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19th January 2006, 23:32
Despite a rare flare-up or two over the past seven years, the relationship between Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury never reached the level of a feud.

As the pregame captains' huddle with the refs wrapped up prior to Monday's Timberwolves-Knicks game, Garnett and his former teammate chatted, smiled and hugged, with Garnett patting the back of Marbury's head. On Wednesday, at his team's morning shootaround before facing the Celtics, Garnett twice brought up Marbury's name, unsolicited, when talking about some fond memories.

First, he recalled how driven the two of them had been to be "the next Stockton and Malone with our own little flair and our identity." Then he reflected on his second NBA season and how it might have been his most enjoyable.

"My second year was probably my best," Garnett said, "because Steph was here, there was a youthfulness in the air, I saw him going through some of the same rookie transitions I went through, messing with him. But at the same time, having another young guy who I knew personally and enjoying the league at the same time, it was a great time."

The next question was obvious: Do you ever think about being teammates again?

"It'd be interesting," Garnett said. "I wouldn't oppose it. I have no beef with Steph. ... Yeah, I'd welcome Steph.

"I don't think Steph will come back to Minnesota, though. But I mean, New York's cold, New Jersey's cold. Who knows, man? We all mature and get older."

If not Marbury to Minnesota, how about Garnett to Manhattan?

"I'm not New York, man," he said, walking to the team bus. "I'm a Timberwolf at heart, man. But to have Steph back in 'Sota, that would be some crazy. That would be hot. That would revive the city."

20th January 2006, 00:29
gasiti varianta in romaneste aici: http://www.halfcourt.info/A55B25/Halfcourt.nsf/NEWS2/0EB7486D43C52705862570FB0070CD58?OpenDocument

20th January 2006, 01:54
To go along with his team-high 29 points, Garnett snagged 13 rebounds in Wednesday's loss to the Boston Celtics, finishing with double-digit caroms for the 12th consecutive game. In addition, the Timberwolves' forward topped 9,000 boards for his NBA career, becoming just the sixth player in league history to record at least 16,000 points, 9,000 rebounds and 3,500 assists in his career.
Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Charles Barkley, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone also accomplished the feat.

20th January 2006, 13:31
Do you look around the league and see anybody that you kind of look at and go, “That was me ten or 11 years ago?”

KG: [...] Dwight Howard, he's ... he reminds me a little bit of myself. He's really poised. Comes off kind of shy, a little bit. That was me, believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen. But at the same time, he would work all day. I wasn't that gifted physically. He's really physical. And his body is I think really built for the NBA game. And from what I hear, he works really hard. So if there's anybody that I can say sort of has my mold, which is whatever you want to call it, I would say it would be Dwight Howard

21st January 2006, 05:35
Indiana @ Minnesota 85-90
Eddie Griffin - 17p 14reb 6blk
Marko Jaric - 13p 10reb 7ast

Pentru prima data in acest sezon, 2 jucatori de la Timberwolves, altii decat KG, realizeaza "double-double", ba chiar apropiindu-se de triple double.

Garnett - 17/8/2 , Wally - 20/5/3

Hudson, Olowokandi - DNP

21st January 2006, 15:22
The Wolves are 6-0 when Griffin plays 25 minutes or more, 0-7 when he plays less than 14 minutes.

22nd January 2006, 02:15
ca sa nu te simti singur pe threadu asta, am zis sa postez si eu :drak: si ca sa nu postez degeaba, iti zic ca eu citesc ce scrii ... numai ca ... nu prea am ce sa iti raspund :P

22nd January 2006, 02:47
Cele 94 de "citiri" ma linistesc ;) Si ma fac sa nu ma simt singur.Rolul acestui topic e ca un eventual fan al Timberwolves (sau eu peste cateva luni) sa aiba informatia care-l intereseaza la un loc, organizat. ;)Despre interventiile voastre in acest topic, pot sa spun ca le astept cu nerabdare.

Jason Kidd
22nd January 2006, 05:56
MadSkills, eu sint un big fan al lui Kevin Garnett, dar threadul e despre Minnesota.
Dar il citesc, cum citesc tot ce pot pe forum.
Interesanta idee.

23rd January 2006, 01:23
Minnesota pica din nou in sfertul 4, asa cum fanii s-au obisnuit in ultimele meciuri.Dupa o perioada in care sfertul 2 era problema principala, acum sfertul 4 reprezinta momentul in care nimic nu mai merge.Garnett rateaza singura aruncare incercata in tot acest sfert 4 si incheie cu doar 13 puncte.

