know, any explosive has a fuse. So Muriel was this fuse, which went out as soon as things started heating up. She "burned" to keep us together as a couple countless times. She toned it down, maintained the balance. It was hard every day, but what is the most interesting — despite all the difficulties, our progress has been extremely rapid. We were 12th at our first European Championships, and we were fifth the next year. Two years later we went up to the podium to never leave it again.

Q: At this level, did you still get pleasure from the sport, as in the past, more serene years?
A: No, things have changed. Of course, sometimes we had fun, laughed at practices. But the closer you get to the top, the less you have time to relax and rest. But the emotions that you feel when you, for example, win the European championships for the first time, they cannot be described. And they are worth all the difficulties.

Q: What was your career peak?
A: It's hard to say. Do you ask about my feelings, my perception, or in terms of results? Because in terms of the emotions, I will never forget the 1999 World Championships in Helsinki. We skated "The Man in the Iron Mask," and the audience gave us a standing ovation... Judging by the result - we won all the tournaments in 2000, and on top of it, we became World champions in front of our home crowd. It was a huge achievement, but not everything in that season went perfectly. Considering our overall career, then surely its peak was at the 2002 Olympics. You plan everything for the single event, you build your whole life in sports around that. And when that events is the last in your career, when you openly say that you want to win and quit, and then your dream comes true ... It's like you make a list and then check off the points: to become European champion - check, World champion - check, to win the Olympics - check — everything that could be done is done. And it is the most incredible feeling. Voila!

Q: When you teamed up with Marina Anisina, did you have any special feelings about competing with with Irina Lobacheva and Ilya Averbukh?
A: I didn't, but for Marina it was a blast (laughs). When we first met with them in competition, it was in France, and they beat us. Marina was beside herself with rage, she was ready to tear down the walls on her way! And it was the only time they have beaten us. One and only time.

Q: But in Salt Lake they were close enough ...
A: At the Olympics — yes, but throughout the season — hardly. In Salt Lake City, they skated well, while other competitors made some mistakes. But look, in ice dance, now and before, the top five teams are very close to each other. Each one can be expected to have a great performance and win the gold.

Q: But you must admit that after their bronze at the European Championships, it was difficult to even suggest that it will be different at the Olympics...
A: At Europeans, they were third without any question. But if you remember, Lobacheva was injured in summer, she could not train, and they skated into the season quite late. Do you remember the unusual 2.5 jump that Averbuch did twice in the free dance? I still remember that, he invented it when he was training alone. And they gained the top shape in time for the Olympics. Marina and I did it earlier, but managed to maintain it long enough for the Games themselves. And there's a nuance - the year before, Marina and I were not ready for the European Championships, we both fell 10 seconds before the end of the program, and lost the title, showing a weakness. But at the World Championships, we were in a good shape, we could have challenged for gold, but it was not enough - just because of what happened at the European Championships. The judges remember failures.

Q: You competed with Lobacheva and Averbuch on ice. And how things were ...
A: ... Off ice? In the men's locker room, it was all calm and quiet, we were on very good terms - talking, joking, laughing. But it was better to stay far, far away from women's locker room. There were Lobacheva, Anissina and (Barbara) Fuzar-Poli! Shae-Lynn (Bourne) was a little more reserved, but these three... Wow! Frankly, I was happy to be a man (laughs). The furies.

Q: And to end our conversation, tell us, who invented the famous lift when Marina lifted you?
A: I can not remember exactly, but in general it was the idea of our choreographer. She and our coach decided that it should be like that. When Marina heard that, she immediately protested, saying that she was not a weightlifter and does not want to have muscles like a man. And turning to me, she said, "Why don't you say anything? You're not a girl!" She has been very strongly opposed to it. But our choreographer explained that in the "Romeo and Juliet" program they wanted to show that the girl in the story is stronger than a guy. And the best way to express this idea was to do this lift. And Marina began to change her opinion. But then again she started saying that it was impossible to do on the ice. Then our coach Muriel said, "If I do it, will you do it?" And our coach did the lift! Marina had nothing to say. However, she was in for another shock — the choreographer has decided that in the end there should be another such lift...

