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Miki Ando (Japanese: 安藤美姫, Andō Miki) (born on December 18, 1987) is a Japanese figure skater. She is the 2007 World Figure Skating Champion, the 2004-2005 Japanese National Champion and the 2004 World Junior Champion. Ando is the first and only female skater to successfully complete a quadruple jump in competition. Ando landed the first ladies' quadruple Salchow at the 2002 Junior Grand Prix Final. In 2006, she entered Chukyo University in her hometown.


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offff....saracutza,ce rau mi-a parut de ea!:(
e printre favoritele mele.....sper sa isi revina cat mai repede!

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Emotional and physical strain too much for defending champ
By Alexandra Stevenson, special to icenetwork.com


(03/20/2008) - Defending world champion Miki Ando just couldn't live up to the hype. Whether it was the physical or the emotional strain of competing, well, we'll never know -- but one thing was obvious, Ando's amateur skating day's may be over.

She took the the ice for her four minute Carmen routine, looking elegant and sexy in red and black. But, as a harbinger of things to come, you could just make out a bandage halfway down her left calf.

After two moves: a triple Lutz and triple Salchow, she knew it was over.

The three rotations on the Lutz were complete, but she could not check the landing, and did not try the planned second jump of the combination.

Then she splatted on the ice trying to land the Salchow.

She continued skating, but when she reached the entry to the triple flip, she did not perform the move. Then she went to technical controller, Sissy Krick, and tearfully attempted to explain the situation.

Ando skated to her coach, Nikolai Morosov, he told her to go and curtsy to the audience. As she did the near capacity crowd of 10,000 in the Gothenburg, gave her a huge round of applause.

"I had an injury on my muscle, before the morning practice," Ando explained. "I was warming up. I was pressing. I just can't feel my muscle, but I decided to continue with the competition because this is worlds, and it is important for me.

"Even if I don't win the gold, it is important for me to try. I wasn't thinking of [winning] the championship and things like that. Because I love skating, I just want to show my skating for every people, but this time [it wasn't possible].

"I prepared very well. The jumps were getting better and better. I had cramp on my leg, so the coach [Nikolai Morozov], said that I should withdraw, but I really wanted to be in the competition anyway."

It had been obvious from the warm-up that she had problems.

Rumors that she would withdraw had been circulating all day. She has been plagued all season by a right shoulder injury, and had put off surgery until after this season.

Hidehito Ito, Director of the Japanese Federation, said the 20-year-old, who has trained in the United States since mid 2006, had a strained left leg.

In Thursday's morning's practice, Ando stepped onto the ice, but came off almost immediately.

Ito said that Ando would warm-up for her free skate, and only then, after the allocated six minutes, make her decision whether to continue. She skated the full warm-up, doing two triple Lutzes and a triple flip in the last few seconds.

According to a medical bulletin issued to the press: she suffered from "an acute muscle strain and partial rupture."

Ando did well from an early age. She won bronze, silver and gold in the World Junior Championships, 2002-2004.

This was her fourth appearance at worlds.

Before winning gold last year in her home country's capital, Tokyo, she finished fourth in her debut in 2004, and was sixth in 2005. But after a disastrous performance in the Olympic Games in Torino, she was withdrawn from the 2006 worlds.

Ando was eighth after Wednesday's short program, where she presented a triple Lutz combined with a double toe loop, instead of the expected triple.

At that time she said, "I intended to do a triple-double in the combination, so it wasn't a mistake."

She also had a very uncharacteristic wobble on her flying sit spin. She explained that flaw with: "I was a bit tired in my leg."

She is best known for becoming the first, and only woman, to land a quad Salchow in international competition. But that was in 2002, and, as she grew, she was unable to repeat that feat in any ISU sanctioned competition.

Nikolai Morozov began training Ando in 2006. He had previously promised that Ando would try the quad Salchow in Gothenburg, in honor of Ulrich Salchow, a Swede, who invented the single version of this jump at the beginning of the 20th Century.

It was a pipe dream.

The question now is can she return? Does she even want to?

Ando gave an interview to icenetwork.com after the NHK Trophy where she questioned her future in competitive skating: "I was questioning myself during the summer on why I was doing all of these competitions and practice. It is not that I want to quit, but my body and mind are not in unison."

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Sper sa-si revina repede! Mi-a parut tare rau de ea, s-a vazut ca o durea:(

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Ando's amateur skating day's may be over.
:( Sper sa nu fie asa!
Get well soon, Miki!

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Dragutza de Miki! :( Mi-a parut asa de rau de ea. Sper sa nu-si termine cariera de patinatoare,

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si eu sper sa isi revina cat mai curand si sa mearga mai departe!
nu vreau sa se retraga!:(:(

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Un articol mai vechi(de anul trecut):

Ando's future in skating a question mark
Skater says "heart and mind" not in unison anymore

By Jack Gallagher, special to icenetwork.com
(12/07/2007) - Japanese skating fans were again left wondering what to think after world champion Miki Ando's disastrous outing at the NHK Trophy last weekend in Sendai. Ando, who has made a habit of up and down performances, outdid herself at the last of this season's six Grand Prix events.

Trailing Italy's Carolina Kostner by less than a point going into the free skate, Ando put on a performance that resembled her disastrous outing at the Turin Olympics, falling twice, touching the ice another time and botching a triple combination jump, on the way to a fourth-place finish.

The result cost Ando a trip to the Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy, next week. Japanese newspapers the following day featured prominent photos of Ando sprawled on the ice and there was intense coverage of her on television.

With an incredible amount of natural ability, excellent presentation skills, and one of the top coaches in the world in Nikolai Morozov, Ando would seem to have everything she needs for consistent success. But old habits die hard, and the fragile nature of the Nagoya native seems to be rising to the surface again.

Immediately following her free skate, Ando sounded conflicted when she spoke to the media, "I was questioning myself during the summer on why I was doing all of these competitions and practice. It is not that I want to quit, but my body and mind are not in unison."

It is obvious to seasoned observers that she needs some kind of boost. One Japan Skating Federation member told icenetwork.com: "It didn't look like she (Ando) had any confidence out there on the ice."

Keep in mind that this is the reigning world champion we are talking about. The morning after her latest calamity, icenetwork.com asked the JSF if they were considering having Ando consult with a sports psychologist.

"No. Because this result was only one time," came back the response from JSF director Hidehito Ito.

But those who saw her finish sixth at the Japan nationals in 2005 - yet still make the Olympic team - and the fiasco in free skate in Turin, know that it was not a one-time occurrence.

Japan is a place where things change slowly, if at all. Counseling, of any kind, is still a rare thing and never one to be acknowledged. As the JSF's stance shows, in Japan people are reluctant to seek help for those with problems. The position generally seems to be that by ignoring the issue, hopefully it will just go away.

It is sad that the JSF won't even consider helping Ando - who has been telling people in the Japanese skating community since the summer she is "burned out" - in a real time of need.

Hometown hero

Turin Olympic champion Shizuka Arakawa was prominently featured during the NHK Trophy in her hometown of Sendai. Arakawa, who was born in Tokyo but moved to the northern city in Miyagi Prefecture at the age of two, was a rinkside commentator for Japanese television throughout the competition.

Sendai, which is considered the birth of Japanese figure skating after an American introduced the sport to local residents on a pond back in the late 19th century, has enjoyed a renaissance in interest since Arakawa's glorious victory last year.

The rink where Arakawa skated as a youngster, Konami Sports Club Izumi, closed down several years ago, but in the wake of her winning the gold medal re-opened this year as Ice Rink Sendai.

New image

Nobunari Oda, Japan's second-ranked male skater last season, who was arrested for drunk driving in late July and subsequently banned from the Grand Prix campaign by the Japan Skating Federation, has made the first move of his comeback.

Earlier this week Oda, who finished 7th at the world championships in Tokyo last March, announced that he had retained the services of AK Global Agent to represent him in all domestic matters. The announcement was faxed out to media accompanied with a picture of a smiling Oda and brief biography of the Osaka native.

Oda, the 2005 world junior champion, is scheduled to make his return to competition later this month in the Japan nationals at Osaka's Namihaya Dome.

In tune

Sisters Mao and Mai Asada have released a two-set CD with selections of their favorite skating music. EMI produced the CD, which retails for ¥3,000 ($27.00) and is available at major retail outlets in Japan. There are 32 selections in all, including numbers from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Chopin.

Mao, who finished second at the 2007 Worlds, has qualified as the second seed for next week's Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy.

Older sister, Mai, struggled through her short program last week at the NHK Trophy while battling a high fever and cold, and was forced to withdraw before Saturday's free skate.

Three in a row

The Foreign Sportswriters Association of Japan, which honored Japanese baseball legend Sadaharu Oh with a Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this week, recognizes one foreign and Japanese sports figure each year for their accomplishments.

Mao Asada, the world junior champion and Grand Prix Final winner two years ago, was honored with the award in 2005, while the FSAJ recognized Arakawa for becoming the first Asian female to win a gold medal in figure skating in 2006.

Both Asada and Arakawa accepted the award in person at a dinner in Tokyo. Asada was only 15 when she won and brought her mother Kyoko along with her.

Until her meltdown in Sendai, Ando was considered one of the front-runners for the honor this year. Now it will be up to Daisuke Takahashi, winner of Skate America and the NHK Trophy this season, and the favorite at the GP Final, to try and stretch the streak of skaters winning to three.

Winners of the awards for 2007 will be announced in late January.

20th April 2008, 19:04
(Golden Skate)

Japan's Miki Ando has had a career filled with highs and lows. The high point so far for Ando was her win at the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships in Japan, where she beat out favorites Mao Asada and Kim Yu-Na as well as defending champion Kimmie Meissner.

"No one expected anything from me," Ando said "I just did my job and tried to enjoy skating. I was so happy because I didn't make any mistakes in the short or the long."

Ando noted that the 2007-08 season, however, was much more difficult due to the changing rules. "There are more penalties for errors on jump takeoffs. I had to change the entry to jumps that I have done for seven or eight years in the same way and it is so hard to change. The judges said that my sit spin was too high so I had to get lower on it and practice it more and more."

From 2002 to 2004, Ando was rolling up an impressive record in juniors, winning five Junior Grand Prix events. She won the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final twice in 2003 and 2005, and took the bronze in 2004. At the World Junior Figure Skating Championships, she went from bronze in 2002 to silver in 2003, and finally gold in 2004. The next three seasons, she qualified for the senior Grand Prix Final, but never reached the podium, finishing fourth in 2005 and 2006.

The student from Nagoya City was off to a good start in the beginning of the 2006-07 season, capturing the title at Skate America and the silver at Trophee Eric Bompard. Ando's run was short-lived, however, as she placed fifth at the ISU Grand Prix Final in December after falling ill to a stomach virus in Moscow. A few days later, she placed second at Japanese Nationals.

Ando began the 2007-08 season with a silver medal at Skate America, but only finished fourth at the NHK Trophy in Japan, failing to make the Grand Prix Final for the first time. Complicating things for Ando was a shoulder injury she received from a fall at the Japan Open in the summer.

"My shoulder was badly sprained and it's possible I may need surgery if the muscle is torn," she said. "But that would take three months to recover. It hurts me when I try to spin or jump and even on footwork. I've had to switch to my other shoulder for the Biellmann position on my spiral and that was hard. I have to do special exercises and tape it every day, then ice down after practice and at night."

Ando's injury woes continued at the Four Continents Championships, where she finished third despite a bandaged thigh. "I cut my leg into the muscle with my skate at the NHK Trophy," Ando explained.

