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27th January 2008, 23:00
http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/73135889.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF19390335F8FA9CA92A6F7C3453BFA805045 A245704FE6840619http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/5/51/3-lutai.jpg

Date of birth: 24.07.1986
Place of birth: Belgorod
Height: 176 cm
Home town: St. Petersburg
Profession: student
Hobbies: cars, computer games
Start sk. / Club: 1992 / St. Petersburg Olympic FSC
Coach: Tatiana Mishina, Alexei Mishin
Choreographer: Tatiana Druchinina
Former Coach: Elena Malakhova, Nina Ruchkina
Practice low season: 20 h / week at St. Petersburg and various other places
Practice high season: 20 h / week at St. Petersburg
Music Short Program / Original Dance as of season 2007/2008
The Truman Show (soundtrack)
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2007/2008
New Romantic by Berlinder
Tosca by Giacomo Puccini
Personal Best Total Score 200.54 28.01.2007 European Championships 2007
Personal Best Score Short Program 66.97 24.01.2007 European Championships 2007
Personal Best Score Free Skating 133.57 25.01.2007 European Championships 2007

Lutai moved to Samara for one year when his rink in Belgorod closed and then in 2001 to St. Petersburg after his sister asked coach Mishin to take him into his group. Lutai's brother and sister were skaters as well, and he was coached by his sister before he left Belgorod. Lutai broke his foot in summer 2005.

http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/73109693.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF19390335F8FA9CA92A6633C57AC6855DBBE 392EAD04625AFC9D

28th January 2008, 00:12
off, mi-a parut rau de micut.

28th January 2008, 00:18
pe ce loc a iesit pana la urma?

28th January 2008, 00:22
pe 8.

28th January 2008, 01:15
Deci Rusia poate avea la anul 3 patinatori in competitie,nu?

28th January 2008, 01:16
3? lutai, voronov si....?

28th January 2008, 01:18
si cine o fi la anul pe locul 3 la nationale. dobrin, griazev sau vreo surpriza.

28th January 2008, 01:19
ahamz...credeam ca e cineva anume

28th January 2008, 18:45
Astea`s ce aveam eu prin pc..
mie lutai mi-a placut anu trec la europene la gala, dupa ce a fost pe 5...atunci l-am remarcat

30th January 2008, 21:58
este cumva iubitul Katarinei Gerbold?:P

30th January 2008, 22:36
si cine o fi la anul pe locul 3 la nationale. dobrin, griazev sau vreo surpriza.

Surpriza la anul poate fi Plushenko :D

30th January 2008, 22:39
Surpriza la anul poate fi Plushenko :D[/QUOTE]

in cazul asta chiar imi pare rau de Lutai:(,,,

30th January 2008, 22:39
plushy? nu prea cred ca o sa se mai intoarca in eligible skating. a avut prea multe probleme de sanatate. :P
in plus, s-a cam ingrasat...e mai...implinit sa spunem :)

30th January 2008, 22:44
Sincer,eu nu cred ca va incerca sa revina,dupa ce a cistigat toate titlurile posibile,cred ca si bani a cistigat si nu-l vad dispus sa munceasca atit de mult pentru a se putea prezenta onorabil.

30th January 2008, 22:44
desi este preferatul meu:P.....sper sa nu se mai intoarca...nu cred ca ar mai putea face fata nivelului celorlalti.....:(

30th January 2008, 23:54
ahamz...credeam ca e cineva anume
:P Si eu as fi vrut sa fie cineva anume...anume Yags:D

31st January 2008, 00:24
si eu

31st January 2008, 00:30
cum? pai plushy are de gand sa se intoarca sigur sigur. iata ce scrie pe anuntul pt kings on ice de acum, anuntul publicat pe bilet.ro: "Publicului roman ii revine onoarea de a vedea IN PREMIERA MONDIALA NUMARUL PREGATIT DE PLUSHENKO PENTRU OLIMPIADA"
deci are planuri marete. poate vrea sa il invinga pe yagudin, sa fie de 2 ori campion olimpic, avand mai multe titluri olimpice decat yags (sa il invinga , asta dupa parerea lui, nu si a noastra) .. la cat de ofticat e dupa povestea 2002 salt lake city....

31st January 2008, 14:06
eh...dupa 6 ani de-acuma, el tot ofticat e pe rezultatele de la SLC.
in fine, no more offs ca ne papa adelina :P
app, stie cineva la ce concurs a fost asta? :thinkso:

31st January 2008, 19:20
:thinkso: No idea! As vrea si eu sa stiu:P da nu cred sa fie din sezonul asta :P

in fine, no more offs ca ne papa adelina
:cry: Vai, asa am ajuns sa fiu data ca exemplu:D

31st January 2008, 19:37
Esti celebra deja, ce mai!:cool:

22nd March 2008, 22:47
ce pacat ca a lipsit de la mondiale...sper sa aiba un sezon mai bun anul viitor:)

17th April 2008, 21:46
Un interviu ceva mai vechi(din septembrie)

Interview with Russian skater Andrei Lutai

V: First question is usual, how did you start to skate?