Q: But after that, you haven't given up this unique lift ?
A: No, absolutely, we later used it in every program. This was our signature move.

Q: Did you know that there were many jokes about that?
A: No, tell me.

Q: For example, people started calling you "Romeo and Schwarzenegger"...
A: (Laughs) It's funny! But in fact, this lift is not so difficult. All that is needed is strong legs, and the girls usually have very strong legs. The rest is balance, so in fact, I did the rest of the job.

Q: Gwendal, why did not you stay in figure skating, did not become a coach? You're don't work with athletes now, do you?
A: From time to time, they invite me to choreograph for them — this is something I really enjoy! But I've never wanted to become a coach. By the end of our career, I, in fact, needed a break from the ice. Besides, I started my own business, and my company has been functioning for the past ten years. I have 30 people working for me.

Q: What is the focus of your work?
A: We check the standards of sports arenas - the size of a football pitch, the height of basketball hoop boards, and other such things.

Q: So you did not go that far from sport, after all?
A: No. But I am also involved in politics — I am the Vice President of Sport of my region, Rhône-Alpes. So I am a very busy man!


5th January 2015, 20:10
Am crezut ca am sters postul cu interviul lui Peizerat. Este ceva sters acolo, dar si interviul este postat. Ma rog!
Mi-a placut atat de mult interviul, incat l-am tradus. Asta pentru ca prieteni si cunoscuti de-ai mei mi-au spus ca ei citesc pe forumul de patinaj, dar ca ar fi mai bucurosti daca unele articole ar fi in romaneste.

Gwendal Peizerat: "Pastrez inca scrisoarea de la Anissina"

I: Gwendal, ultima oara cand ni s-au intalnit pasii a fost la Jocurile Olympice din Sochi. Povesteste-ne ce faceai in Sochi si care au fost impresiile tale despre Jocurile Olimpice.
R:Am lucrat cu canalul Eurosport International. De fapt a fost o experienta neobisnuita fiindca Olimpiada de la Soci a fost primul turneu olimpic in care Eurosport nu a fost printre cei cu drepturi de transmisie. Aceasta datorita unor schimbari in regulile IOC. Si din cauza aceasta a trebuit sa alerg putin in timpul competitiilor – de la coltul presei, de unde presa urmarea competitia, la studio, unde era transmisia directa... Dar, trebuie sa admit ca totul a fost organizat in modul cel mai bun posibil pentru jurnalistii din Soci – eram verificati numai o data pe zi , si datorita faptului ca toate zonele olimpice erau la distanta de o plimbare unele de altele, am putut sa ne miscam usor de la una la alta. Si cand am vazut ce conditii confortabile au fost create pentru atleti, n-am putut sa nu-mi amintesc de experienta mea proprie de la Jocurile Olimpice Salt Lake City. Acele jocuri au fost organizate doat cu cateva luni dupa tragedia din 11 Septembrie 2001. Si organizarea evenimentelor a lasat mult de dorit. Cel putin 1ora si 1/2 in fiecare zi stateam la verificarea de securitate. La Soci se facea in 5 minute si gata.

I: Ai incercat sa vezi si altceva inafara de patinaj artistic?
R: Tot ce era prin apropiere. Din pacate n-am reusit sa merg in munti fiindca nu era suficient timp sa revin pana cand incepea transmisia. Este poate singurul lucru pe care il regret.

I: Ce spui despre patinajul artistic?
R: Nivelul competitiei a fost foarte inalt! Mi-a placut ideea de concurs pe echipe, am savurat aceasta parte a competitiei. Echipa Rusiei, bineinteles a condus show-ul. Si a fost grozava – este intotdeauna frumos sa vezi atleti avand performante grozave in fata propriului public, se creaza o atmosfera speciala. Singurul lucru care m-a deranjat este ca – cateodata publicul n-a fost chiar asa de fair play fata de patinatorii din celelalte tari...