The following month at the Worlds, Ando, who stood in eighth after the short program, had to withdraw less than a minute into the free skate with more leg problems. "I had an injury to my calf muscle during the morning practice when I was warming up," she said. "But I decided to continue because it was the Worlds and it's important to me. But when I started the free skate, I had a cramp in my leg and couldn't feel my muscle, so Nikolai told me I should withdraw."

Nikolai Morozov has coached Ando for about two years. She trains during the summer at the Ice House in Hackensack, New Jersey and as often during the season as possible. Her workout schedule includes three to four hours on ice, six days a week, but limited off ice work, only stretching before she goes on ice.

When she is Japan, Ando trains at the Nagoya University ice rink, working with Yuko Monna. She is studying about sports at the university. "I'm in the second year of a four-year program, " she said. "We do all of the different sports and learn about the training and conditioning for each one."

"It's very hard to train in Japan," Ando explained. "I have to travel about 40 minutes to the ice rink and I can only get ice [time] between six and eight in the morning and between ten and twelve at night. All the sessions are public, because there is no private ice in Japan. All the Japanese people love me now and little kids are always coming up to me on the ice to take photos and ask for autographs. And all the television and radio and newspaper people are always following me around. So it is difficult to train. But I am getting smarter about using my time."

Ando's short program for this season included a triple Lutz-double loop, triple flip and double Axel. Her long contained a triple Lutz-double loop, triple toe-double loop-double loop, triple Lutz, triple flip, triple Salchow, triple loop, and double Axel. She is no longer trying the triple Axel although she has landed them in practice as far back as 2003.

"I'll try to add a double Axel-triple toe to my program because it's the same level as a triple Axel," she said. "I don't know what else I might try. Right now it's enough for me. I had a triple Salchow-triple loop and I've done a triple Lutz-triple loop-triple loop in practice just for fun. I like the loop and the Salchow, but I hate the triple toe. And I don't like the double Axel because mine is kind of bad right now."

Ando did not begin to skate until she was nine. "I did many, many things before skating," she said. "I tried swimming, cycling, playing the piano, calligraphy and many more things. I didn't start skating until after I went to the rink with some friends from school." But she was a quick learner, landing triples by the age of eleven.

The 20-year-old was the first woman to land a quadruple jump in competition in 2002, when she landed a quad Salchow at a Junior Grand Prix event. She first landed the jump in practice two years earlier and has since done the quad loop and quad toe loop in practice. "We wanted to add the quad Salchow for Worlds in Sweden because Salchow was Swedish," Morozov added. "Last year, we didn't need it, but this year it was important."

Ando is using Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens for her short program and Carmen by George Bizet for the long, both new this season. Morozov choreographs all of her programs. "I went to Nikolai because I liked the first program that he did for me so much," Ando said. "I did not have high level choreography before that."

"It's always very hard to find the right music for her," Morozov said. "I wanted to push her to a higher level and create something that's new to her. Samson and Delilah suits her because she looks sort of Arabian. Carmen is very powerful music and many skaters have done it. I thought she was ready to do something like this. She's growing into herself. She's a lady now."

"I wanted to make a more emotional, womanly, sexy program," Ando stated. "And Carmen is famous, especially for skaters. I'm so shy that it's hard for me to be expressive on the ice. I couldn't move my hips or my eyes to be sexy. But I have been watching Katarina Witt doing Carmen on television. She was so exciting. I have been learning from her."

Early in the season, Ando skated to Time to Say Goodbye by Christina Aguilera. "It's a famous piece about a performer in the circus who cannot say goodbye to her father," Morozov said." But at the Four Continents Championships, Ando debuted a new program to Handcuffs by Claudette Ortiz. "I wanted to do something different for a gala program," Ando said. "I let my hair down because I had a headache before the gala. I bought the clothes at a store in Tokyo."

"I like competitions more than shows," Ando said. "When I was a novice and won the first time, there was a show just for winners. I didn't know that I had to do a show and I had no show program so I was crying and crying. That's probably why I don't like show programs as much."

Ando has worn gold skates for the past five years. "Gold is the color of champions," she said. "I wanted to be the champion so I changed to gold." She hopes to win the gold at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, then finish her schooling and begin coaching. "I think I'll compete for only two or three more years," she said. "My dream is to be a coach for little kids."

Off ice, Ando enjoys talking with friends, shopping, dancing and cooking. "I can even make borsch now," she said. "Sometimes I go in to New York City to see the Broadway shows. I've already seen Cats and Chicago and I want to see more. But the city is too big for me. I like quiet areas." Ando also enjoys taking photographs and collecting videotapes from Disney films and Japanese anime. She has two pets at home, a dog and a parakeet.

21st April 2008, 00:16
"It's very hard to train in Japan," Ando explained. "I have to travel about 40 minutes to the ice rink and I can only get ice [time] between six and eight in the morning and between ten and twelve at night. All the sessions are public, because there is no private ice in Japan. All the Japanese people love me now and little kids are always coming up to me on the ice to take photos and ask for autographs. And all the television and radio and newspaper people are always following me around. So it is difficult to train. But I am getting smarter about using my time."
Nu are un loc unde se poate antrena singura? Si cum s-o descurca priontre ceilalti..sau ii da afara de pe gheata?:P Si intre ce ore se poate antrena! Chiar ca e greu.

but I hate the triple toe.
:cry: cred ca asta o zice si Steph despre axel:D

Ce repede a invata sa patineze..a inceput la 9 ani si deja la 11 stia sa faca triple.

"I like competitions more than shows," Ando said. "When I was a novice and won the first time, there was a show just for winners. I didn't know that I had to do a show and I had no show program so I was crying and crying. That's probably why I don't like show programs as much."

:P Saracuta:)

Ando also enjoys taking photographs Cred ca nu ar fi japoneza daca nu i-ar place:D

Multumesc Florik pentru articol:)

21st April 2008, 02:15
Sper sa-si revina repede! Mi-a parut tare rau de ea, s-a vazut ca o durea:(

O durea ca vedea ca sint atatea mai bune ca ea.

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Cateva randuri despre Miki :

Fuji TV showed Miki heading for her LP, with Morozov walking by her side and constantly telling her something. Miki kept shaking her head sideways countless times to his words, her serious face showing grave determination.

They reached the rinkside, and Morozov kept talking to her for such an unusual long time before the start. Miki kept on shaking her head, responded a few words, and then Morozov said something to which she finally nodded with tears in her eyes.

Morozov, judging Miki's physical situation in her 6 minutes warm-up and much worried of her muscle damage, was persistently telling her to withdraw, all through this to the very last moment.

Miki's only response at the rinkside was her compromise that she would do as Morozov says when and if she falters her jumps three times.
The reporter said that Morosov's final words in compromise to Miki was; No, one jump failure and you must immediately withdraw!

Miki never revealed this in her interviews done afterwards.
What she said in tears was mostly her apology to her fans and those who supported her, for not being able to perform her program.

Even when the interviewer asked about the conversations everyone got curious of, she transformed the question into a softer reply. She was obviously guarding Morozov.

Miki Ando will have the MRI inspection of the left leg on March 27.

It became clear on March 25 that Miki Ando (20, Toyota Motor Corporation) who was world Queen of the last season, will have the MRI inspection of the left leg which had hurt during Worlds, at a hospital in Nagoya City on March 27. Hidesato Ito, Director of figure skating reinforcement of Japan Skating Federation, revealed it. The ice show in Nagoya City which she is expected to participate on March 30 and the "Japan Open" of April 20, are prospect of the absence. Ando went back to Japan on March 24.
Though Ando shows the intention to operate for the right shoulder of the old wound after finishing this season, Ito, Director of reinforcement, told "I do not know the schedule because I do not hear about a shoulder".

(It may be up to the result of the inspection whether she participates in Japan Open or not.)

After all, she obeyed advice of Nikolai Morozov obediently.

Miki Ando never evaded even the match that no matter how was difficult.
We know that she did her best always when she is possible.
When she suffered a crushing defeat by the Olympics and returned to Japan, she made some declaration.
She declared that she does never say the selfish and intends to hear obediently what the coach says, from now on.

In an official practice of the morning of the day of FS, Miki Ando left the rink in only approximately 10 minutes before playing music for her, because in the warming up before the exercise she pulled a muscle in her left calf.
She got a diagnosis result that she might hang to complete cure for five months if she overdid it moreover in a match when she took a Russian medical advice immediately.
Originally Nikolai Morozov seems to have advised her to withdraw from FS at a point in time that he knew her injury.
And even the application documents to ISU to withdraw a competition were made.
However, though her signature was necessary for the application, she refused a signature.
Because the feeling that she wants to participate in Worlds as reigning Champion was too strong, she could not persuade herself into withdrawal from competition even by the serious injury of the leg.
At last, requesting a Russian doctor, she had every possible medical treatment, what with injecting the painkiller and what with wrapping up severe bandage tape to a diseased part, and went to the rink.

Before a performance, coach and she did a somewhat longish briefing.
Though being not able to know what a coach talked about, I can estimate it.

“In this match, you must never overdo it, because this match is neither a last match nor even a last Worlds for you”.
“At first jump triple Lutz which is your favorite. And jump triple Salchow which is your favorite again next”.
“Seeing a sense of those jumps, decide whether you can continue or not.
However, you must never overdo it as I said first”.
“Withdraw even with the middle of the performance with courage if you think that it is slightly impossible”.
When I was a coach, surely I must have said in this way.

If she participated in a match as a private player, she must have skated even with crawling till the last.
With obeying the advice of the coach because she was conscious of responsibility as the Japanese representative, she withdrew from competition at last.

I think Nikolai Morozov to be a splendid coach who is good for Miki Ando as far as I look in the media in Japan.
I can find no reason why she must change a coach into

"My muscle does not work!" said Ando with tear.

<figure skating: Worlds>◇ 20th March◇ Ladies FS ◇ Gothenburg in Sweden.

Miki Ando (Toyota Motor Corporation) who dared to stand on ice in spite of the pulled muscle of the left calf, failed by the jump that she tried twice.
She stopped a takeoff of the triple Flip which was planned next, stepped forward to the judge seat and conveyed the continuation impossibility.
Salchow jump which she fell down though taking off in the second jump, is her most favorite jump that even in the quad had succeeded once.
“I thought that it is impossible to continue it moreover at a point in time when I failed in triple Salchow which I have not failed almost.

I am sorry to the people who supported me”, said Ando after the match.
Though she could suppress the pain with an injection and medicine, it is said that "a muscle does not work, and there was not the sense".
The tears of the sorrow streamed down cheeks on the stage which had been wrapped with the delight of first championship in one year ago.
However, encouragement of warm encouraging was sent when Queen who was hurt left the rink.

“Miki Ando withdrew just after the opening of free skating in 2008 Worlds”, on YouTube posted by joemoriyama.

