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21st December 2007, 19:22


Name Yu-Na Kim

Date Of Birth September 5, 1990

Family parents, elder sister, toto, hanuri

Place of Birth Bucheon, GyeongGi

Residence Gunpo, GyeongGi

Blood Type O

Height 163cm ; weight:43kg

club Gunpo Suri High School Skating Club

Hobbies Web surfing, cyworld, listening to music, shopping (sometimes)

Start Skating 1996, GwaCheon Ice Rink, GyeongGi

Coach Brian Orser

Former Coaches
2006.9-2007.1. Bun-Seon Park
2005-2006 Se-Yeol Kim
2004-2005 Hyeon-Jeong Ji
2003 Se-Yeol Kim
2000-2003 Hye-Suk Shin
1997-2000 Jong-Hyeon Ryu

Choreographer David Wilson SP/FS for 2007/2008 season

Former Choreographer
Katarina Dickson, Se-Yeol Kim, Jeffrey Buttle, Tom Dickson, David Wilson, Brian Orser

Training Location Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, Canada


Favorite Foods All kinds of foods,
especially Bread (all kinds of), tteokbokki (Korean food, broiled & sliced rice cake with hot seasoning)

Favorite Colour Purple

Favorite TV Program: Infinite Challenge, MBC

Favorite Skaters: Michelle Kwan(most favorite), Irina Slutskaya, Sasha Cohen, Carolina Kostner,
Johnny Weir, Evgeni Plushenko, Alban Preaubert, Alexander Uspenski, Jeffrey Buttle,
Tomas Verner, Daisuke Takahashi, Stephane Lambiel, Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy

Yu-Na Kim ocupa locul :no1 in clasamentul mondial cu 492.60p.

Uitati ce am gasit despre Yu-Na! O fi adevarat?

Yu-Na Kim Makes History

Yu-Na Kim Forum http://yunaforum.com/index.php?showforum=5


22nd December 2007, 12:31
Yu-na este preferata mea din noua generatie de patinatori. Ma bucur Ade ca ai deschis acest thread. Eu consider ca din punct d evedere tehnic este cea mai buna din toata timpurile si aici nu ma refer la dificultatea combinatiilor ci la acuratetea elementelor pe care le executa. Cu siguranta daca o va ajuta Dumnezeu sa mearga mai departe si sa fie in forma; cred ca ea va fi pe prima treapta a podiumului la Vancouver 2010.
De asemenea sper sa aiba noroc si la mondiale in 2008 unde sa castige medalia de aur pe care nu a reusit anul acesta :)

22nd December 2007, 16:49
eu ii doresc sa stea accidentarile departe de ea!!!

23rd March 2008, 23:54
mi-a placut de ea la gala.....ffff eleganta si sensibila!:P

2nd May 2008, 17:46
Ia uitati ce lady avem :)
http://img31.picoodle.com/img/img31/4/5/2/t_downloadm_b92500f.jpg (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/4/5/2/f_downloadm_b92500f.jpg&srv=img31)

2nd May 2008, 17:54
park e fotomodel!

2nd May 2008, 18:50
Ce draguta e!

7th May 2008, 18:41
Fan interest has been a big boost for Kim Yu-na on her way to stardom, but now the 17-year-old figure skater wants less attention.

The two-time defending World Grand Prix Final champion said on her own Web site on Thursday morning that the excessive interest from fans has made her feel bitter.

``When you find me practicing on an ice rink, please watch and root for me in your heart,'' said Kim, who finished third for the second straight year at the World Championships in March despite a hip injury.

``As fans make noise while moving in crowds to watch me skate, other skaters training on the ice cannot focus on their exercises. I really feel sorry for them.

``Concentration is the top priority in practice. Although I fully understand your cheering, please don't distract them.''

Since her sudden return to South Korea in February due to the injury, Kim, who was training in Canada, has practiced at the Lotte World Rink in Jamsil, Southern Seoul.

The rink is usually used for visitors during daytime, while figure skaters, including Kim, rent it around midnight for practice.

Despite the late time, Kim's fame has drawn many people to the site, and their loud shouting and taking pictures have hampered the athletes from exercising.

``Especially, I ask you not to use a flashlight. Even though it is a short time, the light is very, very dangerous to skaters,'' she said.

``The rink is the only place for us to train under comfortable conditions. Please help us to focus on it during the time.''

Meanwhile, Gunpo City, where Kim resides, has planned to build an ice rink for Kim, spurred by Kim's rival Mao Asada of Japan training in a state-of-the-art rink. But the budget for the rink of 90 billion won ($88 million) has made the plans stall.

1st June 2008, 20:59
Yu-Na joins Jackie Chan & Korean artists in Earthquake relief project

Yesterday morning, famous Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, biggest valued blue chip stock Wonder Girls, 200 Pounds Beauty movie star Kim Ah Joong plus other top stars gathered together at Louis Studio in Samsungdong. . . to lend their voices to the I Love Asia project, conceptualized by action star Jackie Chan, producer Park Jin Young and director Kang Je Kyu to help victims from the devastating Sichuan earthquake in China.

Korean artistes lend their voices for the I L♥ve Asia project (http://coolsmurf.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/korean-artistes-lend-their-voices-for-the-i-l%e2%99%a5ve-asia-project/) <-- click
YouTube Link: Recording for I L♥ve Asia (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JCsZrmqGHtM)

2nd June 2008, 20:51
Yu-Na a fost botezata pentru a fi catolica, duminica trecuta (24 Mai). Numele sau crestin este Stella.

Sursa: Yu-Na Kim Forum (yunaforum.com)
Article (Korean) and photo

In Koreea sunt 5 milioane de catolici.

2nd June 2008, 23:33
:p Vazusem si eu ceva ieri pe fsunivers dar nu am citit threadul sa vad mai sigur despre ce e vorba :p
Multumim pentru info Flavia :) Stella e un nume frumos :)

6th June 2008, 19:22
Ma bucur pentru Yu Na. A facut o alegere buna, numele Stella este frumos:floricica:.:)

19th June 2008, 14:47
Vesti foarte bune....Yu-na is back in business :) S-a recuperat dupa toate problemele de sanatate si s-a reintors in Canada pentru antrenamente :ok:
Yu-na a devenit una dintre cele mai importante celebritati din Koreea...a fost invitata in emisiuni Tv, a realizat mai multe reclame. Daca asa au reactionat coreeni dupa medalia de bronz de la mondiale..oare cum vor reactiona in cazul unei medalii de aur la CM sau JO? :)

South Korean skating sensation, Yu-Na Kim is happy to be back on “home” ice at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club.

Kim returned to Canada on Thursday, June 12 and despite a late night flight arrival was back on the ice the following day working with coach Brian Orser. Choreographer David Wilson will begin choreographing her new programs today. “I missed Brian and David and I am happy to be back,” Kim said.

Life in Canada is a far cry from the one the bubbly teenager has led the past two months. After claiming her second consecutive bronze medal at the 2008 World Championships Kim returned to Korea to have a recurring back and hip injury treated by specialists. Her training schedule was essentially cancelled in order to allow her injuries to properly heal.

But Kim has become a megastar in her homeland and life was anything but dull during her downtime. “I did many television commercials and a photo shoot for a magazine,” she said. “It is hard work doing commercials. It takes a long time to shoot a commercial and I had to smile all the time. I was a little restless waiting around a lot but it was fun.”

According to her manager, Ryan Kim, “Yu-Na has reached a high tier of celebrity status in Korea. She is one of the most important celebrities in Korea.”

The sentiment was echoed by Canada’s Patrick Chan who went to Seoul in May to perform in the “Festa on Ice” show. “Yu-Na is like a rock star in Korea,” Chan said. “She is not just a figure skater to them. Whenever the skaters went out when we were in Seoul we had bodyguards. It was incredible. We went to a shopping mall one day and the crowds were crazy. The bodyguards had to keep all the people away from her.”