25th January 2006, 05:21
Una dintre cele mai usturatoare infrangeri din acest sezon:

Detroit @ Minnesota - 107-83

De remarcat:

Chauncey Billups (transferat de la Minnesota, fiind preferat Terrell Brandon) - 0/4 FG in primul sfert, 0/3 in al doilea, 7/11 in al treilea, (4/6 3p) si 2/2 (2/2 3p) in al 4-lea, inainte de a lasa locul rezervelor.
Timberwolves au marcat mai mult decat Kobe, cu 2 puncte.

P.S. KG din nou absent in sfertul 4, dar de data asta avea o scuza, era pe banca.

27th January 2006, 19:12
http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/sportsnati on/polling?event_id=1995

Un chestionar dragut despre trade-ul Minnesota-Boston.
Pana acum fanii sunt de parere ca Minnesota a iesit mai bine.Daca erau afisate si detaliile financiare, poate altfel statea treaba.

28th January 2006, 01:03
Glen Taylor on radio about the trade:

- Upgrading center position, had counted on Kandi playing better but he isnt, Eddie it isnt his natural position, may still start Eddie but bring Blount off the bench
- Davis and Wally are both good, just a different look,Wally is the shooter, Davis creates more,better for late in games and brings energy and speed and more defense

- Blount's contract: glen says he was very reluctant,wouldnt do a Kandi for Blount trade, but was willing with the other changes

- Doesnt want a rebuilding thing with going to a bunch of rookies,so they decided to do this ,sort of changing instead of rebuilding

- On Artest,says indy was looking for a certain type of player and contract,so not big chance at getting him, they didnt want to add Wally's salary

- on Orlando and Steve: Hartman says francis is available, Taylor says Steve would have like to come here but his high salary makes it complicated because we would have had to send 3 or 4 guys to match salary

- It came down to Orlando and Ooston for a trade

- Francis would have fit well,but the money and some stuff about him getting along with coaches made them back off

- KG's mood this season and trade involvment: McHale does what is best for the team ( ) KG says he was pleased with the trade before it was made , says he didnt call the shots but they ran it by him,

- Is this the team for a while or another trade coming: Taylor says they have some other deals ready to go,even involving players in this trade,but for now they want to see how fast they integrate into the team

- If they make another deal it would be for a little more experience, good shooters

- About mchale getting heat and running the team: talks about the history of the team and how they started from nothing, no top draft choices

- Says mchale has done better than 2/3's of the other teams, says he has done a good job with not having draft picks getting young players

- Says with KG here it wouldnt be fair to him to rebuild now,thats why they are making these decisions

- Asked about flexibility for the future and 2 picks given up: glen says he isnt worried about that , he has some alternatives and he made sure he has that flexibility

28th January 2006, 01:26
Chauncey Billups (transferat de la Minnesota, fiind preferat Terrell Brandon)

pfffff, halal fan minnesota. :no: :no:
hai sa studiem putin istoria postului de PG la wolves intre 1996 si 2002:

1. stephon marbury
- Selected after freshman season by Milwaukee in first round (fourth pick overall) of 1996 NBA Draft…Draft rights traded by Milwaukee to Minnesota for draft rights to Ray Allen and first-round draft choice on Jun. 26, 1996

- Traded by Minnesota [...] to New Jersey in three-way deal [...] Milwaukee sent Terrell Brandon to Minnesota [...] on Mar. 11, 1999

2. terrell brandon
Se retrage la sfirsitul sezonului 2001-2002 pe motiv de genunchi facuti praf. Faimoasa, deja, microfracture surgery (daca tin bine minte)

3. chauncey billups
- Signed as free agent by Minnesota Timberwolves (August 8, 2000)

- Signed as a free agent by the Detroit Pistons (July 17, 2002)


1. in locul unui ******* gelos si invidios ca marbury, wolves ar fi putut sa il aiba alaturi pe ray ray. un jucator extrem de altruist, bun defender, bun rebounder, excelent co-echipier, impreuna cu unul dintre cei mai buni shooteri din liga, un scorer, dar unul care nu a fost acuzat de egoism, si un all-around good guy.

eu zic ca s-ar fi completat perfect, si nu mai era nevoie decit de citiva role-players pt ca wolves sa fie contenderi la titlu.