I: Asta pentru ca nu erau cunoscatori in tribune?
A: Exact asta am vrut sa spun.! Publicul i-au sustinut pe atletii rusi, si le-au facut galerie lor, si nu patinajului artistic. Totusi acesta nu este singurul motiv. Cred ca si celor care urmaresc patinajul le este greu sa devina experti in patinaj. Chiar si celor care sunt suporteri infocati! Dar ce spun – chiar si noi ne simtim pierduti in salbaticia noului sistem... Totusi trebuie sa admit ca acest sistem este foarte tehnic, complex si aproape de modul perfect de evaluare a ceea ce este esential in aceasta arta. Dar in acelasi timp, in opinia mea, noul sistem distruge contactul dintre dansatori si audienta.

I: Poti intotdeauna sa determini nivelul de dificultate din prima, in timp ce urmaresti evolutiile?
R: Sincer – nici nu prea incerc. Eu nu comentez competitiile, asa ca de ce as face-o? Daca urmaresti patinajul artistic, si te gandest la punctaje si nivele de dificultate, nu vezi nimic. Nu acorzi atentie expresivitatii, emotiilor, ci doar evaluezi componentul tehnic.

I: Sa ne intoarcem la Olimpiada de la Soci. Cand erai in arena ’’Iceberg’’ ti-a trecut prin minte ca ai fi putut patina aici?
R: Imi amintesc aceasta poveste (râde). Marina a vrut cu adevarat sa patineze la Soci, si imi tot reaminteste: „Am fi putut sa o facem!” Daca ar fi putut cineva sa se pregateasca cu adevarat pentru a patina la Soci, aceea ar fi fost Marina. Am fi putut incerca, dar refuzul meu a fost o decizie constienta, si iate motivul: Daca am fi participat la Sochi n-ar fi fost pentru motive adevarate, ci ar fi fost pentru pura publicitate. Si apoi sa fim cinstiti, eu am mult respect pentru munca patinatorilor ca sa decid daca avem dreptul sa ne intoarcem asa, deodata, dupa 12 ani de pauza. Ei au muncit atat de mult si s-au schimbat asa de multe. Ideea a fost foarte tentanta, dar n-ar fi fost o decizie inteleapta.

I: Dar campionii olimpici Jayne Torvill si Christopher Dean s-au reintors dupa 10 ani de pauza. Si au luat bronzul olimpic....
R: Stii ca prima oara cand Marina mi-a spus de intentia sa de a patina din nou la olimpiada a fost inainte de Torino 2006? Si primul lucru pe care l-am facut a fost sa ii caut pe Christopher si Jayne pentru a le cere sfatul. Stii ce mi-au spus?

I: Sa nu o faci?
R: Exact! Mi-au spus ca daca s-ar putea intoarce in timp n-ar mai face-o niciodata. Christopher si Jayne mi-au spus ca decizia lor de a se intoarce n-a pornit de la ei ci de la federatie care a vrut ca ei s-o faca pentru ca le-ar aduce bani, faima si po****ritate. Dar ei nu aveau de loc dorinta de a mai concura. Si asta ar fi fost principala forta din spatele deciziei atletilor de a se reintoarce la activitatea profesionala. Am fost multumit sa o aflu de la ei. Si apropos, si reactia mea de atunci la reintoarcerea lor a fost una negativa - bun, s-au intors, dar n-au invins , distrugand astfel ceea ce au relizat si ceea ce i-au motivat sa creeze. Si asta este principalul risc. Ceea ce te impinge mai departe sunt realizarile tale. Este ca o bijuterie din aur facuta in secolul 18 care este acum o antichitate, un lux. Dar daca o topesti pentru a face alta noua, vei avea ceva de aur, dar se va pierde vechea aura. Deci ar fi fost periculos. Si dificil in acelasi timp!