Kim was joined by an all-star cast at the “Festa on Ice” show. “I have done other shows in Korea,” she said, “but this was the best show ever. Great skaters came.”

One of the highlights Kim said was performing a number with her friend Johnny Weir who she described as being very special. “He is the best. It was a lot of fun performing with him,” she said.

Orser said his student’s injuries have finally healed and now she has to buckle down and work hard. “It is great to have her back. We all missed her,” he said.

5th October 2008, 03:18
Happy, healthy Kim hopes for big season
"She's a new person," says her coach, Brian Orser

(09/03/2008) - Training at Toronto's Cricket Skating & Curling Club -- some 6,500 miles from her hometown in Gunpo, South Korea -- agrees with Yu-Na Kim.

When she skates at Lotte World, a recreation complex in Seoul billed as the largest indoor amusement park in the world, the teenager is disadvantaged by her own fame. A national hero, she must weave around dozens of youngsters she inspired to don skates and often pause to sign autographs.

"The rink where she trains in Seoul is in an amusement park, and it's a super-duper-sized rink, way bigger than Olympic size," said Kim's coach, two-time Olympic silver medalist Brian Orser. "And there are all these rides going around and a lot of people taking interest, so we have to skate to the middle of the ice and have our little chats."

Here, at the rather tony private club, visitors are invited by members and carefully logged in at a reception desk. Fewer adoring fans and plenty of elbow room on the ice have relaxed the two-time world bronze medalist.

"I love to train here," Kim, who turns 18 on Sept. 5, said in her fast-improving English. "There are [only] a few rinks in South Korea, and I think there's not enough time to skate. It's hard to train there; that's why I moved here. There is more calm and quiet. I am po****r in Korea, a lot of people come and want to take pictures [with me], and so it's very hard to focus."

The engaging teen misses the comforts of home during her long sojourns in Toronto; family and friends head the list. But living just 15 minutes from the rink with her mom, Mi-hee Park, plus a full-time physiotherapist and a personal trainer, has helped lift her skating to new heights.

"She's a new person this year," Orser, who has coached Kim since late 2006, said. "It's been really remarkable to see her evolve into a young woman, from this little girl who was crying a lot and was very, very shy. She has confidence. She beats to her own drum. She has her own agenda and a real passion for skating now."

That's a huge improvement from six months ago, when hip and back injuries forced Kim to withdraw from the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships held in her home country. She arrived at the 2008 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, six weeks later, low in confidence and practice time. Still, despite falling on a triple Lutz in her short program, she won the free skate and came home with a second consecutive bronze medal.

"Last summer, she had some good days and some not so good days," Orser said. "Then we got to the fall Grand Prix season and she started doing a big push with her off-ice people, and it was just too much. So I'm happy with the new [physiotherapist and trainer] this season. I'm pretty confident she is going to stay healthy as long as I can teach her about pacing."

"My back is getting better; for sure it's better than at worlds," his pupil agreed. "It is not 100 percent yet but it's [between] 90 and 99 percent."

Kim is looking for a big year. Unlike her Japanese rival Mao Asada, the reigning world champion who has competed neck-and-neck with her since their junior days, the Korean skater doesn't have a triple Axel in her arsenal. What she does have is a technically sound quintet of triple jumps and a consistent triple-triple combination.

"Mao is a very great skater; she can do triple Axel, which is very hard to do for women skaters, so I love her skating," Kim said. "If she was not my rival, maybe I [would not] improve my skating so much. We push each other. It's good to have a rival."

Despite her admiration, Kim has no intentions of adding Mao's most famous weapon to her own repertoire.

"Sure, I tried [triple Axel] when I was 10 or 11," she said. "It's very hard. It takes a very long, long time to learn, and I got injured [trying it]. I don't think it is good to learn new [jump] skills now. It is better, I think, to do what I can and not make mistakes during competitions."

Orser pointed out that if his pupil skates up to her abilities, she has a strong chance for gold.

"At worlds, we've never been able to lay out what she's capable of," he said. "Last year at the Grand Prix Final, she put out a pretty good long program, and the scores reflected that. But at [2007] worlds in Tokyo and [2008] in Gothenburg, [her programs] were sub par. She was in pain; she was not in great shape; she got the tricks out, but they were not good quality.

"Her advantage is [that her] triple flip-triple toe combination usually gets a +2 [Grade of Execution]. She's even had +3s. And her Lutz is a true Lutz [with an outside-edge take-off]; when she does a good one, she usually gets +1 or more, whereas some of the other girls [including Mao] with the edge error could get a -1 or 2."

This season, Kim tackles two new routines, both choreographed at the Cricket Club with David Wilson. Her short is set to "Danse Macabre," her free is to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade," music one of her favorite skaters, Michelle Kwan, used during the 2001-02 season.

"Its fun to work with David," Kim said with a laugh. "I was very shy a few years ago before working with him. He has made me [less] shy. It's easy to express [myself] when I'm working with David, so I'm lucky to be working with him.

"[The short] is very strong music, much stronger than last season. I want to skate to more impressive music. For the long, I heard [Scheherazade] a few years ago, and I thought I'd like to skate to it, but last year Miki Ando used it, so I couldn't. I wanted to use more po****r music than I did last season."

Rather than adding new jumps, Kim and Orser are working to add new positions to her spins and spiral sequences.

"She's been working on her flexibility a lot, because I know under the new [judging] rules, you get [more credit] for a full split in the spiral sequence," the coach explained.

"The judging system changed, so I've changed, and I'm working on that," Kim agreed.

With her stays in Toronto so successful, Kim seemed uncertain when asked about recent newspaper reports that she had applied to Korean University.

"I live here right now; I can't go to school in Korea, not while I am training and skating all the time," she said. "Maybe later, after the Olympics, I will go."

The 2010 Vancouver Games, just 18 months away, are not uppermost in her thoughts. Her first goal is to do well at her fall events, Skate America and the Cup of China, and then repeat as Grand Prix champion in Goyang City in December.

The prospect of competing at home both energizes and concerns the skater.

"The Korean media expects me to get gold at all times, even when I got injured," she said. "I just try to focus on my skating. [The pressure] is good for me sometimes, and sometimes not good. It's the first time to compete in my country, so that puts a little more pressure on me. But I like it.

"I think Olympics are very big, but they are in 2010. I don't want to think about it right now. I want to think about my [upcoming] competitions and what I need to do this season."


5th October 2008, 13:11
Tare mi-ar placea sa castige CM. Are tot ce- trebuie: sarituri, gratie, simt artistic, e capabila de punctaje mari, mai trebuie doar putina concentrare.

7th October 2008, 11:09
Sunt de acord cu tine Flavia.....este extraordinara Yu-na. Chiar daca nu are aceesi dificultate ca Mao..ea compenseaza prin executie. E una dintre putinele patinatoare care primeste coeficienti de +2 la multe dintre sarituri.
O vreau campioana mondiala si olimpica :D Este cea mai buna!

7th October 2008, 23:34
Nu vreau sa va supar asa ca " Que sera, sera! What will be will be!" :P
Daca va fi sa fie Yu-Na campiona atunci asa sa fie :)

8th December 2008, 13:44
Kim Yu-na to Skate on Charity Ice Show

By Kang Seung-woo
Staff Reporter

Figure skating wunderkind Kim Yu-na will perform in a charity ice show in Korea.

IB Sports, her agency, said Thursday that the 18-year-old South Korean would skate in the show, titled ``Kim Yu-na's Angels on Ice,'' on Christmas Day at Mokdong Ice Rink.

Kim, who triumphed at this year's two Grand Prix series events ― Skate of American and Cup of China ― plans to skate with 10 South Korean figure skating prospects.

In addition, world bronze medallist Johnny Weir of the United States will pair with Kim.

All profit from admission fees will go to the charity.

``To reward for big support from local fans, I will perform in the charity show,'' Kim said.

Kim has a big reputation for doing good.

Last year, she donated 12 million won for young figure skaters, and contributed 100 million won along with school uniforms worth 200 million won to poor students.

She also presented 100 uniforms to students in Taean, which was hit by oil spill in the west sea last December.

In May, Kim made a 50-million won scholarship for figure skaters again.

Kim, two-time defending Grand Prix Final champion, has already earned a berth to the final contest, scheduled on Dec. 10 to 14 in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province thanks to the two wins.

The top six skaters out of six Grand Prix series will advance to the final.


12th December 2008, 19:41
Ar putea fi Yu-Na miss sport...

http://www.ifsmagazine.com/archive/2007/DECEMBER/YK278.jpg http://www.ifsmagazine.com/archive/2007/DECEMBER/Yu_Na-Kim-062.jpg


12th December 2008, 19:57
God! ce bine arata in poze :rolleyes: she`s really pretty :)

13th December 2008, 12:05
wow !!!! clar ar putea fi miss ce vrea ea. superba !!!

13th December 2008, 12:40
Wow..ce draguta e! E foarte diferita fata de cum o stim din concursuri!
Da, puteam sa o nominalizam la Miss! merita ;)

7th February 2009, 15:24
un site Yu-Na Kim, care mie mi-a placut foarte mult. Multe poze frumoase cu Yu-Na.:)


8th February 2009, 00:48
ce scumpa e...pe gheata chiar nu pare asa dragutza!:D

3rd March 2009, 02:21

Varianta coreeana a revistei Forbes a realizat un top al celebritatilor din Korea, top ce a cuprins: actori, cantareti, modele, sportivi si s-au luat in considerare urmatoarele aspecte:
- profesionalism
- po****ritate
- venituri
- influenta

Yu-na a iesit pe locul 1 la general, fiind considerata un adevarat simbol al tarii.
Pe fiecare categorie in parte a iesit dupa cum urmeaza:
- locul 2 ca influenta
- locul 1 la profesionalism
- locul 3 la po****ritate
- locul 12 la venituri

Yu-na i-a intrecut pe:
- fotabalistul Ji-sung Park, de la Manchester Utd. care ocupa locul 6 la general
- jucatorul de baseball Seung-Yup Lee care ocupa locul 7 la general

3rd March 2009, 13:12
Cateva articole despre Yu-Na ( scrise de fani, cred)

28th March 2009, 08:51
Kim sets new standard in ladies short at worlds

Rochette second; Asada nine points off the lead

By Lynn Rutherford, special to icenetwork.com
(03/27/2009) - Most everybody expected the ladies' event to be yet another showdown between Yu-Na Kim and Mao Asada, with the usual suspects playing supporting roles.

Not so fast. While Kim played leading lady to perfection with a sublime performance to Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre," Asada doubled her triple Lutz and sits third, some nine points off the lead.

"I think this was one of those moments people will always remember, especially those judges," said Brian Orser, the two-time Canadian Olympic silver medalist who coaches Kim in Toronto.

"Everything came together at the right time. Yu Na beat her [personal best] score by four points. When you get to the world championships, the level of everything comes up. She's trained so well and on this stage every gesture just gets better."

Kim, who placed third behind Asada and Carolina Kostner last season, skated like liquid gold. She opened with a high-flying triple flip, triple toe loop combination and triple Lutz, followed by a superb spiral sequence and three other Level 4 elements.

"Two years ago at my first world championships, I did my personal best short program but not so well in the long program," she said. "Now I just want to do well in the long program tomorrow."

The 18-year-old, who hails from Gunpo City, was buoyed by the many Korean fans in the crowd.

"With a lot of Koreans in the audience today, I was very comfortable when skating," she said. "I feel I was able to do well because of all the people cheering for me out there."

Canadian champion Joannie Rochette, whose highest worlds' finish in six trips was fifth place last season, earned a personal best 67.90 that landed her in second place.

Rochette did not attempt a triple-triple combination, opting for a relatively safe triple Lutz, double toe. But her performance quality shone through, and her program components' score was second only to Kim's.

"I feel confident for the long program and I'm anxious to come back tomorrow," she said. "The free program is my strength. When I first started I didn't feel completely on, but when I landed my flip I could enjoy myself."

Asada opened her program, set to the Debussy's lilting "Clair de Lune," with a sterling triple flip, triple loop, but a shaky double Lutz, instead of her usual triple, cost her dearly. While her 66.06 was still a season best, today it wasn't good enough.

"One of my goals in the first half was to complete the triple-triple," she said. "I was satisfied about that, but for the second half I was not able to do my best, so I'm not satisfied. Tomorrow I would like to skate with no misses."

Asada and Kim have been rivals since their junior days, with the Japanese champion capturing the world junior crown in 2005 and Kim returning the favor a year later. Last season, Asada came out on top at worlds while Kim, somewhat limited by a back injury, placed third.

The two have split their two meetings so far this season, with Asada capturing the Grand Prix Final in December and Kim winning Four Continents.

2007 world champion Miki Ando sits fourth despite having her opening triple flip-triple loop combination downgraded by the technical panel. She earned 64.12 points.

European champion Kostner was a bit off her game, leaning forward on her opening triple flip and double-footing the landing of her solo triple Lutz. Her 63.18 points put her fifth.

U.S. silver medalist Rachael Flatt had a season-best outing to "Moon River" slightly marred by a step-out on her triple flip. The 16-year-old honors student did some quick thinking, adding on a double toe to her triple Lutz and ending up seventh with 59.30 points.

"I'm disappointed with how the combination came out; aside from that, it was a good program," she said. "I let it go pretty much as soon as it happened. I knew I needed a combination in, so I just tacked it on to the triple Lutz."

After starting well with a solid triple Lutz, double toe combination, U.S. champion Alissa Czisny fell on both her triple flip and double Axel attempts, landing in 14th place with 53.28 points.

"Today was disappointing because it's not the way I've been practicing," Czisny said. "I guess I had higher expectations of myself and today it just didn't happen.

"The first jump was pretty good. I was comfortable going into the second jump and got tight after that. I wasn't expecting to fall."

Barring calamities to many of the top-placed skaters, the U.S. will get only two ladies' spots for the upcoming Olympic Games. To earn three, the placements cannot equal more than 13.

"Everybody keeps reminding me and I can't think about that because I can't control the outcome," Czisny said.


6th April 2009, 12:53
Cashing in on Kim Yu-na's fame

Disgruntled fans of Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na are lashing out at attempts to use her po****rity to draw public attention.

Just a day after Kim claimed the world championship title in Los Angeles, Korea University published an advertisement in a local daily with the photo of a tearful Kim on the podium, saying "Korea University, which has been rearing the nation's talent, has given birth to a world leader."

Kim, who graduated from Suri High School in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, in February this year, is currently enrolled at Korea University, but has been unable to attend the school as she trains in Toronto, Canada.

Since the release of the ad, hundreds of internet users have been posting comments on the Web criticizing the school's attempt to claim Kim's success as its own.


An anonymous university official told The Korea Herald that the controversial ad is no more than an ad, and it could be interpreted as the school's congratulatory message for Kim's success.

A person with the ID "rosesia" wrote, "How can Korea University make such a claim, when even Suri High School stays quiet?" Another person with the ID "bsh4012" pointed out that the university is absurdly pretending Kim's gold medal is the fruit of its own effort. A Korea University graduate, who requested anonymity, said, "It is shameful how the school tries to use her fame for its own benefit when she is not even taking any classes."

Also under reproach is the ruling Grand National Party, which has posted a photoshopped image on the party website showing its leader Park Hee-tae gliding on the ice next to Kim Yu-na.

Park wrote on the posting that just as Kim thrilled the nation by becoming the world's No.1 figure skater, the GNP will follow suit and "conquer the world."

Recently, the ruling party has released parodies of various sports and entertainment figures on its website, some of which have come under attacks by internet users for their alleged frivolousness.