asta fiind inca un mare minus pe CV-ul lui mchale

2. cind l-au dat pe marbury, nu au reusit sa ia pe el decit pe brandon, care, sa fim cinstiti nu era un PG rau. a avut in 1999-2000 17ppg, 3.4reb, 8.9ast, 1.9 stl
dar cind a fost luat avea deja aproape 30 de ani, si, ghinionul lui wolves, s-a mai si accidentat

3. chauncey a fost adus in 2000 si a plecat (signed as a FA, nu prin transfer) in 2002, atunci cind s-a retras si brandon. deci in nici un caz nu se poate spune ca wolves l-au preferat pe brandon lui chauncey.

si ca sa fim drepti si corecti cu mchale, in ceea ce-l priveste pe billups, la vremea aia era un jucator mediocru spre slab. 12.5ppg, 2.8reb, 5.5ast (career best), 0.8stl si % mici la FG.
in nici un caz nu se compara cu ce face anul asta: 19p, aproape 9ast si desi are in continuare % mici la FG, de la 3p trage aproape la fel de bine ca de la 2p - 42.5% la 3p si 42.6% overall (2p si 3p).
cred ca billups e unul dintre jucatorii care au avut cel mai mult de cistigat avindu-l pe brown antrenor, si mai cred ca, fara el, billups ar fi putut ramine in mediocritate.

next time get your facts straight ;)

28th January 2006, 01:33
Get my facts straight ?! Ai scris toata povestea asta doar pentru ca am zis "transferat" in loc de "lasat sa plece, nu i-a fost propus un nou contract" ?! Geeeeez, man.

Billups was a FA and wanted to stay in Minneota but asked to be the #1 PG. Branndon was coming off an injury and still on a big contract so the Wolves gambled that he would be well enough to resume his duties so they let Billups go to Detroit. It backfired. The Wolves first mistake was giving Branndon the big contract in the first place.

28th January 2006, 02:39
well, what can i say. am inteles din ce ai zis tu ca crezi ca wolves l-au dat pe billups la schimb cu brandon. my bad.

si am mai gresit cu ceva ... brandon nu s-a retras in 2002, ci a ramas pe roster, chiar daca nu a mai jucat nici un joc. a fost dat la hawks, in transferul intre 4 echipe care l-a adus pe spree la wolves si pe vanhorn la knicks.

so, once again. my fault. :rosu: to myself

28th January 2006, 02:49
I'd ban your ass for life.:drak:

28th January 2006, 07:29
Rex Chapman a declarat ca Minnesota este incantata de calitatile lui Marcus Banks si ca i se va oferi ocazia de a arata "ce poate".Banks a lipsit de la meci pentru a fi prezent la inmormantarea bunicii sale.Chapman a mai spus ca Reed nu este considerat "de umplutura" si ca reprezinta o versiune mai mare si mai puternica a lui Ronald Dupree.

Ricky a tinut neaparat sa joace azi si a fost adus impreuna cu avionul personal al lui Glen Taylor impreuna cu Blount.

In primul sau meci pentru Timberwolves, Ricky Davis nici ca putea oferi ceva mai frumos noilor sai fani.11 puncte inscrise in primul sfert au atras atentia aparatorilor asupra sa si au dat peste cap planurile celor din Houston, care probabil aveau lectiile facute pentru a-l opri pe Wally Szczerbiak, proaspat "livrat" Conferintei de Est.
Kevin Garnett joaca evident cu mai multa ambitie si daruire.
Rashad McCants arata ca poate, cel putin uneori, suplini absenta aceluiasi Szczerbiak, reusind primele sale 6 aruncari, dintre care doua de 3 puncte.
Houston Rockets fac un meci bun si ei, 5 jucatori iesind in evidenta.T-Mac este liderul marcatorilor din Houston, cum era de asteptat, iar Stromile, Alston, Wesley si Chuck Hayes (?!?) au toti contributii importante pe tabela.
Wolves iau si mentin un avans de aproximativ 10 puncte pe tot parcursul primelor 3 sferturi ale intalnirii.
Marko Jaric este schimbat dupa doar 3 minute din meci si mai joaca apoi in jur de 9 minute in sfertul al 3-lea.
In sfertul 4, problemele apar pentru Minnesota, semn ca unele lucruri nu se schimba asa usor.Inexplicabila decizia lui Dwane Casey de a nu-l mai folosi pe McCants dupa ce acesta a intrecut de unul singur echipa adversa in puncte marcate in sfertul al 2-lea.McCants 16, Rockets 15.Kevin Garnett si Tracy McGrady iau amandoi jocul pe cont propriu, marcand, recuperand si pasand la ambele panouri.Garnett insa beneficiaza de aportul semnificativ al lui Davis, care, cu mai putin de 3 minute ramase din meci, si-a trecut in cont 20 de puncte, 4 pase si 3 recuperari.
Dupa un ultim sfert strans si cateva libere ratate de KG parca pentru a da sperante fanilor din Toyota Center, Minnesota se impune la 4 puncte diferenta, 96-92.In interviul sau de astazi, proprietarul Timberwolves a mentionat ca un motiv pentru transferul lui Ricky Davis "jocul bun pe final de meci", o problema capitala pana acum a lupilor.Davis s-a conformat si a iesit in evidenta pe final, aducand victoria.

Kevin Garnett : 26 puncte 7/13 FG 12/17 FT 12 recuperari 3 pase 4 capace
Ricky Davis: 26 puncte 10/18 FG 5/5 FT 6 recuperari 3 pase - desemnat jucatorul meciului
Rashad McCants : 18 puncte 8/10 FG 2/2 3P in doar 15 minute.

Ady Micinic
28th January 2006, 12:55
Ricky is the man. :)

28th January 2006, 18:24
Parerea lui Mark Madsen despre transferurile recente:

Wow!!! Last night I was sitting in my hotel room and the phone rang.......no one ever calls me in my hotel room unless it's a tricky radio show just trying to see if anyone on our team will answer their hotel phone. It was Fred Hoiberg telling me that Wally, Dwayne Jones and Kandi-man just got traded to Boston! I was shocked. Any time you lose teammates and friends to a trade it's hard. Today in Shoot-around KG looked at me and said, "Man, it's a hard day today." Kevin Garnett was close to both Wally and Michael and he is one person who really values friendships and relationships. I think Kevin is going to miss everybody who got traded.

I stopped by Wally's hotel room and Michael's room too. Mike had stepped out for a second to go down to the front desk so I sent him a text. When he texted me back he touched on the fact that our two careers had so many parallels. We both went to college in Northern California then ended up in Los Angeles for a number of years playing for the clippers and the Lakers respectively. Then we spent two plus years together in MN and became great friends. At the end of his text he said, something along the lines of "I'll jump hook you when I see you next," meaning, he was going to shoot his jump hook over me. Well if you look at the schedule, I'll be seeing him really soon!

When I saw Wally in his hotel room he seemed kind of reflective. Wally has given his heart and soul to the Wolves and to the state of Minnesota for almost 7 years. I think it's hard for him to leave, but at the same time he acknowledged that in this game you can be traded at any time and that is one thing you can't control. I said to Wally, "So do you and Mike jump on a plane tommorrow and fly to Boston?" Wally laughed and said, "I don't know." Wally talked about how he was going to miss everyone and how at the same time he was excited about a new challenge and a new opportunity. I think Wally's wife Shannon is due to give birth to their second child on Monday!!!

Dwayne Jones is the other part of this equation. Dwayne is a GREAT player who is playing in the developmental league right now with whom I had a really close bond given that we spent a lot of time together in training camp. We lost Nikoloz Tshkosvili as well and I'm going to miss him a lot too. Nikoloz and I used to play a lot of one-on-one before games. I think Phoenix is the perfect fit for Nikoloz as he is very skilled and runs like a deer even though he is 7 feet tall.

When the dust settles I think this trade will be good for everyone involved. Ricky Davis is a great player who is emotional and very tough. I think the Target Center is going to like his style of play. Blount is long, skilled and a great shooter. Marcus Banks gives us yet another option at the point and Justin Reed is a tough, smart player who will be awesome off the bench. Watch for some Ricky Davis highlight reel dunks in the Target center!

28th January 2006, 18:31
Ricky Davis:

"I've wanted to be here for the last five years," Davis said. "(Minnesota vice president of operations) Kevin McHale has been working to get me and I hope to pay him back for his confidence in me."

Kevin Garnett:

"He was everything I anticipated," Garnett said. "He's energetic, he keeps going -- he was Ricky Davis. When you get Ricky Davis, you get a high-energy player, a guy who plays hard for 48 minutes."

29th January 2006, 02:01
sounds like KG doesn't REALLY miss wally that much ... :evil:

29th January 2006, 03:25
K.G. Clears Air About Wally

Timberwolves all-star Kevin Garnett clarified a few things about his relationship with Wally Szczerbiak in the wake of Thursday night's blockbuster deal that sent Szczerbiak to the Boston Celtics .

Garnett said he and Szczerbiak weren't best friends, but they weren't enemies.

The day after the struggling Wolves traded Szczerbiak for Ricky Davis as part of a seven-player deal, Garnett said he hated to see Szczerbiak go, despite a long-held perception that the two have stood in opposite corners for most of their 6 seasons together in Minnesota.

"We're two totally different people from two totally different parts of the earth," Garnett said Friday before Minnesota's game at Houston against the Rockets. "I think people are wanting it to be more than what it really was. It wasn't like we hated each other. We spoke every day, said what's up, had conversations, cracked jokes, just like any other teammate in here. Basketball-wise, came in, did what we had to do to get a win. Sometimes we didn't get it. We're both competitive."

The perceived rift between the players has been scrutinized since Garnett and Szczerbiak had a scuffle in the team's training room in November 2000.

But they coexisted amicably over the years. Garnett invited Szczerbiak to the U.S. Open tennis championship last summer in New York.

"I've never had (a) beef with World," Garnett said. "Personally, we were teammates. We understood that. I understood that. As the primary (option) on this team, I felt it was my responsibility to have the ball come through me, and I consolidated and distributed to everybody. I don't know if World was bothered by that."

Szczerbiak told the Associated Press that he did not believe the perceived problems between himself and Garnett prompted the trade.

"Who knows?" Szczerbiak said. "K.G. and I have been teammates for seven years. I've learned a lot from him. … Now we're moving on and breaking apart."

Ady Micinic
29th January 2006, 13:38
Dupa meciul cu SA se pare ca nu multe s-au skimbat odata cu sosirea lui Ricky. In ideea ca Ricky ii inlocuieste pe Wally dar restul tot nu sunt capabili de nimic. KG are un nou "locotenent" foarte altetic, puternic, poate mai bun defender insa nu se poate spune ca se skimba ceva in mod semnificativ. Victoria din Houston parea sa ofere ceva sperante insa a urmat meciul cu SA (evident nu e adversarul pe care Wolves trebuie neaparat sa-l bata pentru a ajunge in playoffs insa lucrurile par sa nu se fi skimbat deloc pentru ekipa din Minneapolis.

29th January 2006, 14:53
Wolves au aratat mai bine ca in multe alte meciuri (am vazut cea mai mare parte din meci).Blount a jucat foarte bine.Are un joc sub panou cum rar am vazut la pivotii din NBA.Agilitate, fente, pivotari.Pe la inceputul sfertului 2 erau in teren si Ricky Davis si Blount si Reed, toti 3 de la Boston, probabil pentru a le usura jocul, avand in vedere ca inca nu stiu schemele.Reed e un bun aparator si foarte energic.
Meciul nu a fost spectaculos dar a fost strans timp de 44 de minute.Cu 4 minute ramase, Spurs au reusit o serie de cosuri in decurs de 1 minut si s-au dus de la 4 la 13 puncte.A fost de ajuns pentru a decide victoria.
Jucatorul cheie consider ca a fost Tony Parker.A patruns mult si de cate ori lupii inchideau, scotea la un jucator liber pe semicerc gen Horry sau Barry.Cele 6 aruncari de 3p din 13 incercate pentru SA au atarnat greu in balanta.
Abia astept sa il vad si pe Marcus Banks, care se anunta a fi cel mai bun aparator om-la-om dintre conducatorii de joc.Probabil ar fi facut treaba mai buna aparandu-l pe TP decat Jaric sau Hudson.Sunt insa unele zvonuri care spun ca va fi transferat.Hudson a jucat foarte putin si asta nu poate decat sa ma bucure, Sper ca el va fi primul PG la care vom renunta.
Una peste alta au fost 44 de minute de baschet la intensitate mare, cu aparare buna si diferente mici de scor.(Apropos de aparare, KG i-a pus 2 capace lui Timmy in mai putin de 1 minut.Eu am vazut unul singur si ala a fost grozav.)
Cum ziceai si tu Ady, nu e o infrangere din cauza careia sa te alarmezi, avand in vedere ca este vorba despre campioni, care au pierdut doar 3 acasa pana acum.Asa cum victoria cu Rockets nu e o victorie foarte importanta.Astept meciurile viitoare.

31st January 2006, 05:45
Avionul dinspre Boston spre Minnesota a avut oprire in OZ !
Celtics @ Wolves : 85-110

Tocmai s-a incheiat cel mai bun meci facut de Timberwoles in acest sezon.