A: I have older brother and sister. At first she started to skate, and then my brother started to skate. He was very talented. But in Belgorod, where I lived, we had problem with ice and the level of figure skating was not high. I started to skate, when I was 6 years old. My sister was already coach at that time. She was my coach until 12 years old. But as I said, the level of figure skating in Belgorod was not good enough. I moved to Samara. My sister was in Moscow, she talked with Mishin and asked, if I can skate with him. I came to Saint-Petersburg for 3 days, skated in the ice-rink and Alexei Mishin said, that he will coach me and help me with studies and place for living, so I moved to Petersburg. I’ve been living here for 7 years.

Except Mishin, I train with his wife. If to talk about this season, the choreographer of my short program is Vahtang Murvanidze ( Skater from Georgia, but now he works in USA). The choreographer of my free program is Edvard Smirnov. I worked with me before as well.

V: Is it any time for you to study?

A: Yeah, I study second year in University, sport department. I’m part-time student.

V: Figure skating is more like job for you or it’s hobby?

A: It’s not even job for me, it takes almost all my time, so I can say, that figure skating is my life.

V: Do you remember your best competition?

A: I really liked how I skated my short program at Russian Nationals and ECH 2007 in Warsaw. I skated not so successfully at Worlds in Japan. I was not in good shape, I guess I was pretty tired after such season.

V: Can friendship exist in figure skating between rivals in your opinion?

A: I have some friends, but they are not so close. Maybe because we all live in different cities. When it’s some competition I really have good contacts with some skaters. But we don’t see each other very often.

V: Who is your favorite skater?

A: I don’t have one favorite skater. I like jumps of one skater, spins of another skater and so on. For example, I like Plushenko’s jumps, Lambiel’s spins.

V: Are you nervous before competition?

A: Usually I’m pretty calm, I did not feel worry before ECH and other competitions, but before Worlds 2007 I was a bit nervous, maybe because I understood that I was not in great shape.

V: Can you mention some young talented skaters in Russia?

A: I would say I like skating of Gordey Gorshkov. He is 14 or 15 years old. He does not jump triple axel yet, but I like how he does jumps and everything.

V: Could you tell me your opinion about Swedish skaters?

A: I competed few times with Kristoffer Berntsson. I can say that he is original skater, he has original programs. I was in Sweden 2 times at training camps. It was 5 years ago. I know skater Adrian Schultheiss, he is my friend. We were in summer camps few times together.

V: What do you do in your free time?

A: I don’t have much free time, especially last 5 months. But I like to meet with my friends, have fun with them, go to club, earlier I liked to play computer games, now I play less. One of my hobbies is to drive car. I really like it.

V: what kind of music do you prefer?

A: I listen to different kinds of music. Mostly I listen to rap, I don’t like pop music. Sometimes I listen to R’n’b and rock. Mostly it’s music in Russian.

V: Do you have any features of character, which bother you to work?

A: Sometimes I feel that I’m tired and then I just need rest, I don’t want to train more. But I would not say I’m lazy. I train 24 hours per week.

V: Let’s talk about your favorite things.

Color: white, dark, green
Drink: Juice
Food: Chinise, Japanise. Chicken with pine apple, sushi.
Movie: Comedy
Place in the world: Nice, Miami, just to rest there, not to live. Saint-Petersburg is the best city in the world.
Music: Rap, R’n’B
Dream: hard to say
Aim in figure skating: to be Olympic champion
The most important thing in life: health, family and success in everything.

18th April 2008, 00:26
" success in everything " - hmm, nici nu vrea multe micutul :P

18th April 2008, 00:37
:P Ii place sariturile lui Plushy si piruetele lui Steph...interesant.
Pai ..nu e rau sa isi propuna, macar..ca nu va avea chiar in toate asa mare succes...e altceva :P

18th April 2008, 18:33
succesul ca succesul (la fete e asigurat :) ) dar aim-ul lui? e foarte ridicat, adica ma asteptam sa o ia progresiv, sa isi doreasca intai medalia europeana, apoi mondiala si apoi sa viseze la olimpiada. dar atata vreme cat stie sa isi faca vise fara sa se dezamageasca singur , it`s ok

18th April 2008, 22:58
de unde sti ca la fete e asigurat? :P sunt complet de acord, dar eram curioasa de unde sti :P

18th April 2008, 23:26
Nu cred ca era greu sa isi dea seama :P

19th April 2008, 11:18
n-am informatii sigure , insa mi-am dat seama dupa figura lui. trebuie sa recunosc , e un baietel atragator

