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21st October 2007, 21:20
Name: Isabelle Delobel
Date of birth: 17.06.1978
Place of birth: Clermont Ferrand, France
Current residence: Lyon, France
Coach: Muriel Zazoui, Romain Haguenauer
Former Coach: Christophe Fiorenza, Bontemps
Choreographer: Pasquale Camerlengo, André Cabot, Muriel Zazoui, Romain Haguenauer
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Olivier Bolliet
Rink: Charlemagne, Lyon, France
Started skating: 6
Daily training routine: 7h30-9h / 12h-14h or 14h-16h + working out and dance
Family: single
Profession: student

On skating
Favorite element: twizzle & lift
Favorite off-ice part of training: proprioception
Least favorite part of training: musculation
Strong points: agility, stretchfull
Role Models: Gritchuk/Platov & the Duchenays

On her partner
His best trade: twizzle
Love about his character: patience

Favorite colour: purple/pink
Favorite food: seafood
Least favorite food: I like everything
Favorite drink: tea
Allergic to: hypocrisy
Favorite TV-show: Charmed
Favourite film: Jeu d’apparence, Gladiator
Best books: L’Alchimiste by Paul Coehllo, La nuit des temps by Rene Barjavel
Favourite skating memory: Lalique Trophy in 2000 with free dance Vivre pour le meilleur
Best show: Marseille 2002 and Bercy, Paris
Favourite program: Frida

Name: Olivier Schoenfelder
Nickname: Oliv
Date of birth: 30.11.1977
Place of birth: Belfort, France
Current residence: Lyon, France
Coach: Muriel Zazoui, Romain Haguenauer
Former Coach: Eric, Pasquale Lemercier, Team Bontemps
Choreographer: Pasquale Camerlengo, André Cabot, Muriel Zazoui, Romain Haguenauer
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Olivier Bolliet
Rink: Charlemagne, Lyon, France
Started skating: 6
Daily training routine: 7h30-9h / 12h-14h or 14h-16h + working out and dance
Family: married
Profession: student

On skating
Favorite element: twizzle
Least favorite element: spin
Favorite off-ice part of training: musculation
Least favorite part of training: running
Strong points: technique, lift
Role models: Duchesnay, Vanagas

On his partner
Her best trade: lift
Love about her character: perseverance, motivation
Have trouble with: impulsivity

Favorite colour: red
Favorite food: chocolate
Least favorite food: oyster, offal
Favorite drink: Pastis, Schweppes Lemon
Allergic to: pollen
Favorite TV-show: Sports Channel
Worst TV-show ever: soaps
Favourite film: Braveheart
Best book: Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite skating memory: European Championship
Best show: Bercy, Paris
Favourite program: Vivre pour le meileur, Frida
Goal later in life: be happy, Olympic

2007 - 2008 Season
Date Event Location
20-22.09.2007 Ondrej Nepela Memorial Bratislava, Slovakia
27-30.09.2007 French Masters Courbevoie, France
15-18.11.2007 Eric Bompard Trophy Paris, France
29.10-2.11.2007 NHK Trophy Sendai, Japan
13-16.12.2007 Grand Prix Final TBA
21-27.01.2008 European Championships Zagreb, Croatia
17-23.03.2008 World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden

22nd October 2007, 21:07
Nu stiu de ce..dar Isabelle&Olivier mi`au placut intotdeauna!:rolleyes:

22nd October 2007, 23:22
mie mi-au placut pt ca au incercat mereu ceva nou. iar programul de anul acesta pare unul mai aproape de clasic, ceea ce pt ei e ceva nou. sunt f curioasa sa vad programul bine filmat!!!