I: De cate ori ti-a cerut Marina sa revii?
R: De 100 de ori! Poate mai mult. De fapt mi se parea ca mintea Marinei spunea ’da’ in timp ce inima ei spunea ’nu’. In adancul inimii ei ea stia ca aceasta idee era condamnata. Si cunoscandu-ma s-ar fi putut sa-mi fi pus intrebarea, sperand in secret ca am s-o refuz.( râde) Atat de multa munca, atat de multa durere, atat de multi nervi....

I: Deci nu ai ezitat niciun moment daca sa te implici sau nu aitr-o astfel de aventura?
R: Nu! M-am gandit la ea. In primul rand am facut-o pentru Maina. Apoi, dupa cum am spus, idei ca astea entuziasmeaza mintea. In al treilea rand, noi inca patinam si forma noastra fizica nu era asa de rea. In general, nu era chiar imposibil. Puteam oricand sa ne adaptam la noile reguli, desi multi spuneau contrariul. Dar am trecut prin atatea schimbari diferite si modificari in reguluile dansului pe gheata, incat stiu precis ca ar fi fost posibil sa ne adaptam la noile reguli. Deci referindu-ma la mine in legatura cu analizarea reintoarcerii, inca o data, ar fi trebuit sa o fac cel putin din respect pentru Marina. Puneti-ma in locul ei – intr-o zi pot eu sa o rog ceva si ar fi fair ca cel putin sa-mi ia in considerare rugamintea.

I: Daca teoretic reintoarcerea ar fi fost posibila, pe ce loc crezi ca ati fi putu termina concursul la Soci?
A: Oh... Cine stie ....e necesar sa tii cont de multi factori – pregatirea pentru competitii, lipsa de accidentari, ajungerea la forma maxima.... Stai, te referi la situatia ipotetica in care totul ar fi fost perfect?

R: Hmm ... (zambeste).

I: Crezi ca ati fi putut castiga la Olimpiada?
R: Ah, treaba este ca daca ar fi trebuit sa ma compar cu alti patinatori n-ar fi trebuit sa patinez in toata viata mea. In plus, oricum, totul este decis de arbitri. Daca m-ai fi intrebat asta inainte de SLC ti-as fi spus: De unde sa stiu? Intreaba-i pe arbitri! Si aici este la fel – ar trebui sa mergi la arbitri si sa-i intrebi: Daca Anisina si Peizerat s-ar intoarce, pe ce loc ar putea termina concursul la Sochi?

I: Cativa antrenori, de exemplu Rostislav Sinitsyn, au crezut ca ati fi putut termina in top 10.
R: Probabil ...De fapt, eu as fi sperat si as fi fost fericit sa fi fost in primii 10. In general as zice – noi inca avem ’skating skills’ care acum se evalueaza separat, si este destul de buna. Pana la urma noi, patinatorii vechii scoli avem ceea ce s-a pierdut odata cu introducerea noului sistem: viteza, muchii adanci si clare. Noi patinam cand exista inca Compulsory Dances ca parte a concursului. Asa ca noi suntem foarte fluenti in toate nuantele care se evalueaza acum la SD. Dar n-as putea sa-ti spun daca as fi capabil sa fac twizzle tinandu-ma de calcaiul stang cu o mana si de urechea dreapta cu cealalta mana. Fiindca n-am incercat niciodata! In teorie noi stiom orice pe gheata – pentru in vremea noastra Marina si cu mine inventam lucruri pe care nu le-au facut altii niciodata inainte, si nu le puteau face. Poate chiar le-am fi creat probleme in plus arbitrilor; am fi facut un element si ei s-ar fi gandit: hmm, nu am mai vazut asta inainte, ma intreb ce este ? O fi de nivel 4? Sau de nivel 3? Ar fi un joc, deoarece am jucat intodeauna inafara anumitor reguli. Dar in acest caz ar fi fost prea riscant.

