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6th April 2009, 00:40
For all ISU Championships and International Competitions, both Junior and Senior, the rhythm of the Original
Dance will be:
Folk/Country Dance
Any variations of tempo or rhythm within a music chosen will be permitted.
Vocal music is permitted.
Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds (plus or minus 10 seconds)

Acest tip de dans original a fost selectat si pentru sezonul 2007-2008 atunci cand echipele au prezentat urmatoarele dansuri ( perechile prezente la mondial)

1. Hajkova & Vincour - Czech Polka
2. Krail & Peter - Spanish Flamenco
3. Budner & Moscicki - Polish folk dance
4. Demireva & Kurakin - Serbian folk dance
5. Obrien & Merriman - Aboriginal dance
6. Yu & Sarkulov - Russian folk dance
7. Silna & Matsjuk - Austrian Polka
8. Bartha & Tóth - Inca dance
9. Shmirina & Maistrov - Egyptian dance
10. Yu & Wang - Jewish folk dance (Hava Nagila)
11. Rubleva & Shefer - Ukranian folk dance (Gopac)
12. Borbova & Soloviev - Russian folk dance (Kalinka)
13. Copely & Stagniunas - (Russian) gypsy dance (Two guitars)
14. Weaver & Poje - Russian dance (Road to Vladivostoc)
15. Zadorozhniuk & Verbillo - Ukranian folk dance (Gopac)
16. Hann-McCurdy & Coreno - The Log Drivers Waltz (country)
17. Zigashina & Gazsi - Ukranian folk dance (Marusia)
18. Reed & Reed - Greek dance (Sirtaki)
19. Cappelini & Lanotte - Balkan folk music
20. Navarro & Bommentre - African folk dance
21. Pechalat & Bourzat - Flamenco
22. Kerr & Kerr - Scottish dance
23. Belbin & Agosto - Cotton Eye Joe & country
24. Zaretski & Zaretski - Middle East folk dance
25. Fraser & Lukanin - (Russian) gypsy dance (Shatritsa)
26. Khokhlova & Novitski - (Russian) gypsy dance (Two guitars)
27. Virtue & Moir - Russian folk dance (Dark Eyes)
28. Faiella & Scali - Italian folk dance (Pizzica)
29. Delobel & Schoenfelder - Gavotte-French country music (Replique)
30. Davis & White - Russian folk dance (Kalinka)

31. Domnina Shabalin Original Dance: Ukranian Folk: "Raspryagajte Khloptsy Koni" (Guys, Unsaddle Your Horses)

Tinand cont ca va fi an olimplic optiunile patinatorilor vor fi cel putin interesante.

Sunt curioasa sa vad ce vor alege :rolleyes:

8th April 2009, 14:51
hm....cand am vazut pt prima data, m-am gandit ca nu o sa-mi placa, dar defapt va fi interesant, ca nu vor fi la fel
imi place f mult russian folk dance

11th April 2009, 12:23
Pentru Virtue-Moir si Davis White va fi o alegere proasta sa ramana la russian folk dance. Nu-i vad pe Domnina Shabalin in lista, dar tin minte dansul lor. Au fost draguti.

11th April 2009, 12:27
Domnina si Shabalin au lipsit de la mondiale ( d-acolo am luat lista - e de pe goldenskateforum) o sa caut sa completez

12th April 2009, 16:32
Pentru Virtue-Moir si Davis White va fi o alegere proasta sa ramana la russian folk dance. Nu-i vad pe Domnina Shabalin in lista, dar tin minte dansul lor. Au fost draguti.

Domnina Shabalin Original Dance: Ukranian Folk: "Raspryagajte Khloptsy Koni" (Guys, Unsaddle Your Horses)

16th April 2009, 00:17
Unul dintre cele mai tari OD-uri pe folk/country..a fost cel al fratilor Kerr! Senzational....mi-as dori sa vad acel program si la anul...insa nu stiu daca vor fi priviti cu ochi buni de arbitrii daca vor veni cu programe vechi.....nu ar mai fi original. Sau poate o solutie ar fi sa-l refaca 100%.

9th May 2009, 00:50

For all ISU Championships, Olympic Games and International Competitions in 2009/2010, both Junior and Senior, the rhythm of
the Original Dance will be:
Folk / Country Dance
Any type of folk/country dance music or typical dance of the country can be used. For the chosen type, there are no restrictions on
the number of musical selections. Although the dance may consist of different musical selections – fast and/or slow- there must be a
consistent theme based on a specific country or region.
The arrangement of the chosen music should give a genuine feel for folk/country dance. It should be very distant from the feeling of
the Grand Ballroom.
Same examples: Village, Square, Street, Barn dance, Hoedown, Mazurka, Polka, Tarantella, Hula, Hora, Csardas, Kalinka, Gapak,
Syrtaky, Scottish, Irish, Jig, Reel, Guajira, Cumbia, Jarabe, Fandango, Aborigines Dance, Chinese dances, Lesginka, Country
Waltz, Flamenco, etc.
Argentine Tango is not included in the above mentioned Folk /Country dances and is not permitted because the rhythm is used in the Compulsory Dances (Argentine Tango and Tango Romantica) announced for the season.
It is recommended that couples should use their own traditional folk or country music and dances.
The folk/country dance character and style must be translated to the ice by flow and use of edges.
Vocal music is permitted. Variations of tempo within one selection of music are permitted. Each selection of music may have a different tempo.
Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds (plus or minus 10 seconds).

Costumes: Rule 612 applies with the following exceptions:
If appropriate for the chosen music, the lady and the man are permitted to wear trousers and sleeves of any length.
Small props that are part of the costume and are characteristic for the chosen music are allowed (hats, head bands, ribbon). Such
props may not be thrown and/or passed from one skater to the other in any part of the program.
According to the Rule 612 paragraph 1c): "The decorations on costumes must be non-detachable." If a decoration or a part of the
costume or hair decoration such as flowers, headbands, ribbons, etc (which are also a part of a costume), falls on the ice during the
performance, the costume deduction of 1.0 is required by the Referee.
The following types of props are not a part of the costume and are not permitted: cane (walking stick), umbrella, bouquet etc. If
used, the above mentioned deduction will be applied by the Referee.

One (1) Short Lift – but no more than two (2) lifts* (up to 6 seconds each)
* Note: A couple may choose to skate either one or two lifts but the first performed lift ONLY will be identified and considered in
determining the level of difficulty. Any type of lift may be used for the second lift and it may be performed without any
requirements for the Level of difficulty provided that its duration is within permitted 6 seconds and it is not illegal. The second Lift
will be considered by the Judges in marking the Choreography. However, if a third Lift is performed, it will be considered by the
Technical Panel as an Extra Element and deduction 1.0 will be applied.
Note: If the Lift does not fit to the phrasing of the music in the OD, the judges must reduce the GOE and the GOE must be in
minus. If the Lift does not reflect the character of the dance in the OD, the judges must reduce the GOE by 1 Grade.
TWO (2) Step Sequences:
One Midline Not Touching Step Sequence NOT incorporating the Sequential Twizzles
The Not Touching Step Sequence must incorporate mirror and/or matching footwork. Both partners may cross each other’s
tracing(s) and may switch from matching footwork to mirror and vice versa. The partners should remain as close together as
possible, but they must not touch. The distance between the skaters should generally not be more than 2 arms length apart.
One Step Sequence in Hold selected from:
b) Diagonal: skated as fully corner to corner as possible;
c) Circular (clockwise or anticlockwise): utilizing the full width of the ice surface on the short axis of the rink;
The Step Sequence should be skated in dance holds or variations thereof except Hand-in Hand hold in the sustained position with
fully extended arms. Any separation to change a hold must not exceed one measure of music.
Note: Base Value for Diagonal Step Sequence to be same as for Circular Step Sequence (see updated Scale of Value, pages 28-29)
Note: For both Step Sequences (Not Touching and in Hold):
Lifts, jumps of more than ½ rotation, stops, dance spins, pirouettes, pattern regressions and loops must not be included in either step
If the Step Sequence is not skated with the rhythm pattern of the music in the OD, the judges must reduce the GOE and the GOE
must be in minus.
If the Step Sequence does not reflect the character of the dance in the OD, the judges must reduce the GOE by 1 Grade.
If one of the not permitted elements (e.g. jumps of more than half (½) rotation, stops or pattern regressions etc.) is included in Step
Sequence the judges should deduct accordingly for the inclusion of a not permitted element.
4 If an illegal element is included in the step sequence (e.g. Jump of more than 1 rotation, lying on the ice etc.), the Technical Panel
will call an “illegal element” and the entire Step Sequence “No Level”.
ONE (1) Set of Sequential Twizzles - two twizzles on one foot for both partners skated simultaneously with up to one
step in between the Twizzles. No stop(s) are allowed before and/or between Twizzles. The Set of Sequential Twizzles may be
skated in any part of the program (except in the required Step Sequence).
Note: Additional Set(s) of Sequential Twizzles is/are permitted but only the first performed Set outside the required Step Sequence
will be identified and considered in determining the level of difficulty. Each additional Set of Sequential Twizzles outside the
required Step Sequence will be considered by the judges in marking the Component for Choreography.
Note: Base Values for Required Elements were updated. The revised Scale of Values is published on pages 28-
29 of the Communication.
NOTE: The DANCE SPIN is not included in the list of Required Elements for the Original Dance season 2009/2010.
Nevertheless, a Spinning movement skated by the couple together in any hold around common axis on one foot (or two feet) with any number of rotations is permitted. A couple may choose to use this movement as part of their choreography. The Technical Panel will ignore these movements and the judges will not consider these movements as the permitted stops.

Original Dance 2009/2010 - Requirements/Restrictions

Excepts from Rule 609 are reprinted below and must be strictly observed with the following exceptions/additions as
a) The incorrect selection of music for the rhythms/dances chosen must be penalized.
b) Only music with a rhythmic beat may be used and the couples must skate primarily to the rhythmic beat.
The musical introduction to the original dance may be without beat or melody for a maximum of 10 seconds.
c) The duration of the original dance shall be 2 minutes 30 seconds plus or minus 10 seconds. The time must be reckoned from the moment when one of the couple begins to move or to skate until both partners come to a complete stop at the end of the program.
d) Except during the required step sequence, the pattern of the dance must proceed in a generally constant direction (either clockwise or anti-clockwise) and must not cross the long axis of the ice surface except once at each end of the rink (not more than 20 meters from the barrier). Loops in either direction are permitted provided that they do not cross the center axis.
e) All steps, turns, rotations and changes of hold are permitted provided that they are appropriate to the rhythm. Difficult,original, varied and intricate footwork is required for both skaters. For the Linking Footwork/Movements a program that relies heavily on the use of chasses and progressives (runs), posing and one directional skating is considered to be less difficult than one containing changes of edge, rockers, choctaws and other such steps and turns, and multidirectional skating. Hops and jumps of not more than one full (1) rotation are permitted. These jumps of 1 rotation may not be performed simultaneously and are not permitted at all in any step sequence. Excessive skating on two feet, by either partner or both, is considered as showing the inability to skate or maintain balance. However, one (1) highlight for which one or both partner(s) are on two feet may be included (maximum duration – 5 seconds).
Kneeling or sliding on two knees is not permitted (if this happens it will be considered as a fall and the appropriate
deduction will be applied by the Technical Panel).
A program which is choreographed so that its performance extends to all sides of the arena is preferable to one directed
to only the judges’ side.
Touching the ice with hand(s) is/are not permitted.
f) Partners must not separate except to change dance hold, to perform the not-touching step sequence or the permitted full stop. Separations at the beginning and/or end of the program may be up to 10 seconds in duration without restrictions on distance of the separations.
g) There are no restrictions on dance holds. Skating in Hand-in-Hand hold with full extended arms is permitted only if in the character of the rhythm chosen but must not be used excessively.
h) After the clock is started with the first movement, the couple must not remain in one place (even if doing brief extra stops which are permitted) for longer than 10 seconds. During the program one (1) full stop (maximum duration: up to 10 seconds) or two (2) full stops (maximum duration up to 5 seconds each) are permitted. Any choreography appropriate to the music selection (including a separation of not more than 2 arms length apart) may be included.
i) The program must be developed through skating quality rather than through non-skating actions such as sliding on one knee, or use of toe steps which should be used only to reflect the character of the dance and underlining rhythm and nuances of the chosen music.

5th January 2010, 02:50
Asadar avem country, indian, flamenco, aborigen, moldovenesc ...care va place cel mai mult pana acum ?

Tessa VIRTUE & Scott MOIR OD Skate Canada 2009 - Flamenco

Nathalie PECHALAT & Fabian BOURZAT OD Skate Canada 2009 - country

Oksana Domnina & Maxim Shabalin Austrailian Aboriginal Dance 09 Russian National OD

Davis & White 2009 Rostelecom Cup - OD - indian folk

CAPPELLINI / LANOTTE OD Rostelecom Cup 2009 - folk italian

ZADOROZHNIUK / VERBILLO OD Cup of China 2009 - folk ucrainian

CHOCK / ZUERLEIN OD Cup of China 2009 - Afro Cuban dance

Tanith BELBIN & Benjamin AGOSTO OD Cup Of China 2009 - Folk moldovenesc

FAIELLA SCALI OD Cup of China 2009 - folk italian

5th January 2010, 02:55
Khokhlova & Novitski - Rostelecom Cup 2009 - OD:


Kerr & Kerr - NHK 2009 - OD

Zaretski & Zaretski - Cup of China 2009 - OD

Crone & Poirier - Cup of Russia 2009 - OD

Rubleva & Sheffer - TEB 2009 -OD

5th January 2010, 03:09
Samuelson / Bates OD TEB 2009 - country

HERMANN HERMANN OD Rostelecom Cup 2009

BOBROVA SOLOVIEV OD NHK Trophy 2009 - folk rusesc

COPELY / STAGNIUNAS OD Rostelecom Cup 2009 - polka litualinana

Finlandia Trophy 2009 OD 06 Christina BEIER William BEIER -

REED REED OD NHK Trophy 2009 - Folk japonez

5th January 2010, 08:23
Hubbell / Hubbell OD TEB - folk ucrainian

Gorshkova / Butikov OD TEB 2009

Navarro / Bommentre OD TEB 2009 - folk brazilian