27th October 2007, 19:51
Francezii Isabelle Delobel/Olivier Schoenfelder ocupa locul 2 in clasamentul mondial/proba de dans:
Rank Name Country Points
1 Tanith Belbin
Ben Agosto USA 227.05
2 Isabelle Delobel
Olivier Schoenfelder France 172.50
3 Oksana Domnina
Maxim Shabalin Russia 165.68
4 Tessa Virtue
Scott Moir Canada 121.73
5 Jana Khokhlova
Sergei Novitski Russia 95.33
6 Melissa Gregory
Denis Petukhov USA 93.25
7 Emily Samuelson
Evan Bates USA 91.60
8 Federica Faiella
Massimo Scali Italy 87.27
9 Ekaterina Bobrova
Dmitri Soloviev Russia 83.10
10 Meryl Davis
Charlie White USA 83.05
11 Kristina Gorshkova
Vitali Butikov Russia 77.65
12 Nozomi Watanabe
Akiyuki Kido Japan 70.59
13 Sinead Kerr
John Kerr Great Britain 66.82
14 Madison Hubbell
Keiffer Hubbell USA 60.55
15 Grethe Grunberg
Kristian Rand Estonia 59.45
16 Anna Cappellini
Luca Lanotte Italy 59.35
17 Vanessa Crone
Paul Poirier Canada 53.75
18 Nathalie Pechalat
Fabian Bourzat France 51.15
19 Maria Monko
Ilia Tkachenko Russia 47.70
19 Kristin Fraser
Igor Lukanin Azerbaijan 46.85

27th October 2007, 23:37
mda`:rolleyes:...nush ce cauta in fruntea clasamentului belbin&agosto...they just don`t deserve this!:P

26th January 2008, 14:10

26th January 2008, 22:30
Multumesc pentru poze Iulia ! ;)

27th January 2008, 13:45
mda`:rolleyes:...nush ce cauta in fruntea clasamentului belbin&agosto...they just don`t deserve this!:P

iti zic yo: sunt americani ;)

27th January 2008, 21:48

27th January 2008, 21:49
azi la gala mi'a placut mult de cealalta pereche din frantza:D

27th January 2008, 23:57
superbe poze!!!!

19th March 2008, 02:05

19th March 2008, 10:58
frumoasa atitudine de tango! Bravo!

19th March 2008, 15:00
desi nu sunt o fana de-a lor,cred ca merita sa castige titlul anul acesta.:)

19th March 2008, 21:40
Si eu cred ca merita. Mi-a placut foarte mult scena de dinainte de inceperea programului.Au intrat foarte bine in atmosfera tangoului:D

1st April 2008, 18:36
Imi poate da si mie melodia , sau macar sa imi spuna cum se cheama , dupa care au dansat francezii la programul original la CM ?
Multumesc ! :ok:

1st April 2008, 20:01
Melodia se numeste: Replique by Djal (Breton Gavotte - French Country Dance)

1st April 2008, 20:12
Sarut-mana Anisia si multumesc mult de tot ! :kiss:

1st April 2008, 20:15
Cu placere:)

26th October 2008, 13:51
Photos de la SA

31st December 2008, 16:02
French champions out of Finnish meet

PARIS - French ice dancing world champions Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder will miss the European Championships in Helsinki from January 19-25 as Delobel has a shoulder injury, the French Federation announced Tuesday.

Delobel picked up the injury at the ISU Grand Prix gala finale in Goyang, South Korea, and she will undergo surgery in the coming days in France.

A Federation statement said she hoped to be back in action by mid-February "in order to prepare for the world championships in Los Angeles where their presence is confirmed."

Delobel and Schoenfelder, six-time French national champions, also captured the Skate America and Bompard Trophy crowns this year as well as the worlds in Gothenburg.

They have skated together for the past 18 years but had missed out on the big prizes prior to this year, save for a 2007 European title.

They agonisingly just missed the podium at the 2006 Winter Olympics and at worlds in 2005 and 2007.


3rd January 2009, 19:33
stiati ca isabelle are o sora geamana care a patinat si ea la dansuri si a castigat medalii si acum e retrasa?

4th January 2009, 03:28
stiam ca are o sora geamana dar nu stiam ca a patinat si ea. am si vazut-o pe sora ei si mi-a creat mari confuzii :P

8th February 2009, 16:42
un site foarte frumos dedicat francezilor:
mie imi place f mult

8th February 2009, 18:50
ce frumoasa e poza aia :D

18th February 2009, 00:03



25th February 2009, 12:29
Din ce inteleg eu nu cred ca vor fi prezenti la mondiale:
Un interviu cu Isa:

3rd March 2009, 22:02
(03/03/2009) - The question everyone involved in ice dancing seems to be asking is whether or not Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, the 2008 world gold medalists, will be ready to go to Los Angeles to defend their title later this month at the 2009 World Championships?
Do not ask for an official answer right now, because no one seems to have one. However, with less than three weeks to go before the start of the event, the duo's participation now seems less and less likely.