I: Gwendal, nai am vrut intotdeauna sa stim cum s-ai intamplat lucrurile cand ai facut echipa cu Marina? Iti amintesti cand ai intalnit-o prima oara?
R: Wow, prima intalnire... daca nu gresesc a fost in Franta la un atelier de lucru. In timpul verii noi am invitat-o pe Natalia Linichuk ca sa lucreze cu patinatorii franceezi, iar ea si-a adus si elevii cu ea. Cred ca si Marina era acolo si aceea a fost prima oara cand ne-am intalnit. Dar nu sunt sigur 100%. Dar imi amintesc foarte bine World Junior Championships la care am concurat unul impotriva celuilalt. Prima oara, in 1990 in Colorado, Marina and Ilya Averbukh au castigat aurul, iar eu cu partenera mea am fost pe locul 4, iar in anul urmator noi am fost pe locul 2 si ei pe 4. Deci a fost o lupta foarte seroasa. Apoi am primit o scrisoare de la Marina scrisa in franceza... Nu! Linichuk mi-a inmanat scrisoarea ei la o competitie in Franta. Marina scria ca Ilya a decis sa patineze cu o alta partenera si ca ii place tehnica mea si ca ma invita sa patinez cu ea.

I: Scrisoarea era scrisa in franceza? Probabil ce era plina de greseli?
R: Da! Erau multe-multe greseli ceea ce au facut-o sa fie foarte amuzanta si draguta. (rade) Am pastrat-o si inca o am. Doar ca la acel moment eu patinam cu partenera mea de 12 ani deja, si acesta nu-i un parteneriat pe care sa-l rupi usor. Noi incepuseram sa patinam de cand aveam 8 ani!

I: Prima ta partenera se numea tot Marina?
R: Exact. Si dupa numai vreo 2 luni de cand primisem scrisoarea, prima mea Marina (Morel) a decis sa renunte! Asa am sunat-o pe Marina Anissina si i-am spus ca sunt gata sa incerc.

I: Deci cuplul a fost rezultatul unei coincidente intamplatoare?
R: Absolut. Fosta mea partenera avuses o multime de accidentari, avea mereu dureri, si intr-o zi a spus – renunt!

I: Dar daca ea ar fi continuat , ai mai fi facut echipa cu Anissina?
R: Nu. Intotdeauna mi-am spus: cand nu voi mai patina cu Marina, va fi sfarsitul carierei mele. Mi-am promis mie acest lucru. Dar treba este ca si a 2-a mea partenera se numeste tot Marina, deci mi-am tinut promisiunea. (rade)

I: Sa fiu cinstita mi-e putin teama sa intreb cum a inceput parteneruatul tau cu Marina....
R: Oh, da, a fost greu. Dar ea mi-a schimbat viata! Serios – mi-a schimbat viata si atitudinea fata de sport. Era o diferenta uriasa intre patinatorii francezi si rusi. Noi patinam si parintii nostri plateau pentru patinajul nostru. Cu cat nivelul era mai ridicat, cu atat banii care trebuieau platiti pentru pregatire si antrenament, erau mai multi. Iar daca nu-ti placea, plecai. Pana la urma, daca trebuia sa platesti pentru ceva ce nu-ti placea sa faci, nu mai era de ce Eram condusi de placerea de ne antrena, de a concura, de a face orice. Orice miscare trebuia sa fie din pla-ce-re.
Marina a crescut in sistemul sovietic si mai mult de atat, era fiica unor campioni. De la o varsta foarte mica, ea a fost indoctrinata cu ideea ca daca muncesti din greu, vei fi in frunte, si atunci sistemul va lucra pentru tine. Dar in acelasi timp daca mergi in jos, sistemul te elimina. Pentru mine era amuzant, era un joc, pentru ea era un job. Nu va place munca gra la antrenament/ Cui ii pasa? Principalul lucru este sa invingi! In cazul meu era diferit. Si intr-adevar uneori chiar invingand era mai greu – de obicei invingatorii nu sunt chiar iubiti. Dar daca termini pe locul 2, toata lumea te iubeste si simpatizeaza cu tine – saracul, trebuie sa mai icerce, va invinge sigur data viitoare!
Asa ca, atunci cand Marina a venit si am inceput sa patinam impreuna, m-a intrebat odata: „La ce zambesti in timpul antrenamentului?!” Am replicat: „Lasa-ma in pace, imi place!” Dar in opinia ei , daca inca zambesti inseamna ca nu esti daramat de atata munca, deci nu a fost destul si nu ai facut destul pentru tine, nu ai dat tot ce poti. Pe podium eu zambeam din nou cu gura pana la urechi si o auzeam pe Marina: „De ce zambesti iar?” Iar eu raspundeam: „Ce vrei spui, doar am terminat prima noastra competitie pe locul 2. E minunat!” „Sa fii pe locul 2 e rahat! Ori castigi, ori nimic!” Asta era Marina! De fapt, cred ca multa lume din Rusia are aceeasi atitudine in sport. Iar pentru Marina a fost chiar mai greu pentru ca ea intotdeauna a trebuit sa isi apere numele, sau mai precis numele tatalui ei, si ea s-a straduit sa realizeze mai mult decat a facut-o el.

I: Spui ca Anissina ti-a schimbat perceptia fata de sport. Dar cum ti-a schimbat viata?
R: Eu sunt prin natura mea un om care gandeste mult cum sa procedeze intr-o situatie data, inainte de a face ceva. Si daca nu merge, ma mai gandesc o data, reflectez la actiunele mele si numai apoi fac altceva. Si asa mai departe, pana la infinit. Marina in schimb lasa deoparte partea la care eu ma gandesc de obicei, actioneaza din intuitie si munceste, si munceste, si munceste.... Unul din noi gandea, celalat simtea – si aceasta combinatie a facut din noi o echipa puternica. Si, in ciuda faptului ca fiecare dintre noi tinea de stilul propriu, noi totusi ne-am schimbat in acelasi timp. Marina a invatat cum sa-si fofseasca capul la timpul potrivit, nu numai sa actioneze dupa cum simte. In general, pe scurt, puterea noastra a stat in diferenta dintre mentalitati, care puse impreuna conduc la explozii nucleare. Exploziile duc deseori la distrugeri, dar in cazul nostru aceasta energie ne-a impins inainte.

I: Evgeny Platov, de 2 ori Campion Olimpic la ice dance, mi-a spus odata ca la primul antrenament Oksana Grischuk...
R: S-au luptat? (rade)

I: Da. Mai precis – ea la trimis la dracu’.
R: Problema e ca nu e usor la Dans pe gheata. Suntem aproape unul de altul proape tot timpul, muncim din greu si stresul este extraordinar. De exemplu eu si Marina; amandoi ne-am straduit intotdeauna sa obtinem excelenta, fiecare dintre noi este puternic la minte și amândoi am fost dornici de a câștiga. Ca urmare cei care se antrenau cu noi credeau ca fiecare zi est ultima noastra zi impreuna. Obisnuiau sa spuna: atat a fost, ei nu vor reveni maine, si apoi – oh, iata-i din nou aici. In acelasi timp noi n-am lipsit de la niciun singur antrenament! Puteam sa ne certam ca nebunii, dar la antrenament uitam de orice si continuam sa muncim.

I: Si nicunul dintre voi nu a incercat sa plece? But had any of you ever tried to leave?
Bineinteles ca da. Aproximatv o data pe saptamana. De-a lungul a 20 de ani. Si vorbesc foarte serios. Imagineaza-ti ca dupa 15 zile de lucru impreuna, eu am decis ca asta a fost – e destul! Dupa primele 15 zile!

I: Cine facea primul pas de obicei?
R: Antrenoarea noastra Muriel (Boucher-Zazoui) ne-a ajutat mult. helped a lot. Stii, fiecare exploziv are o supapa de siguranță. Deci, Muriel a fost această supapa de siguranță, care a ieșit de îndată ce lucrurile au început sa se aprinda. Ea a "ars" pentru a ne păstra împreună, ca un cuplu, de nenumărate ori. Ea a atenuat, a menținut echilibrul. A fost greu în fiecare zi, dar ceea ce este cel mai interesant - în ciuda tuturor dificultăților, progresul nostru a fost extrem de rapid. Am fost pe locul 12 la primul nostru Campionat European, am fost pe locul 5 anul următor. Doi ani mai târziu, ne-am urcat pe la podium si nu l-am mai parasit.