Cel mai bun jucator de pe teren a fost Marcus Banks cu 20 puncte si 6 pase.

Alti evidentiati :

Kevin Garnett - 15 puncte 9 recuperari - s-a odihnit in sfertul 4
Mark Blount - 16 puncte 10 recuperari 4 capace
Eddie Griffin - 12 puncte 7 recuperari 2 capace - 5/5 FG in debutul partidei
Trenton Hassell - 12 puncte 2 recuperari

Nu s-au descurcat rau nici:

Ricky Davis - 9 puncte 5 recuperari 5 pase - s-a odihnit in 4
Justin Reed - 9 puncte
Rashad McCants - 10 puncte 2 recuperari - 2/2 3P

Meciul a fost decis inca din sfertul al 2-lea, la sfarsitul caruia echipa gazda conducea cu 19 puncte.Boston nu a condus nicio secunda.

Timberwolves au castigat fiecare sfert luat separat, au depasit echipa adversa la procentajele aruncarilor din actiune, de 3 puncte si libere, au avut cu 8 recuperari si cu 7 capace mai mult.

In sfertul 4 fostele rezerve din Boston - Banks si Reed - impreuna cu Blount, Madsen si McCants s-au distrat cu titularii echipei unde au jucat pana in urma cu o saptamana.

Rezervele echipei din Minnesota au inscris 58 din totalul de 110

A fost al 5-lea meci in 7 zile pentru lupi, care se pregatesc sa surprinda miercuri vicecampioana la ea acasa.

1st February 2006, 18:58
Kevin Garnett spoke in a subdued tone Monday night, but it was obvious he likes the early results from the megatrade with the Boston Celtics.
"I don't like it, I love it."

7th February 2006, 08:57
beat the


Timberwolves au castigat acasa la una dintre cele mai puternice echipe din NBA fara Troy Hudson si 2 titulari obisnuiti - Marko Jaric si Eddie Griffin.Antrenorul Casey anuntase inca dinainte ca se gandeste sa faca schimbari in linia de start, dar cei 3 nu au jucat nici un minut.In locul lor, contrar asteptarilor care-i dadeau titulari pe Blount si Banks, au inceput Madsen si Anthony Carter.
Suns nu au stralucit iar asta i-a costat.Steve Nash nu a putut fi oprit decat pe final, de catre Kevin Garnett.KG a mai oprit ceva, si anume aruncarea lui Marion din ultimele secunde, care ar fi putut aduce egalarea.Cu un capac extraordinar (la limita goaltending-ului), si cu 7 puncte in ultimele 4 minute, Garnett aduce prima victorie la mai putin de 3 puncte din acest sezon pentru Minnesota.Capitol la care Phoenix au ramas fara victorie inca.
Trenton Hassell reuseste un meci foarte bun, bifand un record al carierei la pase decisive si totodata primul "double-double" puncte-pase decisive, cu 15 puncte, 10 pase si 7 recuperari.
Rashad McCants continua sa impresioneze atunci cand este jucat, reusind al 4lea meci cu 2/2 de la 3 puncte in mai putin de 2 saptamani, si terminand cu 16 puncte/70% din actiune.
Marcus Banks depaseste 15 puncte pentru a 3-a oara in ultimele 5 meciuri si poate deveni in curand conducatorul de joc titular.
Pentru Timberwolves urmeaza 10 meciuri acasa din urmatoarele 12.

7th February 2006, 20:17
ti-am zis ca ii bateti

8th February 2006, 12:27
The Clippers are getting plenty of low-post production from Elton Brand (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/profile?statsId=3324) and Chris Kaman (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/profile?statsId=3709) and thus have targeted Minnesota's Eddie Griffin (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/profile?statsId=3517) -- a big man who prefers the perimeter -- as an ideal catch before the Feb. 23 trading deadline. L.A. is offering Chris Wilcox (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/profile?statsId=3606), according to NBA front-office sources, but the Wolves have resisted, even though Griffin is in and out of coach Dwane Casey's rotation.

Razvan P
8th February 2006, 14:43
Ce se intampla cu Eddie Griffin ? A fost o decizie (stategie) de a nu-l folosi in meciul cu Suns (referitor la stilul diferit de joc al celor din Phoenix fata de ce se joaca in general), sau va ramane nefolositor echipei ?

8th February 2006, 14:57
E posibil sa fie transferat, e posibil sa fi fost tinut pe banca doar-doar si-o baga mintile in cap.Nu cred ca decizia a avut legatura cu stilul de joc al Suns.