"Whatever time [Delobel's recovery] takes, we need to make sure that the problem is completely fixed before we resume training", Schoenfelder stated in mid-January. "We would certainly not go to worlds if we were not fit to play something big. We do not want to go as tourists!" he had added in laughter.

As a matter of fact, Delobel has not yet put a foot back on the ice and is still in the healing process of her injured shoulder. She has left her training base in Lyon, France, for the rehabilitation center in Capbreton, a small resort on the Atlantic Ocean south of Bordeaux.

Delobel injured her shoulder during the gala exhibition at the ISU Grand Prix Final in December in Goyang City, Korea. The duo had been having a fantastic season, winning both of their Grand Prix assignments (Skate America and the Trophée Eric Bompard) and the GP Final. Since the injury, they have withdrawn from the French championships in December and the European championships in January.

Delobel underwent arthroscopic surgery on Jan. 5 and left the hospital on Jan. 9. The operation lasted about three hours instead of two, because the surgeons found that her injury was more serious than they had expected. It was hoped that her being an athlete would speed up the healing process, but her recovery is taking longer than expected, and she had to wait until the first week of February to start rehabilitation in Capbreton.

"You know how Isabelle is," Schoenfelder said. "It is tough for her not to move, because she is always so active. Actually, she wanted to start doing things again right [after her operation], but she almost fainted."

Recovering fast enough to go to Los Angeles for the world championships was "clearly the goal," according to Schoenfelder. As time passes by, though, this goal seems out of reach for the couple.

Schoenfelder, who is studying to become a journalist, has opened a blog for Delobel and himself -- delobel-schoenfelder.fr. On that site, Delobel describes her routines at the Capbreton center.

"We wake up everyday at 7:15 to have breakfast. At 9 a.m., I start with a machine that looks more like it is meant for torture than for rehabilitation. It moves my arm upward and downward for 30 min. Fortunately, I define the amplitude myself."

After that, Delobel goes through another half hour of physical therapy.

"Then I spend another hour trying to coordinate my arm again and leave for another hour of specific exercise in the swimming pool."

After lunch -- "fish every day, no one complains!" Delobel said -- she has to ice her joints and starts her work again.

"We work with a balloon and a rubber to strengthen my arm. Then we work on muscle tensions, which would hamper the joint movement. After that, we go for ultrasound, electro-stimulation and heart exercising, and we finish by training balance and stretching. I finish my day about 5:15 p.m. -- you see that I do not rest!"

Then she has to ice her shoulder again before the night.

"Isabelle is still having pain," a closed friend of hers explained.

In the meantime, Schoenfelder has kept practicing once a day and is still doing his physical preparation. He admitted that "this has allowed me also to devote more time to my studies and the school of journalism I am enrolled into." It has also allowed him to stay more with his wife and two-year-old son Gabriel.

Since Delobel's injury became apparent in late December, he has always been very supportive of his partner. "You know, Isabelle and I have lived through many strong events and difficult times together. We try to support one another through this period. I call her, send her messages to encourage her. This is not easy."

Even though it may prevent them from skating in Los Angeles and attempting to win a second world title, Delobel's injury should not jeopardize the duo's future.

"The doctor said that Isabelle's shoulder should recover 100 percent and even more," Schoenfelder explained. "It may sound amazing, but apparently the recovery process should even strengthen her shoulder from where it was.

"Even though recovering may take time, at least it does not put Isabelle's career in jeopardy. Actually, we were lucky to have this happen this season rather than next year. Our chances to win an Olympic medal then would have been severely damaged. And this is clearly our goal: win an Olympic medal. We will even have one more chance to win back our European title [in 2010]."

For the time being, the French team has planned to leave France in a bit less than two weeks. They are scheduled to practice in San Diego between March 15 and 21 before the world championships start. It appears quite doubtful that Delobel and Schoenfelder will be ready by that time.

Sursa: icenetwork.com

3rd March 2009, 22:47
eu zic ca e cel mai bine pt ei sa se recupereze complet ca sa fie in forma pt olimpiada de la anul. le tin pumnii sa aiba un program cat mai frumos in 2010.

