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14th October 2017, 09:05
Evgenia s-a nascut la Moscova in 19 Noiembrie 1999, deci va implini in curand 18 ani. Desi e inca foarte tanara la data cand s-a deschis acest thread, are deja o cariera impresionanta si domina categoric patinajul artistic feminin. Este antrenata din 2008 de Eteri Tutberidze.

Ca senioara, este:
- de 2 ori Campioana Mondiala (2016, 2017)
- de 2 ori Campioana Europeana (2016, 2017)
- de 2 ori Campioana Finalei Grand Prix (2015, 2016)
- de 2 ori Campioana Nationala a Rusiei (2016, 2017).
Ca junioara, cele mai bune rezultate sunt:
- aur la Campionatul Mondial de Juniori (2015)
- aur la Fanala Grand Prix Juniori (2014)
- aur la Campionatele Nationale de Juniori ale Rusiei (2015).

- este prima patinatoare care castiga de 2 ori consecutiv Campionatul Mondial de Seniori, consecutiv dupa Campionatul Mondial de Juniori (2015, 2016, 2017).
- este detinatoarea actuala a recordului de punctaj total. In 2017 a depasit recordul Yunei Kim de 228.56p la European Championships 2017 (229.71) si l-a imbunatatit de 2 ori: la World Championships 2017 (233.41), si la World Team Trophy 2017 (241.31).
- este detinatoarea actuala a recordului de punctaj la Programul Scurt. In 2017 a depasit recordul lui Mao Asada de 78.66p la Grand Prix Final 2016 (79.21), si l-a imbunatatit la World Team Trophy 2017 (80.85).
- este detinatoarea actuala a recordului de punctaj la Programul Liber. In 2017 a depasit recordul Yunei Kim de 150.06 la World Championships 2016 (150.10), si l-a imbunatatit de 3 ori: la European Championships 2017 (150.79), la World Championships 2017 (154.40) si la World Team Trophy 2017 (160.46)

Evgenia Medvedeva este inclusa pe locul 14 in lista Business Insider 2017 cu cei mai buni 50 de atleti din lume, si in Forbes '30 cu lista celor mai de succes 30 de tineri din Europa.

14th October 2017, 17:40
La concursul Ondrej Nepela 2017, Evgenia a prezentat pentru SP pe muzica lui Chopin Nocturne №20 in Do Minor.

Pentru FS colajul de melodii este: George Winston – January Stars, Max Richter – Departure (Lulbaby) & Dona Nobis Pacem 2. Coregrafiile - Nocturne №20 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posth played by Joshua Bell
LP - George Winston – January Stars, Max Richter – Departure (Lulbaby) & Dona Nobis Pacem 2. Coregrafiile - Daniil Gleikhengauz, Ilya Averbukh.(mai mult Averbuch)

La Japan Open Evgenia a prezentat insa un alt FS, Anna Karenina (soundtrack) by Dario Marianelli, program coregrafiat tot de Daniil Gleikhengauz, Ilya Averbukh.(mai mult Gleikhenauz). Programul a fost prezentat iasta vara in Japonia, in spectacolul Dreams On Ice.

Se pare ca schimbarea a devenit oficiala.

21st November 2017, 22:33
"Evgenia Medvedeva has revealed doctors diagnosed a crack in the metatarsal bone of the right foot, which is now in a cast. She is concerned that she may not be able to compete at the Grand Prix Final in Nagoya, which is now less than three weeks away.

A few days before the Moscow Grand Prix I felt a pain in my right leg. But 2-3 days before the Grand Prix, the pain intensified. At Rostelecom I went for an analgesic, then immediately went to Germany, where the diagnosis was confirmed.

German doctors gave recommendations, gave out many different vitamins, so that the bone quickly grew together and healed. Before the Japanese Grand Prix I had to reduce the load. Our federation, and the doctors did everything possible to help me, so that I could quickly recover. Thank you all very much! But in such a short time the trauma has not healed, but I felt some improvement.

In this state, I went to the NHK Trophy. Yes, there was a big risk that the leg simply could not stand it. But this is the Olympic season, and it is completely unclear what will happen in the future with this whole situation around our sport. In my career there was not yet a case when I refused to compete because of injury, even if I was injured.

In Osaka, after the short program, I felt worse. An arbitrary program has already been used for strong painkillers. We spent a day in Japan, I underwent a medical examination, made an MRI that showed cracks in the bones of the right foot.

My leg is in a cast. As soon as we returned from Japan to Moscow, I was plastered. I'm going through a rehabilitation course. I do my best to recover.

If doctors forbid performing in Japan (at GPF), then this will be the worst scenario. It will be very difficult for me to watch from the side. Moreover, I was selected for the final. And, as I said, this will be the first competition in my career that I will miss because of injury.

But I very much hope that this will not happen. In any case, for myself, I decided that I will perform in the Grand Prix final, no matter what."

2nd April 2018, 21:19
Medvedeva si-a facut debutul ca prezentatoare TV la noul show TV "Ice Age - Kids". Co-prezentator est Alexei Yagudin:

Medvedeva depre medalia de argint la Olimpiada PyeongChang:
"Nu regret nimic. Am facut tot ce-a fost posibil"

17th May 2018, 07:58
Interviu realizat de Yagudin cu Evgenia Medvedeva dupa venirea de la Olimpiada (subtitrare in engleza):

Partea 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vmPMTXEyeM
Partea 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAcMNl43oNQ

Amandoi imi plac foarte mult, sunt patinatorii mei preferati din Rusia; si se dovedesc a fi deosebiti si ca interlocutori. :ok:

28th November 2018, 16:14
In cel mai recent interviu Evgenia inca e suparata, frustrata...

https://translate.google.ro/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=ro&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Frsport.ria.ru%2Finterview%2F201811 26%2F1146551287.html&edit-text=

3rd December 2018, 16:39
Alexander Gorshkov: The Federatia nu plateste munca lui Orser. Plateste Medvedeva insasi.

6th January 2019, 23:15
Evgenia isi diversifica activitatea artistica:

- Evgenia - in videoclipul cantaretului bulgar Kristian KOSTOV - Beautiful Mess - New York Show, 01/2019.

- Evgenia - in distributia filmului "The Petrichor":