A person with the ID "ppotto" questioned whether the party is not violating Kim's rights of publicity to use her photograph. An office worker in Seoul also said, on the condition of anonymity, "It is disgraceful that the so-called ruling party of Korea is putting these up on the Web when they have tons of other things to do in this economic situation." Another fan of the figure star said "Kim Yu-na is our national treasure. For these GNP politicians to paste their images next to Yu-na for political gain is visually improper."

However, some internet users pointed out it is nothing but a "parody" and that people should not overreact.

Earlier in Los Angeles, some dozen Korean officials from the municipal government of Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, reportedly occupied the front row at a World Figure Skating Championships press conference on Sunday, and asked Kim whether she plans to participate in the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships scheduled to be held in Jeonju next February.

Kim said no, taking into consideration the Olympics. To the participants' dismay, a local daily reporter who accompanied these officials reportedly even suggested to Kim that it would be better if she accomplished such a feat in an event held in Korea, not overseas.

Some argue that no harm was intended, but this series of PR mishaps have definitely left fans of the figure phenom grimacing.

By Ahn Hyo-lim



8th April 2009, 13:49
What drives Kim Yu-na's critics?

10th April 2009, 20:34
Yu-Na e numarul 1 mondial...asta stiam:P

25th April 2009, 01:41
Yu-Na Kim reveals that she feels burdened by the heated
rivalry-promoting journalism

Figure skating's Yu-Na Kim reflected on a perfect season. About the topic of Mao Asada, she revealed that she feels burdened by the heated rivalry-promoting journalism.

At this season's World Championships, Yu-Na Kim set a world record score, and with a splendid win, she ascended to the throne of World queen.

Yu-Na Kim polished her famed power of expression, and it became a season of fulfillment.

Yu-Na Kim said, "I think both my short and free programs leave a strong impression. I used heavy make-up, even making my eyes looking like they were glaring, and I think that made it more impressive."

In addition, about Mao Asada, her greatest rival heading into the Olympics, she said that the inflammatory media surrounding them is a burden.

Yu-Na Kim said, "I feel that way now, but I wonder what Mao Asada thinks…this sort of thing, is kind of unpleasant."

Din ce am inteles asta e interviul de la care a pornit articoul de mai sus:

1st May 2009, 00:26
Yu-na Most Favored CF Model

1st May 2009, 02:03
e tare frumoasa fata asta !!!!!

8th July 2009, 13:59

8th July 2009, 20:24
cele 2 doamne sunt niste dragute, asa ca imi pare bine ca o sa fie intr-un show impreuna.

5th August 2009, 02:41
Yu-na este nominalizata la "Sportiva anului".
Daca vreti puteti sa o votati...mai multe detalii aici:http://womenssportsfoundation.org/News-And-Events/Awards/Sportswoman-of-the-Year-Award/Vote.aspx?type=individual&athlete=3

26th August 2009, 14:08
Figure Skating Queen`s Dad Talks About His Daughter

14th October 2009, 03:06
Yu-Na - pregatita de inceperea noului sezon:

Kim, meanwhile, will perform her new short program to a medley from James Bond movies.

Kim, who trains with Brian Orser in Toronto, was quoted in South Korea's Chosun Ilbo as saying she is excited and looking forward to the new campaign.

"I think I'm better prepared now compared to a year ago both physically and technically," she said.

17th October 2009, 00:35
Poze de la TEB Sp

17th October 2009, 00:42
mi-a placut programul ei, parca numai e acea fetita inocenta, mi se pare ca s-a maturizat, mi se pare chiar si mai inalta :P

24th October 2009, 17:14
Yu-Na Kim
Twenty Percent to Perfection

27th October 2009, 11:46

O scurta traducere a lucrurilor spuse de Yu-na:

Visul olimpic

"Ma uit la Olimpiada inca din 1998 si visez de atunci sa fiu si eu acolo". La Torino nu am putut merge din cauza varstei. Insa acum pot sa merg in sfarsit la Olimpiada si sa-mi implinesc visul".

Ceea ce spune despre Brian Orser:

"Cand l-am intalnit pe Brian, eram foarte timida, dar de-a lungul timpului, luand parte la multe competitii personalitatea mea s-a schimbat si am devenit o cu totul alta persoana."

Ceea ce spune despre programele din sezonul acesta:

"In ultimii ani am patinat pe o muzica cu poveste. Dar de aceasta data incerc sa creez eu o poveste. Coregraful meu, David Wilson, a sugerat 007.
Cand am ascultat prima data melodia mi-am zis ca asta e cu adevarat ceva total diferit. Nu e o muzica pe care sa o aleaga de obicei fetele. Dar sunt foarte multumita de alegere."

"In timpul verii am incercat sa imbunatatesc unele lucruri. Acesta e sezonul olimpic. Am ceva emotii, dar dupa cele intamplate sezonul trecut sunt increzatoare."

26th February 2010, 00:11
Am gasit link-ul asta, nu stiu daca mai e postat aici.


26th February 2010, 10:26
O nou articol despre patinatoarea momentului care sper sa nu se retraga asa cum a declarat inainte de JO, ar fi o mare pierdere pt patinaj,pentru ca prin Yu-na patinajul artistic feminin a ajuns aproape de perfectiune.

26th February 2010, 14:19
cum sa se retraga? Nu are nici 20 de ani.
Ma bucur foarte tare pentru ea, chiar merita sa ia medalia de aur.Si mi se pare impesionanta ascensiunea ei. Imi amintesc ca atunci cand era junioara era mereu eclipsata de japoneze, iar acum nu reuseste sa aiba punctaj mai mare decat au baietii.

27th February 2010, 04:28
S-au retras Tara Lipinski si Oksana Baiul la 16 parca.

27th February 2010, 14:19
i-am vorbit unei colege de clasa despre Yu-Na, ca e coreanca, ca patineaza frumos ca nu stiu ce. I-am prezentat niste programe, poze, rezultate. Si acum a devenit idolul ei, vorbeste intr-una despre ea, a contat si ca este coreanca si ea adora Coreea de Sud, lumea de acolo, cultura, tot :D.
La ora de info ma uitam cu ea la SP si trece un coleg pe langa noi, si zice "cine-i chinezoaica aia?" la care ea s-a enervat ca i-a spus ca e chinezoaica. Cum sa fie chinezoiaca? e coreeanca. :D. Si zicea ca daca vine in Romania va merge sigur si ea la spectacol.

Am o putere buna de convingere :D, pe aceasta colega am facut-o s-o placa pe Yu-Na, pe altii pe Plushenko..

27th February 2010, 15:14
Si eu acum destul de multi ani cand eram in generala, am facut-o pe colega mea de banca care ulterior mi-a devenit cea mai buna prietena, sa se uite la patinaj si sa-i place Marina Anissina/Gwendal Peizerat si Alexei Yagudin si sa devina o fana a lor la fel de mare ca mine.
Si azi atunci cand ne intalnim mereu discutam de patinaj, e unul dintre subiectele noastre preferate de discutitie.

28th February 2010, 01:50
Regina milionarã!

28th February 2010, 13:47
Super noua denumire a thread-ului :ok:


28th February 2010, 16:30
daca merita - si titlul si banii :)

2nd March 2010, 17:22
Yu-Na Kim a fost portdrapel la inchiderea JO.:)/hello

9th March 2010, 11:45
O melodie compusa special pentru Yu-na...versurile chiar se potrivesc :)

"Queen Yu-Na"

9th March 2010, 18:03
Mai urmeaza sa-i ridice si o statuie (asta daca nu o are deja).

10th March 2010, 11:31
mie mi-a placut mult de fata asta....programul in special :D
practic nu a avut adversara.sper sa continue tot asa:ok:

10th March 2010, 15:38
Asa e. A facut cu foarte mare usurinta ambele programel. Dar ar trebui totusi sa faca triplu Axel. Un campion de o asemenea maniera sa nu aiba una dintre sariturile grele in program nu da bine.

Eu m-am gandit si la altceva. Cand Mao a ratat desprinderea la o saritura, practic patina cred ca i-a intrat intr-un sant. Lucrul asta nu se putea intampla si in cazul lui Yu-Na ? Deci practic si sansa joaca un rol ? Am vazut ca la gala si Yu-Na a ratat o saritura.

10th March 2010, 18:43
pai eu din cate am inteles japoneza e singura care face triplu Axel:)
A ratat multe sarituri simple la liber,dar tot a ramas pe 2 deoarece parca a sarit de 2 sau 3 ori acest procedeu:D

11th March 2010, 00:39
ma, pe mine m-a plictisit teribil la gala. prea de tot, adormisem de tot

21st March 2010, 18:59
Un documentar realizat de cei de la Discovery despre Yu-na Kim.
Foarte interesant. Merita vazut!
Mie mi-a placut!!! :ok:

22nd March 2010, 00:18
Intr-adevar f frumos si interesant documentarul, mi-a placut f mult!:ok::)

29th March 2010, 20:49
Deci este divina :)


imi place pe zi ce trece mai mult :D

30th March 2010, 01:21
Yu-Na Kim pe cand era mai mica.:):floricica:

20th April 2010, 00:07
Festa on ice - poze din prima zi


24th April 2010, 22:49

9th May 2010, 23:41
Yu-Na fotbalista.


18th May 2010, 19:12

22nd May 2010, 00:31

11th June 2010, 17:01

25th June 2010, 16:22

26th June 2010, 20:46
Ce tari desenele astea :happy

10th July 2010, 15:17

24th July 2010, 21:42

24th July 2010, 22:41
Multumim pentru pozele de la "2010 All That Skate Summer" din care am identificat pe cei ce au participat la show:

Yuna Kim, Michelle Kwan, Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Sasha Cohen, Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto, Silvia Fontana, John Zimmerman, Jeremy Abbott, Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy, Jamie Rae Sale, David Pelletier, Haejin Kim

Din pacate n-am gasit filmulete pe Yt, decat a lui Yuna. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EIT7H7Bs5I

25th July 2010, 15:02
videoclipuri de la "All That Skate Summer" ( pe pun aici pe toate pt ca este mai simplu decat sa le postez pe pagina fiecarui patinator in parte):


Michelle Kwan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq50n4TXe9g

Michelle Kwan&Yu-Na Kim:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6l7Lm7cCOQ

Stephane Lambiel:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmwh7MOp5Ew

Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQWk4It_tEA

Brian Joubert:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiUPo4YzVBU

Jamie Salle &David Pelletier:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspzeDX1HM8

Sasha Cohen:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POU9lesACLY

Silvia Fontana:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9IBw2bfZZ0

Aliona Sawchenko& Robin Solchowy:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=696GsgWvCa4

Jeremy Abott:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIHPvKMkrNQ

Yu-Na Kim:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zqwVEUMnVg&feature=related


4th August 2010, 18:23
In Los Angeles, 7 august este ziua oficiala "Yu-Na Day" . Yu-Na Kim va primi in L.A. premiul "Proud Korean" si se va inalnii cu fanii.


4th August 2010, 18:29
In Los Angeles, 7 august este ziua oficiala "Yu-Na Day" . Yu-Na Kim va primi in L.A. premiul "Proud Korean" si se va inalnii cu fanii.


:shocked:Doamne iarta-ma, m-am saturat de fata asta ca de mere padurete, ba canta, ba face aia, ba face ailalta, macar bine ca promoveaza patinajul!:mda:
Ma scuzati ca sunt asa de vehementa dar nu imi place cand banii , politica si sportul se amesteca!

4th August 2010, 19:00
Felicitari Yunei! Merita acest premiu.:ok::no1

4th August 2010, 20:00
Ah, asa e, felicitari pentru premiu, il merita!

16th August 2010, 21:39

20th August 2010, 23:34
Eu sper sa nu se lase orbita de toata aceasta agitatie din jurul ei si sa uite de patinaj, mai bine zis sa isi piarda motivatia. Eu de abia asteptam sa o vad in noul sezon, sa vad cu ce vine nou, care e strategia... si am fost dezamagita sa o vad taiata de pe liste de la GP.

21st August 2010, 01:54
Yuna a declarat ca nu vrea sa participe la GP in sezonul acesta, doar la CM:
Noul site al Yunei:

22nd August 2010, 00:05

23rd August 2010, 06:50
Yuna a declarat ca nu vrea sa participe la GP in sezonul acesta, doar la CM:

Din partea mea poate sa nu participe la nici o competitie. Somnul ma apuca pe executiile ei. Atat de monotone si inexpresive.

24th August 2010, 19:01
Yuna Kim s-a despartit de Brian Orser

24th August 2010, 21:00
Yuna Kim s-a despartit de Brian Orser
Pacat:(:(, Brian Orser e un antrenor f bun care a ajutat-o mult pe Yu-Na:yes: dar sper sa gaseasca un antrenor la fel de bun ca el:ok:

25th August 2010, 12:07
Cred ca Orser si-a atins scopul cu Yuna si nu vedea ce ar mai putea face cu ea, mai ales ca omul are experienta si stie cam in ce directie se indreapta un patinator dupa ce obtine cam tot ce putea obtine. Si prefera sa o ia de la capat cu alti patinatori. Poate ca asta a simtit si ea, din moment ce despartirea a venit din partea ei. Dar, intr-adevar, pacat. Lucrurile nu incep deloc asa cum ar trebui pt noul sezon al Yunei.

25th August 2010, 16:37

25th August 2010, 17:01
Nu stiu ce sa spun despre despartirea de Orser dar ceea ce Yu Na trebuia sa schimbe categoric este coregraful, programele ei au inceput sa semene izbitor intre ele si au devenit plicticoase, e mare pacat la cat de talentata este.
Cred ca este un moment foarte greu pentru ea, sa continue dupa ce a castigat tot ce se putea castiga, plus presiunea fanilor si a sponsorilor. :(
Sper sa gaseasca pe cineva potrivit si sa o ia de la capat cu forte proaspete. :)

26th August 2010, 16:08
Votati pentru patinaj si pentru Yuna.

27th August 2010, 12:15

29th August 2010, 16:25

29th August 2010, 18:09

cred ca mama yunei are o influenta negativa asupra ei.:(
sper ca pana la urma sa apeleze la un antrenor daca vrea sa continue.

30th August 2010, 19:31

30th August 2010, 22:20
<<As for the choreographer, the price may differ but on average a program costs about W4 to 5 million (US$1=W1,195)>>

30th August 2010, 23:55
4,5 mil ???? Cu adevarat WWWOOWWW !!!!

31st August 2010, 01:11
4,5 mil pt cat timp? e foarte mult oricum dar as fi curioasa sa stiu pe cat timp costa atat.

hmm, mie mi=-a placut programul yu-nei pe muzica din james bond. as vrea sa vad mai multe programe energice de la ea.

3rd September 2010, 15:41

7th September 2010, 13:28

9th September 2010, 13:51

15th September 2010, 13:45

16th September 2010, 12:09

22nd September 2010, 16:05

22nd September 2010, 17:18

22nd September 2010, 20:51

5th October 2010, 13:36

6th October 2010, 00:43
Noul antrenor al Yunei este Peter Oppegard sotul sorei lui Michelle Kwan, Karen Kwan. Sper sa fie o alegere buna.

6th October 2010, 01:28

6th October 2010, 01:33
Nu stiu ce sa zic despre alegerea Yunei, dar sper sa fie bine!
Vom vedea pe parcurs....

6th October 2010, 13:11
Multa lume a banuit ca Oppegard va fi noul antrenor al Yunei sau oricum, cineva apropiat de M. Kwan. Sa vedem care vor fi rezultatele si in ce competitii va participa sezonul asta.

6th October 2010, 13:58

7th October 2010, 12:57

13th October 2010, 15:42

13th October 2010, 18:54

16th October 2010, 21:40

21st October 2010, 16:46

22nd October 2010, 18:29

1st December 2010, 11:47
Un nou articol despre Yu-na, in care sunt confirmare alegerile programelor pt SP (Gisele) si LP (Arirang - muzica traditionala din Korea): http://newsblogs.chicagotribune.com/sports_globetrotting/2010/11/face-the-music-kim-chooses-ballet-korean-folk-song.html

2nd December 2010, 00:56
imi place alegerea muzicii celor doua programe.
de abia astept sa le vad.:)

30th December 2010, 02:03
Felicitari Yu-Na Kim! /OLE/:no1/hello

1st January 2011, 20:51

10th January 2011, 14:13

20th January 2011, 22:57

5th February 2011, 03:23

14th February 2011, 17:58

14th February 2011, 18:07
Ma bucur ca va fi si Yu-Na la Mondiale desi sunt extrem de plictisita de toata reclama din jurul ei si de toti "fanii" ei de pe forumuri. :(

14th February 2011, 23:18
Nu e si Mihai fanul ei ?

14th February 2011, 23:21
Prezent! :D
Abia astept sa o revad pe Yu-na patinand!

15th February 2011, 11:00
Nu e si Mihai fanul ei ?

:)):)):)):happy:happy Eu nu ma refeream la cei de pe forumul nostru ci la adolescentii disperati care posteaza pe youtube si la cei care fac videoclipuri despre operatiile estetice ale lui Mao!!!!!:happy:happy

15th February 2011, 12:51
Ce operatii estetice???!!!:o::o::no::no: Chiar ca a innebunit lumea!:rosu::rosu::mad::mad:

15th February 2011, 13:50
Ce operatii estetice???!!!:o::o::no::no: Chiar ca a innebunit lumea!:rosu::rosu::mad::mad:

Youtubul este plin cu videoclipuri cretine despre Yu-Na si Mao. Una din teme sunt "operatiile estetice ale lui Mao". Am impresia ca are si Yu-Na cateva cu operatii estetice dar nu imi mai aduc aminte cu exactitate, de Mao stiu sigur. :o: Unii au prea mult timp liber!:jerk:

15th February 2011, 13:55
Si ce fel de operatii estetice are Mao? Acum e prima data cand aud de acest lucru:o::o:

15th February 2011, 15:18
nici una dintre ele nu are operatii estetice, iar copiii spun multe lucruri trasnite.:drak:

15th February 2011, 15:53
Si ce fel de operatii estetice are Mao? Acum e prima data cand aud de acest lucru:o::o:

Absolut nici una, evident, este cum a spus Andreea din ciclul "copiii spun lucruri traznite". Asa cum unii fac videoclipuri haioase cu Mao si Plushy sau Mao si Kozuka sunt si unii nebuni cu operatii estetice si alte mai cate.:mad:

16th February 2011, 21:04
nici una dintre ele nu are operatii estetice, iar copiii spun multe lucruri trasnite.:drak:
Traznite rau:drak::D, oricum asemenea videoclipuri ar tb interzise pe Youtube:rosu:, una e sa faci montaje cu patinatorii preferati si alta e sa faci clipuri cu operatii estetice si alte traznai de acest gen:rosu::rosu::mad::no:

16th February 2011, 22:18
Traznite rau:drak::D, oricum asemenea videoclipuri ar tb interzise pe Youtube:rosu:, una e sa faci montaje cu patinatorii preferati si alta e sa faci clipuri cu operatii estetice si alte traznai de acest gen:rosu::rosu::mad::no:

de acord. cele prin care sunt jignite anumite persoane ar trebui sterse. oricum cred ca nu-i ia nimeni in serios.:yes:

16th February 2011, 22:57
Traznite rau:drak::D, oricum asemenea videoclipuri ar tb interzise pe Youtube:rosu:, una e sa faci montaje cu patinatorii preferati si alta e sa faci clipuri cu operatii estetice si alte traznai de acest gen:rosu::rosu::mad::no:

Operatiile estetice sunt nimic, pot fi catalogate drept copilarii, ceea ce este mult mai grav sunt acuzatiile ca federatia japoneze respectiv coreana platesc pentru locurile pe care ele le obtin in concursuri, sau faptul ca anumiti arbitrii (ale caror nume apar in montaje) le-ar persecuta. :(:rosu:

5th March 2011, 16:30

21st March 2011, 22:50

22nd March 2011, 21:41

23rd March 2011, 16:40
Am gasit un filmulet cu antrenamentele Yu-Nei in Coreea, cred ca isi repeta programele pentru Mondiale, ia uitati ce bine arata :ok::


23rd March 2011, 23:42
Are tot ce-i trebuie fata asta. E gift - tuita de la natura.

25th March 2011, 22:57

28th April 2011, 11:38

2nd May 2011, 17:10

3rd May 2011, 17:53

16th May 2011, 16:56
Eu n-am mai vazut-o pe Yu-Na pana acum asa dezlantuita in ipostaza de femeie fatala, dar n-as spune ca ii sta rau.:yes: Iar cineva remarca sub videoclipul ei ca da, asta-i patinaj artistic.


Spectacolele pe gheata din Coreea seamana mai degraba cu niste discoteci uriase in care patinajul este un simplu pretext. Ma refer la atmosfera si la publicul care in general tipa de la un capat la celalalt al fiecarui program de te asurzeste. Trebuie sa patinezi ceva de genul Sonata pentru vioara de Beethoven al lui Virtue/Moir din 2008 pentru ca auditoriul sa urmareasca in liniste. Cat de cat.:))

16th May 2011, 17:19
Eu n-am mai vazut-o pe Yu-Na pana acum asa dezlantuita in ipostaza de femeie fatala, dar n-as spune ca ii sta rau.:yes: Iar cineva remarca sub videoclipul ei ca da, asta-i patinaj artistic.


Spectacolele pe gheata din Coreea seamana mai degraba cu niste discoteci uriase in care patinajul este un simplu pretext. Ma refer la atmosfera si la publicul care in general tipa de la un capat la celalalt al fiecarui program de te asurzeste. Trebuie sa patinezi ceva de genul Sonata pentru vioara de Beethoven al lui Virtue/Moir din 2008 pentru ca auditoriul sa urmareasca in liniste. Cat de cat.:))

La fel se intampla si in China sau Japonia, fanii asiatici sunt foarte entuziasti. :yes:

17th May 2011, 22:04

19th May 2011, 02:29

19th May 2011, 09:48
Nu-i sta deloc rau Yunei in ipostaza de femeie fatala, e frumusica foc si ii sta foarte bine cu parul lasat pe spate. Doar ca pe mine nu prea ma ating astfel de programe :D Totul cu o limita. Spre exemplu si in programul Danse Macabre era putin "femeie fatala" dar mi-a placut enorm programul acela. Chiar si programul ei cu James Bond avea ceva care imi placea. Dar in acesta(stiu ca e program de gala si nu e comparabil) nu face absolut nimic decat sa pozeze.

19th May 2011, 11:46
Nu-i sta deloc rau Yunei in ipostaza de femeie fatala, e frumusica foc si ii sta foarte bine cu parul lasat pe spate. Doar ca pe mine nu prea ma ating astfel de programe :D Totul cu o limita. Spre exemplu si in programul Danse Macabre era putin "femeie fatala" dar mi-a placut enorm programul acela. Chiar si programul ei cu James Bond avea ceva care imi placea. Dar in acesta(stiu ca e program de gala si nu e comparabil) nu face absolut nimic decat sa pozeze.

Imi inchipui ca fanii de sex masculin nu sunt deranjati deloc de faptul ca pozeaza, arata foarte bine asa cu parul lasat pe spate!:yes:;)
Dar imi pare tot fara vlaga, cred ca e cam obosita din cauza agendei super incarcate, nu i-ar strica o vacanta. :(

29th June 2011, 17:07

7th July 2011, 00:42
si frumoasa si deșteaptã

8th July 2011, 00:04
Ma bucur pentru victoria Coreei (si a Yu-nei, care a depus mult efort pentru toata actiunea aceasta)! Mi s-a parut foarte dragut ca, in momentul in care a fost anuntat orasul castigator, Yu-na a inceput sa planga (bine, nu a fost singura).

Daca e cineva interesat de cum au decurs ieri lucrurile, puteti vedea tot ce a fost mai important aici :http://www.olympic.org/ioc-session-durban-live-stream

In sinea mea, speram ca Jocurile Olimpice sa ramana in Europa...

8th July 2011, 19:49
La fel se intampla si in China sau Japonia, fanii asiatici sunt foarte entuziasti. :yes:

Mie publicul japonez mi se pare mult mai apropiat de cel european sau nord-american sub aspectul comportamentului la spectacolele de patinaj, dar publicul chinez este intr-adevar zgomotos, iar cel coreean cred ca iese din gama oricarui aparat de masurare a tipetelor.:))

De exemplu, cu greu se poate inchipui ca acesta ar fi genul de program sau ca Lysacek ar fi genul de patinator care sa induca isterie in masa. Si totusi...


Plus ca la spectacolele Yunei, constumatiile alese uneori pentru asa-numitele programe de grup mie imi aduc aminte de anii gradinitei.


La unul din spectacole, am vazut-o chiar si pe Gordeeva - care are totusi o anumita varsta - imbracata in stil Scufita Rosie.:rolleyes:

Dar sunt convinsa ca toti patinatorii se simt excelent in fata acestui tip de public care aplauda si tipa in mod absolut nediferentiat, adica nu pare sa aiba preferinte nici pentru anumiti patinatori, nici pentru anumite programe.

si frumoasa si deșteaptã

Intr-adevar, frumoasa prestatie si cu atat mai laudabila cu cat a trebuit sa invete pe dinafara un discurs care nu a fost scris in limba ei ci intr-o limba pe care de fapt nu o stapaneste. Sincer, m-as fi mirat daca nu ar fi castigat Coreea pentru ca dupa doua olimpiade de iarna in America de Nord si doua in Europa, era cazul ca urmatoarea sa fie trimisa in Asia. Dar asta nu scade meritele Yunei, a avut o tinuta profesionala si convingatoare. Acum insa ca aceasta campanie s-a terminat, tare mi-as dori sa aud ca isi va relua in curand antrenamentele.

8th July 2011, 23:58
Un interviu dragut si recent pentru CNN:

Prima parte : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O84eUH_sfcM&feature=youtu.be

Si a doua: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shn5TPVfxlw&feature=related

Mereu are cele mai bune raspunsuri la ea, chit ca se fastaceste un pic pana sa raspunda.:P

12th July 2011, 18:23

15th July 2011, 13:57
Let the show begin!


10th August 2011, 12:11
Yu-na e pe locul 5. in topul "Most beautiful women in Sports" (de ce or fi ales o poza in care ea cade, nu stiu!)

Tot pe locul 5. se afla si in topul realizat de Forbes "The 10 Highest -Paid Female Athletes"

Am observat ca unele pozitii din ambele topuri sunt ocupate de aceleasi sportive. Coincidenta?:rolleyes:

Dar(!), Yu-na se afla pe locul 5 si in acest top:

10th August 2011, 15:33
Yu-na e pe locul 5. in topul "Most beautiful women in Sports" (de ce or fi ales o poza in care ea cade, nu stiu!)

Tot pe locul 5. se afla si in topul realizat de Forbes "The 10 Highest -Paid Female Athletes"

Am observat ca unele pozitii din ambele topuri sunt ocupate de aceleasi sportive. Coincidenta?:rolleyes:

Dar(!), Yu-na se afla pe locul 5 si in acest top:

La "Most beautiful women in Sports" e si Tanith Belbin pe locul 12, iar pe 30 este Sorana Carstea.:ok:

La Charity, Yuna a fost intrecuta de Nadia Comaneci.:ok:

La "The Highest -Paid Female Athletes'' romance nu sunt. :( . Si 70% sunt tenismene.

11th August 2011, 01:22
Yu-na e pe locul 5. in topul "Most beautiful women in Sports" (de ce or fi ales o poza in care ea cade, nu stiu!)

Foarte frumoasa Yuna,dupa mine ar fi fost si mai sus in top.Dar Kiira de ce nu e?:confused:

13th August 2011, 17:20
http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/294854_235083476527904_100000787595567_686599_8271 724_n.jpg

http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/293164_218588901521791_100001120487878_583201_5744 526_n.jpg

http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/205977_146001502152699_100002285509215_272190_1466 456_n.jpg

http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/293296_218589738188374_100001120487878_583205_5715 743_n.jpg

18th August 2011, 19:42

5th September 2011, 21:25
La multi ani, Yu-na!! /OLE/:floricica::no1

Sper sa nu se retraga....:(

5th September 2011, 23:25
La multi ani frumoasei Yu-na!!!


Sper sa nu se retraga....:(

Ar fi mare pacat!:(

6th September 2011, 12:17

Chiar daca nu e preferata mea si eu sper sa nu se retraga:( pt k e un mare talent!

6th September 2011, 12:36
La multi ani Yuna!!!!!/hello
Sper ca Yuna sa ramana la fel de frumoasa si sa o vedem in continuare in competitii.:yes:
Eu tot mai visez sa se faca un James Bond pe gheata cu Brian in rolul lui 007 si Yuna Bond girl. :D:o:



Ah si pe modelul Maozuka vreau si un Pattyuna!!!;)

6th September 2011, 22:59
Eu tot mai visez sa se faca un James Bond pe gheata cu Brian in rolul lui 007 si Yuna Bond girl. :D:o:

Ah si pe modelul Maozuka vreau si un Pattyuna!!!;)

Nu cred ca ceri prea mult. Din cate stiam eu, acum vreun an, poate doi, Petrica era indragostit lulea de Yu-Na. Iar la interviurile de la All That Skate Summer 2011, parea cam (prea) impresionat de colaborarea lor. Cine stie...poate zvonul acela are si un pic de adevar.
http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e132/anima_sola/24880_383631316685_11641776685_4014809_7022643_n.j pg
Brian ia cina cu Yu-Na. Patrick e chelnerul. Nu ratati expresia fetei lui! Priceless!:))

6th September 2011, 23:33
http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e132/anima_sola/24880_383631316685_11641776685_4014809_7022643_n.j pg
Brian ia cina cu Yu-Na. Patrick e chelnerul. Nu ratati expresia fetei lui! Priceless!:))

Ce poza nevruta,ce poza!:D


7th September 2011, 10:08
Nu cred ca ceri prea mult. Din cate stiam eu, acum vreun an, poate doi, Petrica era indragostit lulea de Yu-Na. Iar la interviurile de la All That Skate Summer 2011, parea cam (prea) impresionat de colaborarea lor. Cine stie...poate zvonul acela are si un pic de adevar.
http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e132/anima_sola/24880_383631316685_11641776685_4014809_7022643_n.j pg
Brian ia cina cu Yu-Na. Patrick e chelnerul. Nu ratati expresia fetei lui! Priceless!:))

Chiar cautam poza asta sa o postez!!!!:D
Mie nu imi prea place prietena aia a lui Petrisor:mda:, adica e fata draguta dar mult mai potrivita ar fi Yuna.:P Poate la un show viitor isi face si el curaj, acum e campion mondial, are cu ce sa iasa in fata!:yes:

17th September 2011, 19:20
Simona vorbesti ca o soacra:-D Gata, vrei sa il dai pe Patrick? Greu, baiatul a devenit nepretuit si nicio fata nu e indeajuns de buna.

30th September 2011, 22:24
The Yuna Kim Story - un film de 45 minute despre Yuna.

5th October 2011, 23:28
Bravo Yuna!/hello/OLE/

6th October 2011, 00:06

6th October 2011, 00:29
Si Lambiel se afla pe lista Athlete Role Models a aceluiasi eveniment. Bravo lor!/hello

10th October 2011, 14:31

18th October 2011, 15:37
Se pare ca Yuna nu va concura sezonul asta. Ce pacat!:(

27th January 2013, 01:25

poze cu Yu-Na si alti patinatori de la All that skate de anul trecut

2nd February 2013, 01:18



8th August 2013, 01:05
Lista celor mai bine platite sportive, alcatuita de revista Forbes Magazine. Yuna e a 6-a:

1. Maria Sharapova (tenis) - 29 mil. dolari
2. Serena Williams (tenis) - 20,5 mi. dolari
3. Li Na (tenis) - 18.2 mil. dolari
4. Viktoria Azarenka (tenis) - 15,7 mil. dolari
5. Danica Patrick (racing) - 15 mil. dolari
6. Kim Yuna (patinaj artistic) - 14 mil. dolari
7. Caroline Wozniacki (tenis) - 13,6 mil. dolari
8. Agnieszka Radwanska (tenis) - 7,4 mil. dolari
9. Ana Ivanovic (tenis) - 7 mil. dolari
10. Paula Creamer (golf) - 5,5 mil. dolari


8th August 2013, 15:20
14 mil de dolari pt un sportiv care practica patinajul artistic mi se pare enorm:o: dar probail Yu-Na are niste contracte de publicitate f bine platite si niste sponsori puternici

18th November 2013, 22:00
Bv Yu-Na :ok: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/yonhap-news-agency/131114/figure-skater-kim-yu-na-donates-us100000-relief-efforts-phil

4th December 2013, 23:02
Yu-Na la antrenamentul oficial de la Golden Spin: http://www.neveitalia.it/sport/figureskating/senior/video/kim-yu-na-kor-golden-spin-programma-corto-official-training

21st February 2014, 22:57
Yu-Na si-a anuntat retragerea dupa Sochi:

Yuna Kim's career ended Thursday night with an Olympic silver medal.

And relief.

The South Korean star and 2010 gold medalist finished second to Russia's Adelina Sotnikova in the women's event, then retired.

"This was my last competition," she said.

Kim is the only skater from her nation to win an Olympic figure skating medal. She also owns two world championship titles.

She barely won the short program on Wednesday, but lost to Sotnikova by more than five points in the free skate.

Kim never was as comfortable in Sochi as she was at the Vancouver Games.

"The biggest feeling was being relieved because it was over," she said. " I want to rest."

After winning the 2009 world championship in spectacular fashion, Kim became a heavy favorite for the 2010 Games. She came through just as brilliantly, and even stuck around for one more season.

Then she left competitive skating for a year, and there was speculation she would not attempt to skate in Sochi. But Kim returned for the 2012-13 season and won her second world crown.

A foot injury sidelined her for the Grand Prix campaign this season, and she rarely cracked a smile or looked comfortable once she arrived in Russia. She even admitted several times the desire to win another gold medal wasn't as strong as her drive to win the first one.

"At that time I could die for gold in the Olympics," she said of the Vancouver Games. "But that desire, that strong wish was not as present. The motivation was a problem, I think."

Kim will skate in a show back home in May, but otherwise has no plans. She will skip next month's world championships in Saitama, Japan, which could cause some problems for South Korea. The nation's other two skaters in Sochi finished 16th and 21st.

They will need a much better showing in Saitama to keep three spots in the 2015 championships.

Kim's retirement also means home fans won't be able to watch her skate at the Pyeongchang Winter Games four years from now.

Loup de Mer
21st February 2014, 23:12
14 mil de dolari pt un sportiv care practica patinajul artistic mi se pare enorm:o: dar probail Yu-Na are niste contracte de publicitate f bine platite si niste sponsori puternici

Nu e bine sa facem nicio conexiune intre asta si scandalul de acum, ca doar nu suntem la fotbal...

21st February 2014, 23:59
Nu e bine sa facem nicio conexiune intre asta si scandalul de acum, ca doar nu suntem la fotbal...

Comentariul e vechi din 8 august 2013. Nu inteleg comentariul tau! Nu face nimeni nici o conexiune, pentru ca nu are de ce.

22nd February 2014, 11:50
Nu e bine sa facem nicio conexiune intre asta si scandalul de acum, ca doar nu suntem la fotbal...
Faptul ca am zis ca are sponsori puternici si contracte de publicitate bune nu inseamna ca suntem la fotbal sau am facut vreo legatura cu scandalul de acum.
Iar comentariul e vechi, e din august 2013:)

22nd February 2014, 16:19
Loup, am senzatia ca ai avut niste experiente neplacute cu fanii fotbalului..
Eu una ma bucur cand vad ca exista si patinatori care reusesc sa faca bani datorita patinajului. Marea lor majoritate nu par a o duce f bine si cred sincer ca ar merita si patinatorii niste premii mai serioase.

Loup de Mer
22nd February 2014, 23:54
Nu stiu daca sa ma bucur sau nu pentru reusitele financiare ale patinatorilor. Parerea mea e ca banul a scapat de sub control si strica mai mult decat construieste.

Cu unii "fani" ai fotbalului nu stiu cine ar putea avea experiente placute, nici macar ei insisi. Fotbalul e compromis total, ma mai uit doar la echipe nationale si echipe de cartier. Da, si la Bayern, o echipa micuta, care imi e simpatica de cand eram prunc.

28th February 2014, 23:45
Interviu cu Yu-Na: http://www.feverskating.com/fevers/64985230

8th April 2014, 22:15

11th May 2014, 14:51
Yuna Kim la 23 de ani si-a incheiat oficial cariera la show-ul All That Skate. Bilantul de medalii e impresionant cel mai importate fiind aur si argint la JO, 2 titluri mondiale s.a. Sunt atatea de spus despre ea, dar pe scurt este una dintre cele mai de succes patinatoare din Asia si din lume si este megastar in Koreea.
Eu o consider cea mai talentata patinatoare din toate timpurile.

Programele de adio:



23rd June 2014, 01:19
Poze de la All That Skate:

Superba rochita:) http://s4.postimg.org/9m9nyrhtp/Yuna_Kim_Farewell_Show_Seoul_2_IWI8_NQq_K_1x.jpg








24th June 2014, 22:15
O la la, ce rochii superbe :)

27th June 2014, 23:18
Yu-na intr-un pictorial pt revista Vogue in nr luna iunie:

https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t1.0-9/10306308_10152513875797378_2364638872360942287_n.j pg

https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t1.0-9/10301053_10152513875812378_4883652877720403232_n.j pg

https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/10487491_10152513875842378_6382385387738187100_n.j pg

https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/t1.0-9/10501849_10152513875802378_1675736256561969666_n.j pg

https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10509736_10152513875837378_3601991457887998323_n.j pg?oh=0544ce48ba52acc842805d71b3fa4380&oe=541C7076&__gda__=1410750304_145aa6c14991ca96b3c12fa8d2880bc 8

https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t1.0-9/10384221_10152513875807378_6701228725261592069_n.j pg

https://scontent-b-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t1.0-9/10479058_10152513875822378_623031932249059513_n.jp g

https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t1.0-9/10464031_10152513875882378_8785399679006796893_n.j pg

https://scontent-b-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/10514604_10152513875992378_2339969448780806420_n.j pg

https://scontent-b-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t1.0-9/10479042_10152513876007378_5325622894335420514_n.j pg

27th June 2014, 23:21

https://scontent-b-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t1.0-9/10394789_10152513876002378_8942051878026416603_n.j pg

https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t1.0-9/10402701_10152513875792378_8382406262411908724_n.j pg

https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t1.0-9/10441480_10152513875787378_5331668556255706742_n.j pg

21st August 2014, 23:35
Yu-Na si-a luat atestatul de antrenoare ( deocamdata doar la nivel national):http://fskating.com/2014/07/yuna-kim-gets-coaching-certificate.html