3rd March 2009, 22:48
Si eu zic la fel...nu au sanse la medalii dupa 3 luni de pauza..si ar fi pacat sa riste si sa se inrautateasca starea de santate.

3rd March 2009, 22:54
dupa cum scriu si ei nu cred ca au deloc de gand sa forteze. plus ca au o echipa serioasa in spate care sa ii traga de maneca daca exagereaza.
nu stiam ca olivier vrea sa se faca jurnalist. cred ca e cam ciudat dupa ce ai asa o cariera sa trebuiasca cam pe la 40 de ani sa iti faci alta. cam greu.

4th March 2009, 18:30
Blogul celor 2 ...e mentionat si in articolul pus de Mihai:

9th March 2009, 02:11
Delobel&Schoenfelder's new blog article says they will hold a press conference in Paris on Friday, March 13th and announce their decision about their participation in the Worlds.


12th March 2009, 04:15
Without Delobel-Schoenfelder

The World champions won't be able to defend their title.
15 days before World Championships in Los Angeles on March 23-29, the mystery is kept about the participation of the reigning World champions, Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Schoenfelder. The lyonnais should reveal their decision during a press conference in Paris on Friday.

Despite their embarassment when we contacted them yesterday, it seems highly improbable and ill-timed that the number 1 french team will be able to defend their title, in the best shape and conditions.

Since Isabelle's injury during the GPF gala, on Dec 14 in Korea, the couple didn't perform on the ice. Withdrawn at Nats (Dec 19-20) and at Euros (Jan 20-25), they should decline a very risky trip to the USA.

If Olivier has never stopped to train on his own, Isabelle, operated on Jan, 5th from torn ligaments in her right shoulder, is still finishing her reeducation in Capbreton. A reeducation process longer than expected (6 weeks), caused by a surgery which lasted longer than expected (3 hours and a half).

Winners of the Masters, of the Skate America, the TEB and the GPF, the seniors of the amateur ice-dance can't endanger Isabelle's health, as the quest for a first olympic podium in Vancouver 2010 remains their highest priority, before retiring from an examplary career. On the other side, the french team is leaving for an acclimation stay in San Diego as soon as Sunday, 15 until March 21. Pernelle Carron and Matthieu Jost from Lyon-Charlemagne (rink) will be in, along with Brian Joubert, Yannick Ponsero, Candice Didier and the pair Vanessa James / Yannick Bonheur.

Remains to be determined the participation of the 3rd dance couple, between Terra Findlay / Benoit Richaud, 10th at Jr Worlds and Zoé Blanc / Pierre-Loup Bouquet, 8th at the Universiades. Ranked 1st substitute, the couple from Villard de Lans (Blanc / Bouquet) should be selected, since Findlay / Richaud went to Euros.


14th March 2009, 02:03
Delobel, Schoenfelder withdraw from worlds
Persistent injury forces French dance team to sit out L.A.

(03/13/2009) - Friday Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, who won the world title in 2008, officially announced that they would have to let their teammates go to the 2009 worlds without them after learning Delobel's recovery will require more time.

"We had given ourselves a deadline for participating in the world championships in Los Angeles," Delobel stated. "If I could have resumed training by March 1, it would have left three weeks for training. Given my physical condition, which is excellent, it would have been enough.

"The amplitude of my shoulder is not at its peak yet."

Delobel's rehabilitation process has been a long one, since she started it six weeks ago.

"At the beginning," she explained, "I could not cut my steaks or lettuce with my right arm. Now, I can."

She can actually lift her arm up to the horizontal position, but not beyond yet.

"And, I can not pull it backward either," she explained with a grin. "You know, I have two metal screws in the front of my shoulder, and four smaller ones in the rear, as well as eight Kevlar knots in there, all of which I am going to keep all my life."

The plan for Delobel now is to go back to her rehabilitation center in Cap Breton, by the Atlantic Ocean. "They plan to keep me there until the end of March," she said. "The doctors are very optimistic, however. I should recover my shoulder 100%, and even more!" she added in laughter.

"There, it is really hard work, you know, just like a real training. Some days I make 30 degree amplitude moves, some other days I make only 10 degrees. It is just like on the ice, when you try to acquire a technical move."