14th June 2008, 22:28
ca sa improspatez atmosfera

Russian Figure Skater Andrei Lutai Visits the U.S.
One of Russia's hopes for 2010, Andrei Lutai, recently took a week-long trip to the United States especially to work with world-renowned choreographer, Tom Dickson. During that week, the choreography for Lutai's long and short programs was completed. Also, the talented athlete was introduced to modern dance and compulsory figures for the first time in his life.

si m-am interesat pe alte forumuri si am vazut ce alti patinatori a mai coregrafiat nenea asta dickinson: voila:
-Yu-Na Kim's Tango de Roxanne,
-many of Yukina Ota's programs,
-Jeremy Abbott's programs from last year
-Ryan Jahnke :confused:
-Matt Savoie

In 2008, at the request of Olympic Coach Alexei Mishin, he went to Florida and worked with some of Mishin's top talent including Andrei Lutai, Katarina Gerboldt, and Arthur Gachinsky. Tom says it was great to stay with Mishin and his students in a beach house and enjoy being creative at the same time. Lutai took a trip to Colorado in the spring of 2008 especially to work with Dickson.

In 2007, he choreographed the programs for 2007 World Junior Champion Caroline Zhang. Zhang took a special trip to Colorado Springs to work with Dickson. Then. Dickson went to southern California to put the finishing touches on Zhang's program.

Eu nu auzisem pana acum de dickinson, dar nu-i timpul pierdut. cum se va intoarce plushy, nu prea vad loc de andrei :( cred ca vor domina la nationale voronov si plushy...

16th June 2008, 20:17
Pai daca Lui Weir ii face coregrafia tanti Galina, lui Lysacek - Tarasova, lui Lutai trebuie sa-i faca nenea Dickson.

7th July 2008, 20:08
Russia’s 2008 national silver medalist Andrei Lutai has completed his short and free programs for the 2008/09 season in May. Having used foreign specialists at the US training camps, he is now sharing his impressions of working with American choreographers.

“My spring months were very productive. I took a brief vacation to go away and relax in late March and early April, and then started preparing for the next season with renewed energy. We spent about two weeks training in America in April and May. Both the short and the free are completely ready to go. I won’t open all of my cards yet, but I can say that the compositions are, in my opinion, very interesting and unusual, especially for out figure skating school. Americans see programs a little different, they put them together not like we do; they just have a different vision and understanding of the interaction of music and athlete. The work was very exciting. We spent much time on connecting elements and gliding, coming up with a signature style with interesting transitions, steps, as well as body and arm positions. It was tough, but well worth it.

It was my first time working with American choreographers. It’s the first time I thought of involving my friends, acquaintances, and even strangers in choosing my music. I put it up on my internet page – I’m looking for the music for my programs, and will be grateful for new ideas. The response was incredible! I got many different interesting compositions. Somebody even broke it down – we take the slow part here to do this, we take the fast part there to do that, this piece will go well with footwork, while that can accommodate jumps, and so forth. All of that was assembled quite professionally, too. I’d like to thank everyone who responded!”

Quotes from the “All Sport” agency.

8th July 2008, 04:03
sunt curioasa. sper sa aiba un sezon bun micutul!!!

8th July 2008, 10:00
sunt 3 rusi in competitie directa: plushy, vornov, lutai. si cred ca la euro si mond merg doar 3 , right??

8th July 2008, 15:14
din cate stiam eu da, doar 3 patonatori pot merge

8th July 2008, 15:28
Da...pt europene au asigurate 3 locuri la baieti din cauza ca atat Lutai cat si Voronov s-au clasat in primii 10.
La mondiale au doar doua locuri....asa ca Lutai va trebui sa dea tot ce are mai bun la Nationale si de asemenea la Europene pentru a convinge si pt a primi votul de incredere din partea Federatiei. Mai ales ca in sezonul acesta ( care va incepe in 2 luni) mondialele reprezinta o etapa de calificare pt JO 2010

9th July 2008, 01:22
:cheer: Andrei:cheer: As vrea eu sa mearga la mondiale Voronov si Lutai :D

9th July 2008, 02:39
pai clar ca merg andrei si sergei. plushy, who????

26th August 2009, 14:10
Lutai Prepares for Olympic Season

18th November 2009, 13:25
daca e adevarat oare ce este in capul lui?:(:rosu:


18th November 2009, 21:58
se pare ca e adevarat. si nu cred ca era ceva in capul lui la momentul respectiv.

18th November 2009, 22:00
wtf?! nu e intreg la minte... :shocked:

24th November 2009, 21:24
si uite asa pentru o secunda de slabiciune se duc ani de munca:rosu:

5th February 2011, 03:28