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16th January 2010, 22:10
Aici vom scrie tot ceea ce se va auzi nou, important de la Vancouver, evenimentul anului in lume.

19th January 2010, 18:01
cred ca batalia pentru medalii la vancouver se va da intre austria, norvegia, rusia, germania, elvetia si poate SUA, la unele probe. va fi foarte interesanta aceasta competitie a olimpiadei albe.

20th January 2010, 01:18
evenimentul anului cred ca va fi Cupa Mondiala din Africa de Sud , Olimpiada de Iarna va fi a doua

24th January 2010, 17:55
Eu cred ca JO sunmai importante..dar fiecare e liber sa aibe o parere! :)
Nush daca aici e cazul sa pun o asemenea intrebare:P Dar stie cineva pe la ce ora va fi ceremonia de deschidere? Ora noastra:P

27th January 2010, 17:25
la canadieni, vineri la ora 18.00, iar la noi sambata dimineata la ora 04.00. :(

27th January 2010, 23:23
Pt mine orice mare competitie e la fel de importanta:),asta pt ca iubesc mult sportul in general si ador sa urmaresc marile competitii,indiferent de sportul/urile pe care le reprezinta:ok:

Ceremonia va fi la ora 4 dimineata la noi,dar cu siguranta o voi urmari.din pacate nu stiu cate voi vedea din competitia propriu-zisa:(.din cate am inteles va incepe in fiecare zi de pe la 8-9 seara si se va incheia pe la 6-7 dimineata ora Romaniei:(:(.Nu cred ca voi vedea mare lucru.La Jo de vara cred ca am ratat foarte putin din competitie.dar era mai usor sa ma scol la 5 decat sa stau toata noaptea:D

30th January 2010, 17:23
Doar patinaj artistic, shorttrack si unele manse de bob, sanie, skeleton sunt programate dupa ora 2, ora Romaniei. Majoritatea probelor sunt intre 20:00-02:00

2nd February 2010, 01:57
Luxemburg nu v-a mai participa.

3rd February 2010, 12:08
Olympic organisers, who have endured a record warm January in Vancouver and are bracing themselves for more of the same, are transporting truckloads of snow to a melting mountain to ensure events go ahead.

With the Winter Games set to open in just 10 days, Vancouver Organising Committee chief John Furlong told the media that everything was under control at Cypress Mountain venue, which will stage snowboard and freestyle competitions.

But despite Furlong's assurance, the situation has grown increasingly desperate with crews taking the extraordinary step of transporting snow nearly two hours from Allison Pass - which is about 150 km east of from Vancouver.

"Cypress is the only venue that has presented us with a significant challenge," Furlong said. "I don't think there's anyone here for a second who thought we would have a January with no snow, but we did."

The warm weather is linked to an El Nino event in the Pacific Ocean, according to weather forecasters.

"What we have to do is that no matter what happens we have the backups in place... We simply cannot have a start that is affected by weather," Furlong added.

"This has happened at every Olympics and what we're trying to do is demonstrate we are on top of this."

While Vancouver residents have been basking in unprecedented warm weather, just a short 20 minute drive away more than 100 workers at Cypress Mountain have been scrambling to prepare the Olympic site.

Snow stockpiled at higher elevations is being pushed down the mountain, trucks rumble up the switchbacks with more white gold and helicopters have been busy ferrying bales of hay to help build a base on the race courses.

Although the Games do not officially open until February 12, the venues are supposed to be ready by February 4 so the athletes now arriving in the city can train on them.

While more unseasonably high temperatures and more snow-eating rain is forecast, the Cypress venue benefitted from a light snowfall on Monday night.

"We're taking that as a gift and a good sign," said Furlong, adding that it also helped with improving the morale of tired workers at the site.

While there has also been warmer than usual weather at the mountain resort of Whistler, Games officials said there have been no problems maintaining sufficient snow at the venues for alpine and Nordic skiing.

Din pacate este foarte cald la Vancouver:(

6th February 2010, 20:40
la whistler nu vor fi probleme cu zapada. iar ceremonia de deschidere si inchidere se anunta a fi una grandioasa, fiindca a fost conceputa de catre david atkins, cel care a realizat ceremoniile de la sidney din 2000. :yeah:

11th February 2010, 23:47
Probleme cu zapada nu sunt deloc, ieri chiar ningand puternic la Whistler si Cypress Mountain.

12th February 2010, 00:53
unde gasesc si eu un "Program al zilei" cu orele si transmisiile tv. mersi anticipat

apropo, poate ca si un thread pe aceasta tema n-ar strica, sa puneti pe el doar programul

Mr Cosmin
12th February 2010, 01:20
Pentru mine urmeaza cateva zile cu maxim 5-6 ore de somn. :)

12th February 2010, 15:36
unde gasesc si eu un "Program al zilei" cu orele si transmisiile tv. mersi anticipat

apropo, poate ca si un thread pe aceasta tema n-ar strica, sa puneti pe el doar programul


Si pentru porgramul tv http://tv.eurosport.ro si http://www.tvr.ro