The duo will have to skip the rest of the season. "It will allow us to start our Olympic season earlier," Schoenfelder said.

"Actually, announcing our decision is really a relief," Delobel added.

"We have several new ideas," Schoenfelder said. "And we are very motivated. We have absolutely no doubt that we can go further, since we have dominated the first half of this season [the duo won every competition they participated in this season, prior to Delobel's injury]. We certainly are eager to go for the Olympic gold in Vancouver. And guess what, we will skate the Olympic free dance on my saint day!"


That was during a press conference this morning at the new headquarters of the FFSG that the news was announced. As we could presume, Isabelle Delobel is not enough prepared to defend her World title.

Isabelle : "My shoulder is fine, the operation went fine. My surgeon is very satisfied and very confident for the future. We have a conversation though the phone 2-3 times a week for monitoring and to verify the calcification. But I need more time to recover my amplitudes, the scars are long to heal. We are therefore compelled to withdraw from the world championships.

Olivier : 'We both did our best to be ready, I trained on my side but that's simply not possible. This announcement takes off a burden from our shoulders, because we can now focus on next year, and we have big ambitions, since we aim at the Olympic title. "

Didier Gailhaguet : 'it is clear for me that Isabelle and Olivier are the skaters who have the best hope to win gold in Vancouver. "

Isabelle shown the progress she has made in her movements, even if they are limited : laterally, the right arm can be raised up to the horizontal, and bending backward is not possible yet.

However, she was reassuring:
Isabelle : 'I can cut my salad again, and I can brush my teeth !
I did remain 6 weeks completely immobilized. I have 2 screws on the front part, 4 anchors (smaller screws) behind, and 8 kevlar knots inside ... but I didn't ring any bell at the airport !
The surgeon had not brushed aside the option about going to Worlds, so we were still waiting ... if I had the approval of the surgeon, I might have decided to push on my shoulder, but as things happened, we didn't even have to think about that. I had given myself a deadline of 3 weeks before worlds, to have enough training. So I made my decision in early March. I have not even put on my skates again, Maybe I'll give it a little try at the begining of next week to test my sensations, and then I will return to Capbreton where I 'll stay until March 28.

There, it looks much like training : I can gain 30 ° of amplitude one day and not more than 10 ° the next day, it's like a technical move you can do but have not yet mastered.
There is a very good atmosphere, there are only young people, only sportsmen like rubgymen or basketball players ... It's very healthy, very lively and very motivating. We don't feel handicapped, because we all need help, and we all want for everyone to recover. But we don't go as far as competing to be the one who will recover the fastest ! Everyone is in a good mood, and as a top-level athlete and world medalist, I'm kind of pampered ! I didn't ask for anything, but I feel like being in a VIP quarter.

I received a lot of support from the other skaters of the French team, and even during the Grand Prix Final, Junior skaters came to congratulate us on our career. During the European Championships, Muriel sent me many messages. It was very comforting because I think we were missed. It is a big solace to us, and we have at heart to come back even stronger. "

Will you change your free dance next year? The current one resembles to you a lot, but you have not been able to perform it much.
Isabelle : our current program has already been seen, so we will change it. If this year's program was 'us', we already have many ideas of music for next year, and it will be even more 'us'. They will be thrilling programs.
Olivier : For sure, it is a bit frustrating not to skate a program that looks like us ever again, and I would also include the original dance which was well received, but we'll probably keep our FD as an exhibition program.

About the World Championships, Didier Gailhaguet proposed to Isabelle and Olivier to join the French team in Los Angeles ... Even if it was hard to refuse, they still prefered to decline the offer.
The French skaters will take off for San Diego on Sunday, where Eric Millot has organized a training camp for the skaters to prepare in the best conditions. Eric Millot will be the team leader in these championships.

13th April 2009, 09:09
Isabel a revenit pe gheata de pe 1 aprilie:
-aici un mic vid despre revenirea ei pe gheata

13th April 2009, 17:21
mersi iulia si ii tin pumnii in continuare isabellei.

22nd April 2009, 16:07
Isabelle Delobel va fi mamica inainte de a incepe sezonul urmator .... bebelusul e asteptat prin septembrie anul acesta:

Felicitarile mele pentru viitoarea mamica !!... (vad ca la francezii e un trend si Vanesa Guzmerolli si Matheiu Jost asteapta un copil )

22nd April 2009, 16:11
asta da, stire!

felicitari! insa cred ca va fi foarte greu asa....mai spera la medalie olimpica...hm...mai bine ii lasa pe ceilalti francezi :D

22nd April 2009, 16:17
Un alt articol ( tot in franceza)
http://tempsreel.nouvelobs.com/depeches/sports/20090422.FAP7878/danse_sur_glace_isabelle_delobel_enceinte_mais_par tante.html

In engleza:

22nd April 2009, 17:17
pai nu cred ca depinde de isa si oli daca nathalie si fabian iau sau nu medalie. adica atata timp cat aveau aceeasi antrenori cam erau pe locul 2 dar acum nu cred.

si eu ii doresc sanatate isabelei !!! sper totusi sa ne incante cu un program ffrumos la olimpiada.

22nd April 2009, 17:34
Cred ca cel mai devreme ii vom vedea in competitii la europene si apoi la olimpiada ... si probabil nu vor participa la mondiale

Mult succes si felicitari inca odata!!!

S-au apucat deja de lucru la Od( au facut coregrafia cu Michel Durand insa deocamdata e doar in sala urmeaza sa o transpuna pe pe gheata) iar coregrafia pt Fd va fi facuta de Marie-France Debreuil si Patrice Lauzon in timp ce tema si muzica sunt deja selectate de Muriel Zazoui-Boucher.

22nd April 2009, 18:04
mrrr, nu m-am dat in vant niciodata dupa coregrafia lui patrice si marie.

22nd April 2009, 18:35
va fi un mix intre ei si Muriel ...


22nd April 2009, 19:33
Ce veste buna! Ma bucur mult si ii doresc multa sanatate!
Insa nu imi vine sa cred ca vrea sa mai participe la JO....oare are timp?

22nd April 2009, 19:57
poate ca sunt eu mai pesimista, dar nu cred ca dupa atata lipsa de pe gheata ea o sa poata sa revina...

practic anul acesta nu a fost pe gheata, raman cateva luni pana in vara, si foarte putin inainte de JO...
sincera nu cred ca revin si daca da, nu cred ca au sanse la aur, din pacate

dar pe plan personal mi se pare totusi o mare realizare.

23rd April 2009, 15:45
Wow! :D da, pe plan personal intr-adevar e o realizare, dar din punct de vedere profesional, daca ea spune ca isi doreste medalia de aur la JO asa cum am citit, trebuie sa munceasca mult s-o obtina..ca dupa ce baby-ul va fi nascut, trebuie sa aiba si grija de el :P adica nah..mi se pare cam scurt timpul de pregatire pentru competitii..

24th April 2009, 00:48
Felicitari viitoarei mamici!:)
Dar programul (si gandurile pe care le au) e nebunie curata. Adica a fost accidentata, acum recupereaza si se va antrena pana prin agust apoi prin octombrie va incepe iar antrenamentele si vor sa castige JO!?! Pai si bebelusul? Il lasa singur acasa dupa doar o luna?
Hai sa zicem ca il lasa..dar tot nu imi vine sa cred ca vor reusi sa castige JO.

24th April 2009, 01:31
Felicitari Isei pt bebelush.....dar nici mie nu imi vine sa cred ca vor reveni asa spectaculos.....1.Nu o sa aiba destul antrenament si 2.Nu cred ca dupa doar 1 luna de la nastere va putea reveni pe gheata!
Asteptam si vedem....pe mine una chiar m-au facut curioasa in legatura cu ce vor face mai departe!:D

24th April 2009, 03:14
Alt articol mai pe larg -tot in franceza:

insa un pasaj

Even if, last year, we already asked ourselves if we should go on with our career or not, this pregnancy doesn't change a thing in our decision to go to the Olympics. Quite the contrary. That gives more fire. It is a big challenge but that's very motivating ! I've at heart to prove that it is possible. I'm in good shape, I'm recovering the mobility of my shoulder.
I'm not sick, I'm pregnant !

24th April 2009, 20:10
Felicitari Isei, este o mare bucurie pe plan personal. Nu cred ca va putea fi in forma maxima pentru sezonul urmator.

I'm not sick, I'm pregnant !

O sa vada ea ca nu e simplu, desi imi aduc aminte ca si Slutskaya a revenit in showuri foarte repede.

25th April 2009, 03:08
Alt articol mai pe larg -tot in franceza:

varianta in engleza a articolului-multumiri lu Nmesis de pe fsuniverse:

26th May 2009, 01:46
Interviu cu Isabelle

6th August 2009, 16:53
Isa nu glumeste, se antreneaza la 6 luni

2nd October 2009, 20:14
Isabelle a nascut pe 1 octombrie la ora 23.12 un baietel ( au ales deja numele LOÏS) ce cantareste 3Kg320


Felicitari parintilor!

2nd October 2009, 20:27
ce veste buna!
Felicitari familiei!!!!!

2nd October 2009, 21:04
Felicitari Isei!

17th October 2009, 16:05

Isabelle si Olivier se pregatesc sa revina la Europene.

18th October 2009, 01:49
Delobel, Schoenfelder out of Grand Prix Series

28th October 2009, 00:25

primul antrenament al lor, dupa sosirea micutului

28th December 2009, 03:18
Au patinat la gala de la Courchevel:

28th December 2009, 10:56
Bravo lor! Bravo Isabellei! Am fost sceptica in privina participarii lor la sezonul asta, dar uite ca au reusit. Adica, aste sunt previziunile. Vom vedea la CE.

28th December 2009, 12:42
Ma bucur pentru Isa...:cheer:...a reusit sa treaca peste un moment foarte greu, dar si superb, al vietii sale, si iata ca poate inca sa demonstreze ca impreuna cu Oli sunt cei mai buni dansatori pe gheata din lume.
Un program emotionant, desigur cu multe lacune la partea tehnica, dar mai au multe luni in care pot construi un program de podium olimpic.

Banuiesc ca nu vor participa la CE, nu e asa ?

4th February 2010, 21:19
De la Federatia Franceza

French Federation Communication Department

February 4th, 2010

Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder skated for their first competition of the season
this Tuesday 2nd February in Lyon’s Charlemagne ice rink where they regularly train. The
specialists and international judges who watched them were amazed by the quality of their
The couple have already won their incredible challenge: only a few months after the birth
of her baby son, Isabelle Delobel is already back at the highest level.
With only a few days left before the Olympic Games, both athletes brilliantly skated all
three dances (compulsory dance, original dance and free dance) in one day and without
difficulty, proving they are both in perfect physical condition. The aesthetic and emotional
quality of their performance (especially in the free dance) puts them back, to everyone’s
surprise, in the contest for the Olympic title. Isabelle and Olivier were awarded the
following scores:
- Compulsory Dance Tango Romantica : 46.52 points
- Original Dance : 69.09 points
- Free Dance : 106,49 points

Their total score of 222.10 points is only a few hundredths of a point away from the ice
dance this world season’s best. Isabelle and Olivier declared:
“Our progress last month was incredible, we have reached the level we were at when we
won the ISU Grand Prix Final in Korea a year ago. This test competition helped us show the
international judges who were here that we are back at the front of the stage. Our
motivation is now such that with another two weeks of training until the Games,
everything remains possible in Vancouver. It’s really great!”

Their coaches Muriel Zazoui and Romain Haguenauer were satisfied with this wonderful
result: “We have never stopped believing in them but these results exceed our wildest
hopes by a long way. Isabelle and Olivier are now back in the competition. The slates have
been cleared, the cards have to be reshuffled and we have quite a few trump cards in our
The competition in Vancouver promises to be very exciting!

4th February 2010, 22:33
Ma bucur pentru ei. Par sa fie intr-o forma buna si entuziasmati.

19th February 2010, 14:31
Can French dance team realize "Impossible Dream"
After 20 years, Delobel and Schoenfelder seek golden Olympic goodbye

19th February 2010, 15:48
"His eyes grow as big as saucers" ...:D Poate il face si pe el patinator.:P

28th April 2010, 00:02
Un interviu cu Olivier Schoenfelder

18th June 2014, 19:31
Souhaitons un Bon Anniversaire à Isabelle Delobel qui fête aujourd'hui ses 36 ans.

La Multi ani Isabellei, implineste 36 de ani azi, oau....ce trece timpul:floricica: