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6th August 2008, 11:35
Programul scurt sau programul original (1989 - 1992) sau programul tehnic (technical program) ( 1993 - 1994) este prima etapa a probelor de perechi, baieti si fete.

Programul scurt in proba de perechi a fost introdus pentru prima data in 1964, inainte de acest an existand doar programul liber. Programul scurt in perioada aceea era numit "connected program" si avea 6 elemnte impuse fiind mai scurt decat cel liber.
Pentru competitiile individuale, competiile se compuneau din elemntele impuse (compulsory figures) si programul liber. Programul scurt a fost introdus in sezonul 1973 pentru a reduce dificultatea elemntelor impuse si pentru a fi mai atractiv pentru televiziune. Initial programul scurt avea 6 elemnte impuse ( 3 sarituri, doua piruete si o secventa de pasi). A fost introdus/testat prima data la editia din 1972 a Nebelhorn Trophy. Un al 7-lea elemnt, combinatia de piruete, a fost introdus in 1974. Deducerile pentru greseli in executia unor elemente au fost introduse din sezonul 1975-1976. Al 8-lea element (secventa de spirale pentru fete si inca o secventa de pasi pentru baieti ) a fost adaugat in 1988-89 cand limita de timp era de 2min. Inca 10 secunde au fost adaugate cand sistemul ISU de jurizare a fost modificat pentru a permite patinatorilor sa aiba timp pentru combinatii de piruete si secvente de pasi mai complexe.
In trecut, elemntele impuse erau mult mai restrictive decat acum. De exemplu la Olimpiada din 1988 atat fetele cat si baietii trebuiau sa execute un dublu flip ca saritura cu seventa de pasi si trebuiau sa includa un dublu loop in combinatia de sarituri. Schimbarea ce a permis baietiilor sa execute 3 axel ca saritura axel obligatorie si sa includa un quad in programul scurt nu s-a petrecut pana in sezonul 1998-99.

Elemntele Impuse pentru programul scurt:
Durata obligatorie: 2 min 50 sec


-dublu axel
-o saritura tripla din pasi
-o combinatie de sarituri constant intr-o saritura tripla sau una dubla sau -doua triple
-flying spin (8 revs)
- layback spin (min 8 revs)
-combinatie de piruete - schimbare de picior -(min 6 revs/picior)
-o secventa de spirale (serpentine, circulare or ovale ori o combinatie de 2)
-o secventa de pasi ( fie in linie dreapta, circular si sau in spirala)


-dublu sau triplu axel
-saritura tripla sau quad din pasi
-combinatie de sarituri ( tripla -dubla/ tripla-tripla/quad-tripla)
-Flying spin (8 revs)
Camel spin sau sit spin cu o singura schimbare de picior (min 6 revs/foot)
-Combinaitie de pirueta cu o singura schimbare de picior si cu cel putin 2 schimbari de pozitie (sit, camel, drept sau orice alta varaitie) (min 6 revs/foot and 2 revs/position)
-2 secvente de pasi diferite ( fie in linie dreapta, circular si sau in spirala)


-o ridicare cu o priza specifica (care se schimba de la an la an)
-dublu sau triplu twist
-o saritura dubla/tripla aruncata
-o saritura individuala side by side dubla/tripla
-o combinatie de piruete side by side cu schimbare de picior
-o combinatie de piruete in pereche cu o schimbare de picior
-spirala mortii death spiral pe o muchie specificata ( care se schimba de la an la an)
-o secventa de pasi sau o secventa de spirale( care se schimba de la an la an)

Componentele programului ( program components) notate in programul scurt sunt

- Skating Skills
- Transitions, Linking Footwork and Movement
- Performance/Execution
- Choreography/Composition
- Interpretation of the music

6th August 2008, 12:58
Short Program Clarifications (2006)
Notes for Senior SP (Men)

Jumps: when a quad jump is executed in the combo, a quad jump CANNOT also be executed as the solo jump (#3641a)
Jumps: when a triple Axel is executed to fulfill the (double or triple Axel) requirement, it cannot be repeated as the solo jump or in the jump combination (#3641a)
Jump Combo: may consist of the same or different double, triple, or quad jump; but included jumps must be different than solo jump (#3641b2)
Spins: except for the (flying spin), spins cannot be commenced with a jump (#3641b3)
Spin Windup: the concluding upright position at the end of the spin is not considered to be another position and the revolutions in it are not counted in the required number of revolutions (#3641b3)
Flying Spin: the required revolutions (8) are required IN THE LANDING POSITION, which may be different than the flying position; no previous rotation on the ice before takeoff. After the required number of revolutions, the skater may conclude the spin with a variation of the landing position (#3641b3a)
Spin Combo: any spin combination must include all three basic positions or their variations (#3641b3c)
Spin Combo: the minimum number of revolutions in a required position is 2; if 2 revolutions are not attained, the position is not counted (#3641b3c)
Spin Combo: a spin combo which has (fewer than 2 revolutions) in ALL executed positions is considered as "not according to requirements" and receives no level (and no value) (#3641b3c)
Spin Combo: a spin combo with only 1 position having (2 or more revs) and in all other positions having (less than 2 revs) receives a level 1 and judges will also reduce GOE (#3641b3c)
Step Sequence: may include small jump-like movements with not more than one-half revolution. Short stops in accordance with the music are permitted. Rule #3616d has discussion of patterns. (#3641b4)

Notes for Senior SP (Ladies)
Same as for Senior Men, except as noted below
Jumps: quadruple jumps are not permitted (#3642b1) - banuiesc ca s-a modificat intre timp
Jumps: the double Axel cannot be repeated as the solo jump or in the jump combination (#3642b1)
Jump Combo: may consist of the same or different double or triple jump; but included jumps must be different than solo jump (#3642b2)
Spins: for the (Layback or Sideways Leaning) spin, any position is permitted as long as the basic position is maintained for at least 8 revs without rising to an upright position. A Biellmann position may be executed (at the skater's option) only after having completed the required 8 revs in layback or sideways leaning position (#3642b3)
Spiral Step Sequence: must contain at least 3 spiral positions and at least 1 change of foot (#3642b4)