I: La acest nivel mai simti placerea sportului?
R: Nu, lucrurile s-au schimbat . Bineinteles uneori ne-am distrat, am ras la antrenamente. Dar cu cat te apropii de varf, ca ata este mai putin timpul pentru relaxare, pentru odihna. Pe de alta parte emotiile pe care le simt castigand Campionatul Europeana pentru prima oara, de exemplu, nu se pot descrie. Si ele merita orice dificultati.

I : Care a fost varful carierie voastre?
R: Este greu de spus. Intrebi despre sentimentele mele. Despre perceptia mea, sau termeni de rezultate? Fiindca din punct de vedere a emotiilor eu n-am uitat CM 1999 de la Helsinki. Am patinat "The Man in the Iron Mask," si publicul ne-a ovationat in picioare... Judecand dupa rezultate – am castigat turneele din 2000 si in topul relizarilor am devenit campioni mondiali in fata publicului de acasa. A fost o realizare uriasa, dar n-a fostul perfect in sezonul acela. Luind in considerare toata cariera, varful ei a fost Olimpiada 2002. Planuiest totul pentru un singur eveniment, iti construiesti intreaga viata sportiva in jurul lui. Si cand acest eveniment este ultimul din cariera ta, cand spui deschis ca vrei sa castifi si sa iesi si apio ti se implineste visul.... Este ca si cum ti-ai faqce o lista si bifezi fiecare lucru din ea: sa devin Campion European – bifat, Campion Mondial – bifat, sa castig Olimpiada – bifat; tot ce se putea face este facut. Si este cel mai incredibil sentiment. Voila!

I: Cand ai facut echipa cu Marina Anisina, ai avut vreo problema speciala in a concura cu Irina Lobacheva si Ilya Averbukh?
R: Nu am avut, dar pentru Marina a fost (rade). Cand ne-am intalnit prima oara cu ei in competitie, a fost in Franta, si ei ne-au invins. Marina a fost furioasa – gata sa darime zidurile din drumul ei. Si a fost singura data cand ne-au batut. Prima si singura data!

I: Dar in SLC eu au foarte aproape ....
R: La Olimpiada – da, dar pe parcursul sezonului nu. La SLC eu au patinat bine, in timp ce alti competitori au facut greseli. Dar la Dans pe gheata, si inainte si acum, primii 5 sunt foarte aproape unii de altii. De la oricare te poti astepta sa aiba o evolutie grozava si sa castige aurul.

I: Dar trebuie sa admiti ca dupa bronzullor de la CE, iti venea greu sa crezi ca va fi altfel la Olimpiada...
R: La Europene, ei au fost pe locul 3 fara nicio indoiala. Dar daca iti asmintesti, Lobacheva s-a accidentat in vara, nu s-a putut antrena, si ei au inceput tarziu sezonul. Iti amintesti saritura neobisnuita 2.5 pe care Averbuch a facut-o de 2 ori in FD ? Inca imi amintesc asta, a inventat-o cand el se antrena singur. Si si-au capatat forma de varf la timp pentru Olimpiada. Marina si cu mine am capata forma de varf devreme, dar ne-am straduit sa o mentinem destul de mult timp pana la Olimpiada. Si aici mai e o nuanta; cu un an inainte Marina si cu mine nu am fost gata pentru Europene si am cazut amandoi cu 10 secunde inainte de final si am pierdut titlul european. Dar la Mondiale am fost in forma, am luptat pentru aur, dar n-a fost de-ajuns – tocmai pentru ceea ce s-a intamplat la europene. Arbitri si-au amintit cazaturile.

I: Ati concurat cu Lobacheva si Averbuch pe gheata. Dar cum erau lucrurile ...
R: ... Inafara ghetii? In vestiarul barbatilor era calm si liniste, eram in termeni foarte buni – povesteam, glumeam, radeam. Dar era mai bine sa stai departe, foarte departe de vestiarul femeilor. Erau Lobacheva, Anissina si (Barbara) Fusar-Poli! Shae-Lynn (Bourne) era mai rezervata, dar cele 3 .... Wow! Pe cuvant, eram fericit ca sunt barbat (rade) Furiile!