Translation into English.
It was worried about whether she could participate in this free skating.
And just now her name was called.
However, Ando may be still hesitating about whether she performs or not.
She must want to show her performance with the pride of reigning Queen.
After nodding to an advice of Morozov, she advances to the center of the rink slowly now.
Her left leg is painfully wrapping by bandage tape.
Though she dislocated a shoulder with halfway of FS of Japan Nationals in 2006, she did never give up a match.
Because she gained Japan representative as this result, moreover she could win the Worlds champion in 2007.
She will fulfill her obligations.
And Carmen's spirit enters into her.
Triple Lutz.
Triple Salchow.
Yaginuma: "I wish she does never overdo it, won't I!"
She shelved next jump!
Yaginuma: “Ah! She stopped skating as I feared!”
A player gives up a fight!
Would we have met such a moment?
She went to the judge seat.
Anyway, in the official practice of the morning, she turned up in the rink for only 10 minutes.
To her, this regret will be unbearable!
Originally Nikolai Morozov seems to have advised her to withdraw from FS at a point in time that he knew her injury.
However, Miki Ando wanted to skate by any means! 
She must have wanted to show the pride as the reigning Queen to a capacity spectator at least.
This is Worlds! It is even a scene cruel too beautifully.
Yaginuma: "To a player, withdrawing in the middle of a match is really a painful experience!"
Yaginuma: "I wonder how she can have come out to a rink!"
Arakawa: “yes”.
Now she left the rink after having made a bow toward the rink deeply.

Arakawa: “Standing on this stage has been her strong will, nevertheless she must leave from the stage because she cannot continue the performance. For that reason, it is painful moreover for her, I think. However, it is a most convincible result for her to leave the rink by her own will. I think that it is important for her not to have withdrawn soon against her own will at a point in time when a coach gave an advice”.

Though only the person herself understands a state and the pain of the real injury, it was a moment which Ando on having expected such an ending kept her head high.

Miki Ando came to the interview room.
Many thanks for your trouble.
Ando: “Thank you”.
I think that you are regret very much now. At first what kind of state is the injury in now?
Ando: “Because this match was the match that was important next to Japan Nationals for me, I intend to have come performing the somewhat hard training and to have come facing this match in a very good condition.
Though the state of the jump improved little by little, too, I could enter with very good feeling this morning".
“Because as for the score there is not almost difference although I was the eighth place in SP, I went to the exercise this morning thinking that it might be enough to with doing my best. However, during a warm-up before beginning an exercise I pulled a muscle of left calf”.
"I couldn't make myself consent about withdrawing from a competition immediately even if I injured a leg and I wanted to respond to encouragement of the people who had supported me in Japan”.
“Because I wanted to skate somehow, I received from a Russian doctor an every possible treatment such as injection or bandage tape. Therefore I was able to put on skates for the time being”.
“Though I checked the feeling by the 6 minutes practice, because it was different from usual in senses by bandage-tape and others, I had not very good feeling. Last, as a result of having skated in a real match, I found that it was impossible to continue the match moreover and withdrew from the competition”.
Before a start, you talked with Morozov coach about something in rinkside, but what kind of contents was it?
Ando: “I reported that there had not been my sense in six minutes practice. It was given an advice from a coach to try triple Lutz jump at first before skating. I intended to do until the last both what I should do and what I can do. However, I thought to obey properly obediently also what the coach instructed because it was the last”.
“But because I was not able to skate till the last, for the visitor who came for cheering support from Japan, I am full of the feelings that I'm sorry.
But because I think that you can let me skate again at the next opportunity, I intend to practice so hard that I can skate with a smile more in front of all of you in the next season”.
But you heard big applause from a fan of the meeting place who came to there to watch your performance, didn't you?
Ando: “I was very glad. Thank you very much”.


This is an article “Yahoo News” in Japan.

Translation into English.
Miki Ando promised a comeback saying "I will cure the injury".
March 30 17:37 JST. By “Mainichi Shinbun”.

"Nagoya Figure Skating Festival" that domestic top skaters participated in was held in "Nippon Gaishi Arena" at Minami-ku in Nagoya City on March 30, and Miki Ando (Toyota Motor Corporation) who withdrew on the way in Worlds appeared in the beginning.
She promised revival while saying "In the next season I will cure an injury first and want to finish with a smile last".
In the same Festival, Mao Asada who won the championship at Worlds and others participated.

The explanation of a photo.

Miki Ando who appeared in the beginning of Nagoya Figure Skating Festival.
At Nippon Gaishi Arena in Nagoya City. At March 30, 2008.

This is an article in “Jijicom” in Japan.

English translation of the.extract of the article.
Ando said "I want to perform a performance with a smile in the next season".
2008/03/30-20:18 JST.

Ando canceled participation to the Festival and said hello before the raising of the curtain. 
About Worlds Miki Ando said "Though first I thought I may not be able to skate, because I wanted to show most favorite Carmen even if a little, I did every possible thing".  She promised a comeback in front of the fan of home town who flocked to the meeting place with saying" I will do my best in the next season to have a performance to be able to finish with a smile".

"Nagoya figure Skating Festival" with photo gallery.

“Miki Ando said hello before the raising of the curtain in Nagoya Figure Skating Festival” on YouTube posted by Scheherazade.

Translation into English.
Miki Ando who could unfortunately not participate for injury, said hello before rising of the curtain.
Though this time I cannot skate in the rink of my home town Nagoya City which I have looked forward to, as I cure an injury properly and will do my best so that I can perform a performance to be able to finish with my natural smile in front of all of you as for the next season, please still support me from now on. 
After a performance began, she met again with a smile after a long interval with the friends and cheered them in rinkside seat

This is an article in “Mainichi shinbun” in Japan.

Translation into English.
Miki Ando don't participate to Japan Open, because she has been required to keep quiet for the left leg.
April 3, 2008 JST.

Miki Ando (Toyota Motor Corporation) does not participate to Japan Open 2008 (in 20th April, at Saitama Super Arena) for the left calf injury.
Because she inspected the leg at a hospital in Nagoya-City on March 27, and was ordered rest. Yukari Nakano who enters the Waseda University graduate school from April and belongs to the Prince Hotel from April participates in place of Ando. (Sponichi)

A little bird told me that Miki Ando is getting well somewhat in off season. 
April 16 JST.

The injury of the calf of her left leg is said to have gotten well already.
At doctor's suggestion, she gave up the plan of the surgery and was going to compensate by the muscular strength.
Even if she has the surgery of the shoulder, she will not only be not able to do skating for more than half year but also be not able to expect even to recover perfectly, that is the reason. 
At present, she is doing the rehabilitation of the shoulder, attending a hospital as an outpatient every day. 
Moreover, because she is 3 graders of the Chukyo University at present, she is studying every day in the university

Un alt articol:
Multumesc celor de pe FS Univers.

9th June 2008, 00:15
Miki Ando conversed with the singer Ayaka for the first time.

16th June 2008, 15:07
eu habar n`aveam de threadurile astea :D
si mie`mi place miki...:)

24th July 2008, 13:52
E tare feminina Miki ; si Lambiel e de acord.


24th July 2008, 23:19
wow...ce tot cauta steph mereu prin preajma ei ? :D

24th July 2008, 23:35
:D Te deranjeaza Ade..pe mine nu..mie imi place mult Miki :)

24th July 2008, 23:43
nicidecum nu m`ar deranja :) si ce conteaza daca ne`ar deranja pe noi? oricum nu ma ia pe mine :cry:

24th July 2008, 23:52
:P Ai dreptate :)

29th July 2008, 11:23
... sau dansul cu Yagudin, in Japonia, 27-28 iulie.

29th July 2008, 17:57
ca foarte po****ra mai este miki ... da` ce mai...este si buna si frumoasa :)

30th July 2008, 00:31
Si cu Yags si cu Stephy..nice...pai merita, cum zicea Ade e si buna e si draguta :ok:

11th August 2008, 21:22
Miki Ando
Age: 19
Height: 162 cm (5’4”)
Birthplace: Aichi
Residence: Nagoya
Coach: Yuko Monna
Major Titles:
Japanese Champion
World Junior Champion

Miki was born on December 18, 1987 in Aichi, Japan, in the Aichi Prefecture. As a girl, she tried her hand at many athletic and artistic activities such as swimming, ballet, piano and calligraphy.

Miki started to skate at the age of nine. Her first triple jump, a Salchow, came two years later. She is the only female skater to have landed a quadruple jump, also a Salchow, in competition. Her first quad was performed at the 2002 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final in the Netherlands when she was barely 15 years old. Miki has also landed the elusive triple Axel in practice and is working on the quad loop and toe loop.

Among Miki’s competitive highlights are winning her two Japanese National Ladies Senior titles in 2004 and 2005 (defeating such tough homegrown competitors as Shizuka Arakawa, Fumie Suguri, Yoshie Onda and Yukina Ota along the way), her Bronze (2002), Silver (2003) and Gold (2004) medals at the World Junior Figure Skating Championship, Gold medal at the 2004 Junior Grand Prix Final, and her fourth place finish at the Senior Worlds in 2004, weeks after winning the World Junior title. This past season saw Miki 2004-05 saw Miki successfully debut full-time in senior international competition, during which she won bronze and silver at two senior Grand Prix events, finished fourth at the prestigious Grand Prix Final in Beijing, and finished sixth at the World Championships in Moscow, skating in the final flight of skaters.

In 2005-06, Miki left Japan and her coaches Nabuo and Kumiko Sato, the parents and former coaches of Yuka, for Cleveland and 1960 Olympic champion Carol Heiss-Jenkins. Under Carol's tutelage, Miki rediscovered her love for skating. Despite winning a silver medal at Cup of Russia and being named to Japan's Olympic team, she was disappointed with her 15th place result in Turin, and returned to Japan and a former coach, Yuko Monna, for the 2006-07 season. We wish Miki all the best as she prepares for a bold comeback in the upcoming year, which will culminate in the World Championships in Tokyo.

Miki’s skating idols include 1994 World Champion Yuka Sato, as well as her teammate, competitor and close friend Shizuka Arakawa. Miki found Shizuka’s performance at the 1998 Nagano Olympics particularly inspiring.

Miki is a charming young lady on and off of the ice. While she can be quiet and shy around strangers, she warms up quickly. She has been known to laugh and joke around with her friend Shizuka while on the road. Her English is very good and she gives enthusiastic interviews. Miki’s favorite comic strip character is Snoopy, and she can be seen clutching Snoopy toys after her programs.


17th August 2008, 19:51
Hi All!
I'm a huge Miki Ando fan. :yeah:
She is scheduled to enter these events!

Moran Memorial

Home of Champions

17th August 2008, 20:11
Welcome on our forum, Umiki!
Thank you for the information!
where are you from?
I`m very impressed of the Home of Champions show. the tickets are quite cheap in contrast to the ice shows we had in our country when plushenko paid us visits 2 times in 2 years. we had to pay almost 100 euros for the best places and the cheapest were almost 40 euros. well, maybe it was because in our country there are not so many ice shows, they are quite rare , exclusive

17th August 2008, 20:41
Welcome on board Umiki!/hello
You're from Japan? Than I should say YOKOSO! ^_^
Thanks for the informations!:floricica:

18th August 2008, 18:16
Thanx rocs_a and whisper.
yep, I'm Japanese. And you also? whisper.
I'm poor at English...But I want to share information about MIKI with her fans!!

And I got ticket of Champion on Ice.
It's going to be held in Japan next month. Of course Miki is going to skate in the show.

18th August 2008, 18:22
Thanx rocs_a and whisper.
I'm poor at English...But I want to share information about MIKI with her fans!!

And I got ticket of Champion on Ice.
It's going to be held in Japan next month. Of course Miki is going to skate in the show.

it`s no problem, we will not make you feel guilty for any mistake
i`m sure you will have fun at the ice show! have you ever talked to miki ando ?

18th August 2008, 20:51
YAY! A new japanesse here!:yes: We have another one but doesn't have time to visit us very often :)
:P No I'm not...I just wish to learn your language..and just thought about your name/id that you are from Japan^_~
BTW You can call me Adelina :)

Your english is very good don't worry!

But I want to share information about MIKI with her fans!!

And I got ticket of Champion on Ice.
It's going to be held in Japan next month. Of course Miki is going to skate in the show.
Arrigatou Gozaimashta!I will be very happy if you will tell us more news about her and maybe sharing photos?:)

PS: If you like Daisuke:P You can share infos about him too, here: http://www.onlinesport.ro/forum/showthread.php?p=2190774#post2190774

18th August 2008, 22:44
ade, pe cine mai avem aici din japonia? :D ca eu nu stiu

19th August 2008, 12:51
Thanks all. I'll study English more.

have you ever talked to miki ando ?

ya, I have.
She is very nice. She is always nice to fans.

PS: If you like Daisuke You can share infos about him too, here:

OK, Adelina, I like Daisuke. If I have something news about him, I'll go.

19th August 2008, 21:03
You're welcome!:floricica: Visit the forum as often you can...we like to have more members! ^_^

@Ade: :D Din pacate nu e vorba de Tomita sau Kohei ^_~
vicky55 cred ca ai vazut id ul asta pe aici:)

20th August 2008, 17:59
nu l`am vazut pana acum :D

daca era sa aleg intre tomita si kohei, il alegeam pe kohei, nu de alta, da` cu tomita nu`ti ardea de glume, trebuia sa ai grija sa nu`ti scape ceva amuzant ca se supara japonezul :cry: il schimb, kohei n`ar mai pleca de aci daca doar folosesti asta ":cry:", nu tre` sa mai inteleaga limba noastra :D

21st August 2008, 00:32
:happy :happy :happy Cred ca ai dreptate Ade:cry:

26th August 2008, 11:04
Hi everyone

I posted about Moran Memorial and Home of Champions ice show before.
I searched for results or reports.
They reported about the event like this.

Eventually Miki didn' t skate in the Morans.
But when her teammates Nobunari and Adam skated she was holding up banner and said "GO NOBU" and "GO ADAM" from the stand.
And she was jumping up and down yelling for them.
But she performed in Home of Champions after Morans.
She skated Chairman's Waltz from Memoirs Of A Geisha maybe.
She landed some triple jumps and looked lovely.
And her new costume is red and nice!

I'm very happy to read these reports!:great:

And you can listen to the sample 'Chairman's Waltz' here

26th August 2008, 20:28
Arigatou Gozaimashita, umiki!:floricica:
I like the report too. :yes:
You don't know why she didn't skate at Morans?
But if she skated at Home of Champions then it's not about health problems, ne?

She landed some triple jumps and looked lovely.
And her new costume is red and nice!

:great: I'm happy for her!
:cheer: Ganbate Kudasai Miki-chan! :cheer:

26th August 2008, 20:29
thanks for the information, umiki ! :)

28th August 2008, 19:44
You're welcome!:)

But if she skated at Home of Champions then it's not about health problems, ne?
I don't know why she didn't skate in the competition.
But her withdrawing wasn't due to health problems I think.
'cause she skated nice in the show as you said so.

see ya:D Pa!

28th August 2008, 21:45
You know our language?:thinkso: How ?

Ja ne!:cya:

28th August 2008, 23:37
daca stie 'pa', inseamna ca stie limba noastra, ade-san? :D 'pa' e, poate, cel mai simplu cuvant din incurcata noastra limba :cry:

umiki, i like your photo in the avatar :) miki looks great

29th August 2008, 22:29
Ade-chan..nici nu a trebuit sa vad postul ca mi-am inchipuit ce o sa zici:cry:
Pai..totusi de la cine la auzit:D

29th August 2008, 22:43
ai ajuns sa`mi ghicesti gandurile ? :D

30th August 2008, 23:36
Cam asa ceva..asa ca ai grija ce gandesti:cry:

PS: Kidding! nu ghicesc ganduri asa ca nu va faceti griji..dar stiam ce am zis eu si m-am gandit ca tu sau oricine altcineva(din Romania) ar fi zis ca "Pa!" nu asa greu de stiut. Dar totusi as fi vrut sa stiu de unde stie si "Pa"-ul ala:D?

30th August 2008, 23:45
dar de ce ai scris asa de mic ? vrei sa`mi pierd vederea ? :cry:

30th August 2008, 23:52
Hai mai Ade-chan :D ca nu e chiar mic..sa vezi pe alte situri cat de mic se poate scrie :P

1st September 2008, 11:33

You know our language? :thinkso:How ?

Just little bit!

la revedere, multumesc, salut...Ma numesc umiki!! Sunt din Japonia!! :DLOL

umiki, i like your photo in the avatar :) miki looks great
I love the costume of Carmen.
soooo cool! Miki has many cool costumes.
What do you think are the best or the worst costumes miki have worn?
I think ...the worst is TORINO olympic. the best is 2006 SP Scheherazade.:ok:

1st September 2008, 16:06
salut !! :D :)

ooooo...it`s awesome to see that a japanese girl knows many words in romanian :P
how you learned these words? :D or where did you find these words? :P

ade, ai avut dreptate :P

2nd September 2008, 08:22
:thinkso: It's really strange!?!:P You're sure that you don't have romanian relatives?

15th September 2008, 19:40
I just like learning other language. LOL:D

I went to the COI yesterday.
This year's COI in Japan theme is Carmen.
Miki skated Carmen story as Michaela with all member.
Shizuka Arakawa acted Carmen, Takeshi Honda is Don Jose.
Stephane Lambiel is Escamillo.
It was fantastic show.

And Miki also skated solo program.
It was her new short program "Chairman's Waltz".
She landed nice triples. maybe 3Lz, 3F, 2A.
The rink was too small to do combination jump. so she cut second jump.


what a cuuuutttte Michaela!!!:great:

15th September 2008, 21:17
wow, very nice, umiki! Thanks for informing us! nice to hear that steph lambiel was also there
and miki looks great in the picture! her costume seems simple but she`s still pretty

15th September 2008, 22:00
Ce interesant program cu tema! Tare mi-ar fi placut sa-l vad.

15th September 2008, 23:09
I'm glad that you decided to know some words in our language!:ok:

WOW! I love Miki's costum from the picture and she looks so happy. Hope she will have a great season! GO MIKI!:cheer:

You are so lucky! Such a great distribution: Miki, Shizuka, Honda and Lambiel:great:
I wish I could be there:rolleyes:

16th September 2008, 17:59
lambiel tot printre japonezi :P acolo`i place lui si acolo e foarte iubit

16th September 2008, 22:31
Asa e Ade:) Stephy e foarte http://www.yelims.com/IPB/Smiley-IPB-72.gif in Japonia.

17th September 2008, 19:23
Da, dar si aici e foarte http://www.yelims.com/IPB/Smiley-IPB-72.gif :D

17th September 2008, 21:47
nu chiar foarte, din pacate :D

17th September 2008, 23:28
Cum nu?:mda: Asta inseamna ca tu nu il http://www.yelims.com/IPB/Smiley-IPB-72.gif :D Nu conteaza cate persoane il http://www.yelims.com/IPB/Smiley-IPB-72.gif. Important e cat il http://www.yelims.com/IPB/Smiley-IPB-72.gif acele persoane :P

18th September 2008, 14:05
ma refeream ca`s foarte putini la noi in tara :P

18th September 2008, 14:07
pai la noi in tara nu e nimeni iubit. poate gigi becali :(

18th September 2008, 22:57
Stiu Ade:P

@Irina: :cry: Crezi? :D

27th October 2008, 17:39
Hi everyone.

Did you watch Skate America??

Miki got the bronze.:ok:
I LOVE her short program and exhibition program but FS is not good.
How boring Giselle.:(
Why didn't Nikolai set in MIF in her program? like a inabauer, eagle...
Of course Miki is wonderful skater !! But her programs are always curt.
When she was jr. skater she could manage very difficult programs...

Next competition is Cup of China.
I hope her 'Giselle' goes good.

27th October 2008, 23:09
HY, umiki !
I did watch SA but only what was on Eurosport! So I didn't watch Miki yet.
I'm sorry for her! Hope she will have a better result at Cup of China! :ok:

I'm glad for Yukari and Kozuka's results :great:

Just wanted to ask you: You will go to the NHK Trophy or no?

29th October 2008, 08:35
I'm glad for Yukari and Kozuka too!:D
Kozuka is a shy boy but in Japan he is very nice and funny character.:no1

I couldn't get the ticket of NHK trophy.:(
Now in Japan, Figure Skating is very po****r sport.
So to buy the ticket is so difficult in these days.
But I'll watch NHK trophy on TV absolutely!
I love Nobunari, Daisuke, Kevin Reynolds(Quad Star!), Jonny, Adrian...

and this is Miki's sp and lp!



29th October 2008, 17:31
thanks for the videos, umiki !!! yes, the SP is very beautiful :rolleyes:
and thanks for the information too :) i think bronze is OK, it`s just the begining...

29th October 2008, 23:36
Kozuka is a shy boy but in Japan he is very nice and funny character
That's what I thought. I think the japanese people are a little different than the europeans or americans.And that's why we/I thought that he is shy. ^_^

:( I'm sorry you couldn't find tickets!

Thanks for the clips and for the picture. I lover her costume!
And like Ade-chan said this is just the begining :)

PS: BTW I want to ask you if you know/listen/like Arashi/KAT-TUN/NewS ?:P

31st October 2008, 19:24
:cry: :happy :cry: :D

1st November 2008, 00:34
Why u laugh? I must ask about my favourite japanese bands;)

12th November 2008, 11:04
I'm sorry for not replying to you sooner.

ade-chan:) you're right!

Oh Do you like Japanese "Johnnys"??
Of course I know them!:yes:
In Japan, they are very po****r. especially among teenager.
But my parents every week watch their TV program. haha
Come to think of it, Fumie Suguri was invited to TV program of ARASHI.
But I didn't know they are loved even abroad.

13th November 2008, 00:46
WOW! Even your parents like them/hello That is so great:great:
Sure I like them(Well I'm not a teeneger anymore LOL!):yes: Specially Arashi and KAT-TUN ...don't know so many songs of NewS.
They are very well known in Europe , not so much here in Romania. But maybe this anime current(here are many fans of manga anime series) will bring the jpop too ;)
Wow! They had Fumie invited! That is great..and they like figure skating or didn't said nothing about that:P You are so lucky to live in Japan. U can see their show ;)
I know that KAT-TUN's has one too.

Back to figure skating :D
I saw Miki's long program and I like it..such a pity that she was in the same competition with Yu-Na.
I hope she will qualify for the GPF :cheer: Don't know if she has enough points for that:thinkso:

29th December 2008, 17:25
Japanese Nationals was finished.

1st Mao Asada
2nd Fumie Sugri
3rd Miki Ando

1st Nobunari Oda
2nd Takahiko Kozuka
3rd Takahito Mura

They are world teams in this season.

Yukari was 5th...She can't take part in the world championships.

And BAD news.

Miki hurt right leg.:huhu:
Miki and Fumie crashed against each other in 6 min practice.
Fumie was no injury. But unfortunately Miki's condition went bad after the crash.
She couldn't try 4S, 3-3. But well done!
Anyway, I'm very glad that Miki get a chance to wipe a bad memory of the Gothenburg.


29th December 2008, 17:40
thanks umiki...i`m so sorry for miki :( i hope she`ll get well soon ...
and daisuke takahashi was not in the competition?

29th December 2008, 18:13
Yes, Daisuke didn't participate in the National Championships.
Because of knee injury.
He finished an operation his knee and left the hospital just this week.
I also hope Miki and Daisuke get well soon.

29th December 2008, 20:18
thank you, umiki :floricica:
i hope the same thing

31st December 2008, 23:07
:oops: I just saw this!
:floricica: thanks umiki for the news!
I'm glad for Miki ..the third place is good too...at list it brings her the ticket to the Worlds!/hello
Hope it wasn't a bad injury!


18th January 2009, 19:03

Hi, I'm SmileFan, the admin. of the new forum you mentioned! I hope you register soon! It is an english forum and I have invited many people from FSU, GS and other forums to register too. Enjoy and discuss Miki together!

PS: Even if you don't feel like posting a lot, you still show some support by registrating!

18th January 2009, 19:06
Oh, and I love Arashi! "Kanashimi, tatoedonna owari wo egaitemo...." :p

19th January 2009, 00:34
/hello Welcome SmileFan!!!
I will join in...but I can't promise to be there so often! ^_^
How did u find our forum?
Hope you'll visit us soon :)
And do u like Arashi?!? That's so great!!!!!!:rolleyes: :ok:
You are from Europe or Japan?

19th January 2009, 07:50
Am zis ca nu vad bine. Ce ati patit ? De ce vorbiti in engleza ?

19th January 2009, 10:13
pai pt ca persoana care a postat nu e din romania.

19th January 2009, 23:40
I'm sorry I can't speak your language. Yes, I love Arashi, especially Sho, Jun and Nino! Another member from the forum suggested this site to me :) I live in Norway, but I'm half Japanese, so I go there sometimes.

19th January 2009, 23:46
welcome here smile fan. we love to get the opinion of people from all over the world.

20th January 2009, 18:59
No problem we understand english :)
Nice to see again here!
Another member told you? And from where did she/he know about us :P
AH! You are so lucky...I will like to visit Japan someday :rolleyes: You'll go to the EC?
I like Sakumoto toooo ;)

7th March 2009, 22:24
This is an article in “Yomiuri Shinbun” in Japan. 

Translation into English.
Whole Miki Ando; "As for the entry qualification of Japanese skaters to Vancouver Olympics, I would like to earn it by my own hand".
February 23rd, 2009 (JST)

By Kaoru Miyazaki
Miki Ando who has almost recovered her former form and has more grown, will challenge again to Worlds champion.

The season of the figure skating, too, approached its final stage. Miki Ando (Toyota Motor), too, participates to the Worlds (Los Angeles) of March which the number of entries of Japanese skater to Vancouver Olympics of next year rests on. I interviewed Miki Ando who shows indication of recovering compared with last season which she finished in a slump, to listen to her resolve about the performance of this season and about the Worlds.

The photo.
Miki Ando who talks about an enthusiasm for Worlds.

■ She wanted to retire from the eligible skater.

―― Did you feel the heavy pressure in last season (2007/2008) which you spent as the reigning Worlds champion?

Ando: Because the Tokyo Worlds (in 2007) finished to my victory as the result which I did not expect at all, I rather felt puzzlement very much. I could not find the way of treating my mind after that. My feeling did not go to skating and did not want to see even the rink.

―― In the Worlds which the championship for two seasons rests on, you withdrew on the way to it, didn't you?

Ando: After that, I went to see the coach to say "I think that I should retire from the eligible skater because I often suffer many injuries".
But the coach said to me that we cannot finish it as it stands, because winning the most beautiful medal in Vancouver Olympics is our goal.

―― Did you be able to think so, too?

Ando: Because it was my goal, too, after Turin Olympics, and because there were many persons who are giving me cheer still though I had withdrawn, I could think that I must do my best once more.

―― As for this season, aren't there ups and downs so much in your condition?

Ando: As for my condition, there may not have been so much ups and downs like last season in this season, though it was not always 100% in all competitions. In such an aspect, I may have grown somewhat, mightn't I?

■ She doesn't have the one to lose.

―― You participated to Grand Prix Final, too, after an interval of two seasons, didn't you?

Ando: In GP Final, I thought that it is good if I myself can satisfy in the competition. I was 6th place in 6 contenders and the quad jump was judged as under-rotation, but I could satisfy to it and persons around me said to me that it had been splendid performance.

―― Is the reason why you could satisfy to your performance because you could challenge to the quad jump?

Ando: In addition, I could succeed the new combination jump, "a triple jump from double Axel jump".
At first the coach said to me "Let's try only either of the quad jump or the combination, because the combination jump becomes the key for the victory". But because I had wanted to attempt both, we decided on attempting both by consulting.

―― What is the reason you thought that you would like to attempt the quad jump this time?

Ando: Because I thought that I don't have the one to lose and because I considered also about the media a little at that time. (lol).
Namely, because I had already promised with the words that I want to attempt the quad jump if I can participate to the GP Final.

―― In the competition, is it difficult considerably to attempt the quad jump?

Ando: There are times when I must get necessarily the medal, too.
And I do not want to suffer the injury, too. By entering the quad into program, the other elements often fall into confusion, too. I sometimes avoid also attempting the quad because I am in such a level still.

The photos.

The explanation of the photo.
(The upper Right)
In 2003 Japan Nationals, she decorated her first victory with making the quad Salchow jump also succeed.
(The upper left)
In the 2008 Worlds which aimed at the successive victory of two seasons, she withdrew on the way of the free skating because she hurt the left calf.
(The lower left)

■ She diverts herself by cooking.

―― What life are you doing in US which is your training base,?

Ando: The training is 2 hours in the morning and a little less than 2 hours in the afternoon. I am staying in the rink from the morning to the evening, and at noon I often go to eat the meal with a friend.

―― Are you cooking, too?

Ando: At night, I always cook by myself. The self-cooking is my best relaxation way. I am paying attention so as not to fatten, but I often make borscht because I am being captured to the Russian cooking..

―― Do you train together with Nobunari Oda (Kansai University), too?

Ando: When staying in US, we almost train with the same time schedule. His jump is amazing. Then, I, too, think that I must do my best like him.

―― For you, next event is Worlds. But, is it the event which you don't have the one which you lose? Or, is it the event which you go to win?

Ando: I would like to go to win. I don't want to leave all to other persons, this time. Because this is the event which the number of entries to Olympics for each country is decided by this result in, I would like to become the player who is said to be absolutely necessary for that.

―― You want to get by your hand the entry for you who participate to the Olympics, don't you?

Ando: Yes, it is merely as for spirit but I want to do so. (lol) At least, I would like to keep a spirit strongly.

She takes pains in a triple-triple combination jump.

There are six kinds of jumps, but whether or not it is the jump, which he/she is good at or which he/she is weak in, depends on the player.
In the case of Ando, she can do the quad in Salchow, but as for Axel to take off to forward she cannot do the triple though she can do the double.
As for the 4 kinds of jumps of the other, she can do the triple in competition, and as for Lutz and Flip, too, which have been judged severely from last season, she can use different edges securely.

On the other hand, Mao Asada (Chukyo University Chukyo High School) who has the triple Axel as the weapon is weak at triple Salchow which isn't so high in the degree of difficulty, and she began to use barely in the competition from this season. Yu-Na Kim (Korea) is weak at Loop and rarely puts it in her program.

In this season, both Ando and Asada are suffering with a triple-triple combination jump. Because there is a tendency of this season which judges "the lack of rotation" severely, it seems to become the key whic


26th March 2009, 04:18
Am gasit un articol..mai vechi...in presa romaneasca:

Miki Ando

Campioana mondială en titre o are de înfruntat la competiția care va avea loc la Göteborg, în Suedia, pe Mao Asada, compatrioata sa, care anul trecut s-a clasat la doar un punct în spatele ei. Dar Miki are un as în mînecă. Este singura competitoare din istoria patinajului care a realizat un salt cvadruplu într-o competiție.

Articol de: Ion Alexandru

S-a născut pe 18 decembrie 1987, în Japonia. Încă de mică, a făcut înot, ciclism și balet și a învățat să cînte la pian. În plus, Miki a devenit expertă în caligrafia niponă, denumită shodo (calea scrisului). A descoperit patinajul la nouă ani, iar doi ani mai tîrziu deja realiza un triplusalt perfect. În 2002, japo­neza a devenit prima și singura femeie din istoria patinajului care a reușit un cvadruplusalt într-o competiție. S-a în­tîm­plat la Grand Prix-ul de juniori din Olanda, iar Miki de-abia împli­nise 15 ani. A urmat o perioadă foarte bună pentru Miki. În 2004 și 2005, a devenit cam­pioană națională, iar tot în 2004 a cîștigat aurul la CM de juniori.

Drumul către succes
În 2005, Miki a părăsit Japonia și a plecat în Statele Unite, în Cleve­land. Contactul cu școala din Japo­nia l-a păstrat cu ajutorul interne­tului. Elevă în anul trei de liceu, Miki frecventa cursurile on-line și își trimitea temele prin e-mail. Materiile preferate erau biologia și științele naturii, în schimb, ura matematica. În SUA, a început să lucreze alături de campioana olimpică din 1960 Carol Heiss-Jenkins. Sub îndrumarea ei, tînăra sportivă și-a redescoperit dragostea pentru patinaj, dar, deși a fost cooptată pentru prima oară în lotul național nipon pentru Olimpiadă, a fost dezamăgită de locul 15 de la Olim­piada de iarnă de la Torino, loc obținut după două căzături. Tot aceste căzături au ținut-o departe de CM, care a avut loc după numai o lună. Aceste eșecuri au determinat-o pe Miki Ando ca în 2006 să se întoarcă în Japonia, la fosta sa antrenoare, Yuko Monna. În plus, a început să lucreze cu Nikolai Morozov, care asigură coregrafia unor nume ca Michelle Kwan, Takeshi Honda și Brian Joubert. Decizia s-a dovedit una foarte bună, deoarece în 2007 a cucerit medalia de aur la Mondialele care au avut loc acasă, la Tokio. Atunci, Miki s-a plasat la doar un punct de Mao Asada, în prezent campioana Japoniei și principala rivală a sa la competiția din Suedia.

Îndrăgostită de Snoopy
După ce a devenit campioană mondială, Miki a fost solicitată să apară din ce în ce mai des la emisiuni și în reviste. Deși este o persoană veselă, sportiva nu prea a agreat să fie în centrul atenției, deoarece este foarte timidă în preajma străinilor. Chiar și atunci cînd, după o prestație foarte bună pe gheață, primește flori și ca­douri, ea este stînjenită de aceste gesturi de admirație. Pentru că la nașterea ei spitalul i-a oferit drept cadou pe cățelușul Snoopy, un personaj de desene animate, Miki a îndrăgit foarte mult această jucărie. La fel și fanii săi, care îi oferă periodic, după programele sale, acest cățeluș. În afară de patinaj, Miki Ando mai este pasio­nată și de tenis, dans și fotografie. În plus, îi place să meargă la cumpărături și să colecționeze casete video cu desene animate japoneze și marca Walt Disney. Pentru că este o mare iubitoare de animale, Miki și-a luat un cîine și un papagal, pe care l-a învățat să spună “bună” și “vreau să mănînc” în japoneză.

Brian Joubert își apără titlul
La Göteborg, Miki Ando va trebui să-și apere titlul în fața compatrioatei Mao Asada, coreencei Yu-na Kim, medaliată cu bronz anul trecut, și în fața campioanei mondiale din 2006, americanca Kimmie Meissner. La masculin, Brian Joubert, campionul mondial en titre trebuie să lupte cu Tomas Verner, campionul european din 2008, Stephane Lambiel, medaliat cu aur la CM din 2006, sau Daisuke Takahashi, campionul “Celor patru continente”. România va fi și ea prezentă la Göteborg prin campionii naționali Roxana Luca și Zoltan Kelemen, în probele individuale



27th March 2009, 08:29
Am gasit asta pe forumul lui Daisuke:

About Miki,
According to 24th article Miki won't do 4S in real competition this time. Because she injured the back of her left thigh about 2 weeks ago and she couldn't do jump practice enough. Why she jumped 4S in practice was in ordert to appeal to the judges.
Se pare ca nu va incerca quadul in programe :)

31st March 2009, 11:57
Congratulations Miki!!!:D
you did it!!

It was really fantastic performance.
I'm happy and proud of her more than when she got the gold in Tokyo.
I was impressed with both SP and FS.
I can say You are World Champion for me Miki !!:yeah:


31st March 2009, 17:01
we liked her performance too umiki.

1st April 2009, 02:31
/hello Welcome back Umiki! Hope you'll visit us again soon!

We loved her performances tooo! And I agree with you: I'm more glad for her bronze medal than I was for her title in 2007. I didn't expectet to be so good. I wished that but didn't believed that she will be able to be in front of Mao, Joannie and Yu-Na. And I really think she deserved the silver medal.

11th April 2009, 13:41
thank you アデリナ!

I also think she deserved the silver medal.
Miki's short program was fantastic!:great:
she was very beautiful.<3
3-3 was DGed but I proud of her trying to 3-3.
because she couldn't do any jumps owing to injury even before 2weeks of the world championships.
If she have done 3-2, she world have get higher score.
But she did 3-3. I'm proud of Miki.

Jeff Buttle said like this.
"Figure skating is everything — everything that happens in four minutes 40 seconds. "
That's right!
But figure skating is absolutely SPORTS I think!
so I proud Mao's two 3axel and Miki's 3-3 in SP, quad in Grand Prix Final...
I hope we can see many more challenge in World Team Trophy in my country.
Although WTT is ISU competition, it's like a ice show, so every skater can challenge something difficult!:D

I'm very lokking forward WTT.
I can't wait. My fovorite skaters come to Japan!!!!
Stephane, Brian, Evan:D

12th April 2009, 01:17
Well Jeffrey said something very clever!:P He has right with that!

You are lucky your favorite skaters come in Japan so often:P Do u go to the WTT?

12th April 2009, 12:28
yes, actually Jeff proved it!

To my great regret, I can't go to WTT.:(
But I can watch them on TV.

Today, I watched feature TV program of WTT.
It's like a Japanese skaters(Miki, Mao, Nobu, Kozuka) talk show.
It was very funny chatting:happy

When they talk about Miki, Mao said Miki is always fashionable.
Kozuka said she is really genius!

And Nobu said Miki is very good at cooking!
But he said even if her cooking seemed to be a man!:lol:
That's reminds me, I have read interview of Nobu & Miki.
Nobu expose that the spring roll which Miki made exploded in the interview.
Bomb Miki roll!

13th April 2009, 01:31
Well I will be glad if u can translate more from that interview!
U are so lucky! At list u can watch it on tv. and u can see the talk shows with them!

I've heard that in one interview Miki called Nobu "grandpa" LOL!

Kozuka said she is really genius!
It's very nice from him to say that about Miki :)

Please come here more often and tell us informations about Miki and the others japanese skaters.
We also have threads for Mao, Nobu , Kozuka and Daisuke:)

And for WTT: http://www.onlinesport.ro/forum/showthread.php?t=391378

20th June 2009, 14:01
I'm sorry for not replying to you sooner.

Miki & Nobu interview is long so it's difficult to translate for me...I'm sorry.
(I must study English or your language more!)

I've heard that in one interview Miki called Nobu "grandpa" LOL!

:happy :happy :happy

By the way, Miki got new EX program!
Miki performed her new program in Dreams on Ice in Japan!
Stephane and Tomas also skated there...
Maybe Miki use "Bring in 'da Noise Bring in 'da Funk".
I couldn't go DOI but next week this show will be broadcasted on Japanese tv.
Can't wait!!!!


more photo ↓

Miki este foarte sexy~~~

20th June 2009, 16:12
hi umiki! i read it on stephane`s official website and they wrote about this gala. i love miki`s outfit, she looks so pretty :floricica:
maybe the vids are on youtube , i`ll check out later. i`m very curious to see the programs...i miss steph so much, i must watch his new ex program

thanks for infos and pictures, they`re really nice :)
ah, and to not forget...you`re right, miki este foarte sexy :P it`s very nice you know many words in romanian. shame on me, i don`t know that much in japanese

21st June 2009, 01:50
True Ade-chan! Shame on us! I don't have enough time for learning..but even that must be a reason that I say for hiding my lazyness :D
WOW! Miki looks very good! Thank u Umiki-chan for sharing this news with us! :floricica:
I don't know the song but the title sounds like an entertaining one so I guess Miki's program must be very dinamic! I hope to find it on YT!

Arigatou once again! Hope u will visit us soon! :cya:

PS: I don't know if it is true...but I saw that was your bday some days ago so : お誕生日おめでとうございます! :floricica:

21st June 2009, 02:18
lasa ade ca tu tot mai stii japoneza, dar eu nimic nimic :D

happy birthday, umiki ! :floricica: if it really was :P

21st June 2009, 02:35
:PCe stiu eu nu ti-ar fi nici tie greu sa inveti..dar as vrea sa stiu mai mult:P
Eu am vazut numele umiki la lista de sarbatoriti pe 18 iunie:P

21st June 2009, 02:42
faza e ca nu vreau sa invat :P nu ma atrage...comparativ cu engleza ... la engleza cred ca invat zilnic cate ceva :P

nu conteaza, ne lamureste ea cand revine...daca chiar a fost ziua ei, cred ca s`ar bucura sa vada ca ne`am amintit :) de fapt, tu ti`ai amintit :P

5th July 2009, 12:47
Multumesc!! thank you very much both. どうもありがとう!
yes, my birthday is June 18. I'm glad:D

by the way, have you ever seen Miki's new EX?
It's so nice!

and she have one more EX program this year.
she skated "Requiem" by Mozart in other ice show.
I wanna see it!!!!:headbang:

5th July 2009, 19:21
Do itashimashite!!!!どういたしまして。
ありがとう! for sharing the vid! didn't saw it till now!
Hope you'll be able to see Miki live soon! :ok:

またあとで会いましょう!Mata atode aimashou!

29th July 2009, 00:49
Un articol nou despre Miki:

Soul on ice: Resilient Ando primed for second chance at Olympic glory

"Don't judge a person until you have walked in their shoes."

Never could a saying be more apropos than for Miki Ando.

Growing up in front of the nation as a skating prodigy, she has taken her share of knocks, but has always come back stronger.

At the age of 21 she has already gone through a seeming lifetime of tribulations. Yet she remains upbeat and confident looking ahead.

In a rare and exclusive interview, the 2007 world champion opened up about her skating, family and life.

"I'm definitely looking to medal in Vancouver," the current world bronze medalist said recently in Tokyo. "After the last Olympics, I think I have something to prove."

"Miki is in great shape and really skating well," her coach Nikolai Morozov stated during the recent Dreams on Ice shows in Yokohama, which Ando headlined. "We are confident about her chances in Vancouver."

Morozov wasn't exaggerating about Ando's condition. When she skated in the shows at the Shin-Yokohama Skate Center, the definition in the 162-cm star's stomach muscles was both visible and pronounced. It appears as if she is leaving nothing to chance this time around.

Ando first burst onto the international scene when she landed a quadruple salchow at the 2002 Junior Grand Prix Final, shortly before her 15th birthday. It remains the first and only time a female has landed a quadruple jump in competition.

After so many years, and so much discussion of her historic achievement, one has to wonder if it has not become a bit of a burden for her.

"To the contrary, it inspires me," Ando noted. "This is why I keep striving to do it again."

With fellow Nagoya native and world champion Mao Asada having achieved so much on the back of the triple axel, the question of why Ando does not try to include it in her repertoire has to be asked.

"Many years ago I practiced the triple axel," Ando said, "but I developed a stress fracture in my foot as a result, and have been fearful of doing the jump ever since."

Throughout the years Ando, the 2004 world junior champion, has been labeled by some critics as lacking in toughness, but she does not agree with that assessment.

"I skate with my heart and show my emotions," said Ando, who is known for her excellent presentation skills. "I think those are assets."

As Miki has matured over the years, she has also come to grips with the untimely death of her father, Mikitaka, who died in a traffic accident when she was just 9 years old.

Having seen her become very emotional during previous interviews when talking about her Dad, I treaded lightly, but ask what happened.

"He was just 32. He was riding on a scooter," Ando said, her voice trailing off.

She really showed me something by answering this difficult question. It was as if she knew she was being tested and was determined to get through it.

Ando explained the profound impact this tragedy had on her mother. In one instant she lost her husband, father of her children, and business partner.

"My parents ran a cafe business together," she said. "When the accident happened, life became very difficult for my Mom and our family."

(Ando's lone request was that I not include the first names of her mother or younger brother, who have chosen to remain in the background throughout her career.)

Ando's charitable work both on and off the ice attests to her understanding that there are truly many in need. She may be a celebrity, but she hasn't lost touch with regular people.

"I have had some personal trials, but skating has always helped me through," she said. "If I can assist others through my skating, I want to do it."

Ando, who first took the ice at age 8, said she had a rich childhood athletically and creatively.

"I did ballet, played the piano, and enjoyed swimming," she noted. "I also did soroban (abacus) and shuji (calligraphy)."

Throughout the course of the evening Ando spoke in fluent English and was never stumped by any word or phrase I threw at her. Her adeptness at the language ran counter to the impression of many in Japan that she could not speak the language.

"My coach and my American friends really inspired me to learn English," Ando noted. "They told me that if I wanted to communicate with people outside of Japan I was going to have to do it. Now I am very happy that I did."

It was statements like this, and the confidence with which she made them, that had me feeling that I was in the presence of a beautiful young woman who is just hitting her stride in life, who knows that the toughest times are behind her, and that she has great prospects for the future and a long life ahead of her.

Her disastrous showing at the 2006 Turin Olympics, where she finished 15th, clearly still bothers her.

"I was just too young for all that," Ando said. "The expectations and the pressure, I just wasn't ready for it."

The Japan Olympic Committee and the Japan Skating Federation had promoted Ando extensively in the runup to the Turin Games, and when she failed to meet expectations, they weren't the only ones who were disappointed.

It wasn't enough for some fans that Shizuka Arakawa won the gold medal. They were infuriated by Ando's showing and let her know about it.

"I received hate mail after the Olympics," she recalled. "As if I didn't feel bad enough already."

I asked Ando about the origin of the nickname "Mikitty," by which some media and fans refer to her.

"I was appearing on a television show several years back, and the producers wanted to come up with a nickname for me and that was it," Ando said. "To be honest, I never really liked it.

"Skating fans on the Internet call me 'Snoopy' because they know I like Snoopy," she added.

As Ando heads into the Olympic season, the comparisons to Arakawa's predicament at the same point four years ago are tantalizing.

Arakawa, the 2004 world champion, struggled with injuries and motivation the following season, and considered retiring. She forged on, but not many in the skating community felt she could win the gold.

To put it quite simply, she was an afterthought.

Fast forward four years, and Ando is in a similar position.

With world champion Kim Yu Na and Mao garnering nearly all of the attention, Ando, despite her third-place finish at the worlds, is not in the thick of the discussion about who will top the podium in Vancouver next February.

It has to be pointed out that though Kim, Mao and Ando have all been world champions, just the latter has skated in the pressure cooker that is the Olympics. One need only harken back to Turin to realize that it would not take much to throw the competition wide open.

The irony of the situation is not lost on Morozov, who coached Arakawa to the gold medal in Turin.

"Miki is not the focus of the international media now, but neither was Shizuka back then," he said. "People have to remember that Miki narrowly missed out on the silver medal at the worlds (finishing less than one point behind Canada's Joannie Rochette).

"Her experience, along with the continued dedication and level of performance she is now exhibiting will put her right in the thick of the battle."

Morozov also pointed out that the unforeseen can always play a part in who emerges with Olympic glory.

"Despite all the years of training, the reality is that it comes down to four minutes on the ice," he concluded. "An injury, a fall, the intense pressure — these factors cannot be discounted. In the end, the advantage can very well go to the person who has been through it before."


25th October 2009, 04:25
cateva articole despre medaliata cu aur de la CoR:

Ando climbs the standings to win gold

Portraying Cleopatra in an intricate program choreographed by Lea Ann Miller and Nikolai Morozov, Ando played it conservative, reducing her usual triple Lutz, triple loop combination to a triple, double. Although she fell on the second jump of a double Axel, triple toe combination, she hit four other triples (including a triple Salchow, double loop) and gained 3s and 4s on all of her elements.

Ando, who won the world title in 2007 and took world bronze last season, earned 114.75 points for her free and 171.93 overall.


Miki Ando of Japan prevailed in the women’s event, while Ashley Wagner of the United States rose from fifth after the short program to take silver. Alena Leonova of Russia, the world juniors champion, took bronze for her first Grand Prix medal.
Ando fell on a double axel-triple toe combination, but landed a triple-double-double. She said her Cleopatra-themed program was inspired by the complexities of the empress.

“I wanted to show the audience the queen and the normal woman,” she said

14th November 2009, 04:25
un nou articol - dupa NHK:

LE: Poze:

27th February 2010, 19:22
Ar putea fi ceva sanse sa o vedem pe Miki la Sochi:cheer:

Ando stays upbeat about 2014 Sochi Games
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Kyodo) Miki Ando was overcome with a mix of emotions after placing fifth in the women's figure skating competition at the Vancouver Olympics.

Undecided: Miki Ando hasn't ruled out the possibility of competing in the Winter Olympics for a third time, meaning she could return to the spotlight in 2014 in Sochi, Russia. KYODO PHOTO

Bettering her 15th-place finish from four years ago in Turin, Ando believes that that the third time could be the charm for her when the Winter Games travel to Sochi, Russia, in four years.

"Wouldn't it be nice to be third-time lucky for me," she said with a wry smile, when asked about the possibility of competing.

The 22-year-old believes she has gained in maturity what she might have lost in terms of technical ability.

The quadruple jump that Ando used to be synonymous for, as well as the triple-triple combination, which helped her win the 2007 world championships, are no longer parts of her repertoire.

Fourth after the short program, Ando put on a powerful display in the free skate to music from "Cleopatra," playing the role of the Egyptian queen to the hilt while wearing a shimmering emerald green and gold costume.

But she stood miles apart from the likes of gold-medal winner Kim Yu Na and compatriot Mao Asada, who took the silver. American Mirai Nagasu, whose parents are both Japanese, beat her into fourth.

Ando cleanly landed her triple lutz-double loop combination and was nearly flawless with a total of 11 jumps. Although she lost speed for being overly cautious, she delighted the crowd en route to a season-best 188.86 points.

Ando's coach Nikolai Morozov said he was hoping to bring out her maturity over the past four years.

As the only woman to have successfully landed a quad in competition, Ando had been hellbent on performing the jump but it was such stubbornness that led to such a dismal result when she fell to the ice in Turin.

"In Turin, I finished with the feeling of having reached my dream of competing in an Olympics, but I had no sense of accomplishment."

Ando now realizes that figure skating is much more about expressiveness and not only about wowing the judges with technique.

"I am more than halfway satisfied. I believe I have grown in my own way compared with four years ago."


31st March 2010, 16:48
Ando plans move to Moscow
Kyodo News

Figure skater Miki Ando said Tuesday she will move her training base to Moscow from New Jersey to follow her Russian coach Nikolai Morozov.

Morozov decided to change their training base after he agreed to Russia's request for his help in strengthening its athletes ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

"If he is going to Russia, I will follow him. That's all," Ando said on her return from Turin, Italy, where she placed fourth at the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships.

Ando, fifth-place finisher at Vancouver Olympics, said her next goal will be to appear the world championships being held in Tokyo in 2011.

"I'm beginning to want to skate at Sochi. But for now, I aim to compete at the world championships next year."

31st March 2010, 23:28
Sper sa fie de bun augur mutarea asta!
Multumesc Andreea pt postarea acestui articol!

1st April 2010, 01:40
poate asa isi schimba coregrafa pe Lea Ann Miller.
nu am nimic cu ea, dar poate ca ar fi bine sa mai incerce si altceva.
Tatiana Tarasova sau Tatiana Druchinina cred ca ar fi potrivite pentru Miki.

12th August 2010, 15:12
Poze din Letonia, unde Miki a fost invitata impreuna cu antrenorul sau, Nikolai Morozov:

16th September 2010, 12:10

11th November 2010, 17:13

22nd November 2010, 23:16

23rd November 2010, 23:30

29th January 2011, 13:26
So Miki e numarul 1..bine a si lipsit Yu-Na :P
Si sunt 4 patinatoare nipone in primele 10 ale lumii :)

26th February 2011, 15:02
Pt a doua poza trebuie sa ii dau credit lui Daisuke Murakami(cred - cel putin de la el am luat-o)

18th April 2011, 00:54
Poze cu Miki:

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207932_181232711924077_100001120487878_418422_6084 246_n.jpg

http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207265_181232598590755_100001120487878_418419_5407 733_n.jpg

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207863_181232421924106_100001120487878_418413_7692 665_n.jpg

3rd May 2011, 22:07
Morozov in timpul programului lui Miki ( omul asta e senzational:D:ok:, e o incantare sa-l privesti mai ales atunci cand patineaza Miki:great:, v-am spus eu ca e in stare sa sara mantinela:happy:cry:) http://www.facebook.com/l/1fc55A0l2EKgj0fRLJXQsZcLPfA/www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSjLpze49tc&feature=share

Plus o poza tare dragutza:) http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/224167_1795726211914_1202487137_1662805_1532405_n. jpg

3rd May 2011, 22:58
:cry: Morozov asta e tare simpatic :cry:

awww! Ce draguta e poza cu pisica :)



3rd May 2011, 23:25
Ma mir ca au scris si ziarele de la noi despre Miki dar chiar si asa putin tot e mai bine decat deloc, iar articolul din Prosport chiar mi-a placut:)

4th May 2011, 01:21

4th May 2011, 01:27
foarte frumoasa si inspirata poza!:) Multam Flavia :)

@Oana: Asa am zis si eu:) Si mie mi-a placut articolul ala :)

11th May 2011, 15:18
Miki Ando si Nikolai Morozov se vor casatori.

12th May 2011, 13:41
Chiar nu-i vad impreuna. Cred ca Morozov va abuza de ea si ea va suferi ca saraca Matsuko din filmul Memories of Matsuko, un film pe care il recomand sa-l vedeti.

17th May 2011, 22:07
Se pare ca Miki va lipsi sezonul viitor din competitii:(:nope: ( imi pare rau ca tocmai acum cand am inceput sa tin si eu cu ea nu concureaza, dar probabil vrea sa pregateasca pana in cele mai mici detalii nunta cu Morozov:D:P) http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=ro&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http://www.sports.ru/others/figure-skating/97899345.html&usg=ALkJrhh6y_Kms3WpHozBOqGcx7gAu6oJHg

17th May 2011, 22:45
Se pare ca Miki va lipsi sezonul viitor din competitii:(:nope: ( imi pare rau ca tocmai acum cand am inceput sa tin si eu cu ea nu concureaza, dar probabil vrea sa pregateasca pana in cele mai mici detalii nunta cu Morozov:D:P) http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=ro&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http://www.sports.ru/others/figure-skating/97899345.html&usg=ALkJrhh6y_Kms3WpHozBOqGcx7gAu6oJHg

Adica Morozov isi va putea concentra toata atentia asupra Elenei. Presimt ca nu va nici o nunta.:sneaky::drak:

18th May 2011, 11:57
Ia uitati ce frumos se imbratiseaza Miki si cu Morozov!!!;) Sa lase naibii Morozov aventurile si sa se insoare cu Miki si sa traiasca fericiti pana la adanci batraneti!!!!:mad:


18th May 2011, 13:03
Adica Morozov isi va putea concentra toata atentia asupra Elenei. Presimt ca nu va nici o nunta.:sneaky::drak:
Simona, nu mai cobi:mad::sneaky: pt k eu vreau ca povestea dintre Miki si Morozov sa fie una cu happy-end:):yes: si sa traiasca fericiti pana la adanci batraneti:D!!!

18th May 2011, 14:20

Nu stiu cat e de adevarat, dar chiar mi-a ridicat cateva semne de intrebare....daca Morozov o alegea pe Mao, mai era Mao asa iubita in Japonia(si nu numai)? Oare era campioana olimpica si multipla campioana mondiala sau se pierdea de tot pe drum? Miki mai ajungea fara Morozov campioana mondiala(dubla)? Oare o fi reala toata treaba? Imi vine greu sa cred ca s-a dus asa federatia japoneza cu Miki si Mao de mana si i-a zis "ia zi bai Morozov, pe care o vrei? Uite, asta mica e mai promitatoare, e si foarte muncitoare, dar asta mai mare se va face foarte foarte frumoasa :D si cine stie, poate o sa o iei si de nevasta!":groggy: (si sa fiu 100% sincera nu cred ca ar fi respins-o pe Mao care la vremea aceea era considerata favorita la titlul olimpic...cred ca era visul oricarui antrenor sa lucreze cu ea)
Sa presupunem ca articolul este adevara, nu cred ca Mao rezista mult cu Morozov asa cum nu a rezistat nici cu Rafael. Mai devreme sau mai tarziu s-ar fi intors in Japonia

pentru Oana, romantica incurabila :D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWOVE1-B7og ( pe la minutul 8, Morozov mai avea puutin si o saruta pe Miki)

18th May 2011, 15:40

Nu stiu cat e de adevarat, dar chiar mi-a ridicat cateva semne de intrebare....daca Morozov o alegea pe Mao, mai era Mao asa iubita in Japonia(si nu numai)? Oare era campioana olimpica si multipla campioana mondiala sau se pierdea de tot pe drum? Miki mai ajungea fara Morozov campioana mondiala(dubla)? Oare o fi reala toata treaba? Imi vine greu sa cred ca s-a dus asa federatia japoneza cu Miki si Mao de mana si i-a zis "ia zi bai Morozov, pe care o vrei? Uite, asta mica e mai promitatoare, e si foarte muncitoare, dar asta mai mare se va face foarte foarte frumoasa :D si cine stie, poate o sa o iei si de nevasta!":groggy: (si sa fiu 100% sincera nu cred ca ar fi respins-o pe Mao care la vremea aceea era considerata favorita la titlul olimpic...cred ca era visul oricarui antrenor sa lucreze cu ea)
Sa presupunem ca articolul este adevara, nu cred ca Mao rezista mult cu Morozov asa cum nu a rezistat nici cu Rafael. Mai devreme sau mai tarziu s-ar fi intors in Japonia

pentru Oana, romantica incurabila :D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWOVE1-B7og ( pe la minutul 8, Morozov mai avea puutin si o saruta pe Miki)

Nu stiu sigur ce s-ar fi intamplat daca Morozov o alegea pe Mao, dar eu totusi inclin sa cred ca ar fi avut rezultate bune. Este mare pacat ca Mao nu a putut lucra de la inceput cu cineva care sa ii dea o baza tehnica solida. :(:nope::sad:

19th May 2011, 01:03

Nu stiu cat e de adevarat, dar chiar mi-a ridicat cateva semne de intrebare....daca Morozov o alegea pe Mao, mai era Mao asa iubita in Japonia(si nu numai)? Oare era campioana olimpica si multipla campioana mondiala sau se pierdea de tot pe drum? Miki mai ajungea fara Morozov campioana mondiala(dubla)? Oare o fi reala toata treaba? Imi vine greu sa cred ca s-a dus asa federatia japoneza cu Miki si Mao de mana si i-a zis "ia zi bai Morozov, pe care o vrei? Uite, asta mica e mai promitatoare, e si foarte muncitoare, dar asta mai mare se va face foarte foarte frumoasa :D si cine stie, poate o sa o iei si de nevasta!" (si sa fiu 100% sincera nu cred ca ar fi respins-o pe Mao care la vremea aceea era considerata favorita la titlul olimpic...cred ca era visul oricarui antrenor sa lucreze cu ea)
Sa presupunem ca articolul este adevara, nu cred ca Mao rezista mult cu Morozov asa cum nu a rezistat nici cu Rafael. Mai devreme sau mai tarziu s-ar fi intors in Japonia

pentru Oana, romantica incurabila :D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWOVE1-B7og ( pe la minutul 8, Morozov mai avea puutin si o saruta pe Miki)

Nici eu nu cred k este adevarat ce scrie in articol, Mao n-ar fi rezistat prea mult in strainatate ( din acest punct de vedere seamana cu Brian nici unul ne se poate antrena mult timp in alta tara:D:P) dar poate ca Morozov ar fi ajutat-o mai mult la partea tehnica. Oricum si eu sper ca anul Mao sa castige un nou titlu mondial mai ales k Miki nu participa.
Miruna, ms mult pt link:kiss:, Morozov saracu la sf era stors ca o lamaie:D se vede ca traieste la intensitate maxima toate programele lui Miki si daca asta nu tot o forma de dragoste atunci ce e?:D:)):groggy: , totusi pacat ca nu s-au sarutat:P

19th May 2011, 12:42
Nu l-am vazut pe Morozov cu alte patinatoare, nu stiu cum era cu ele dar cu Miki... e ceva. Cred ca ar fi vrut sa o sarute, dupa cum o tinea in brate si nu ii venea sa ii dea drumul. De dragul romantismului pe cat de frumos pe atat de rar si pretios si pt ca cel putin ca prezenta, ca fizic se potrivesc de minune, sper ca povestea lor sa fie cu happy ending. Ideal ar fi pt ca viata lor sa urmeze cam acelasi drum ca pana acum, sa antreneze impreuna.
Pana la urma, este oficial, Miki nu va participa in concursuri anul viitor? mai intai citisem ca Morozov a sfatuit-o sa nu faca aceasta pauza si apoi ca si-ar lua un an liber. Nici eu nu cred ca e o idee buna, e greu sa revii si plus de asta ea se afla acum pe un teren foarte propice pt o eventuala alta victorie mondiala. Nu prea are rivale. Peste 2-3 ani nu se stie cine mai apare.

19th May 2011, 12:48
Da, eu chiar am auzit ca va lua o pauza si chiar ca il va ajuta pe Morozov cu antrenatul, ar fi pacat totusi sa se opreasca, chiar si o pauza de un an si este foarte mult.
Dar cine stie, poate este adevarat ca se casatoresc si atunci are alte planuri.:D;)

19th May 2011, 13:21
Off, acum cand devenisem si eu fana. E trist ca tocmai atunci cand devin pationatori completi,cand reusesc sa ne incante si sa ne impresioneze cu progresele lor si Miki chiar a facut progrese in ultimul an, tocmai atunci se retrag:(. Dar... m-as bucura daca ar antrena impreuna,asta ar da mai multe sanse relatiei lor.

19th May 2011, 13:23
Off, acum cand devenisem si eu fana. E trist ca tocmai atunci cand devin pationatori completi,cand reusesc sa ne incante si sa ne impresioneze cu progresele lor si Miki chiar a facut progrese in ultimul an, tocmai atunci se retrag:(. Dar... m-as bucura daca ar antrena impreuna,asta ar da mai multe sanse relatiei lor.

Eu sper sa revina fiindca vreau sa il vad pe Morozov sarutand-o in Kiss & Cry. :D;):yes:

19th May 2011, 22:53
Eu sper sa revina fiindca vreau sa il vad pe Morozov sarutand-o in Kiss & Cry. :D;):yes:
Si eu/hello:), dar sa fie un sarut adevarat:D:ok:!!!

27th June 2011, 13:55
International Figure Skating Magazine:
Miki Ando has announced she will not compete on the Grand Prix circuit next season.

Deci e oficial,Miki nu va participa la grand prix-uri.:(

28th June 2011, 15:59
International Figure Skating Magazine:
Miki Ando has announced she will not compete on the Grand Prix circuit next season.

Deci e oficial,Miki nu va participa la grand prix-uri.:(
Ce pacat ca nu va participa sezonul viitor:(, tocmai cand incepuse sa-mi placa si mie de ea:) Sper totusi ca se va casatori cu Morozov si vor fi fericiti impreuna:yes:/hello!

10th July 2011, 01:08
Cadou din partea unui fan pentru Miki:D
http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/261305_141155432626301_100001955362215_270465_3575 763_n.jpg
http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/268175_141155475959630_100001955362215_270466_2412 572_n.jpg

31st July 2011, 14:08
Poze realizate pt editia japoneza a revistei Numero:
http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/250060_197116843676277_100001338872376_451218_4117 706_n.jpg

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/249367_197117233676238_100001338872376_451223_3405 592_n.jpg

http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/206170_197117507009544_100001338872376_451226_7744 210_n.jpg

http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/282105_197118173676144_100001338872376_451229_3861 557_n.jpg

Inainte o consideram pe Miki o patinatoare uratica si cam stearsa:D dar acum trebuie sa recunosc ca mi se pare chiar frumoasa, are un anumit rafinament si eleganta care ii confera un aer distins:ok::)

31st July 2011, 17:26
mie-mi place; e o frumusete maiestuoasa.

11th August 2011, 21:53

22nd August 2011, 22:28
http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/307559_222442514469763_100001120487878_594502_3941 141_n.jpg

12th September 2011, 13:43
eu sper sa nu fie adevarata aceasta veste:( http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=ro&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://www.sports.ru/others/figure-skating/121841574.html&usg=ALkJrhivFbFZZFWcPuMOwn_h6Sm0pSXsew

Niste poze cu Miki:










12th September 2011, 13:46
http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/223324_199026280142862_100001064750217_584571_2951 381_n.jpg

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/208451_189854301060060_100001064750217_521030_3180 908_n.jpg

http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/206303_189854357726721_100001064750217_521034_4439 268_n.jpg

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/182073_181419655236858_100001064750217_467520_2109 105_n.jpg

12th September 2011, 15:46
eu sper sa nu fie adevarata aceasta veste:( http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=ro&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://www.sports.ru/others/figure-skating/121841574.html&usg=ALkJrhivFbFZZFWcPuMOwn_h6Sm0pSXsew

Si mie mi-ar parea tare rau. Chiar deunazi eram cu lista de video de la CM 2011 in fata, gandindu-ma ce mi-ar dori sufletul sa revad. Si am ales LP-ul lui Miki. Curat si foarte frumos.
Dar..., o fi stiind Morozov ce-o fi stiind.

13th September 2011, 22:01
nu am mai vizitat de mult threadul asta si acum vad pozele si ultima stire postata de Oana! Sper sa nu fie adevarat!:( Miki e patinatoarea mea preferata!

Multam de poze Oana!!! Miki e foarte frumoasa!

4th October 2011, 12:30

27th October 2011, 01:38
E mai mult un zvon dar poate stiti voi mai multe si imi puteti spune daca e adevarat sau nu ca Miki s-a despartit de Morozov:(:nope: ( de fapt el a parasit-o pt o eleva mai tanara) si Miki a renuntat definitiv la patinaj si s-a intors in Japonia, ea inainte avand de gand sa se casatoresca cu Morozov si sa reprezinte Rusia la JO de la Sochi. Eu sper din tot sufletul sa nu fie adevarata vestea, nu cred va mai gasi Morozov o femeie ca Miki, care sa-l iubeasca atat de sincer si neconditionat, dar daca e asa atunci Morozov e un :jerk:

2nd July 2013, 00:39
Tocmai cand vroiam sa analizez putin absentele notabile de la GP citesc pe goldenskate ca Miki are un bebelus din aprilie, ceea ce explica absenta ei de la competitii si mai ales gale. Ii doresc mult noroc si multa sanatate. Tare mi-i draga Miki!
O alta veste buna este ca Miki vrea sa revina in competitii.
Aici sunt 2 reportaje in jponeza ce contin si un interviu. In primul, la min. 1.37 apar 2 poze care spun totul: una o arata pe Miki cu bebe-ul si alta pe Miki la un antrenament.
Miki este parca si mai frumoasa!

2nd July 2013, 23:07
Sa ii traiasca fetitia si sa fie fericite! Am vazut si eu imagini din reportaj pana sa fie scos de pe youtube. La un moment dat plangea. Am citit pe goldenskate ca spunea ca multi o impingeau de la spate catre cealalta solutie atunci cand a aflat ca e gravida. Bravo ei ca a ales ce si-a dorit, se vedea cat e de fericita. Pe fetita o cheama Himawari, care inseamna raza de soare. Nu stim cine e fericitul tatic, sa speram ca e intr-adevar fericit si nu il cheama Morozov!

8th August 2013, 23:10
cica tatal ar fi un fost patinator japonez.. dar nu vrea sa zica cine.

“I made the decision to have the baby because I wanted to pursue my happiness as a woman,” Ando said, adding that she is determined to represent Japan at next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Ah. ar fi bine!




4th October 2013, 20:00

11th October 2013, 22:55
Nu stiu de ce, dar am o presimtire ca Morozov e implicat in povestea asta:drak::D

24th October 2013, 01:06
Un articol recent in Absolute Slating cu Miki: "I really want to fly one more time"

23rd December 2013, 21:09
Miki & Stephy

24th December 2013, 17:05
Miki si-a anuntat retragerea:

<<The Mainichi News reported tonight that Miki Ando is retiring. She will be missed.

"I'd been told I would have to win the championships to have any chance of going to the Olympics," said Ando, who was in tears afterward.
"To me, this competition is just as important as the Olympics or the world championships. Today was my last skate." >>