I: Si la sfarsitul conversatiei noastre, povesteste-ne cine a inventat faimoasa ridicare cand Marina te ridica pe tine?
R: Nu-mi amintesc exact, dar in general a fost idea coregrafei noastre. Ea si antrenoarea au decis ca trebuie sa fie. Cand Marina a auzit asta, a protestat imediat spunand ca nu este ridicatoare de greutati si nu vrea sa aiba muschii ca la un barbat. Si intorcandu-se spre mine a spus. „De ce nu spui ceva? Tu nu esti o fata!” S-a opus foarte tare. Dar coregrafa ne-a explicat ca in programul „Romeo and Juliet” vor sa arate ca fata din poveste este mai puternica decat un baiat. Si ca modul cel mai bun in care se poate arata asta este ca sa faca ridicarea. Si Marina a inceput sa-si schimbe opinia. Apoi spus ca e imposibil de facut asta pe gheata. Atunci antrenoarea Muriel a supus: „Daca pot eu sa o fac, o faci si tu?” Si antrenoarea a facut ridicarea! Marina n-a mai avut nimic de spus. Totusi, ea a mai avut un alt soc cand coregrafa a decis sa se mai faca o astfel de ridicare la final....

I: Dar dupa asta n-ati mai renuntat la aceasta ridicare unica?
R: Nu, absolut, noi am folosit-o mai tarziu in fiecare program. Era semnatura noastra.

I: Stii ca au fost multe glume despre asta?
R: Nu, povesteste-mi!

I: De exemplu, lumea a inceput sa va numesca people "Romeo and Schwarzenegger"...
R: (rade) Simpatic! Dar de fapt, aceasta ridicare nu este asa de dificila. Tot ce este nevoie sunt niste picioare puternice, si de obicei fetele au picioare foarte puternicw. Restul e echilibru, deci de fapt eu facea restul.

I: Gwendal, de ce nu mai esti in patinaj, de ce nu devii antrenor? Nu lucrezi cu sportivi, nu?
R: Periodic lumea ma invita sa fac coregrafie si asta imi place cu adevarat. Dar nu mi-am dorit niciodata sa devin antrenor. De fapt, la sfarsitul carierei mele mi-am dorit sa stau departe de gheata. Inafara de asta, am inceput propria afacere si compania mea functioneaza de 10 ani. Am 30 de angajati.

I: Care este obisctul activitatii tale?
R: Noi verificam standardele arenelor de sport - mărimea terenurilor de fotbal, înălțimea cosului de baschet, și alte astfel de lucruri.

I: Deci nu esti asa de departe de sport, pana la urma?
R: Nu. Dar sunt deasemenea implicat in politica – sunt Vicepresedinte al Sportului in regiunea mea Rhône-Alpes. Asa ca sunt un om foarte ocupat!

6th January 2015, 17:12
Super interviu:ok:! Unele raspunsuri m-au facut sa rad:D iar altele mi-au adus asa un sentiment de nostalgie si amintiri frumoase :)
Duminica m-au uitat din nou la "Omul cu masca de fier" si inevitabil mi-am amintit de FD lor de la CM din 1999 si de programul olimpic a lui Yags :great:

P.S. Recunosc ca eu inca sper ca intr-o buna zi ei doi vor fi impreuna si in viata reala :):P

26th March 2015, 15:40
Pacat ca nu se organizeaza si la noi asemenea spectacole:( https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/11053280_10152662288811524_4608574805460317280_n.j pg?oh=175eda6e8962395cba8e082a68c0f785&oe=55A5897C&__gda__=1437013507_e25f36537ef1ec61e6fcc9d1c531d18 f

7th November 2016, 21:19
Gwendal si trupa sa Bastien cantand Sound of Silence:


...... si altele la acelasi user: